Appalachia Ch. 04


***Thanks again to Lynn for the edit, and stay tuned for more chapters from the Turner Family!***

Pappa was not happy. Sally Mae was late for school. He was going to be late for work because she missed the bus and he’d have to run her into town. Now, she wasn’t coming down the stairs when she was called.

“Relax, Pappa,” Mamma said as she started filling the sink full of water to do the dishes. She started whistling and humming as she added a squirt of soap. Pappa heard a loud thump upstairs, and started looking concerned. Mamma touched his arm and shrugged. “Nobody’s hollerin’, jus give ‘er time, Pappa,” Mamma said quietly. She swayed her hips and almost danced back to the sink.

A minute passed while Pappa made his lunch, then he hollered again. Another minute crawled by while he filled his thermos with coffee from the old cracked glass pot on the stove. He gave another shout and pulled his worn work boots on over threadbare socks. By the time the laces were tied and he stood up, Sally Mae’s quick footsteps could be heard on the stairs. The lack of underwear on her slender body made him thirsty for pussy, but he didn’t give any sign of it.

“Git yer ass in th’ truck,” Pappa said, his anger making his voice thick and deep. Sally Mae’s step got heavier and she sighed deeply, looking like she was going to pout.

“But …”

“No buts. Git,” Pappa said, giving his daughter a look that would make a bear back down.

Sally Mae gave a dissatisfied “Hmpf!” and stomped out the front door. Pappa walked heavily down the steps, grabbing his thermos and lunch bag on the way out the door. He got outside just to see Sally Mae pulling a pair of shorts from the clothesline up her long, toned legs. The gentle curve of her ass disappeared under them; and while they looked a little baggy on her, Pappa didn’t say anything. He slid into the dirty, rusty ’57 GMC and slammed the door. Sally Mae was only a few seconds behind him, and he subconsciously watched Ankara bayan escort her climb in.

Pappa suddenly realized why the shorts looked baggy: they were Mamma’s. Those red short shorts fit Mamma’s ass like they were painted on, but Sally Mae didn’t have her Mamma’s hips yet. And though they weren’t falling off, they showed more than they intended. As she sat and adjusted herself in the seat, with her back almost against the door. Pappa could see almost everything she had to show off. He slowly realized that he was staring at his daughter’s crimson muff and snapped himself out of his daze. By that time, the damage had been done and his cock was creeping up to its full size, rising along his thigh.

“Pappa!” Sally Mae said with disgust. Pappa snapped back to reality and shook his head. He could feel himself blushing for a second before he got himself under control. “Th’ bench’s dirty! It’ll ruin m’ shorts!” Sally said without waiting for Pappa to reply, and apparently not noticing where he was looking.

“Then take ’em off,” Pappa said under his breath. He turned around and dropped the truck into reverse, looking through the rear window as he backed the truck up. When it was pointed down the lane, he turned to face forward and noticed two things. First, Sally Mae’s shorts were sitting in his lap, draped over his erection. Second, she had slid next to him, her naked ass on the seat, and her knees spread around the stick shift of the old truck.

“Yes, Pappa,” Sally Mae said with a submissive tone, rubbing Pappa’s cock through his jeans. Pappa shifted painfully as his dick grew to its full length in a heartbeat. Pappa’s hand slid off the gear shift to Sally Mae’s knee, which spread even further apart.

“What are you …” Pappa started to ask, but was cut off by Sally Mae rubbing harder on his cock. His own groan cut him off as he felt his dick throb under his girl’s surprisingly talented hand. Another stroke down his long cock and her hands left Escort bayan Ankara Pappa’s lap.

“Maybe I should leave you be,” she said and sat back in the seat, not moving from her spot, but no longer stroking her Pappa’s dick. Without a second thought, Pappa pulled the truck over and undid his fly. Pappa watched as Sally Mae looked on with the look of a cat on the hunt. When Pappa’s pants were clear, his manhood sprung free and slapped against Pappa’s belly, making his daughter giggle.

“Oh Pappa, it’s so … oh wow …” Sally Mae said in astonishment. She started kissing the head and sucking Pappa’s precum, tasting both for the first time, sending shivers racing through Pappa’s body.

“Baby girl, there’s time fer suckin’ later. Git yer pussy on up that,” Pappa said. Sally Mae giggled and straddled her father’s lap, the lithe young woman having plenty of space between Pappa and the steering wheel. His dick went up past her belly button, and she looked concerned about the size. “Don’t worry ’bout nuthin, baby girl, we gonna take this nice an’ slow,” he said quietly. Without another word, Sally Mae pushed up, sitting on the steering wheel while she positioned the drooling cock head at her swampy entrance. Without much hesitation, she slid it inside her, moving slow with a look of pain and concentration on her face while her pussy tried to swallow the mushroom tip.

“Don’t hurt yo’self,” Pappa whispered, breathing hard as he watched his daughter’s red framed pussy try to swallow his meat.

“Oh Pappa …” Sally Mae moaned, not in pain this time but in pure pleasure.

“Oh baby,” Pappa said quietly as his daughter’s cunt started sucking his pole inside. It was like fucking a vacuum cleaner made of meat once she started twitching; between the sucking over her twat and her determination, Pappa knew he wouldn’t last long. His dick was already twitching and jumping as his daughter slid up his rod, leaving four inches of glistening fuck stick under Bayan escort Ankara her and the thick mushroom wedged inside her. She slid back down, while Pappa watched and felt his little girl’s pussy swallow another six inches of his rod. He could feel her stretch and tighten around his dick, and almost came because of how good she felt.

“You like my pussy, Pappa?” Sally Mae practically panted out as she pulled back up. Pappa watched her pussy grip tight around his glistening shaft before she sank back down, taking almost three-quarters of his dick inside her.

“Oh fuck, baby!” Pappa groaned. He could feel himself throbbing and ready to cum already, and even after Mamma’s ass fuck this morning, he knew he was going to blow soon. The feeling of that tight pussy wrapping around his cock was just too good. The fact that it was his only daughter was even better.

“You gonna cum, Pappa?” she hissed out and pulled up. “Cum in me, Pappa. Fill my pussy up good!” she said and dropped down on Pappa’s cock, this time burying it in her depths, taking him clear to the hilt. Pappa felt her thatch of coppery curls nestle against his own dark patch of fur, and groaned loud. He felt his cum surge through him and knew it would be a big load; his balls were jumping in his sack as they pumped sperm into his little girl.

“Oh fuck, Sally Mae!” Pappa half-screamed as his cock spewed like a volcano. He felt Sally Mae clamp down hard as the first ropes of jizz filled and stretched her even more, and he felt her juices running down his shaft, coating his balls. The sensation overloaded Pappa, and he blacked out for a few seconds as he kept spewing cum into his daughter. Her quivering pussy snapped him back to reality after the orgasm. “You’re one good fuck, honey!” Pappa said lustily.

“Oh Pappa, yo’ just sayin’ that,” Sally Mae said with a childish giggle. She punctuated her words with a hard clench of her twat right before Pappa’s deflating cock and a lake of cum flowed out of her. With another giggle, she sat down on the seat next to Pappa, her hand stroking his meat, her head on his shoulder.

“You ain’t goin’ to school today, Sally Mae,” Pappa said as he felt a grin curl the corners of his mouth. “I gots an idea.”

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