Another Day at the Office


Another Day at the OfficeThe story your about to read is true and took me completely by surprise,And I still can’t believe it happened at my desk at work.To keep my sweet disposition at work I have page open on my computer.Usually to blow off the stress of the day.Keeps me nice & helps my sunny disposition with all of my customer service duties.I do enjoy chatting a bit usually the dirty the faster my mood improves.I went to work wearing a cute short skirt & low cut top. Which is not the normally the case and usually I wear pants… as seen in my photos.But it is a nice spring day an skirt weather.I was looking at a few pictures & porn with the vol. down just in case the phone rings. I was enjoying a nice set when I received a message from one of my friends. He wondered if I was up for some dirty chat. I did stat chatting then another friend sent me a message you know who you are. I began getting really hot and horny. Rubbing my thighs and enjoying the friction as the dirty talk was going fast and nasty. His cock was throbbing and I told him to watch one of my video’s. Then I wrote to Friend 1 “good grasp it tighter Imagine I’m sucking the Head only rolling my tongue round the top in circles” My Friend 1 chimed in. then he said “Fuck yes” Then I typed “Listen to me talk dirty to him. Pretend I’m talking about your cock. canlı bahis Harder stroke it harder” Then Friend 1 replied with “Yes, I love the way you moan” Friend 2 chimed in I wrote “but I was amazed by the pic with that man creamed ur pussy, that i felt jealousI responded to Friend 2 with “Everyone is jealous of him. I love it when he cums in all my holes.”Friend 2 “well I think my dick can melt down from the heat inside, of ur bitch pussy” I then asked him my friend 2” Your favorite place to cum in or on a woman?” Friend 1 responded “I’m stroking so hard for you”I messaged him back so hot and wet “Where do you want to cum on me?” Then my 3rd friend started messaging me how is your day going?About that time I was playing with my pussy over my panties. One hand typing to my 3 buddies. My man who is also my Boss. Not sure if he heard me stifle a moan or just came over to my desk for work stuff. I was so engrossed in my horny conversations. I did not expect him to crawl under my desk and start to pull my panties down. I let out a yelp of surprise and a moan of pleasure as his fingers gently stoked my pussy lips. Boss man then told me to type to my friend that he was going to lick my pussy as I typed what was happening.My 1st friend had cum and told me to have fun getting my pussy licked. My 2nd friend clearly did not believe me and bahis siteleri told me to have him suck on my clit. Little did he know I told my boss and he did suck my clit quite well. My 3rd Friend said What? Then I responded “What do you mean what? My Boss is going to feast on my biscuit. I mean my pussy” Friend 3 responded in surprise “you are getting oral sex from your boss now?” Then I explained exactly what he was doing to my pussy under my desk “just stared licking the lips” Friend 3 then responded” omg lol” then I responded “he crawled under my desk and is really enjoying my pussy Oh damn that is good” Friend 1 left my conversion “with get you some girl” Friend 2 suggested “shove his face into you pussy” Which I did Oh so fucking good. Then Friend 3 “would love to see that…no wait…do that!” My typing is a bit more erratic at this point “sorry had to force his head closer with my hands. sucking my clit so fucking goooood” Friend 2 told me “make him suck the lips of your pussy, now”Friend 3 “you moaning yet?” we were but the typing was a bit harder for me to make sentences at this point I am so glad I have a wireless Keyboard at workFriend 2 “what position are you in?”I then responded ” I’m sitting at my desk and his head is in my lap” Friend 3 “Make him suck your pussy harder”Friend 2 “Is he good is he making you Cum?Me: güvenilir bahis “Oh so close, he is so good with his tongue” This was causing my excitement to rise even faster. Having 2 guys One listening in the other telling me what My boss should do to me. It was so hot even though I knew they though t I was just being my fun flirty dirt chatting Gal. It was so arousing to tell them exactly what he was doing . Telling my boss whet they were saying and the tingles of orgasm began to build faster in my pussy and my hard nipples.It was hard to answer sentences in chat when I started cumming so hardFriend 2 :”what? “It was then my boss told me to type faster. I can’t It’s too hard to type in this position.I came hard creaming all over his mouthThen he moved me so he could get as much cream out of my pussy as possibleMy Boss told me tell you friends what you’re doing Me : “He made me stand up and bend over my desk. He is on his knees licking my pussy from behind enjoying all my cum.”“he is fucking my pussy with his tongue, tongue fucking is so good”Friend 3: “Make him fuck you with his fingers”Me: “he is lapping up my cum and using his fingers” Friend 2: “thats a good thing to make one squirt lol”I continues to experience wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure especially when he started licking my ass and fuckin me with his tongue. My legs shaking I kept cumming all over his face. When he was satisfied with his job and finished his pussy snack. He told me to get back to work and just took my panties with him back to his desk.I can’t wait to return the favor…

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