Another World Ch. 1

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Her body moved seductively up the bed, the silk sheets crinkling under her knees and hands as she went. Her blue eyes were staring straight into mine as her body glistened slightly with perspiration.

I led there as she crawled up my body, placing little butterfly kisses here and there, until her body was half covering mine. I’d never felt skin as soft as hers and her hair, which was lazily hanging off her shoulders, tickled my breasts as she lowered herself onto me.

When our lips met, I could taste the sweetness of her lips, as her tongue gently entered my mouth, licking my own.

This kiss lasted for hours. Well, it felt like it did, and I never wanted her to pull away from me. But she did. Only to slide down my body once again.

She kissed me everywhere. My neck, sucking softly on my pulse point, my breasts, licking and teasing everywhere except the nipples, until I cried out for her to touch me. My stomach, where she ran the tip of her tongue around my belly button, then dipped it inside, causing me to arch my back and lift slightly off the bed.

As she kissed further down she illegal bahis slowly opened my legs, running her soft palms all over my inner thighs, moving her hands in little circles, getting closer to my center, but then circling off again, teasing me.

My eyes were closed to the world, the teasing pleasure she was inflicting on me too much. I wanted her to stop, but I couldn’t find with will power within myself, at the teasing pleasure with which she was giving me so freely.

Then, suddenly, I felt the tip of her tongue softly lick my clit, causing me to jump slightly at the contact and arch my back very painfully in the air. I could feel her warm breathe on me, blocked slightly as she reached out her tongue again and began running it around my clit, not touching it.

She began a slow, torturing tour of my center, tracing my inner lips, dipping her tongue into my hotness to taste me, then back up my lips to circle my clit again. I could feel a very distant pressure beginning to well deep inside my body, but what she was doing just wasn’t enough, and she knew it.

I was squirming on the bed, illegal bahis siteleri my breathing heavy and without rhythm, wanting, needing her to touch me there, to bring me to the orgasm that was waiting to come forth from me.

She traced my inner lips, dipping inside once more before licking back up to my clit. But she time, she didn’t tease. She started to flick her tongue back and forth slowly over my clit.

My body was reacting in a way I had never known. My back was arching backwards, lifting my hips off the bed. Not pressing myself into her face, but giving her more access to that one place that I needed her touch the most.

As her speed increased, I felt one of her fingers enter me slowly, curving upwards, reaching, searching for my g-spot. I knew she’d find it.

I was wreathing on the bed, my breathing became soft moans and groans of pleasure as she licked my clit at a much faster place and found that spot inside me.

The next thing my rational mind knew, I was groaning loudly, my body shaking and shivering through me as my orgasm took over. It felt like it was ripping canlı bahis siteleri through every part of my body and soul, and shattering them into a thousand little pieces.

When I came back to earth a few minutes later, my breathing was still heavy and my body still slightly shaking. I could feel a soft pressure on my clit and I opened my eyes to see her looking back up at me.

With a suddenly movement of her tongue, that I just couldn’t figure out later, another orgasm clutched me, sending the ultimate pleasure through my body again and making me call out into the room.

Then she was there, leaning over me, her lips descending onto mine to meet me in the softest, most loving kiss I’ve ever felt in my life.

‘I love you’ she whispered to me as we snuggled down into the bed, our arms wrapped around each other.

* * * *

I shot up in my bed, only to realize that I wasn’t in that huge silk covered bed, that I was in my own dorm room bed with the blue covers and sheets. That the room wasn’t lit by candle light, giving the place a deep romantic feel.

But most of all, I felt an ache by the absence of that girl. The girl with the blonde hair and deep eyes. With the tanned, beautiful skin.

I felt the absence of the person who claimed to love me, even though I knew in the deepest recesses of my mind, I’d imagined her.

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