Another Great Black Woman


Another Great Black WomanThis story happened during a time I had sworn off black women. Since the first time I had sex with a black woman I never had actual sex with a white woman but after a bad experience with a black woman I’d started talking to this white girl I used to know. I wasn’t really attracted to her like I was to black women but I wanted to try to be with her. However I think she could tell there was no real sexual attraction from me and was trying to put me off and it was starting to make me mad. Plus she lived with her parents and I lived with a family member too and it was hard to be alone anyway.Well I was at a gas station one day and saw this black woman. She was light skinned (I normally liked darker women) but she still had black facial features. She wore glasses, she had a really fat ass and had her hair in some kind of long braids but pulled up. I wasn’t in a hurry and decided to try to get her number. She seemed hesitant for whatever reason but ended up giving it to me. I called her….I forget what for, that night but just told her I would call her the next day around that time. She called me at like 1am but I was too tired to answer the phone. I waited until about 11am to call her. I won’t bore you with the details but she needed a ride somewhere. I went and picked her up and she kept thanking me and apologizing for how bad she looked. She really didn’t and I told her that but I told her I could take her to my mom’s house and she could take a shower there because my mom wouldn’t be home at the time. So we go to my mom’s house and we just sit down and talk at first and get to know each etimesgut escort other. I find out she is a little older than me and has a k** but is kind of on and off with the father. I can tell by the way she is acting that I could fuck her if I wanted to. It seemed so much easier than usual, most likely because I was so much less interested than I usually am. It seems like all girls are like that. The less interested in fucking them you are the more interested they are. When I realize this I do start to become aroused but I’m still not sure if I am going to fuck her yet. While she is taking a shower I go into the kitchen and I’m sitting at the table and starting to think more and more about fucking her and what else I would like to do to her and can feel pre-cum starting to form. After a while I hear the bathroom door open and she came in the kitchen in a towel I had got for her along with a wash rag. It was barely covering her pussy and even though she was facing me I could tell it wasn’t covering her gorgeous ass. She asked if she had any clean clothes she could borrow. I told her she could borrow one of my shirts but before she went she asked “what”, meaning why was I looking at her like that, like she didn’t know. I just kind of laughed and she smiled and walked over to where I was sitting. I put my arms around her legs and run them up to her ass cheeks and pulled them apart while pulling her closer. I got the towel off and started sucking her tits and undoing my pants while she moaned.I turned her around to look at her ass and she bent over for me. The hair on her pussy was sincan escort just long enough to not be prickly and stick you in the face. She smelled really clean, but there was still that musk to it. I start to eat her pussy from behind but can’t get it good so I get down on my knees and pull her into my face by the front of her thighs. I’m not just licking her pussy, but I put my whole mouth over it and I’m kind of sucking it and tonguing it at the same time. She seems to like this. Her pussy tastes really good and I’m enjoying this. It’s hard to explain how it tasted but it tasted really good. So good I didn’t want to stop but I ran my tongue up her ass crack too (something I generally do to black girls I’m really into) and rim her asshole a little but she doesn’t really respond that much so I decide to fuck her. I have my dick out, and the head of it is covered with pre-cum and my boxers are all wet with it. I sit back down in the kitchen chair and pull my pants all the way down. I kick my pants off and spread my legs so she can get between. I hold my dick for her, which is swollen up and huge and she takes it and guides it into her pussy. We fuck like this for a little while, and while I’m enjoying the view of her ass my dick isn’t as deep in her as I would like it to be.I don’t have a bed here at the time so I took her back to my mom’s room. I pull her up to where she is in a cowgirl position on my moms bed. she puts my dick back in and starts to ride. I put my hand back there feeling her “sleeve” being pulled out when she comes up on my dick. I keep rubbing it just because I sıhhiye escort like the way it feels, like her pussy doesn’t want let go of my dick. It seems like this gets her even wetter. While we were in this position I would occasionally stick my middle finger in her ass, and use it to pull her up and down, taking it out to lick it and put it back in. She seemed to like this too. At times she started fucking me really hard and seems to cum. We get into doggy and I’m asking her if I can cum inside her. She says she doesn’t care and to just keep fucking her. I pull out of her and get her to get on her stomach. She seems disappointed at first but again, her pussy was delicious. She just lays her head down, and I bury my face in her ass cheeks and start licking her pussy and ass again. So while she was disappointed at first she starts getting into it again. This time I tongue her ass a little more and get an “oh shit” so I keep on and then she gets really vocal and even put her hand on the back of my head at one point. Finally I fuck her on her stomach and don’t last long. The sounds her sloppy wet pussy make as I go in and out of her and her moans are too much. I plunge my dick in as deep as I can go as my dick spasms and pumps my seed into her womb. I stay in her until I start to lose my erection and pulled out and a stream of white cum leaked out of her pussy and onto my moms sheets (which I washed). She seemed mad that I did and I couldn’t tell if she was joking and she wouldn’t really talk so I figured she was satisfied. From fucking her later, I found out this girl liked me to remain in her until I was completely soft and my dick came out on it’s own.I continued to fuck her, and never had sex with the white girl I talked to, though I did kiss her, and managed to get a blow job once (about an hour after I had fucked this girl) and I only really did that to pay her back for how she acted.

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