Another story I wrote


Another story I wroteYou wait for me in the bar I chose. You are wearing the clothes Irequested; nice jeans, a loose white blouse and a dark lace bra. Slutty but nice and attractive! Yousit and sip your drink, waiting for me and wondering about this place.It is NOT what you were expecting! To call this a dive would begenerous. There is only one other woman inside and it is clear she isa “worker”, but not a very expensive one. The men eye you like astarving dog eyes a piece of meat. They have not seen anyone with yourlooks and pedigree in a long time.I sneak up behind you and whisper in your ear “Its Rob”. I feel yourtense body slightly relax and see your nervous face begin to smile. Ithrow a 20 on the bar and grab your hand, leading you out. The menaren’t happy with me, but they know not to try to get in my way.I let you into my car and walk around to the driver side to let myselfin. You still don’t know what to expect and I can see the nervousnessreappear. Pulling out a silk scarf, I blindfold you. The combinationof fear and excitement is exactly what I’m after!We drive for about 10 minutes. The whole time I caress your leg, rubbing up and down the inside of your thigh. I’m careful not to get too high up, but I can tell you’re aroused by your breathing. I park the car, get out, open your door and lead you by your hand again. I stop to open a door and you can tell we’re inside a building. A few steps and a short wait later and we are entering an elevator. You try to guess how high its going, but my hands are rubbing your arms and back, distracting you. We get out and approach the room. I can tell you are nervous again. We’ve never met and this is a LOT of trust you are placing in me! I take the blindfold off so that you can see as we enter the room… its a very nice hotel. I whisper into your ear, “You ok?” When you nod I slip the blindfold back over your eyes.I turn you towards me and slowly undress you. My hands barely touch your skin and I make sure not to touch any “sensitive spots” yet, but as I slip your jeans down there is no mistaking your level of arousal. My dick is rock hard and I reach down to give it a quick stroke. I take balgat escort a step back when you are fully naked just to drink in how beautiful you look! I lower you onto the bed, face first and softly grab your hands pulling them over your head. With asecond silk scarf I tie your hands together. I leave the knot looseand move the knot around your hands enough to show you that you canescape if you want to. I ask again if you’re ok and you nod quicker this time.Suddenly you feel a cool liquid hitting your back. I start the back rub up at your shoulders and work my way slowly down your body. You are thin but strong and your muscles feel great! I massage your ass and down both legs. You can tell that I have a foot issue with how long I spend rubbing and loving each of your feet with my skilled fingers! I’m quicker on the way up now, but still rub each leg intently, diggining deep into your muscular hamstrings. I work on your ass again, but this time let my fingers go where they want to… closer and closer….I lay with my chest on your back and give you a true “body rub”. My hands finally give your shoulders and arms attention as my chest moves up and down your back. My raging hardon probes between your legs and starts to push its way up against your soaking pussy, but I dont push it inside. With my mouth up against your ear I whisper how great your body feels and how you are driving me crazy. I’ve been waiting to touch you like this since I first saw your pictures….I flip you over and get more oil out to do your front. I kneel between your legs and work your chest with my hands. By now I’m not shy about touching you and get right to work rubbing your tits. I circle my closer and closer to your nipples and finally touch them, not with my hands but with my tongue! I kiss and nibble your hard nips until we both can’t stand it. I kiss my way down your stomache…I am in ectasy as I lick, finger“Sit up.” You pull yourself up and swing your legs over the side ofthe bed. I pull off your silk blindfold and you open your eyes to seemy cock pointing straight at you only inches away. Instinctively youopen your batıkent escort mouth and reach for it with your tongue. I grab your facewith my hand and squeeze. “That’s the third time. You need to learnnot to act on your own. Get on all fours.” You do as I say and I seeyour body tighten up. I massage your ass until I feel you relax andthen I reach back and spank you with as much force as I can. You chokeback a yelp and then wince in pain. I spank you again and then a thirdtime. Your right cheek is pink with a white hand print. I give youtwo more, but softer now, just to make sure you learn you lesson. I amimpressed that you don’t cry out at all or talk back. “On your knees.” You obey promptly, but you are looking down. “You’redoing fine. You need to get me ready to cum again, but you may onlytouch my cock with your hand. Your mouth can only touch my balls orass. Got it?” You look up into my eyes and nod. You grab my dicklightly and move it out of the way and begin to lick my balls like anexpert. You spend what feels like hours licking, sucking and makingoral love to the boys. As I start to harden you begin to stroke mycock to its full size. You seem to sense the exact correct moment andyou move more behind me to gain access to my anus. Your hand strokingslows down as you devote your full attention to my ass, kissing andlicking your way towards your goal. “Lick it now.” I am still incontrol, but my voice quivers as my pleasure increases. You go in withfull gusto, forcing your tongue as far up my hole as you can. Thefeeling is indescribable and I gasp as I feel as if every hair on mybody is standing straight out. Your stroking picks up in pace andintensity and I can feel an orgasm building. “Stop.” My voice ispleading now, almost a whisper and I fear you may not obey. I guessyou remember the spankings and you stop, head down waiting for yournext task. I catch my breath and steady my voice. “Get on the bed onyour hands and knees.” You obey quickly and I sense with a bit ofexcitement knowing that you will finally be getting what your pussy hasbeen yearning for.I climb into bed behind you and stare at çankaya escort your pussy, perfectly framedby your ass and legs. Your lips look so tight in this position andyour ass seems to squirm slightly back and forth in anticipation. Islap at each inner thigh, and you obediently spread your legs. Iposition myself between your legs and aim my cock for your pussy. Withone hand I hold your hips steady and with the other I guide the tip ofmy penis to your pussy lips. As I touch you I feel you try to rockback into me. “No.” You know better, but I understand your desire andthere’s no time for discipline right now. “Hold still.” I rub thehead along your pussy lips and push it in just an inch. I move it upand down slightly and then remove it. I rub it against your anus,using your own juices to lube your tight hole. I return to your pussyand enter again. I tease you with the head of my cock barely insideyou, moving slowly and ever so slightly in and out. Finally I slam theentire shaft into you and you gasp loudly. I pull back and slam again,filling you up entirely. I keep driving into you and your gasps becomecries of pleasure. With one hand I reach and grab your hair, pullingyour head back which arches your back perfectly. With the other, Ireach around and grab your breast pulling your body back into mine withevery thrust. I feel you shaking from inside and your pussy grabs ontomy cock like a vise. Wave after wave of orgasm takes over your body. I finally feel my orgasm coming and I pull out and let go of you. “Roll over on your back now!” You roll over and I climb on top of youstraddling your stomache. With two pumps of my hand I start to cum. The first shot sails over you and hits the headboard, but after thatthe rest shoots out onto your hair, face, neck and tits. I moveforward and offer my dick to your mouth. “Clean me off.” Its hard foryou to move with me on top of you like this and your neck gets tiredfrom holding your head up, but you suck the rest of the cum out of meand then lick my cock clean. Overall I am happy with you. You are gorgeous and you know how to useyour mouth and pussy like a seasoned pro. I like the fact that you didnot speak a word the entire time. Very nice. You need to work on yourobedience, but at least your mistakes were motivated by a desire togive me pleasure. Irregardless, this independent streak must bebroken. You need more discipline and training. Good news for you isthat I am willing to help.

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