Anya Gets Another Sibling’s Satisfaction


Anya rushed out of her father’s office, she had to pick up her kids and get started on the family dinner. The evening passed by in a whir, when her head finally hit the pillow, she was just too exhausted to even make love to her husband. The next day, she once again went to work at her dad’s shipping company, her husband provided more than enough, but she felt bored at home and was glad for the opportunity to work again.

She was studying some files when a rain of paper clips, pencils, call cards and pens fell upon her.

“What the hell are you doing Kael?”

Kael was her slightly younger brother (she was 28 to his 25) who was fair, trim and muscular and was much taller than her 5’2″ curvy frame.

“I’m just trying to lighten things up around here. You get any more serious than that and I swear we are having a funeral or something.”

He always was the one to joke around, but he was always sensitive and caring for her. Lately, she was feeling distracted when he came too close to her, she just couldn’t pin down the way she was feeling. She rushed out of her chair and proceeded to grab a handful of shirt with one hand and pushed him onto the filing cabinet, while the other hand gave him a playful slap on his cheeks,

“Ouch, that is so gonna cost you,” he said.

“I don’t mind paying little brother,” Anya said, now consciously aware that she and Kael were fully against each other, her breasts were crushed onto his muscular chest, the blood was rushing in her veins she looked into his eyes and saw that he too was painfully aware of her. There was thick silence in the office as they both felt electricity crackling between them; both their hearts were hammering. When she felt his hard maleness straining against her thigh, part of her mind was still trying to comprehend how wrong it was to want to caress him, but she was beyond sanity as the need to throw him against the desk and fuck him senseless was greater.

She tentatively licked his lips and he roughly pulled her tighter simultaneously driving his tongue inside her mouth, while his hands dragged the fabric of her skirt up and started cupping her well rounded ass, he ground his hard cock into her and she started to moan when his tongue moved down her throat to the exposed flesh of her breasts. She began to shiver with desire, she Ankara escort had to touch him more, she had to feel him totally naked, and she ripped off his shirt so that she could feel his hairy chest against her now uncovered breasts. She wanted him inside her, needed him and ached for him so much at that moment in time that she did not care that this was her little brother. Then the telephone rang…

It jolted them back to the present moment; Anya struggled to fix her clothes while Kael answered the phone somewhat breathlessly. She hurriedly left the office with burning cheeks, mumbling some unintelligible excuse; she just had to get out of there. Kael watched her go as he was silently cursing himself for trying to, no not trying to, but actually starting to making love to his only sister. He was always protective of her, but he never dreamed that she could spark these feelings in him. Damn, she was hot; those breasts of hers were so soft and firm, that feeling of grasping that firm ass of hers nearly made him come instantly. He made up his mind, he just had to fuck his sister, he had to explore that gorgeous body of hers with his tongue, he had to get her alone from that husband of hers just one time, he had to think of a plan.


Anya was totally confused. She couldn’t believe that she was sucking her brother’s tongue and liking it too, what was she going to do? She guessed she had to talk to him and figure this thing out. The phone rang.

“Anya, honey, can you come to work on Saturday please? We need to organize paperwork for that important shipment which will come up on Monday, a full week earlier than scheduled?”

“Sure, Dad, no problem.”

On Saturday, she drove early to the office. She did not expect anyone to be there, and was surprised to see Kael’s BMW coupe in the parking lot. She thought she alone was going to be there, his head was bent over some invoices, and she got a chance to take in his handsome form.

He looked up and saw her as she closed the door and for some unknown reason she clicked the lock. He strode out of his chair hurriedly to take her hands and began to apologize for the other day when he lost control and took her in his arms and started to hug and caress her.

He was the one out of control today and with one sweep he cleared Ankara escort bayan the desk and deposited her there.

“Baby this is so wrong,” he breathed as he rubbed his face onto her long blonde hair. “Tell me you want me to stop, tell me before I lose control and do something which would make you hate me forever!”

Anya knew from the first moment they touched, she needed him as badly as he wanted her.

“Kael, look me in the eyes please. I know this is so wrong, but I want you to make desperate love to me right now, I want to feel you deep inside me.”

She was amazed at her ability to be so coherent. With an anguish moan, he began to kiss her hungrily his hands ripped of her soaked black lace panties and he hurriedly unzipped his jeans. As his huge fully erected cock sprang out, Anya gasped and eagerly parted her legs. He pinned her hands behind her back as he entered her in one swift clean motion. He then held her face in his hands and looked into her eyes. Time stood still, again, he felt so right to be buried so deep into her and she never felt so fulfilled before. He had the urge to taste every part of her body, he wanted to touch every inch of her skin, but he was savoring this incredible first moment of being as close as possible to Anya. She couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Kael, don’t stop! Fuck me! You like to fuck your own sister’s pussy don’t you?”

He pulled out his cock and then rammed it straight up to the hilt, he didn’t stop there, he was banging his piece of meat in and out of her cunt so fast, it became blurred, he need to fuck her more deeply. By this time she was groaning like a real slut in heat, he expertly flipped her over on her belly, without breaking contact and started to cock fuck her doggie style. She was gasping and panting liking a marathon runner, sweat was dripping off both their bodies, her pussy was taking a severe pounding.

She came unexpectedly, and screamed, she never experienced multi orgasms before now. Great shudders were racking her body, which in turn, triggered his own.

“Oh Goddddddddddddddd, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck,” he groaned, as he emptied his seed and flooded her pussy.

They remained entangled in each other arms, kissing and fondling. At first, she couldn’t even look him in the eye, she was hoping he did not have any regrets. Escort Ankara She practically threw herself at him, like a hopeless sex-starved wanton hussy.

They hurriedly cleaned up and started putting some semblance of order to the office. Both of them were preoccupied with their thoughts.

Kael never had such mind-blowing sex before.

They eventually did the paperwork and as Kael was filing away the last piece of document, Anya came up behind him. Just by her standing behind him, his blood boiled. He could feel the heat of her body.

She couldn’t help herself, she began to run her hands up and down his back. He was like a new drug she was addicted to, she couldn’t seem to get enough of him. She discovered she liked running her fingers thru his hair.

Kael felt her desires flowing through him and became instantly hard. Oh my God, he thought, he could never get fed up of having her. He turned to face her and unpinned her long hair. He always thought she looked sexiest that way, with her hair flowing down her back. This time, they both took their time exploring each other, they went into the shower and made wonderful, languid slow love.

They both eventually parted, somewhat painfully, and each of them went to their separate homes. Now there was a great big void in her heart. Why did she let this happen? She had a perfect marriage, great sex, everything she had ever hoped for in life. And now she wanted him more than anything else, she needed him, her own brother.

“Oh what a fucking dilemma,” she said out aloud. Maybe the next time she faced him she would be better prepared.

Sunday morning she awoke alone, her husband would not get home until later tonight or tomorrow morning, and the kids would come home later as well. She was buck naked in bed, when she heard the doorbell ring, she hurriedly thrown on a robe and was properly surprised when she found Kael on her doorstep.

Not a single word was uttered between them as she allowed him to come in and as soon as the door was closed, he pulled her to him.

“Anya, I’m going out of my mind, I cannot bear to be away from you, not for even a single moment, I can’t stop wanting you! I love you honey and it is tearing me apart that someone else is sharing your bed and your life.”

She was shocked at his intensity of words, a great lump welled up into her heart. She loved him entirely and she would have to think of a way for everything to work out right. Darling Kael make me your slut on the ground right here and now till I beg you to stop…

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