Another Kind of Blood Magic


“Just drain it!” Pelleas yelled down toward his incredibly erect member.“It’s not that easy!” Hek hissed back, her panicked, accusatory eyes glancing up at him. She was on her knees, but not for any reason somebody in front of an erect penis would usually be. She ran her eyes up and down his shaft. Letting out a sigh, her breath just barely grazed Palleas’ uncovered skin. “I’m sorry.”“Just get rid of it!”“I’m sorry!”“I know, I know! Just fucking get rid of it, gods!” Pelleas tone was hurried, less awkward but angrier. She grabbed the test tube sitting on the desk. The one once full of generously donated human blood only five minutes ago. It had been completely drained. What had been done, had been done. His pained yells echoed through the empty office, Hek hastily shushed him.“Shut the fuck up! The cleaners might fucking hear us!”“You should have thought of that before turning my dick into an overcooked sausage,” as he groaned, Hek glanced to the floor, to the open book lying there and the piece of machinery next to it. A simple mechanical structure, a hard drive sealed behind zip-lock, angrily broken into hundreds of pieces only magic could fix. A perfect, small job for an intern or two. The book she chose to use, however, wasn’t as simple. An ancient tome of many rites of passage. Not uncommon, but certainly not for beginners. A tome on blood magic. It had proven helpful for other jobs, who could fault her for thinking it would work now? She found it in the office reliquary under the ‘Repair and Fortify’ section for the gods’ sakes. “Are you even listening to me?”“Hold on,” she took the hefty book in one hand and scanned the pages with vigour.“It hurts,” he moaned, not pleasurably. The thing above his thighs pulsed red, too red for someone as pale as him, “It won’t stop fucking throbbing! It feels like it’s going to explode Hek!”“How big is your penis?”“What? I beg your fucking pardon! It’s right there I’m pretty sure you can get a rough fucking estimate!”“Stop the sarcasm. I’m being serious,” she spoke in a dull, but thoughtful monotone. Her eyes, encased in amber that glittered under her thick specs, punctured through her charcoal dark-elven skin as she scanned the pages, “On a regular day, how big is your dick?”“I don’t kno-”“Hard. What’s its size hard?” her deep tones, from the back of her throat, muttering that one word: Hard. The emphasis on the ‘-aar’. That made him even more so, as much as it hurt already.“Ah- it stings! Urgh, I mean, On a normal Felsday? About six inches,” upon him saying six inches, her eyes widened in glee. Like before, not glee for the usual reason anyone on their knees in front of an (estimated) seven-and-a-half-inch penis would be. This was a different kind of glee. The glee of a scientist planting a foot and breaking ground.“It worked? Oh ho! It fucking worked!”“What? It’s supposed to take the pieces of the hard drive and kaçak iddaa bound them back together. Why the fuck would a repair spell make my dick hard?” as Pelleas powered through the gritting pain to voice his confusion, Hek rolled her eyes behind her thick-rimmed glasses and scoffed.“That’s not the point! That was a nth tier spell! You should be glad we’re even still alive, I had no idea I could pull something like that off!”“What? All we had to do is repair a hard drive, why pull something out of that book that could fucking kill us?”“Variety.”“Oh,” he rolled his eyes just as she did “oh fuck you.” Trying to ignore the fact that she was pleasantly surprised, he scoffed at her and attempted a foolhardy clapback, “Yeah, well, of course it would take magic for you to get me hard.”“Of course, I wouldn’t want to do that anyway, sorry for messing up and making that mistake,” she stifled a smirk. As awful as this situation was, she did love the ribbing. But this was different. They’d laugh and rib between classes always but this, she felt differently towards it. Was it because of…? No, that can’t be it. Though, she did wonder. She lifted a finger to the head, the light reflecting off the bulbous flesh. It was moist. Clear liquid had trickled out slightly. She wasn’t sure if that was part of the spell.“You’re taking your sweet-ass time down there,” Pelleas ran a hand through his blonde, messy hair, only a couple of unkempt weeks from becoming matted. As dirty as it was, it had a lot of colour variation. From afar it probably looked kind of cute. Pelleas wondered if the space between his head and his dick was far enough. He gave a forcefully cocky smile, “I’m not complaining.”“Aren’t you supposed to be in excruciating pain?” she shoved her finger forward, touching his engorged head and squishing it slightly. He winced.“Is there any way we can fucking solve this? You did look in the book right.”“Yeah, there is.”“Oh?”“We bleed your dick out.”“Oh.”“Hmph,” she narrowed her eyes, a movement emphasised by the bottle-cap thick glass sitting on either end of her nose.“Hek, that’s not an option.”“I know. Shit man, I honestly think there’s only one thing we can do,” she stood up, her hand uncomfortably swaying idly next to his member. His eyes widened. “Carlie stays at her office late on Felsdays. She’ll know what the hell to do about this.”“Hek,” Pelleas sounded uneasy, like he was cautioning a cat to hop off a china-laden cabinet, “I appreciate your commitment, but I’m not walking up to my boss with my dick out.”“Then put it in your pants then? Pretty obvious,” she felt her hand wander idly, pondering the logistics of their next course of action, “okay, I’ve got a pretty good relationship with Carlie. She’s helped me out of multiple situations just like this.”“With dicks involved?”“What?! No! Hells no. I mean- she’s seen me drunk, so she knows me on that level- fuck it, kaçak bahis it’s the only option we have,” with a wry chuckle, Hek looked to the book on the floor, her hands fiddling at her sides thoughtlessly.“You gonna lead the way?”“Of course.”“Then stop playing with my dick and lead the way then,” Pelleas face was unassuming. Hek’s eyes widened as she looked down to see her hand softly squeezing his erect dick.“Oh! I- I didn’t mean to,” her sudden shock, her head being pulled out of the clouds, made her instinctively give it a startling squeeze. He grunted. She pulled her hand away, “I’m- I’m sorry I didn’t know I was-”“Let’s just get going, it’s really starting to hurt.” “Did you try bleeding it?” the small tusks glimmered in the shine of the desk-lamp, clean and white and jutting out of Carlie’s mouth. She lifted a deep emerald, orcish hand to the ethereal haze in front of her, putting a finger into it and pulling forward slightly. The haze fluttered above a projector of some kind, sitting in the middle of her overstuffed workbench.“I mean, no,” Pelleas tilted his head in confusion, “she thought of that though,” Carlie smirked at Hek, amused and surprised. Her blue eyes, so smug and dismissive, made the space between Hek’s legs tense and quiver.“How do we lift the spell?” Hek was blunt, rejecting the feeling between her legs.“Oh come on now Hek,” she spoke with a laugh, following it with a tone a bit too sultry, “you know how.”“We’re not fucking!” Pelleas spoke loudly, “And if that really was the solution, I’m sure I’d be able to find a bathroom and sort myself out there.”“No, you wouldn’t,” with a defeated sigh, Hek looked over to Carlie, “Look, the book I was using was the Encyclopedia of Connective Blood Magic, it’s fairly old but since it was in the general reliquary, I thought I’d be able to use it.”“Mhmm,” stifling a chuckle, Carlie turned from the mechanical apparatus and to Hek, a smirk had crept itself over her face. A professional’s smirk at a beginner’s folly.“And it worked for repairing wires and two-piece breakages so I thought I’d be able to use a nth level bonding spell from it to repair the hard drive you gave us and I just want to know why the hell it made Pelleas’ dick hard to be honest,” she sounded out of breath, sick of the whole situation before it had even properly begun. With a raise of her thick eyebrows, Carlie responded clinically.“A bonding spell,” Carlie enunciated the word ‘bonding’, bringing bold attention to it, “not a repairing spell. These days, these are considered the same, but generations upon generations ago, bonding spells, however…were different,” Carlie opened her eyes wider, gauging to see if either of them got at what she was insinuating. They blankly stared, invested but unanswering. She rolled her eyes, “They are supposed to repair broken things of a non-physical type. They have multiple names in the modern alchemic illegal bahis lexicon. Romantic Enhancements, Unrebounds, Familial Strengthenings, Siblingisers.”“Oh, gods,” both Hek and Pelleas groaned in dismay.“Funny. I thought spells like that can only be cast when there already exists a personal connection,” Carlie had retired to her chair, setting aside the arcane artifact she was working on and feigning disinterest. Rubbing a thumb against her polished, dark red nails, “Father to son, mother to daughter, husband to wife, lover to lover-”“We are nothing like that,” Pelleas snapped.“I haven’t gotten to my point,” she gazed at him with those eyes again, like a tomahawk right to his mouth. “Physical connection under complete unbroken focus. That is one possible way the bonds set by blood magic can be broken. The slap of a caring mother, the ungiven touch of a lover, the gripping hand on your scalp of a one-night stand who you assumed wanted to be something more. Physicality is the point, a rejection of the magically-imposed emotion. To take advantage of how the blood rushes in specific circumstances, like that one, for instance.” With her pen, she pointed to the tent Pelleas was pitching, flashing him a sarcastic and spikey grin. “Stop being coy you two, you wouldn’t have been here in the first place if loving intimacy wasn’t something, you’d both want from each other.”“Oh- bullshit,” Hek reacted instantly, a scoff in her voice. A forced scoff, like she was only pretending to discard what Carlie was saying. She went silent, tight-lipped and glaring at Carlie, “Okay, fine, what do we do?”“You need to use each other. Deny the possible romance and devolve into making use of each other’s bodies. Nothing more.”“We are not going to just start fucking,” Pelleas looked over to Hek as she spoke and for the first time noticed how angry she looked. Far more than flustered, her eyebrows had conjured themselves down into a few angry puffs away from a scowl. She remained calm.“Never said that you were. I’m just telling you that you’re thinking about this wrong. Magic like this is too old, even I’m not sure if a physical denial of ephemeral romance is a way to break the spell- oh, aside from the ‘cutting his dick’ part. That would work, you were on the right track there! Ha!” she gave a guttural, sudden laugh.“Do you think this shit is a joke!” Pelleas stepped forward, groaning in pain as he took a step forwards, “You know what? Fuck it.”“Dude. Dude!” With the swift rip of a zipper and a shove downward, Pelleas’ dick flopped out from under his underpants, veins standing proud and his length peculiarly longer than before. Carlie looked on, unblinking and unphased.“No, no I’m sorry, Hek, we’re solving this right the fuck now. Fix this shit.” With heavy panting and stiff lips, Pelleas glared at Carlie. Carlie’s face remained unchanged. Calmly, with a casual tone, Carlie opened her mouth.“Hek.”“Y- yes?”“Would you be a dear and put Pelleas’ cock in your mouth please?” Hek felt tense at Carlie’s words, at her blank and almost caring tone. At the underlying soothing below it.

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