Another Girl’s Night Out – In


Jill watched Kelly drive away and couldn’t help but glow. She also wondered to herself how she was ever going to tell her husband, Steve about her feelings for Kelly. Even though they have a very open relationship, she had never felt this way about another woman before. Every other little slut they had brought home to share before had been strictly to use for their mutual sexual satisfaction. However, Jill felt something more for Kelly, or at least she thought she did…

Jill leaned up against the wall in the hall & closed her eyes. She saw Kelly kneeling before her in the shower giving her oral pleasure and her hand instinctively traced its way down to her shorts. Jill suddenly, remembered the camera and recording device she & Steve installed in their bathroom to record themselves along with any other little sluts Jill seduced into coming home with them. She closed the door to the bedroom and picked up the remote to turn on the TV and DVD player/recorder. If all worked right, the recorder picked up the movement in the master bath and began recording when the two women entered. Jill hit play on the remote, hoping it did.

Sure enough, there was Jill with her back to the shower wall and Kelly on her knees with her face buried between Jill’s thighs. Jill had been with many women before, but she couldn’t seem to get Kelly out of her thoughts. Watching the action on the TV, Jill became really turned on and once again her hand wandered down, sliding into her shorts. Her fingers found her wetness and she let out a long, subtle groan.

Not wanting to waste this feeling, Jill shed her t-shirt, shorts & panties and was soon naked and grabbing two of her favorite toys, her black 12″ dildo & smooth 6″ anal vibe. She began to slowly pleasure herself. Wrapping her mouth around the head of the big dildo, Jill sucked on the tip, getting it wet, while her other hand pulled on her nipples, getting them nice & hard. Jill slid the dildo down to her pussy and spreading her legs, guided the monster cock up into her hole. Only her husband felt better inside of her, she thought.

Slowly, Jill began to pump the dildo in and out as she grabbed her left breast and brought the nipple to her mouth, encircling the nipple with her tongue, she sucked it into her wet mouth. Jill’s pussy continued to suck in the fake cock and her desperate thrusts began to speed up. With her left hand, Jill searched for the smooth anal vibe, again bringing it to her mouth to get it wet. She turned over onto her stomach, right hand holding on and thrusting the dildo in and out of her pussy, she then reached back sliding the anal vibe over her backdoor and into her ass. Relaxing to accept the smooth vibe, Jill pushed all of it in and turned it on low, sending little waves of pleasure to her ass & pussy. Grunting and moaning louder, she buried all of her dildo into her cunt and used her right hand to rub her clit. As she rubbed her clit harder, grinding the dildo deeper into her pussy, Jill turned up the vibe in her ass and screaming, her body shuddered with a wonderful orgasm.

As her body continued to shudder with little orgasmic waves, Jill pulled out her toys, and feeling completely satisfied, fell asleep with a very content smile on her face.

Steve walked in through the garage door of his house and yelled, “Hey hon, I’m home.” Not hearing any response, he continued back to the master bedroom to find his wife soundly sleeping, naked, with her sex toys spread all over the bed. Steve looked down at his wife, laying there with a content smile on her face, and wondered what she’d been up to. Smiling he turned on the TV & DVD player to see what their hidden camera had recorded. Steve & Jill have a very open sex life, as long as Steve knows of Jill’s exploits. He knows she’s been busy, but was not aware that she was planning any encounters. Upset with the thought of Jill fucking anyone without his knowledge, he pressed play on the remote. The scene on the screen opened with Jill and her good friend Kelly disrobing in their master bath.

“So, you finally had Kelly”, Steve smiled to himself. They had often talked about bringing Kelly into their bedroom for the longest time and Steve had time and again fantasized about what Kelly looked like naked and what it would be like to fuck her while Jill watched.

Jill woke up to find her husband, Steve sitting on the bed beside her watching the video of her and Kelly in the bathroom. “I see you’ve been busy.” he said as he leaned down to kiss her.

“Wait until I tell you everything about last night, but…please don’t be angry.” replied Jill.

“Why would I be mad?” asked Steve, “I just watched two beautiful, sexy women make love in our shower. Unless…that’s not everything that happened?”

Jill looked up at her husband and knowing how much they loved each other, she told the story of the other evening that lead up to her and Kelly sharing a shower, every detail, hoping that he would bursa escort understand.

Steve listened to Jill discuss the events of the following evening and although he was disappointed that Jill allowed herself and Kelly to get carried away and follow two strangers home, he wasn’t mad. After all, according to her story, neither horny stud laid a hand or a dick on or in his wife. He knew Kelly was a horny chick, but didn’t realize how much of a slut she really was. As his mind wandered and his thoughts revolved around Kelly with all three of her holes full of cock, Steve’s own dick became rock hard, requiring his wife’s attention.

Seeing Steve’s erection struggling within his pants, Jill reached over and began stroking his cock through his pants, “Let’s see if we can’t take care of this, shall we.” Jill said with a seductive, knowing smile…

The following week, Jill and Kelly made plans to go out again, and Kelly called Jill to ask if Amy, a friend of Kelly’s could join them.

“Of course she can.” “The more the merrier, right?” said Jill. Kelly’s friend Amy is a young hot blonde with nice large breasts and great legs, which she often shows off. “And, there’s nothing wrong with another hot, sexy blonde joining us,” she added.

Instead of going out, though, Jill suggested, “Why don’t we just hang out here, order some pizza and watch some movies?”

“Cool, sounds like a good idea,” replied Kelly. “I’ll bring the Margaritas.”

Amy and Kelly arrived at Jill’s house around 7pm on Saturday night, dressed casual, but still looking hot. Seeing Steve in the kitchen, Kelly looked questioningly at Jill. “Steve will be here, but I’ve told him he has to stay in his office, this is Girl’s Night In, no men,” stated Jill. “Hope that’s ok?” she asked looking at Kelly & Amy.

“Of course that’s ok,” replied Kelly. “It’s his house, too, isn’t it?”

Kelly wandered into the kitchen with all of the ingredients for the Margaritas and started to get the drinks together.

“Here, let me help you with that.” offered Steve.

“Pizzas here”, yelled Jill, from the living room, as she opened the door.

Kelly finished mixing the drinks for the girls as Steve excused himself and ventured off to his office. Watching him leave, Kelly wondered to herself what it would be like to fuck Steve. Jill had commented more than once, how big Steve is and how fantastic their sex life is.

Amy had made herself comfortable in the living room and also watched Steve leave the kitchen, wondering to herself, as she always does, how big Steve’s cock was. Kelly had shared with Amy that he was supposedly well endowed. Watching him walk away, she wondered, exactly how “well endowed” he was.

After eating pizza, drinking quite a few margaritas and watching a chick flick, Kelly suggested, “how about something a little more exciting and sexy?”

Jill knowingly pulled out a couple of porno movies her and Steve had and the girls all decided on one. After watching the movie for awhile, Amy spoke up and stated the obvious, “This is boring.”

“We’ve all seen this before; typical, girl blows guy, guy eats girl, they fuck and he blows his wad on her tits.” “Don’t you have anything different?” asked Amy, hopefully.

“Well,” said Jill. “We do have a little home made video that I’d love to share, but…”

“But, what?” asked Kelly.

“It’s a girl on girl video,” replied Jill.

“I’m game if Kelly is,” Amy commented.

Jill looked questioningly at Kelly and said, “It’s of me and Kelly, and I’ll only show it, if Kelly is ok with it.”

At first Kelly was shocked and a little pissed off, “You didn’t say anything about having a video camera going while we were, ummmm, in the shower,” said Kelly.

“In the shower?” giggled Amy, “That’s hot! I’d love to watch it!” “Please?” she asked Kelly.

The thought of seeing herself make love to another woman was both frightening and exciting so Kelly agreed. “Only if no one laughs,” she conceded.

“Oh, I’m sure no one will laugh,” added Jill, “I’ve watched it several times and it still makes me wet, every time.”

Amy, Kelly & Jill sat down, and Jill started up the video. On the TV, Kelly followed Jill into the bathroom and the two women began kissing and taking off their clothes.

Jill sat back and watched Amy & Kelly as they watched the video, wanting to see their expressions and if they reacted like Jill hoped they would. She and Steve had planned on an enjoyable evening if things progressed well. Jill’s pussy became moist with the anticipation of hopefully action yet to happen.

As Kelly & Amy watched the video, they both became extremely aware of the wetness of their sex and how hot it was watching two beautiful women make love. As the temperature in the room rose, the women began slowly caressing themselves through their clothes. Amy kept shifting in her chair to try and get some pressure onto her pussy, which bursa escort bayan was dripping wet and Kelly had her hand down the front of her shorts, slowly massaging her clit. It was apparent to Jill, that things were progressing well and she excused herself for a moment.

“I’ll be right back,” she said as she left the living room to set things up in the master bedroom. As she passed by the office, Jill winked at Steve indicating things were moving forward as planned and Jill returned to the living room a few moments later to gather the girls.

“I think we should adjourn to the bedroom to get a little more comfortable,” interrupted Jill as she stood in the hallway in only her red lace panties & matching bra.

Kelly and Amy were surprised, when they looked up from their masturbating to see Jill’s gorgeous body as she stood there beckoning them to join her in the master bedroom. However, Kelly had been with Jill before, and knowing what was coming, she stood up, grabbed Amy’s hand and led her down the hall. As the girls passed the office, they saw Steve sitting there at his desk pretending to work, with a big grin on his face.

Jill had set up and lit some candles in the room, closed the shades and had turned on some music to set the mood. She stood at the foot of the bed, looking incredibly desirable, waiting for Kelly and Amy to join her.

“Do you mind if Steve joins us, just to man the camera?” Jill asked the women softly.

Kelly and Amy looked at each other and nodded their consent.

“Steve, could you please join us?” Jill called down the hall to her husband, who had already appeared at the bedroom door.

The girls all laughed at how quickly Steve made it from the office to the bedroom. “That was pretty fast,” joked Kelly. “Didn’t waste any time, did you?” Steve just shrugged and picked up their video camera and waited for the action to begin.

He didn’t have to wait long. Kelly quickly, shed her clothes and embraced Jill giving her a deep wet kiss as their hands wandered over each others bodies. Kelly helped Jill out of her bra and panties, while their tongues danced in each others mouths. They had picked up right where they had left off.

Meanwhile, Amy had moved to the side of the room, to a side chair and sat watching Kelly and Jill make out. She was still nervous about being with another woman, however, after watching the video of Kelly & Jill in the shower, it was something she really wanted to explore and experience. Amy’s shirt, skirt, bra and thong quickly fell to the floor next to the chair, while Jill & Kelly continued to make out and move up onto the bed. Amy’s eyes never left the two beautiful women before her as her right hand played with her sex and her left hand caressed her tits. Jill lay down on the bed on her back as Kelly swung herself into a 69 position above Jill. The two beautiful women began to lick and suck each other and the smell of sex became very noticeable in the room.

All but forgotten, Steve, video camera in hand, passed Amy a small pink vibrator to help things along, which she grabbed without even looking at him. Steve continued to shoot video of the two beautiful women on the bed, while occasionally, switching to Amy as she started to massage her pussy with the vibe and suck on her own tits.

As Jill she continued to eat out Jill, until Jill began to shiver with her own orgasm. Amy’s first orgasm of the night hit her soon after and she shuddered as the pleasurable waves washed over her.

As the girls relaxed a little, Kelly looked over at Amy and made a request. “Get on the bed, honey, and spread those beautiful legs for me,” she asked seductively. Hesitantly, Amy made her way to the bed. “Now!” demanded Kelly with a playful grin.

Amy was surprised with Kelly’s insistence, but also very turned on. She had always wanted to be dominated, and so she quickly jumped to the bed, but not quick enough to avoid a hard slap on her ass from Kelly as she passed. Amy quickly spread her legs as requested. “Is this better?” she asked with a smart-ass smirk.

“It would be better if you’d just keep your mouth shut,” replied Kelly sternly. “I won’t be responsible for what I might do,” she continued with a wicked chuckle.

Kelly slowly knelt down and began licking her way from Amy’s right ankle up her leg to her inner thigh. Giving a little nibble on her thigh, Kelly forced Amy’s legs further apart, spreading her deliciously wet lips. Wasting little time, Kelly dove in and began to eat out Amy for everything she was worth. She stuck her tongue in as far as she could, licked up to Amy’s clit and after flicking it back and forth a couple of times, began sucking on it like a little dick.

“Don’t stop! Keep sucking on my clit!” whined Amy.

Jill joined the two of them on the bed and began sucking on Amy’s tits. Amy’s nipples were very plump and erect. Jill alternated between licking, sucking and nibbling each of Amy’s escort bursa heavy globes. Amy was in heaven and begged to have her pussy fucked.

As Kelly continued to lick and suck on Amy’s pussy, she had slid on a harness and a large fake dick. Standing up, Kelly slapped Amy’s pussy with her cock, startling the young blonde. “I warned you to be quite, didn’t I?” asked Kelly, looking down at Amy.

Amy just nodded, not knowing what Kelly had planned. Jill had moved to the foot of the bed and sucked on Kelly’s big dick, getting it wet. Amy reached down and spread her legs for Kelly. She locked eyes with her and whispered, “Please?”

Amy didn’t have time to prepare herself for Kelly’s opening thrust, causing her to squeal in pain & pleasure. Kelly began pumping Amy’s pussy, hard. She reached down and grabbed a leg in each hand lifting Amy up slightly to allow her better positioning. With each thrust there was a loud slap as Kelly’s thighs hit Amy’s ass.

While Kelly continued to fuck Amy, Jill swung her right leg over Amy’s head, positioning her pussy directly over Amy’s mouth. Amy looked up and saw another woman’s pussy close-up for the first time. It looked deliciously wet. As Jill lowered herself down to Amy’s mouth, Amy stuck out her tongue and tentatively licked Jill’s pussy.

“Oooohhhh”, Jill moaned as Amy worked her tongue up and down Jill’s slit, making sure to give special attention to the clit.

Jill pulled at her nipples, enhancing the pleasure Amy’s tongue was giving her and she ground her pussy against Amy’s face trying to get all of that wonderful tongue inside her. Kelly continued sliding her cock in and out of Amy’s pussy, while watching her eat out Jill. As the three sexy women continued their little love triangle, Amy’s orgasm slowly built to a wonderful crescendo, finally sending her over the edge, with a long guttural moan.


Jill was close behind her with her own orgasm, as Amy’s moans vibrated in Jill’s pussy.

“That was fantastic!” Amy said, catching her breath, “but I think I could handle some more,” she sighed with a wink & big smile.

Steve had long been forgotten, and the women all turned to look at their camera man, who was having difficulty stroking his huge erection and keeping the camera steady on the action.

“Kelly, honey, please take the camera from Steve, so I take care of my big guy.”, Jill asked.

Knowing Steve was close; Jill dropped to her knees and began to give him a blow job. Amy, fascinated with Steve’s huge cock also knelt down and asked, “May I help?”

Jill nodded and the two blondes began slurping and licking at Steve’s manhood, while Kelly took care of the camera work, making sure to get some good close-ups of Amy taking all of Steve into her mouth and down her throat. Amy loved to give head and really wanted to repay Steve for sharing his wife with her and Kelly. She took control and Jill sat back to watch. Steve began to really get worked up and started thrusting forward into Amy’s mouth, but she pulled away from his dick and began to suck and lick on his sack. Steve was shaved and one thing Amy really got off on was clean shaven guys. She sucked and licked his sack until, Steve was begging for her to finish him off.

While Amy was concentrating on giving Steve a wonderful blow job, Jill had crawled to kneel behind Steve and began to plant light kisses on his ass. Knowing her husband well, Jill began licking his ass, causing him to moan louder. She continued to lick his ass and hearing he was close to coming, stuck her tongue in his ass.

With Amy’s warm wet mouth clamped on his dick and his wife’s tongue in is ass, Steve groaned, “I’m really close, baby, and I don’t want to shoot all over the place.”

Amy, opened her mouth wide and took Steve to the back of her throat, closed her mouth and sucked, slowly pulling off. She reached up and squeezed his sack, until the warm salty splashes of Steve’s load hit the back of her throat.

“Oh my God!” yelled Steve, as his body jerked with each blast of cum.

Amy swallowed the first couple of shots, but allowed Steve’s spunk to build up in her mouth, and then she released his dick and pulled Jill in for a deep open mouth kiss, sharing Steve’s cum with his wife. Both women loved the taste and continued kissing, leaving Steve and Kelly to watch.

Jill was still really horny and in desperate need of her husbands cock. She suggested Kelly set up the camera on a tri-pod so the three girls could kneel before their camera man to bring him back to life. The three women eagerly, licked and sucked Steve’s dick & balls, while exchanging kisses and licks between themselves as well.

With all the attention & action in front of him, Steve, was ready, willing and more than able in a matter of minutes.

Wasting no time, Jill jumped onto the bed and on her knees, turned and pleaded with her husband. “Fuck me, Steve, fuck me hard!” Taking his time Steve slowly slid his now steel shaft into his wife’s pussy. She was so hot and wet, so incredibly turned on by all the action; she began to beg for more. “I need more cock!” demanded Jill.

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