Applied Erotic Theory

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This story is part of an ongoing series involving four college students making very big mistakes. Though they don’t have to be read in order, know that these events happen in a chronological sequence.

Somewhere in Saint Paul, four college seniors sat down in a diner for an innocent lunch. All of them were well on their way to making the same terrible decision. None of them were particularly good at keeping secrets. And one of them in particular had a bad habit of spelling her troubles out to her friends (even if they couldn’t read behind the lines).

“So like, hypothetically,” Kate said, dipping a French fry into her milkshake, “how would someone go about seducing an older man?”

Cat stared at Kate, her fork poised above her salad. “Should we be concerned about that?”

“I said hypothetically, Catherine.”

“Don’t start by dressing up like a schoolgirl, for one,” Gen said, wiping burger grease off her mouth. “If you go into the depths of the erotica sites, they always talk about walking into a man’s office in pigtails. Doesn’t work.”

Tori bit into an onion ring. “Why did you make it about a professor, Gen?”

The bold brunette set her burger down. “It’s a hypothetical, right?”

“A very useful hypothetical,” Kate added. “So it’s a handsome professor from like, Astronomy.”

Cat shook her head. “There are no attractive men in Astronomy.”

“Whatever, it’s a—”

“—Hypothetical, right,” Cat finished. “Not that you should be seducing an authority figure, but Gen’s right. Dressing up is only going to make a fool of yourself. I would suggest you just be yourself. If he’s worth it, he will like you for you.”

“Right, but that’s not what the erotica says,” Gen countered. “You need to find a man when he’s vulnerable. Offer him comfort. Fuck on his desk.”

“Or just torment him until he caves and spanks you.” The other three stared at Tori as she tore into another onion ring. “What? That’s another one of those erotica things.”

“But erotica isn’t going to help Kate seduce her hypothetical man,” Cat pointed out.

“Well…” Gen trailed off, looking toward the diner’s entrance. “Actually, I think we might have a shot at answering this question.” She grinned, flagging down two patrons. “What an honor,” she said, putting on a cocky smirk. “I didn’t realize you dined amongst us peasants, Doctor Johnson.”

Professors Rick Johnson and Adam Winter of the Sailor English department strode over. Gen scooted closer to Cat, gesturing for Rick to take a seat. It took a minute for Tori to finally do the same, ignoring the devious smile on Adam’s face.

“Genevieve,” Tori said, sliding her onion rings out of Adam’s reach, “why do you hate me so much?”

Cat looked from the men to her conniving friend. “Who are they?”

“Adam teaches creative writing and Rick teaches lit theory.” Gen took another bite of her burger. “They are experts in the field of literature.”

“Genevieve,” Cat warned, “this is a bad idea.”

Kate shoved another fry into her mouth. “So like, hypothetically—”

“—oh my god Katlyn, I just said—”

“—do you think the seduction techniques common in online erotica are effective?” Kate finished.

Adam, who’d made himself quite comfortable ordering two coffees and another plate of onion rings, examined Kate. “That sounds more like a psychology question, Katlyn. Neither of us are really skilled in that area.”

“But you’re literary scholars,” Gen said, “and this is a question about literature.”

“Literature?” Rick repeated, raising his eyebrows.

The waitress returned to their table with two coffees and water refills for the students. Adam nudged one of the coffees over to Tori as a peace offering. “Even if it is literature, we have a duty as English professors to protect our students. We can’t really be discussing erotic material with four of our literature students.”

After a quick exchange of curious glances, the friends all spoke at once.

“I’m not exactly a literature student anymore,” Gen said.

“I’ve only taken one class, and that was in my first year,” Kate added.

Cat, who’s façade of disinterest was slipping, said, “I really don’t think I’ve stepped foot in the Humanities building.”

“And I can’t even read,” Tori shrugged.

Adam, after glaring at the ginger beside him, sighed. “In that case,” he said, “I still need to defer to Rick. I’m not a trope guy.”

The blonde pondered the question. “It depends on those involved. Erotic tropes are still tropes. If handled correctly, I think they’d be quite effective. Which tropes are we talking about here?”

He’d gotten the students, who hadn’t really thought that part through. Tori and Gen looked at each other, trying to figure out who’d throw themself under the bus. Just as Tori resigned to her own defeat and opened her mouth, Kate blurted, “If a student walked into your office and told you they’d fuck you for a good grade, would you do it?”

“Katlyn!” Cat hissed. “Jesus Christ!”

Again, Tori and Gen istanbul escort shared a glance. Without any verbal confirmation, they both leaned forward on the table. “Yes, Richard,” Gen snorted, “how would you react to that?”

Rick’s mouth hung open. “Legally, I would have to deny them.”

“But illegally,” Tori waved him on.

“Illegally,” he continued, his voice just one octave lower than normal, “they would have to have a compelling argument.”

Kate was not deterred. “Right, okay, so say they have a compelling argument. What would really get you? Like…” She stuck her tongue out between her lips, trying to think of a reason. “Someone help me out here.”

“A student comes in and is wearing provocative clothing,” Gen proposes. “You know, the whole sexy schoolgirl thing.”

The waitress came around with food for Rick and Adam. The lit professor started to pick at his salad, thinking over Gen’s trope. “Generally,” he started, “I think it would be up to how attracted I was to the person in the first place.”

Kate deflated. “I’m not getting anywhere,” she pouted.

“Katlyn.” Adam bit an onion ring, splitting it in half. “You’re not planning on doing anything illegal, are you?”

“It’s a hypothetical,” she moped. Kate resigned to sipping her milkshake and staring at a triumphant Cat, who was more than pleased that the conversation had been shut down.

And then Tori opened her mouth.

“All right,” she said, setting her coffee down. “Nix the whole sexy student asking you to change their grades.” Tori leveled her gaze with her co-conspirator Genevieve. “Let’s say, hypothetically, you have a student who refuses to listen to you. They’re always late to class and often talk back to you.” She caught Cat’s gaze as her tone grew a little louder and more authoritative. “Most of the time, you have the patience to let it go. It’s just another student, right?”

“Right,” Cat murmured, captivated by her friend’s sudden attitude change.

“But it’s not easy being a thirty-something surrounded by idiots,” Tori continued. “And one day things aren’t going well. You wake up late, you drop your phone in the shower—don’t ask why you had it there in the first place—and now your car is making these weird noises that don’t sound good.” She drops her fist on the table. “It’s a bad fucking day.”

“Then class starts,” Gen added, her eyes sparkling.

“Exactly. Ten minutes after class starts, your unruly student strides right in.” Tori leans forward. “And you’ve. Had. Enough.” Glancing at Kate, she continues, “All you can do at this point is call them to your office after class. This fucker saunters in like they own the place. They prop their feet up on your desk and look at you with a mischievous smirk. It is taking all of your willpower not to smack that grin off their face.” Slouching back into her normal, timid position, Tori finishes by asking, “So what do you do?”

Adam looked on at Tori with pride. Under his breath, he muttered, “That’s my girl.”

“What was that?” She asked him. “A little louder, so we can all hear you, Adam.”

He shoved an onion ring into her mouth. “I think the situation is still a little illegal. That being said, if I’m being pushed enough and the student appears interested…” He trailed off, bringing his coffee mug to his lips. “I guess that would be enough cause for punishment.”

“Adam!” Rick gasped. “You can’t just say that to students.”

“I was being provoked,” he answered, nodding at Tori. “Besides, you four aren’t going to enact any of this, are you? You know that’s highly unethical.”

“None of us are doing anything,” Cat assured him, completely unaware of the plot brewing between Tori and Gen. “But thank you for your input.”

Rick brightened up. “Of course!” He replied. “You girls don’t mind if we stick around, do you? I just got my salad.”

Kate nodded, returning to her normal, perky attitude. “So how are things going for you? I haven’t taken an English class in like, forever. Any fun gossip from the department?”

The professors relaxed, jumping into stories about their spring semesters. For Cat and Kate, who at this point were still vaguely unaware of their friends’ situations, Adam’s subtle jabs at Tori seemed endearing (at best) and only a little mean spirited (at worst). When they finished their meals, Cat felt more at ease with the academics. The strange hypothetical seemed normal for a conversation between her friends and those specific professors.

“I liked them,” she noted on their way out of the diner. “They’re fun.”

Two days later, Gen and Tori exchanged selfies. Tori had stolen some of Kate’s tighter dancing clothes and Gen’s favorite leather jacket. The orange crop top was not built for Tori’s large bust; it stretched thin over her boobs, which she proudly thrust out in the air as she walked. Tori’s outfit was accented by a pair of black shorts she’d purchased a year ago and hadn’t wore since. They ended where avcılar escort her thighs started, leaving nothing to the imagination.

For her part, Gen dressed herself in a makeshift schoolgirl’s uniform, complete with a blue plaid skirt and a white, see through button-down. She finished the guise with a borrowed pair of black converse and white thigh-high tights.

Tori received Gen’s text while on her way to the Humanities building. “Eat your heart out, hypothetical Astronomy professor,” she muttered as she glossed over the photo. It was too bad her co-conspirator in crime was wrapped up with the lit theory professor. It had been a while since Tori had been with another woman. If for some reason Rick turned Gen down, Tori wouldn’t mind taking a shot at her friend.

But there were more pressing issues at hand, like the fact that it was in the middle of summer and there was no guarantee Adam Winter would be in his office. She could easily check for his car, if it wasn’t for the fact that the staff parking lot was out of her way (or at least further than she wanted to walk).

Tori threw caution to the wind and stormed the building in a sudden burst of confidence. She took the elevator, not bothering with the four flights of stairs, and ascended up to the English department. Somewhere along the way her confidence began to fade. Perhaps it was when she saw a reflection of herself and decided she looked like an idiot.

When the elevator doors opened, Tori hesitated. Maybe Adam wasn’t in that day. Maybe she was making a massive mistake.

The doors began to slide shut. The ginger panicked and hit the ‘open’ button on the panel, jumping out of the elevator. Now inside the hallway, she could see Adam’s door was cracked open.

Here goes nothing, she thought to herself.

Tori stomped down the hall, hoping that her combat boots were noisy enough for Adam to hear from inside his office. Halfway to his office she realized her mind was so preoccupied with anxiety that she didn’t have an actual plan. Briefly considering what Gen would do, Tori wracked her mind for every professor-student erotica trope she could remember.

“Well, well, well, look what we have here. Missing your miserable job already?”

Tori didn’t recognize her own voice. Neither did Adam, apparently, who stared at her in shock. “Victoria?” He said, his eyes glazing over her outfit and settling on her chest. “What are you doing here?”

She feigned disinterest and leaned against the office entrance. “What’s it to you?” Tori replied, examining her fingernails.

Out of the corner of her eye, Tori glimpsed Adam standing up. “You seem like you’re looking for trouble, Lovelace.” His perky tone changed to a low, husky growl that Tori had come to recognize as his dominant voice. “Hasn’t anyone told you to speak to authorities with respect?”

“What kind of authority figure wears a button-down over another button-down?”

Adam suddenly overtook her, pushing her into the wall. They stood under the doorframe, pinned against each other. Tori fought herself, torn between maintaining control over the scenario and just submitting right there.

The poet spoke again, trapping Tori in between himself and the wall. “The kind of authority figure that doesn’t take kindly to disrespectful little girls,” Adam growled. “Clearly, you’re in need of a lesson in discipline.”

Tori lifted herself up on her toes, trying to appear taller. “Try me,” she taunted.

With one hand, Adam nudged her inside his office. He shut the door behind them with the other, locking it just in case. “Bend over my desk,” he demanded. “Don’t even think of disobeying me.”

Still riding high on her small act of rebellion, Tori pointed to his desk. “This desk? What, are you going to spank me?”

Adam grabbed her hips and twisted her over to the wooden table. He kept a hand on the small of her back while the other worked to remove her shorts. “That’s exactly what I plan on doing. And you’re going to count for me.” He paused, just as the cool office air hit Tori’s skin. He’d gotten to the final part of Tori’s outfit, a lacy black pair of boy shorts Kate had assured her were “classy, but in a sexy way”.

The poet traced the outline of her underwear. “These certainly aren’t the panties of a well-behaved student, are they?” He yanked the jacket off her body and discarded her orange top soon after. Adam forced her to turn around so he could examine the matching underwear. Her bra was a see-through black number that was doing its best to hold up her DD breasts. Adam marveled at her outfit, licking his lips in hunger. “No, this isn’t what a good girl wears at all,” he murmured, spinning her back to face the desk.

Tori looked back at him over her shoulder, just as Adam stripped her of her underwear. “I never said I was a good girl.”

Adam brought his hand down on her ass, hard enough to leave a red mark with one blow. “No, Lovelace, I suppose you didn’t.” He wound up and spanked her again. “I believe şirinevler escort that was two. I did tell you to count, didn’t I?”

“You expect me to listen to you?”

With one hand, Adam pushed Tori back down onto the desk. With the other, he landed another heavy blow.

Tori gasped out a weak, “Three.”

“That’s a good girl,” Adam purred, rubbing the red spot on her ass. “Only seventeen more to go.”

Seventeen? Tori repeated in her head. Last time Adam had spanked her, she couldn’t last ten without cumming.

Another spanking snapped her out of her thoughts. “Four,” Tori whimpered.

Spankings five through nine brought her to the edge. From her position, Tori was staring out the window of Adam’s office. Outside, a group of students picnicked on the lawn. Though on the desk, she was invisible, she knew that if she stood up, any one of them could’ve looked up to watch her punishment. The notion of being watched made Tori begin to drip.

“Ten,” she choked out, gasping as Adam caught her off guard. The spanking was much sharper and stung longer. Tori looked over her shoulder and focused on a black chunk of leather in his hands.

Adam tossed the paddle from hand to hand. “Something I keep around in case I have more…unruly students.”

Oh, the bastard knew she was going to do this from the moment they’d met in the diner. Tori shuddered, turning back around and receiving three more strikes. With every spanking she came closer to breaking. Her breathing ran ragged as she continued to count out loud.

By fifteen, Adam was alternating between spanking and fingering her pussy. “Getting better already,” Adam mused. He slid a slick finger out and traced around her asshole.

“Sixteen,” Tori squeaked, a hot red flush covering her body. “Seventeen. Eighteen. I’m going to fucking cum.”

“Beg me for it,” Adam hissed. “You’re going to count the last two and then beg me to let you cum.” He brought the paddle down on her ass cheek, just as he thrust a finger into her anus. Tori moaned, surprised, as Adam chuckled. “What number was that?”

“Nineteen,” Tori panted. “Listen, fucker—”

Adam swung, hard, leaving a stinging red mark on her ass. Tori groaned out the final number, her body flush against his desk. “Beg, Lovelace,” Adam ordered. His fingers lay still in her cunt and her asshole, just waiting for Tori’s words. “Beg your professor to let you cum like the slut you are.”

Something broke inside Tori. “Please make me cum,” she whimpered. “I’m going to—this is so much—please Doctor Winter. I need to cum. I can be good I swear, I just want to—”

Adam began to work his fingers in and out of her like pistons. He thrust against her inner walls with abandon, occasionally withdrawing from her cunt and smacking her red ass to continue the stimulation. All she could focus on was the sensation of his rough fingers thrusting against her g-spot, and the strange, pleasurable feeling of him fucking her ass. Soon Adam withdrew his fingers from her ass and began to rub her clit in slow circles, driving her closer to the edge.

“Cum, Lovelace.”

Tori had always thought the whole ‘cumming on cue’ thing wasn’t real. Then she met Adam.

The dam burst and Tori moaned as she hit her orgasm. She reached a new high; her clit buzzed with energy, her cunt shook, and Tori found herself releasing a burst of fluid. As she collapsed, flush against the desk, she felt Adam remove his fingers. He’d noticed the squirting too—or at least she assumed that was why he was chuckling to himself.

“Big, bad Victoria Lovelace squirts all over her professor after he punishes her,” Adam said. Behind her, Tori heard him opening up his work satchel. “I hardly think that a good girl would cum like that.”

“Sh-shut up,” Tori muttered, trying to right herself. A hand came down on her back and forced her back into her previous position. “The fuck’s your problem?”

He set a purple bottle next to her head. “My problem is you, Lovelace. You still don’t know a thing about respect.” Adam kicked her legs open, widening her stance. “And recently, you’ve become a serious pain in the ass.”

Tori connected the dots as Adam reached for the purple bottle. “Fuck you, Adam.”

The pretentious poet smirked behind her, squeezing lube onto his hands. He applied it liberally to Tori’s asshole. “Oh, no, fuck you, Victoria.”

I hate him I hate him I hate him I—Adam inserted two fingers into her ass, jolting Tori out of her thoughts. She began to squirm again; before today, he’d teased her with plugs or a single finger as added stimulation. Now he was fully about to fuck her virgin asshole.

“At a loss for words?” Adam removed his fingers to pull a condom over his dick. “I’m glad I have this effect on you.” He pressed the head of his cock against her anus. “Relax yourself, or this isn’t going to be fun for you.”

Tori did her best to relax. The new intrusion was aided by the lube, but still a little unnerving. She held a breath as Adam pushed further into the tight canal. He groaned, moving his hand from her back to her hair. As he bottomed out in her ass, Adam tugged her head back and kissed her neck. “That’s my little slut,” he hissed, pulling out and thrusting back into her ass. Adam snaked a hand around Tori’s body, kneaded her breasts as he began to pound into her.

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