Another Late Night


It’s late on a Thursday evening, and Staci is still sitting at her desk in the office trying to get this project done, her boss has been pounding her about it all week. She feels so stressed her shoulders are aching. She has been working late all week and is in dire need of a release. She looks around the empty office suite, and stops to listen for any noises for a moment…….nothing. Believing she is alone, she kicks off her 3 inched black heels under her desk. She leans back in the chair and lets her long dark hair down from the tight bun it was in. Ahhh, she lets out a long sigh and closes her eyes. She starts to think about the day she had, and the very handsome guy she was pressed up against in the crowded elevator earlier today. She remembers her ass pressed up against his crotch, she could feel the shape of his limp cock through her very thin, very short black skirt. She could feel him breathe down her neck.

She starts to get turned on sitting there alone at her desk. She unconsciously begins to rub her nipple through her thin blouse. She remembers wiggling her ass against him right before she exited the elevator, and turning around as the doors closed to see his very sexy wink coming her way. Mmmm, wouldn’t that be nice, she thinks, how lovely it would be to have his hard cock right here right now. She lets her hand wander down her body and rest on her bare inner illegal bahis thigh just below the seam of her mini skirt that she has already hiked up a bit. She begins to run her cold fingers against her warm thigh, mmmm, she feels her hard nipples pushing against her bra begging for attention. She starts to loosen a few buttons on her blouse and then pulls her bra to the side, her hard nipple pointing straight out now, hardens even more against the cold air of the office. She pinches it and rolls it around between her fingers her other hand making its way up her thigh to her warm, now very damp panties.

She starts to rub her clit through her silk panties the cloth against her now wet pussy feels sticky and warm. She begins to breathe harder squirming in the big leather chair. She pushes the panties to the side and pushes a finger deep into her drenched pussy, Oooooooh, she let a moan escape her pretty pink lips. Then she pulls her dripping finger out of her sweet cunt and brings it to her lips, she licks every bit of her juices from it and then returns it to her hot hole, this time inserting her middle finger as well. She is imagining it’s the sexy elevator guy giving her the pleasure, fingering her sweet pussy smelling her arousal, all the while her beautiful eyes stay closed to the rest of the world. She is in ecstasy, as she quickens her pace, now fucking herself illegal bahis siteleri deep and hard, her other hand has moved from her full breasts down to her very swollen clit. She is rubbing it faster and faster, plunging her two fingers deeper with every thrust. Ooohh, mmmm…….ssssshitt. She is cumming now, hard and fast, she can feel the walls of her tight little pussy contracting against her fingers. She continues fucking herself, slower now, easing herself down from her orgasm. She relaxes against the now warm leather of the big chair. Slowly, she pulls her finger out and licks her cum off of them, smiles to herself. She removes her silk panties and puts them in her drawer, straightens her skirt and blouse. She decides to go to the kitchen for a drink.

She gets up and walks towards the long hallway. Just before she reaches the kitchen she is startled. She sees me. Sitting there in the next office, across from hers, looking very flushed, as I almost came just watching her. She just stands there looking at me intently, trying to think of something to say I suppose. I get up, walk over to her, watching as she blushes deeply and breaks our stare. She looks down and I notice, she did not put her shoes back on. I reach out and push a strand of her dark lovely hair from her sweet face. She looks at me, I smile. I run my fingers over her sweet pouty lips. She opens canlı bahis siteleri them slightly at my touch. I can feel the moisture from them on my fingers. I can’t help but to pull her face to mine, I kiss her deeply, yet softly. I can taste her sweet juices on my tongue. Oh how nice, like nectar.

She reaches around me pulling me closer; now kissing me back, deeply and with more desire. I run my hands hungrily over her back and down to her firm, plump ass. I give it a little squeeze, she moans into my mouth. I pull her skirt up and rub her bare ass, feeling its warmth. I bring my other hand down as well bringing her skirt up around her hips. I feel her hands exploring my body as well, one hand running through my hair, the other caressing my breast through my top. I run my hand against her soft shaven pussy. I can feel her heat against me. She begins to pull my shirt off, and unclasp my bra. My nipples stand pert and longing for touch. She immediately grabs them, pulls and pinches them I moan and throw my head back, enjoying this beauty’s touch. She brings one to her warm mouth and suckles it, while kneading the other. Heaven, I again start to explore her warmth, feeling the wetness of her inner folds, I find her clit and rub it in a circular motion, she likes this, she moans against my breast and sucks harder. I begin to feel my wetness seeping from my panties. As though she reads my mind she makes her way down my body to the top of my skirt, she reaches around and unzips my skirt letting it fall to the floor. She pushes me back against my desk and pulls down my panties, Ooooh, I moan in anticipation of what’s to come.

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