Apartment Slavery


A divorcee in his early sixties rents a small apartment, one of two on the third floor of an older home. A strong minded and bitchy young business woman moves into the other apartment. In a few hours while he grudgingly helps her move in, she converts him from a normally independent individual into her unpaid house servant by exploiting an older man’s desire for sex with a young female.

Part I

The apartment was small but comfortable. The landlady gave me a good deal on the rent in return for some maintenance in the house and garden. She lived on the first floor; there were another apartment on the second and mine was one of two on the third. The other apartment across the hall was empty and I was to fix it up and paint it as part of the rental agreement. I had barely moved in before the old hag, she was actually younger than my sixty-one, wanted the painting done right away because she had someone to rent it.

I worked three long days to get it done and the new tenant moved in on the fourth. I had an appointment with my lawyer about finalizing my divorce and didn’t get home until late that day. My door was partly blocked by moving boxes so I knocked on the new tenant’s door to get permission to move them. A female dressed in lose fitting fatigues five feet or less in her mid twenties looking very tired opened the door.

“Yes what is it,” she snapped. “I’m very busy!”

“I’m sorry Miss but I live across the hall and your boxes are blocking my door.” I spoke slowly with an apologetic tone.

“Oh yes Mr. C, the janitor. You aren’t crippled! Are you? Just move them over!” She snorted some unintelligible expletives and slammed her door. I had wanted to say I’d be glad to help her but…wow I thought, I’ve got a veritable cyclone as a neighbour; perhaps though she had just lost it because of a rough moving day. My wife had accused me of being snappy with her, one of the reasons we split; even though she was pretty fair at it herself and she had always been quick to retort. I moved a few boxes over and entered my apartment.

There was a knock on the door a few minutes later. I opened it and was faced with the cyclone again. “Did you take one of my boxes Mr’ C?”

“Now why would I do that, maybe you should look in the porch down stairs. I think I saw some there.” She stared at me fiercely and scanned the apartment as if looking for her box.

“Everything was brought up here the boys said, it couldn’t be down there!”

“I’ll be glad to go down and check for you Miss.”

“It’s Mz, Mr. C, and yes maybe you should and earn your keep!” She stomped back into her own apartment slamming the door. I stood for a minute and absorbed what she had said. Moving tenants was not in my job description but maybe just this once; she would probably calm down and apologise later. Moving can be taxing. I walked down the two flights. There were three boxes there. I picked up the two top ones and brought them up and then went right back down for the third. That was a very heavy box, containing a TV. The first two boxes were gone when I got back up so I knocked on the door. She opened it wide and motioned me inside.

Take it in the living room open it up. It’s a brand new twenty-seven inch. You can set it on the stand and hook it up; I had the cable connected so it should work.”

I went along without commenting. This woman had a strange effect on me. I had never been bullied like this at home or at work; well maybe in the army. I opened the box and set it on the stand looking for the plug-in on the wall and the cable connection. “No, no, no what is the matter with you the cable hooks into the VCR not the TV”

“I’m sorry Mz. I’m not very good with these things.”

“Well, just get the damned VCR out of that box over there and set it on the shelf if you can’t figure it out, I’ll fuck’n well do it myself!” I did as she asked and and actually managed to hook it up and turn it on and then headed for the door. “Yes, get the remaining boxes and bring them in.” I was heading for my own apartment but went along and brought in the six boxes.

“They all go in the bedroom, you know where that is, don’t you?”

“Well I fixed up the place so I think so.” I set them on the floor next to the bed and turned to leave.

“That’s no fuck’n good on the floor; set them on the bed and open them damn it. I assume a janitor carries a pocket knife!” I obeyed or that’s the feeling I had and slit them open. She came back a few minutes later setting down a hamper. “Do I have to tell you everything; those boxes are full of clothes. There’s the closet and there’s the dresser. That box has dresses, jackets and pants on hangers; heavy things on the left and lighter things on the right. Shoes and boots in that box go on the close floor, sweaters on the shelves, undies in the drawers and so on. That box has bed sheets and blankets; might as well do the bed too. Let’s get with the program.” She left for the other room. “Oh,” she yelled “fold the boxes when you’re güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri done and take them to my storage space in the cellar.”

Once again I felt compelled to just leave; why was I taking this? Hanging the clothes and setting up her shoes was not too bad but the underwear and brassieres and garter belts that felt weird but also erotic. I had never touched my wife’s under-things and rarely seen them the way she always managed to hide herself when changing. I felt very strange and trancelike and realized that I was developing a semi. The undies were mostly soft and silky not at all like her personality. She was wearing sloppy fatigues and it was hard to visualize her body in those things. There were tons of underwear and not enough space in the dresser. I stood with a pair of panties trying to decide where to put them when she surprised me.

“Why don’t you sniff them while you’re at it, turns you on does it?”

“Oh no I…I …there’s no room for anymore. Where do I … I mean.”

“You were married; you’ve seen women’s undies before.”

“Well barely…I mean.”

“Aha I see; who were you married to: Queen Victoria?”

“You might say that,” I nodded emphasising my answer. “Just leave the rest in a box and I’ll find a place later. I got no provisions yet why don’t you go make us some coffee. You’ve got coffee?”

“Sure, I got cookies too.”

“Good bring it over when you’re ready, we’ll take a break.” When I returned with a tray she was sitting at the kitchen table typing on a laptop.

“Great um, smells good and homemade cookies, you still know how to cook.” It was the first nice thing she’d said.

“Well that’s what I did in the army” I wondered why she said still. I pushed a cookie plate close to her computer. We drank and ate cookies in silence while she tapped away

“Well I think that will do for tomorrow’s schedules, oh, wait there’s one more. Listen Mr; C. go run my bath, that box has towels and bathroom things in it. You can unpack while it fills and oh, there bubble bath stuff somewhere in there too. I followed her orders in a fog not understanding why. She came in just as I finished unpacking.

“You can undress me now.” I stared at her gaping in disbelief. “What’s wrong Mr’ C?” I just stood there frozen, unable to speak. “You’ve seen a naked woman before; I don’t have time for nonsense here; I told you to undress me…now get at it!” I began to fumble with the lower edge of her top as she sighed impatiently. She turned as I lifted it off letting me fumble with the bra hasps; then turning again as I manoeuvred it off her shoulders and pulled it off exposing two incredible slightly drooping full breasts. She caressed and squeezed them forcing the flattened nipples out, as I got on my knees to remove her pants. “Fuck’n bra, my tits get squashed in those cups! Ah that feels good.” I pulled her pants down and set them aside. She continued to massage her breast with her eyes closed as I fumbled with the elastic in her panties. I pulled them down very slowly over her bulbous ass and sculptured thighs, drooling over her luscious flesh. She lifted each foot as I removed them while fluffing her pubic hairs with one hand, still massaging one breast with the other. I opened the hamper and threw the panties in. After removing her socks she stepped into the tub and got down sighing. “Ah that feels so good.”

“Well I’ll be going now Mz.” I headed for the door.

“Not so fast Mr. C. Sit down!” She pointed at the toilet. I supposed you are wondering why and how I can get away with treating you like a slave.”

“Well it’s sort of…well more than unusual, isn’t it?”

“You see, as of today you are my slave!”

“Really what makes you think so?”

“Let me give you the lowdown; I’m a personnel manager with a large manufacturing company. I have a sixth sense about people; that’s why I’m good at it.” I also know every detail about your personal life. The personnel manager with the company you retired from is my main source of information. I have read your physiological profile including army records, which tells me more about you than you know yourself. I suppose you are wondering why you didn’t object to my demands. No one except your drill sergeant at boot camp has ever done that to you before right?”

“No that’s for sure I can’t explain it. I should have refused to bring up those boxes in the first place. It’s not in my job description.”

“No, but you did it and I knew you would based on your records and the look in you eyes. Behind that macho façade lies a pussy cat with a secret desire to submit to authority. I am a fuck’n bitch and I enjoy being a bitch. Now here’s the deal: I am busy not only at work but also at home with the computer. I’m a lousy cook and housekeeper; therefore you are going to cook and keep house for me.”

“Just like that, what are you going to pay me for that?”

“I said slave, George …which brings with it certain…shall we güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri say, fringe benefits plus earned bonuses” She smiled knowingly while caressing hr breasts, leaving me nearly speechless again.

“What…what do you mean…fringe benefits and bonuses?”

“I’ll let you know when I’m ready. Right now go to your apartment and take a quick shower. Then come back, dressed in your housecoat, slippers and nothing else! Move it! I don’t want to lie in fuck’n tub all night!”

I showered quickly, my head spinning with a thousand thoughts. What did she mean by the pleasure of being her slave? She couldn’t mean sex, or why else the shower; this was unbelievable. I was old enough to be her father. She was still in the tub and stood up when I returned.

“Wash me George, come on get on with it…there’s the soap!”

“I…I don’t see a washcloth…how?

“I prefer the personal touch George. First open your robe; let’s have a look at your equipment.” I was more than semi hard.” What have we got here, seven inches erect?” I shrugged as she gave me a sharp stare. “Liar! what is it?”

“Seven and a half.”

“All men measure their meat; don’t ever lie to me again George!”

“No Mz. I won’t.” How could she tell I was lying?” She dropped to her knees in the tub, holding my cock with one hand; then stroking it with the other like you would a cat. She actually seemed to be examining my genitals, lifting and squeezing my balls. She began frigging me slowly at first; watching as it hardened and then pushed back my foreskin. I moaned and then gasped as she kissed and licked my knob and then swallowed the entire shaft. Her eyes were closed now as she just held it there while fondling my balls. I don’t know how she could breathe; then suddenly she pulled back and began frigging my shaft faster while holding my knob in her mouth circling it with her tongue. I groaned loudly and exploded in her mouth as she continued to fondle my balls and suck hard on my knob while noisily gulping down my load.

“Ah good…” she licked her lips and kissed my knob, then sucked hard while stroking the shaft; “that was you first blowjob, right” I nodded watching her as he licked her lips and wiped her teeth with her tongue while making several contented swallowing motion. “That was one of your fringe benefits, George. You like being a slave now”

“I…I, well I guess so; I didn’t really believe that people actually did…these things.” She rose again and I began to soap her back slowly rubbing the soap on and then spreading it down over her generous ass cheeks.

“Your wife was the only woman you ever had sex with of course.” I nodded while soaping her neck, shoulders and arms before tackling those perfect and surprisingly firm breasts. “Missionary style I supposed and not very often?”

“Well yes I mean no,” I was in another world while my hands groped her shapely flesh; “less after the children were born and then nearly nothing after so many years.”

“She thought sex was disgusting right, and you jerked off in the bathroom.” I nodded, for some strange reason not feeling embarrassed at all, making that intimate confession; it was no use lying to this woman.

“How often?”

“Once maybe twice a day,” I was baring my soul to this woman as if we were talking about the weather.

“Are you sure it wasn’t more?” she stared straight into my eyes.

“Well…well maybe three or four times on a weekend or if she was away visiting relatives.”

“Not five or six,” she stared again.

“Could be, I’ve done that I guess; alright one time when I got crazy horny, eight times in a day.”

“Hm, good sperm production; got a computer for porn?”

“I don’t know anything about computers.”

“So what do you do, buy playboy?”

“No Mz. I use my imagination. You can do it to any woman you want that way.” I finished even her anus and vagina after some prodding. Then while she got down to rinse I spread a towel on the floor and she ordered me to support her as she stepped out. That was a slaves duty she said; I was almost sorry to take that glistening shine of her beautiful curves as I began to dry her.

“What do you think about my body George?”

“Wow… you are a goddess Mz. A brick shit house, as we use to say.”

“You like washing me this body?”

“I…I yes you’ve got an unbelievable shape.” “So I suppose you wonder why I’m not married at twenty-eight.”

“Nope… I mean not because you are not beautiful. “

“Ah…you mean my bitchy personality. You are right there, but it’s also because of my four foot eleven. What are you five- ten?”

“And a half.”

“Everybody wants to fuck me or getting blow jobs but that’s where it ends; they want to marry long legged skinny models not chubby midgets”

“You’re not chubby; you’re a shapely hourglass goddess, and you’re supposed to say little people now, I have a cousin who is and she says four foot ten is the güvenilir bahis şirketleri cut off.”

“Well just the same I get called midget a lot, mostly behind my back. There, I’m dry now, lead me to the bedroom. Like this.” She put my right hand on her right arm and my left on her left shoulder. You will refer to me as mistress or madam from now on as long as we are alone, understand?”

“Yes mistress,” we reached the bedroom where she stopped in front of the bed.

“Do I have to tell you to pull back the covers?”

“Sorry mistress,” I pulled them back and fluffed the pillow and then stood back. She gave me an angry stare and I held her shoulders leaning her down and then lifted her legs up as she stretched out. I took a deep breath drinking in her naked form before tucking her in.

“Disrobe slave.”

“Yes mistress,” I removed my robe and hung it on a chair waiting.

“Remove my covers,” I eagerly obeyed, “take my legs and swing me around so my cunt is near the edge. Now lift my legs and spread them wide. You have never seen a live cunt up close, have you George?” I shook my head. “Get on your knees and have a good look. I got down and stared at that most sacred female temple while gasping for air. She pointed to the various parts naming them, spreading the inner lips with her fingers exposing that magic entrance. “Have a closer look,” I moved in and was going to tell her that I couldn’t focus that close without my reading glasses. Then suddenly her thighs locked around my head and her heels mashed my face into her warm moist cunt.

I licked gingerly as she moved my head and her pelvis to where she wanted my tongue. I was surprised there were no unpleasant fishy smell, as some of my buddies had joked about over the years; just a tangy but not unpleasant taste. Her gasps and groans soon taught me where her most sensitive spots were, as her lower body performed unbelievable gyrations and those soft fleshy thighs opened and closed spasmodically on my head. Finally she gasped loudly several times and then pushed my head away.

“I’m done; get up!” I tucked her in and put on my robe. “That was a performance bonus; you’ve earned it tonight. I leave for work at eight. Wake me at seven. I will put on my makeup while you make and serve my breakfast with whatever you have. You will then dress me.

“Mistress, are we going to have regular sex too?”

“We’re not in a so called…relationship” she made the quotation signs with her fingers. “There’ll never be anything personal or remotely intimate between us; you’re my slave and I’ll order you to perform what ever type of sex act suits me at that moment. You’ll make no suggestions; ask no questions but obey and perform without reservation, is that clearly understood?”

“Yes Mistress, I’m very sorry.”

“Good, you’re dismissed, until seven AM.”

“Yes Mistress, goodnight.”

“There’s no need for pleasantries; I said dismissed, so you just bow and get you ass out of here!” She waved me off; I did just that and headed for my apartment, with a spring in my steps feeling not at all humiliated. I would have prostrated and kissed her feet if she’d asked.

I woke her at seven on the dot, whispering mistress and then carefully touched her shoulder. I got a grumpy, “I heard, what’s for breakfast!”

“Eggs any way you want toast, jam, coffee, cereal.” I already had her robe on my arm and held it as she got up and stretched arms above her head, then after rubbing those beautiful knockers let me fit the robe on her. I took a deep breath drinking in her curvy flesh before reluctantly covering up her luscious body, closing the robe over those beautiful proud breasts before tying the belt. She never made eye contact while being dressed.

“I’ll have Toast and coffee this morning,” she then pointed in the closed at what she wanted to wear. “You will learn to choose my apparel after a week or so; that’s something else I don’t want to think about. My underwear should be a buzz for a pervert.” I thought maybe that statement was tongue in cheek but with her who knew? She then headed for the bathroom, while I certainly got a buzz, fingering those sexy under things. I already had the coffee on so I did her bed, assuming that was my responsibility now and then laid out her clothing neatly on the covers, especially the undies.

In the kitchen I placed two slices in the toaster without turning it on. “George,” she called, I entered the bathroom, “bring my undies in here you can fit them on me while I’m doing my hair. I brought the items she wanted and got on my knees starting with her panties. That done, I removed her robe and tackled the more difficult task of fitting her breasts into their cups; I was getting a boner while fitting each in, shaking them a little to make them comfortable. I hasped the back and pulled the straps here and there to make sure everything was comfy. She heaved and twisted her chest; “that was satisfactory George, you’ll get better.” “Thank you mistress I’m relieved you are satisfied.”

“Well not quite, where’s my pantyhose?” I headed for the bedroom and found a pair.” It took quite a while to fit those tricky items on her sculptured legs and ass; after which I dressed her in the robe again. I’ll have my toast now; you can finish dressing me later.

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