Subject: appalachian farm life-4 5-7 September 1832 A noise outside woke me up. Something had the chickens stirred up, it sounded like a fox had gotten into the hen house. I grabbed my shirt and pulled it on and started pulling on my overalls. Downstairs I could hear daddy getting up. I looked over the edge of the loft and he was loading the shotgun in the dark room below. I pulled my shoes on and jumped down the ladder and was hot on daddy’s heels as he ran toward the hen house. In the darkness, he tripped on a stray piece of firewood and the shotgun went flying. In the moonlight I could see what looked like a coyote with a bird in his mouth. I ran on and snatched up the shotgun from where it landed. On one knee I aimed at the coyote and pulled the first trigger. KaBOOM!! The coyote yelped but was still not incapacitated. I cocked the second hammer and pulled the second trigger KaBOOM!! This time he went down for good. When I turned around both daddy and Willie were there. Daddy in his half pulled on overalls and Willie in just his sleep shirt standing there barefoot. Daddy slapped me on the back with his big beefy hand and said “Good job son, too bad about the chicked, but on the good side, looks like we’re having chicken for dinner today.” Willie asked daddy if he would get mama to make chicken and dumplings, it was his favorite. Daddy looked at me and said “that sound good to you Jasper? After all, you’re the hero today.” I liked chicken fried but when Willie looked at me with his puppy dog eyes I just “sure, that’ll be great.” The first rays of light were showing up on the horizon. Since I was already dressed I got a piece of rope and dragged the coyote to the woods to bury it. Willie took the dead chicken in to mama and finished getting dressed and started on our chores. All that noise and commotion and the younguns were just now waking up, they didn’t seem to have heard any of it. Daddy sent Joe Bob out to help me do away with the coyote since Willie was already busy with the chores. JoeBob told me he heard noises from the loft last night that sounded like somebody was hurt. He asked “are y’all okay?” I told him one of us probably had a nightmare, and I made a point to remember to more quiet from now on. “It sounded like y’all were moving furniture around too” he said. “The boards above us were squeaking like somebody was walking around.” I’m just glad our loft is over the part where the kids sleep and not over mama and daddy’s bedroom, they would probably have recognized the rythymic squeaking noise for what it really was. After we filled in the hole, JoeBob sat down beside me and I put my arm around his shoulders. I thought it kind of funny when he turned his face into my armpit and tried to quietly take in a big whiff. I didn’t say anything to him but when we got up I could see a little bump in the front of his britches. Guess it runs in the family. I finally caught up to Willie, he was done with the cattle feed and water and about to start on the horses and mules. We had a leather strap kind of like a belt to carry the hay with. I took the pitchfork and raked some hay onto the strap and when there was enough, Willie fastened it. I picked it up and started walking toward the pen. Willie brought the bucket of water. I told Willie about the chat with JoeBob and his curiosity. Willie said maybe we should let him move up top with us. “I don’t know, he’s not even ten yet and barely stopped wetting the bed” I said. “Then, we’ll just have to make sure to be extra quiet or have our fun somewhere else” he replied. The Harvest Festival was announced at church today. It was only 10 days till my birthday and another week after that was the Harvest festival. Every year all the families in the region gathered together in whichever field Horace Fielding was letting lay fallow. Judge kocaeli escort Fielding was the biggest landowner in these parts. The festival usually consisted of fun and games and several contests. For instance, all the women would bring things like jellies, preserves, pies and cakes to be judged. The menfolk would get together and have contests to see who was best throwing an axe, roping animals or who could lift and carry the most weight. There were best cow and horse competitions, often a father/son event. Everybody would eat a lot and there would be a dance that night. I couldn’t care less about the dancing, something had gotten into Willie on the other hand. It seemed like since the date was announced all he could think about was winning the dancing contest. At church he asked Mr. Fielding’s daughter Sarah Jane if she would dance with him and she had accepted. He was supposed to go over to the Fielding’s every day to practice with her so I wouldn’t hardly see him the week leading up to my birthday. I wasn’t real happy about that. 6 September 1832 The sermon this Sunday was on the verse where Jesus said to hate your mother and father and brother and sister. I know there was more to it but I was so tired I kept trying to nod off. When church let out I asked Willie if he wanted to go swim like we had the last Sunday, but he said he had to go practice for the dance and left straight from church. I kind of was feeling that sermon about hating your brother about then. Daddy said I could go by myself if I wanted to. I asked if JoeBob could go, but daddy said no, JoeBob wasn’t old enough to run with the bigger kids yet. So, I went alone and decided to just go the swimming hole near our farm, the one me and Willie used to go to all the time. When I got there I was feeling kind of lonesome so I sat on a rock and listened to the birds. I’d probably been there about 15 or 20 minutes when I heard footsteps on the trail, I was hoping Willie had changed his mind and decided to come but when I turned around it was Sammy Schwarz. “I went to your house but your dad said you went swimming.” “Yeah, after I got here I wasn’t really wanting to go in by myself” I said. “Well, I’ll go in with you. Danny is off dancing with some girl. He wants to win that contest.” “I know how that is” I said, “Willie can’t think of anything else now.” “Well, to heck with ’em” he said “let’s have some fun!” Sammy unbuttoned just the first two buttons on his Sunday shirt and pulled it over his head and hung it on a low branch. “Can’t get that dirty or my pa will beat the devil out of me.” I joined in and his idea seemed like a good one, so I used a bush near me to do the same thing. We mirrored each other, I took my shirt off then he took his pants off but he had underwear on. They looked like some kind of union suit that had been cut off into short pants style drawers. I didn’t have any so I waited till he started pulling the underdrawers off then I let my pants down. We were sizing each other up, being pretty obvious about it really. It looked like mine might be just a tiny bit longer than Sammy’s but his looked to be a little thicker than mine. My balls hung about a half inch longer. The couple of dozen hairs he had were auburn colored like the hair on his head. I dove in the water and came up on my back with all my glory just breaking the surface of the water. I didn’t see Sammy anywhere until he came up from under me and sent me flying across the pond as he cackled like a maniac. This led into a splash fight that lasted about half an hour. At some point I noticed Sammy had sprung a boner. But it was Sunday…. and tonight was our chicken dinner. I had almost forgot. I had to get home before it was gone. I told Sammy I had to leave and slung the water off me and got dressed and started back. He yelled, darıca escort “If Willie is still not around tomorrow come up to our creek and swim with me again!” “Okay, I’ll be there if daddy will allow!” I said. Willie didn’t get home until almost dark and was in a weird mood. He didn’t eat much even though it was his favorite meal. When it was time for bed, I said “do you want me to come over there?” “Not tonight, I’m wore out” he said. I lay there in the dark and tossed and turned fitfully until sleep finally took me. 7 September 1832 When I woke up, Willie was gone. He didn’t even wake me up like usual. I got dressed and went down the ladder and outside. As I walked around the farm, he had already fed and watered all the animals. I ran into daddy on the way back to the house, he said “you got off easy today. Willie was in a big hurry to get back to his girlfriend.” I don’t know why but the word “girlfriend” made me feel sick and my chest felt like there was a big painful hole in it. I helped daddy work on the split rail fence a couple of hours but my heart wasn’t in working right now. He asked if I felt bad. I said I was just tired. “Go see you friends, I can handle the rest of this”, he said, Guess I’ll go catch up with Sammy I thought to myself. I made a pass by the house and kicked my boots off on the porch, then took off toward the Schwarzes creek. It was pretty early in the day as far as chores go, I didn’t know if Sammy would be done with his chores or not. When I got there I was alone, I went ahead and got into the cold water. I floated around for a while, not sure how much time passed but finally I saw Sammy walking toward the water. “Hey, I didn’t know when you would be able to come or if you could, so I took my time” he said. “Well come on in, I’m already shriveling up I’ve been here so long” I said. “Yeah I can see that” he laughed, looking at my shrunken penis. (Look, the water was really cold, its September, remember?) I lay back and watched him through partially closed eyelids as he undressed. This time he was just wearing his overalls, when he dropped the straps he was butt naked. I could tell he had been working from the way his hair was matted to his head and the dirt sweat beads around his neck. He waded over to where I was in the creek and he smelled faintly like green onions. He squatted down and lay back into the water and floated on his back next to me. We just lay there quietly for a while, then he said “Jasper, can I ask you something?…never mind.” “You can ask me whatever, I don’t care, don’t be shy.” “Well, its kind of personal so maybe I shouldn’t…..” “Listen Sammy, anything you want to say will be just between us, okay? Nothing we tell each other leaves this place.” I ensured him. “Well….has your pa ever touched you in… know….down there?” he asked. “I reckon when I was a baby, he may have changed a diaper or two and had to clean up.” I said. “No, not like that….my pa rubs me until I get a crazy good feeling…he’s done it with Danny too.” he said, his face turned red as a beet. “Have you and Danny ever…..done….stuff?” I asked. “No, Danny like girls and he got mad when pa touched his…so mostly its just me now.” he answered. “Well….me and Willie were doing stuff together but when he heard about that dance he kind of just quit with me” I said glumly. “Do you like to do that stuff?” “Yeah, but….pa is wanting to do other stuff….like put it in my backside….I don’t know how something like that could fit in that place.” he said. “It will…it takes a lot of loosening up first though…” I said. “Have you done it?” “This is getting too deep. Promise you won’t tell anybody in the world, lets make a blood promise” I said. We got out and I found my pocket knife and made a little cut on my gölcük escort pinkie finger and he did the same. We both swore to never tell each other’s secrets. I sat on a big rock and took a deep breath. “Okay, Willie punched my ticket a couple of nights ago but I guess I’m not as pretty as Sarah Jane so I been dropped like a hot potato.” “Dang, that’s mean, that’s like an animal, no feelings or anything” he said. “I don’t know….I felt like there was something while it was going on….maybe it was my imagination…” I trailed off. “You want to… know…maybe…try something together…maybe? he asked. “I guess so…whay do you want to do?” I asked. “Let me show you something my pa did that felt great” he said. He turned me around and had me get down on my knees. “I’ve already done that, remember?” I said. “Not that! Just wait…” he said. He got behind me and spread my ass open. I was still thinking that he was going to stick me but then I felt his breath across my pucker. What happened next was so wonderful. His tongue was lightly swirling around my hole. “I could get used to that” I sighed. That was nothing compared to what happened next. He actually started sticking his tongue into me, I felt myself backing up into his face. He pulled me up and we were both stiff as a board. “Could you do me for a minute?” he asked. Not waiting for a reply, he assumed the position. I tried getting in there but his legs were too close. “Spread ’em” I said, my voice sounding raspy, “wide as you can stand.” The valley of his ass was wide open to me now. I buried my nose in there and even though we had been in the water there was still a little of the musky odor left. By now you know, that stuff drives me crazy. I just straight off buried my tongue in his hole and slurped away. “Oh ah oooo, you do that better than pa does” he moaned. I backed off and then added a finger while still licking him. I started to push and pull the finger in his cornhole like Willie did to me, I kept this action up for a while then stealthily added in a second finger. He tensed up, but it only lasted a minute as I kept massaging his insides. Completely by accident I found a spot that felt a little harder than the rest, but kinda spongy. I rubbed around it and Sammy really came to life, pushing back on my hand trying to get more of it in him. “Hold on a minute, let me try something” I said. I got up on my knees and aimed my peter at the slightly gaping hole and started pushing. It wasn’t going in. I thought about what Willie had done and pulled back and tried to make a nozzle with my skin like he did. My foreskin is not as long as Willies but I could get a small nozzle going. I spit on the hole again and then started pushing the nozzle of skin into him. Now when I pushed I was gaining ground. I kept going slow until I could feel my balls against his and my little patch of hairs rubbing against his ass. I could feel him shaking and I knew as close as I was we were both about to bust. I pulled back and when I went back in I pointed it almost straight down. I know I hit that firm spot because his hole starting clamping on me so hard I lost it and blasted 3 days of juice inside him. We were both panting like we’d just finished a day of toting hay to the barn. “So…that’s what pa wanted to do?” he huffed. “Yep” I said. He sat silently for a few minutes as if in thought and then said “I guess I need to go home and check on pa” grinning. I smiled and told him “I’ll see you later then” and got dressed and headed home. I was feeling decidedly better that I had this morning. When I got home there was no sign of Willie but I didn’t really care right then. After eating, I told mama and daddy (or pa as Sammy calls his), that I was going to turn in early. I lay in bed reliving the tremendous feeling I had just a couple of hours earlier as I fell asleep. Some time later in the evening Willie came in, got undressed and got in his bed. “Hey, are you awake” he whispered. I just ignored him. I guess he finally went to sleep. Lambodara 09/02/2019

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