Another Good Deed


(My thanks to the girls who read this for me. I tried again with another story from the female point of view.)

It was a Saturday night and I knew that I was scheduled to be at the 9am mass the next morning since the usual organist was out sick with pneumonia. Being a Good Samaritan was a hard job and between volunteering at the local elementary school and the hospital, it didn’t leave much time for a thirty something like me to have much of a social life. I spent the early evening with one of my IM contacts playing on my webcam. He really loved seeing me pinch my nipples on camera and when I showed him how deep the eight inch dildo went inside my sopping pussy, it was game over. Watching the spurting cum all over his stomach was a treat that only made me desire to clean it off of him. Unfortunately, living a few states away doesn’t help in those transactions. My webcam partner logged off before I even had the chance to finish myself off.

As I thought about which vibrator would finish me off that night, I received a call from one of my “patients”. One of my former online partners had a fantasy about a hot nurse helping him with a medical condition. He only lived forty minutes away, but was very discreet when I arrived at his house with my sexy Nurse costume on. It was a beautiful night and my throat was so sore from repeatedly getting throat fucked by his nine inch man hammer. The fact he was calling me on Saturday night bursa escort was telling me that perhaps he needed a return performance. I grabbed my phone and answered.

He was on the other end and it sounded like he needed some “medical attention” from me again. As I told him I would be dressed and there in an hour, he told me that he was already in town and wanted to know where to meet him. I had to think fast knowing full well that I couldn’t reserve the hotel room that night. My head was warning me that having him come over was a bad idea, but my pussy was reading different ideas. I told him my real address and told him to hurry because it was an “emergency case.”

Ten minutes later, he arrived at my house and rang the doorbell. When I looked through the window on the side, I noticed that there was another gentleman there dressed in Army greens. I opened the door and ushered them in quickly. After a quick glance around to ensure they weren’t spotted, I closed the door and led them both into my living room. As I prepared to go upstairs to put my nurse costume on, my friend introduced the military guy as Dave and told me that Dave was shipping out to Afghanistan the next day. He then told me he needed a full on examination before he was deployed and that it was a hurry case.

I immediately smiled at my friend and bent down on both knees in front of the seated soldier before I unzipped his pants. Reaching in, I noticed he bursa escort bayan wasn’t wearing his Army regulation underwear as my hand quickly found his cock. I slowly pulled it out before I licked the tip where his fluid started seeping out of. I playfully looked at his friend and asked if loved watching me examine patients like this. When he nodded, I opened my mouth and slid down on his shaft until I felt it hit the back of my throat before I closed my mouth. I started sucking off the soldier while his friend went behind me and unbuttoned my blouse to reveal my red lacey bra underneath. He reached inside the cups and started pinching my nipples while I sucked him off before he unhooked the bra and started fondling my breasts right there. His hands then slid down and unbuttoned the skirt to reveal the matching lacey boy shorts.

It was at this point that I took the soldier’s dick out of my mouth and told them both that they needed to come to my examination room. I took both of them by the hand and walked up the stairs to where my bed was. As I entered the room, I crawled on the bed and posed with my hands on the bed and my head bent down to make a sexy picture before they both disrobed. Soon, my friend’s dick was in my mouth while soldier boy reached for my boy shorts to pull them off. His tongue soon found my pussy and began to lick around the surface while I lay back on the bed and spread my legs wide open to reveal where I escort bursa needed his tongue. My friend took the hint and slid his cock deep in my throat as he began to throat fuck me again. I love the feeling of hard dick down my throat while my pussy gets eaten and this situation was quickly bringing me closer to an impending climax. Soon, I felt the soldier’s finger sliding inside me and making a hooking motion before I started cumming.

I lay quiet for a moment before both dicks were at the level where I could stroke and suck them easily. There I sat sucking on one while stroking the other before I felt the soldier’s cock throb a bit. I quickly started stroking it faster aiming its stream at my breasts before I watched it spit. My friend stood and watched as his buddy was discharging his weapon on my targets. My breasts were covered with so much of his cum that I started to lick them off as much as I could before my friend slid down and slammed his cock inside me. I never knew before then how much I loved the thought of being watched while I get fucked.

As his meat stick kept slamming in and out of my pussy, I allowed my tongue to lick all over soldier boy’s cock. He had a nice reaction time as his cock was hard in a very fast amount of time. I allowed it to slide into my mouth and began sucking on it before my friend took his dick out of my pussy and started spraying my stomach with his seed. Either soldier boy was hard up or a virgin because it seemed like I started swallowing his cum again almost immediately. As they began to clean up and get dressed, I rolled under a blanket and looked at them for a moment before I fell right to sleep.

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