Another satisfied Granny

Another satisfied GrannyAnother satisfied GrannyA month after re-fucking Nancy I was pottering around in the garden when Nancy was stood talking to another older woman. As I approached them she introduced me “This is an old friend of mine, Liz” I looked at her she looked around 65ish 5’5” quite over weight, silver hair, she was wearing a red and black dress that came to just above her knee.As we talked Nancy had to go to an appointment and I was left talking to Liz. Her husband had died 15 years ago but she was glad cos he was a right bastard, ever since she’s been on her own. She has a good social life so she isn’t bored or anything. After around 20 minutes of talking I could feel my cock harden and suggested to Liz she came in for a coffee.We were sat in my kitchen talking when I noticed she also had a big pair of tits, why do so many older woman have big tits? After we’d exhausted all conversation I went in the lounge and called Liz in, she came close to me and I said “I’ve got something for you”, “What” she replied, “Put your hands on the mantelpiece and I’ll show you”.She put her hands on and I came up behind her and slipped my hands onto her breasts. She didn’t push me away she stood sort of transfixed as I fondled them, after a while bursa escort she said “Do you know how old I am?” “No” I replied, “68” she said, as I carried on fondling her. Ten minutes later as she stood there I ran my hands down her figure and lifted up her dress.My fingers ran up the insides of her thighs and soon I was running them up and down her slit through her knickers, she parted her legs slightly as I rubbed her gently but firm. I could feel her flab which was probably 18 stone. As I rubbed her with my right hand I fondled her breast with my left. This went on for a good ten minutes.I slipped my finger under the elastic of her knicker leg and found her slit to be wet, slipping my finger back onto her old clitoris she moaned. As I continued to rub her she parted her legs a little wider, my finger soon slipped into her wet pussy, I fingered her a while then rubbed her clit, alternating between the two motions.Suddenly she shuddered, slightly moaned and sat on my hand, I knew she was coming as I rubbed her clit quicker and harder, then unexpectedly she groaned out as her juice flooded my hand. After she had subsided she turned to face me she said “I think I’ve had an orgasm” I said “Haven’t you had one before” “No” she replied.I turned escort bursa her back to her original position and unlatched her dress, pulled the zip down and let it drop to the floor, unclipping her bra I slid it off her shoulders. Turning her around to face me I ran my tongue down her cheek, down her arm and onto her nipples, she moaned. Licking and sucking her hard tits she ran her hand through my hair.I said “You ok on the floor” she said she was I helped her to kneel down then I positioned her on her back, her flab hung over but I didn’t care. She watched me undress and as I released my cock she said “Ooooo”. I ran my tongue down her tits, down her flabby belly and onto the front of her green knickers, running down her slit she jumped.Putting my fingers into the waistband of her knickers I pulled them down, she had a massive untrimmed bush that was glistening with juice. As I took her knickers off her ankles she said “Only my husband has ever seen me like this”. I spread her thighs and bent down and ran my tongue over her throbbing clit she gasped.With my 6” in my hand I teased her slit, her eyes were wide as she stared at me, rubbing my cock up and down her gash she gasped, then I slotted myself in, and deep. “Oh my God” she said bursa escort bayan as I started to shag her, she didn’t move with me but the motion of me banging her made her flab and tits wobble, she groaned with every thrust.I knew it would be difficult to try a different position so I just concentrated on fucking her and sucking her nipples. It didn’t take as long as I expected for her to announce “God I think I’m coming again” as I fucked her at top speed. Then it happened again, she screamed out as I ripped her with my cock, pounding and pounding.She screamed out as the sweat appeared on her forehead, her arms around my shoulders, her nails digging into my skin as she came a second time. As I slowed down she was gasping I leaned towards her and kissed her lips, moved down and sucked her nipples and then knowing I was soon coming myself I sped up again.Thrusting hard in and out of her saturated cunt, she was moaning and I knew I was coming. Problem was where to cum. As I approached my climax I pulled out of her and straddled her tits, she grabbed hold of me and with a tight grip she wanked me cock. Spunk shot out and landed half on her tits and half on her cheek, as I groaned.She looked at me and smiled. “That was good” she said, “My husband was useless at pleasing me but you certainly wasn’t”. I helped her up and we got dressed, as she left she kissed me on the cheek, whispered a thank you, squeezed my bum and away she went. Another satisfied granny.

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