Anthony’s Birthday

Big Tits

Anthony and Miya had spent his special day in bed, alternating between making love and dozing in satisfaction. Neither cared about the world outside, it was his birthday and he was intent on spending it the best way that he knew how – with his beautiful Latin lover in his arms. No, Miya was more than just a lover to him. She was his kindred-spirit; his sexual soul mate, as well as his playmate. They had a deep and unwavering passion for sex. They shared a bond than ran deeper than mere words could describe. And one they knew would forever link them to one another. They enjoyed one another’s company, and always ended up in bed when they were together. But each respected the other’s need for variety, for exploring new horizons and new lovers. It was an agreeable situation, always knowing when the other needed space, but also knowing when one needed the other.

Much like now. Anthony was feeling just a bit bothered by hitting his forth decade and Miya suspected he might be. So, the night before she called him. Asking if she could see him. He agreed.

Despite the fact there was not a cloud in the night sky, she showed up at his front door wearing a red vinyl raincoat and an absolutely devilish smile. God, she made him crazy. It was her smile. The way her dark eyes sparkled, impish and forever playful. There was always a hint of sexuality when she looked at him. Even in the most serious of conversations, he found it quite difficult to control himself, much less when she showed up looking as she did now.

But then, he had the same effect on her as well. He could send waves of electricity throughout her body by simply looking at her. Just as he did now. Her smiling lips pursed slightly into a silent “ooh” as she looked at him. Anthony stood there, leaning against the opened door wearing a pair of loose fit drawstring pants, bare-chested and beautiful.

They stood for several seconds just staring at each other. Finally she spoke with a mischievous tone of voice, “If you want to find out what’s beneath, you have to invite me in.”

Though she really needed no formal invitation, he bowed slightly and made a sweeping motion with his hand, inviting her in. As she stepped through the doorway, he saw she held something behind her back. It was a paper bag and it was filled with god knows what.

Miya turned and looked at him. She smiled again and said, “Okay, now you have a decision to make.”

He raised an eyebrow and simply said, “Oh?”

“Uh huh. Which do you want to know about first? The coat? Or the bag?”

“No contest.” He said easily.

She smiled, liking his answer.

“The bag, of course,” chuckling at his own sarcasm.

“Okay, smartass.” She said laughing with him.

“Well, you didn’t ask which one I wanted. You asked which one I wanted to know about. I know what’s under the coat.”


“Mmmm Hmmm,” he whispered. He stepped closer to her, taking her into his arms, his voice dropping to that deep, sensual, sexy timber. “One incredibly hot…” tasting her lips, “…and delicious body…” She kissed him back, molding her body to his as he continued. “…All wrapped up in something special just for me.”

Looking him directly in the eyes, that glimmer even more prominent. “Ooh, that’s rather presumptuous, don’t ya think?”

“Is it? I don’t happen to think so.” he teased. But before she could respond he added, “And, if I know you as well as I think do, in that bag, you have body oils, a blindfold and…” he paused, giving it some thought. “…And hand cuffs.”

She feigned hurt feelings, producing a perfect little pout. “Am I that predictable?”

“Not at all, darlin. I just happen to know you. Inside and out.” Now it was his eyes that gleamed. Pure sexuality and raw passion passed between them both.

“Well a lot you know mister,” she said jokingly. “I just happen to have the perfect cure for the birthday blues.”

“Like I said, handcuffs.” Both chuckled.

“No, not handcuffs… margaritas with a beautiful half naked woman, silly.”

“You have a half naked woman in the bag?”

“You know, for an old guy, you’re sure full of piss and vinegar tonight.”

“I won’t be “old” until tomorrow, my dear. But tonight, I’m feeling… adventurous.”

Smiling at him she said, “Ooh, I like adventurous. What did you have in mind?”

“How presentable are you beneath that coat?”

“Not very, I’m afraid.”

His eyes lit up even more, “Really? Let me see!”

Standing back, she pulled the belt that held the coat closed. Beneath, Miya wore only a red bra, and the tiniest of matching panties, both of which were made out of the same pliable plastic as the jacket.

“Perfect” he said softly. “Wait here.”

Before she could ask any questions, he dashed up the stairs. She was curious, but the look on his face as he said “perfect” left her excited and admittedly, slightly aroused. He was up to something… something perfectly wicked.

Anthony returned in less than five minutes. Gone were the drawstring bursa escort pants and bare chest, replaced by snug fitting jeans and a button down shirt. He’d even put shoes on. He stepped closer to Miya, and began adjusting her coat. Arranging it so that the deep plunging V not just showed her breasts, but displayed them beautifully. She had no qualms in showing her body and he knew it.

“So where are we going?”

He answered with one word, “Prowling.”

There was something so primal, so raw in his smile she shivered with excitement. They’d spoken of “prowling” before. Hitting the local nightclubs, searching, hunting for a willing third party, either male or female. Both had deep voyeuristic tendencies, and both loved the idea of sharing and watching the other with a stranger. Perhaps even with a friend, if the opportunity should arise. But they’d never actually gone out with the sole intent to find another, until tonight.

They took a cab to the section of town where pubs, bars and clubs lined both sides of the street. It was the local party district. And the streets were filled with young supple women, and handsome young men. Granted, a great deal of people that milled the streets attended the nearby college. But on the weekends it was such a diverse crowd that one would be hard pressed not to fit in.

They decided her outfit was more suited to one of many larger, louder, more crowded nightclubs, rather than the smaller more quaint pubs. Upon entering the dance club, they made an immediate stop at the bar.

Anthony ordered two shots of tequila, touting them as “a little courage in a glass.”

Grinning wickedly he said, “To prowling.”

Matching his grin, “To prowling,” she repeated as they downed the first of many drinks.

As they made their way towards the tables, Anthony was very well aware of the many eyes that were on her. A certain pride filled him as he led her by the hand. Though the men leered at her, openly admiring the generous view of her body, they couldn’t touch her. This beautiful woman was with him. It made him want to parade her throughout the bar. But instead, he chose a table nearest the dance floor as they could get on a crowded Friday night.

The loud music made conversation nearly impossible, but they did the best they could. Anthony and Miya scanned the crowd, pointing out a few possibilities. Although he was more captivated by the woman that sat across from him. More and more he watched as Miya began to move with the beat of the pulsing music. He took her by the hand again and led her out to dance.

The music had switched something on inside her. Suddenly she began to dance not with him, but for him. She teased and taunted him, rubbing up against him. Her movements were sensual, enticing. He loved it. She simply radiated sex. Wild and untamed. She was making him crazy with the way she looked at him, the way her body found the low, undercurrent of the music; her hips moved so intimately, so inviting. He was more than half tempted to abandon this idea and take her home and…

Suddenly, another woman slid behind Miya. Fitting her body to Miya’s and began to dance with her. Somewhat startled, Miya looked to see who this bold stranger was. But when she saw the pretty face, she beamed. Miya offered no explanations. Instead the two girls turned up the heat, if you will, by yet another notch. Their bodies grinding and ebbing together. Each body matching and mimicking the other to perfection, as though they had practiced for this dance many times before. Anthony, and anyone, who may have seen the pair, found their movements’ erotic. He watched Miya’s face carefully; aroused and intrigued by what he saw in her eyes. He decided to wait and simply enjoy the performance they put on for him. Admittedly, he was curious, and was still trying to figure out who she was.

Although the newcomer was beautiful and sexual in her own right, she paled in comparison next to Miya. They resembled each other in that they were both Hispanic, both had long flowing dark hair. And both had the same exotic, erotic look about them. Though she was slightly taller than Miya, and a bit more lean. She had the moves of a dancer and he wasn’t surprised to find out later that’s exactly what she was.

When the music finally ended, the trio opted for a different table, near the back of the club, so they could be heard over the raging music. Miya at last made introductions.

“Anthony, I’d like you to meet one of my closest friends, Cynthia.”

Cynthia she smiled her sexiest smile and offered a dainty hand to him, “Please, call me Cyn.” Her honey smooth voice all but dripped with seduction, and she shot Miya a grin that was full of mischief. Miya returned the prankish grin.

Smiling his most charming smile, he took her and said, “Yes, I can see why.”

The girls chatted quickly, catching up on the others lives. It was obvious they hadn’t seen each other in quite sometime so Anthony remained silent. As he watched he thought he picked up on something… bursa escort bayan something he’d never seen before in Miya. There was a certain… intimacy between the women. He noticed that one would lean closer as the other talked and both touched the other quite a bit as they spoke. When he saw Cyn absent-mindedly caressing Miya’s arm, a grin formed at the corners of his mouth. Miya noticed the smile on Anthony’s face, but she said nothing. She knew he was keen to pick up on certain things, and she knew he had figured out the nature of the girls’ relationship.

When they seemed satisfied with brief update of the other’s life, Anthony finally spoke. The curiosity had been killing him.

“That was some performance out there, care to fill me in?” Both girls glanced at each and smiled. Neither tried to hide their affection.

“Well…” It was Miya that spoke. “About 5 years ago, Cyn was dancing at the Devil’s Den, the then owner, Jack, had connections with some big tanning oil company. And this company happened to be doing a huge publicity tour, putting on contests all over the nation, and looking for a new “poster girl” of sorts. So, with Jack’s connections, his club was the obvious choice for the city semi-finals. Well, because a tanning oil company was sponsoring the show, and the Devil’s Den was a strip club, Jack got this great idea. All the girls had to find the most erotic way to apply the oil to their bodies. Most of the strip clubs in town had sent over their best dancers to compete.

“I’d already known Cyn for maybe two years. We worked together at some shit job. So she called me and told me she Jack was really putting a lot of pressure on her to win this silly thing. And I asked what I could do to help. So we came up with this idea, to use me as her way to apply the tanning oil …that dance you saw.”

Anthony’s grin broadened. “I can just see the two of you, all oiled up, rubbing against one another….” He didn’t finish, but just let the mental images flash through his mind.

Now it was Cyn’s turn to speak. “You should have seen her, Anthony. She was so nervous. I thought she was going to be sick… but, like the real trooper she is, she got out there and performed incredibly. We made it all the way to the nation finals with that dance. Until they decided that Miya and I weren’t exactly the ‘image’ they wanted to portray,” she said kind of rolling her eyes. “Oh well, with the money we won I put a down payment on these,” motioning nonchalantly to her full breasts and laughing.

Chucking, Miya inquired, “Are you still dancing?”

“You know me,” she said.

Laughing, Miya simply said, “Yes I do.” But there was something in Miya’s eyes, something that Cyn recognized immediately. They needed no words to understand what the other was thinking. Such was their friendship. Cyn didn’t need to be asked. She would do whatever Miya had in mind. And with the gorgeous man that Miya was with, Cyn would be crazy not to.

“Let’s dance,” Miya said grabbing Anthony with one hand and Cyn the other.

Again the music flowed through Miya, moving as seductively as she had before. Only now, she had a playmate. Cyn needed no prompting. Letting the music move her body she followed Miya’s lead. Both were dancing around Anthony. Miya found her way behind Anthony, Cyn moved in front of him and together they began to grind against him. Their hands and bodies touching him every where. He relished the idea of what they were doing to him. The smile on his face was the perfect mask of pleasure.

Anthony put his hands on Cyn’s hips, feeling the way they swayed into him. She began to bump and grind against him, feeling the beginnings of a quite impressive erection. She grinned up at him wickedly. Miya thoroughly enjoyed watching the way Anthony and Cynthia touched each other. And as Miya moved behind Cyn she saw the look in his eyes. The way he looked at her friend nearly drove Miya crazy. It turned her on immensely to see him like that.

But Anthony had his own idea now. He turned Cyn around so that she now faced Miya. And though he could only see Miya’s face, he knew by the glimmer in her eyes, that the two girls shared a looked between. They “sandwiched” Cyn between them. As they danced, Anthony placed his hands on her hips and began pressing himself against her ass. He watched the look in Miya’s eyes as the two women touched.

Cyn let the beat of the music move her. She raised her hands up and hooked them behind Anthony’s neck. He buried his mouth against her neck, sucking and kissing. But as he did he watched while Miya’s delicate hands began to travel the outline of Cynthia’s body. Moving higher, insistent and determined. And as Miya grazed the swell of the full breasts of her ex-lover, Cyn let her head fall back and gave a great sigh. Anthony watched Miya use the ball of her thumbs to brush against Cynthia’s already hardened nipples. Cynthia dropped her hands from behind Anthony releasing him. She moved to Miya’s side and put on arm over Miya’s shoulder and one draped escort bursa tenderly around her waist.

As they embraced lightly they looked at him and grinned wickedly. He watched, stunned, as Miya bravely slipped Cynthia’s low cut blouse slightly to the side, exposing a perfectly sculpted and bare breast. And as she began to fondle Cynthia, they shared a kiss that rivaled those in even the most hardcore porno movies. Anthony was torn between watching Miya’s hand cupping and squeezing the large breast and the two beautiful feminine mouths slipping and gliding over each. He felt his cock leap at the possibilities of the evening.

When the kiss had finished, Miya kept her hand on Cyn’s breast, but looked at Anthony when she spoke. “Shall we go celebrate your birthday right, my love?”

He saw the envy of the other men as they left the club. Anthony walked proudly between the two beautiful women, beaming. He had one arm around each of them, and in turn each had one arm around his waist lightly. As they stood and waited for their cab, he leaned over and kissed Miya hard. Then he whispered in her ear, “Thank you.” She only smiled up at him. Knowing it would make Miya crazy Anthony turned and kissed Cyn. He heard Miya groan as she watched. All were oblivious to their on lookers.

In the cab it was even more indecent, none of them could keep their hands off of the other two. Anthony kissed each woman, each woman kissed the other, and all while their hands roamed someone else’s body. The cab driver would have a helluva story to recount that night.

When they entered Anthony’s house, Miya quickly slipped out of her jacket. Anthony and Cyn could only admire the beauty of her scantily dressed body. In just her bra and panties, Miya went immediately to the kitchen and mixed the long awaited margaritas. Leaving Anthony and Cyn alone for the time being. Regardless of what may or may not happen that night, Miya felt comfortable enough with her friends to walk around in her current attire. But she also felt confident with the situation to leave them alone.

She returned shortly with 3 glasses in one hand, and a pitcher of the Mexican concoction in the other. Though Cyn and Anthony didn’t hear her at first. They were deeply immersed in another impassioned kiss. Miya said nothing but filled the glasses silently and took a seat on the sofa. There was no jealousy, no ill feelings; in fact, she was extremely aroused by what she saw. And Miya would have been content to sit back, sip at the frozen delight and watch while Anthony explored the body of his new plaything. But again, Anthony has his own idea. Although he reveled in the power he seemed to have over both women and preferred to be the dominant partner, he turned to Miya with soft eyes.

Tenderly he said to Miya, “Show me.”

Miya smiled over the rim of her glass. She understood perfectly what he meant. Putting the glass on the table, she walked to them. Miya stood for a moment, looking into Cynthia’s eyes. There was more than intimacy as they gazed at one another. There was a genuine love and affection in both women’s eyes. As they leaned toward each other, their mouths once again finding each other, Anthony took a step back. Silently, melting into the background, he took his drink from the table, and found a place on the sofa.

A sudden feeling washed over Miya as she pressed her body into Cynthia’s. It was remembrance that overcame Miya. She knew this body as well as she knew her own, but this feeling only added to Miya’s arousal. It was like slipping into a favorite pair of well-worn jeans. Comfortable, familiar, relaxed… but moreover, it felt welcoming.

As they kissed tenderly, Miya’s hands tugged Cynthia’s blouse off her shoulders, exposing those exquisite breasts fully for the first time. Miya admired them, caressing them lightly with the pads of her fingers. She then cupped them, feeling their weight in her hands, and whispered, “They’re beautiful,” just before she kissed the tops of each one. As Miya’s warm mouth engulfed one very large nipple, Cynthia brought her hands to Miya’s head as her own dropped back. Their soft moans mingled in the quietness of the house.

Anthony watched intently as the two women rediscovered each other. Again he noticed something that passed between the women. Miya, who had always been submissive by nature, had become the dominant one. She controlled Cynthia’s body with a simple touch. Oh, this could indeed become a very interesting night after all. Then he smiled to himself and thought, “more interesting than watching two women make love to each other?” About then, Miya had begun to slither her way down Cynthia’s body. Her tongue painted a wet and glistening trail down the taut stomach. Flicking quickly around and in to Cyn’s navel, the girl flinched as Miya teased. With her blouse removed Anthony saw that the pants Cyn wore rode extremely low on her hips. So low in fact, that as Miya tugged the skintight material down, he saw the waistband had barely covered the smallest and most perfect triangle of dark pubic hair. He heard Miya utter a small ‘ooh’ of approval. Cyn held on to Miya as she helped her step out of the flimsy pants, and as she tossed them aside, she kissed Cyn just above the shaved hair. Cyn moaned.

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