Another Gloryhole AdventureI


Another Gloryhole AdventureII consider myself lucky in being able to enjoy cruising the video booths in my area without being too concerned about contracting an STD and AIDS wasn’t on anybodies radar. This was at a time when you fed quarters into a machine and an actual film loop, not a video, was projected on a white painted panel on the back of the door. Guys my age know what I’m referring to and recall that time wistfully. I’m also fortunate in living in a city that supported three adult bookstores within a three mile radius so it was easy to see which location was currently the most popular by traveling a moderate circular course. That night I definitely had located a hot spot with a side drive that lead to a generous back parking lot. The lot was mostly invisible from the street as the lots were fairly narrow and fenced in on three sides. Parking my work truck, I entered through the back entrance and proceeded to the front of the store where the store clerk had his check-out. The counter wrapped around his work space at waist height on three sides; open only by a latched gate at the far end. As I approached him, a broad smile greeted me and he asked “The usual”…I smiled mischievously…”You bet my friend!”We looked around furtively to make certain we weren’t being observed and he opened the gate to usher me into “Clerk’s Territory” where I quickly got on my hands and knees and crawled over to a recessed knee-space under the check-out counter. I sat back on my heels, bouncing excitedly up and down in gleeful anticipation of my usual treat. He returned to the counter and leaned on it in a blase’ manner and I went to work unzipping illegal bahis his pants to free up his very substantial cock. He had recently gone through a pretty painful divorce and as a result, my cock-sucking expertise was most welcome. In exchange, he secured access to a booth that was “out of order” for me to enjoy my favorite exercise! I went for his rapidly swelling penis like a starving man going after a sirloin steak! I began by taking him all the way into my mouth until his pubic hair tickled my nose and held him there until he swelled to his full erection, just savoring his heat and distinctive but not offensive aroma. I must have been weened too young or something because I enjoy this activity way too much! Early on, I let him know that I actually enjoyed him holding my head and fucking my mouth as energetically as he wanted to. I like feeling his excitement and the more excited he gets the faster he’s going to reach orgasm. That, after all, is what we’re both looking forward to! There was an obnoxious buzzing sound that indicated someone had just entered one of the two doors to the shop and I held off just as he stopped thrusting. This was a fun part of the game as it added the risk of discovery to our activity. The customer felt chatty tonight and I slowly and gently resumed sliding his cock in and out of my mouth.I almost laughed out loud when after a few minutes he began fidgeting and rocking on his heels impatiently and just as soon as the customer had his handful of quarters and was out of earshot the clerk grabbed my head firmly in both hands and began thrusting almost desperately as he growled “Suck me you bitch! illegal bahis siteleri Suck my cock ! I’m gonna drown you in cum you cock-sucking little bitch! ” and it wasn’t long until he made good on his threat and the throbbing of his cock warned me that a flood was on it’s way! He suddenly thrust his cock as far down my throat as it would go and just locked up there holding his breath as his stored up sexual frustration gushed down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could but I lost some around my lips that ran down my chin. I backed him out enough so I could draw breath and then just sat there with his cock in my mouth as his heart rate slowed to normal and he slowly gathered his penis back into his pants. “Wow!” he exclaimed ” That almost Hurt!” I just nodded knowingly and wiped my chin off with the tail of my shirt. I made my way out from behind the counter and just hung out browsing around the shop until the clerk was done securing an “Out of Order” booth for me to set up service in. As he came back from the film-booth area he just said a number and that’s just where I headed. I stepped into the booth which was well-lit from the projector running without film and after latching the door behind me, I stripped naked ,neatly folding my clothes onto the bench seat behind me. I then sat down to explore my little booth. There were glory holes in both side-walls directly opposite each-other as well as a third hole leading to the utility area behind the booth where the clerk maintained the projectors.It wasn’t unusual for the clerk to use that hole to watch me giving a live sex show if it was a slow night. Now, all I had to canlı bahis siteleri do is wait. It didn’t take long since the well-lit booth drew a lot of interest from the customers circulating in the outer loop. I happily sucked the cum out of three horny men’s cocks in leisurely succession over an hour or so and glanced at my watch knowing the shop was approaching closing time and I’d best get dressed and move along when… A projector rattled into life in the booth to my right. I thought “Eh…one for the road”and knelt down so I was facing the glory-hole. The man was obviously having a little trouble freeing up his cock and when he had it fully exposed I could understand why! It was still in the process of gaining full erection and even at that it was easily one of the longest and thickest penises I’d ever tried to accommodate. I knew right off that I could service him far better in my very flexible ass than my mouth so I used my favorite ploy and acting scared of his substantial organ I whispered ” You’re not going to want to fuck my ass with that are you?” He bent over near the hole and ordered “Get it over here! I’m gonna fuck your ass till you walk bow-legged!” I had to respond in my best virgin princess voice…”Please no! I can suck you so good!…” “Get that ass over here or do I have to come into your booth and take it from you!” Reluctantly,(Yea,Right!)I turned and backed my veteran anus over in range of the swollen knob of his cock and after a bit of thrusting and parrying, I worked him into my ass…after which I sighed happily. He seemed more reluctant than I was pretending to be and I didn’t want to insult him by saying ” Let’s get going here Bucky, we haven’t got all night.” but it was getting late and soon the clerk would be kicking us out so I didn’t want to disappoint him…Then the light came on in the left hand booth. Gloryhole Adventure part two cumming soon!

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