Apartment next door

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Apartment next doorGail was 24, ( I was 41 ) when this took place. As her 2nd floor neighbor I would help when the car she had didn’t start, T.V. went on the blink , washer stopped working, etc.She had a nice job as a bookkeeper and very steady hours. She was 5’10”, slim and nice looking, she did not date a lot.She was waiting for me at my front door, seemed the doors were locked and she needed the spare key she kept at my place in a secure lock box.After she opened the front door, she said I should come over for some pasta and a salad in a hour.We had eaten on the main balcony a few times with each of us taking turns with the food and wine. I took a bottle of my better wine and headed over after a shower and change of cloths.She had the food just about ready so I asked if she wanted me to open the wine, She said it would probably be best since she was already on her second Scotch and water. I told her I like to let the wine breath for a little while so she offered me a Scotch on the rocks. She asked how my gf was and I told her she had moved about bursa escort 5 weeks before to Boston. We didn’t believe in long distance relationships so we parted as good friends with occasional benefits.Gail thought that was funny and then I explained we both were retired Navy. I retired shortly after turning 38 and she had retired in the last year. We had known each other for several years while in the Navy but did not date since she was a Commander and I was a Master Chief. I recommended her for a software development position in a company that I dealt with when I found out she was retiring. Long story short she was very good at her job and was offered a position at the home office in Boston.Gail asked if I missed her, Just as a joke, I said yes since we both had the same warped and kinky sexual attitude. She looked kind of shocked then started laughing. I told her we used to play ” Sailor home from the sea” a lot and other games. She wanted to know all about that and I told her it had to do with what the one “returning” wanted to do. It might be wearing bursa escort bayan a blindfold or light bondage and of course various toys. We roll played many times since she had a fairly kinky daddy complex.She asked me to tell her some of the things we did when roll playing. I told her the gf really loved getting off by being caught masturbating by her “daddy”.A specific story was told by me of a time I “caught” her and made her suck my cock she said she loved sucking her daddies cock and swallowing all his cum.Gail got very flushed and said that was a game she might like.I decided we needed to eat and slow down on the booze at that point, since I really didn’t need a neighbor stuck to my front door.She told me that she always dated older guys and found them to be more open minded., and willing to slow down when she wanted them too. She also said we should not date, since we lived next door. I agreed with her, then she said, a part time slave of mine might work. I looked at her and saw she really wasn’t joking and had her finger up her skirt. escort bursa I told Gail she needed to ask my permission before getting herself off.This caused her to stuff three fingers in her cunt and have a nice cum. She wasn’t upset with the way things were going so I told her she needed to get on her knees and get between my legs so she could suck me off. I told her when I came she was to swallow my cum and lick me clean like a good girl.Gail started right in by opening my zipper, pulling down my trousers and skivvies (underwear) and latching on to my cock with her mouth. I put both hands on the back of her head and told her I was going to face and throat fuck her. I told her to jam as many fingers in her cunt as she could and to cum when I did. She did as she was told.Since our first encounter, Gail has started wearing better cloths and waiting on me to call her. I don’t want a full time relationship and have introduced her to a few people, she is dating a few guys and slowly growing into a well rounded young woman. I have not tried to make any social demands on her, just the occasional night together at her place. She has developed a real liking for anal sex and she always wants her “”daddy” to cum in her ass before he goes home.Being a retired sailor ain’t bad.

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