Appointment By Card Only. part two


Appointment By Card Only. part twoMadam Ruth was more than pleased with her days work as she descended to the bed and stroked the soft white body of the helpless sissy, Poppy mustering a whimper as the dominant Madam. Cupped the soft pink scrotum and gently worked the dainty cock to an erection; she was scared but the surreal situation along with the gentle warmth of the two females, combined with the Madam’s overpowering assertiveness, made her cock stiffen with sexual pleasure as it was stroked. Ruth smiled softly.’That’s it my pretty thing, you shall enjoy your stay with us, and stay you shall.’ She d****d her full breasts across the sissy, her poking nipples feeling the softness of her soft white flesh as she moved Poppy onto her side and took the hand from her balls to gently rub her soft arse, moving her hand gently into the cleft of her cheeks and slipping a finger into her tight arsehole. The sissy’s cock stiffened as she felt the probing finger, inviting more vigorous strokes from the dominant woman. The maid looked on eagerly, viewing her Mistress with pleading eyes; Ruth grinned.’Go and get Moore; tell him he has earned a caning from you for releasing his balls and I shall witness it. You will shortly earn the tongue service I require.’ The puzzled maid left the bed, taking a cane with her. She passed several dommes and clients in the corridor who looked upon the naked maid with some amusement. She strutted into a large brightly lit room where a bulbous middle aged woman in scant underwear sat perched on a stool, the flesh of her arse hanging over the rear of the seat; a naked and masked male knelt close behind it, with wrists bound behind his back his face was in the crack of the supervising woman’s arse, sniffing dutifully. She oversaw several other males who knelt naked and masked around the perimeter, each waiting to be called upon to service female clientel; the severe supervisor would ensure they were kept horny by her scent and dominance and would refrain from masturbating. The stern woman lifted her head in pompous fashion as she awaited the nature of the lowly maid’s visit.’I’ve come for Moore; I am to cane him before Mistress for wasting his seed.’ Though masked, the hapless Moore showed his identity by providing the largest erection on hearing the announcement. Though bewildered as he had not shot his seed since being used by a mature client three days ago, he did not plead as the thoroughly aroused maid took his leash. Moore was led back to the room by the nubile maid, his cock stiff as those she’d passed earlier looked on, increasing their arousal for their own sessions as he was led away to be dominated; the masked male transfixed by the shapely girl half his age and the cruel cane with which she would thrash him. His cock boned rigid as he was given the rare treat of seeing the house Madam entirely naked, and a delicious sissy being teased.Ruth had chosen Moore as he had foolishly disclosed a penchant for sissies as well as dominant women; she had used this in blackmailing him into her recruitment, she now owned him completely and he served in the house at her bidding. She had him stand türbanlı burdur escort by the bed on a box as she eased the sissy to her knees, holding her from behind while probing her soft anus with one finger and continuing to stroke her cock with the other. She smiled at the aid as she waited eagerly with the cane.’Well Moore, I know how you like sissies. We are going to see how this one’s soft red lips perform and you shall earn yourself a caning; you do not have my permission to come but I know you will not disappoint my maid, she is anxious to please me in more ways than one.’ Moore gasped as Poppy’s pretty face was offered up to his rude erection, Ruth laughed as she felt the sissy’s cock pulse urgently as she was wanked.’That’s it my pretty, I know you want to show us your desire; those soft red lips are going to help my maid too!’ Poppy’s anus clenched at the probing finger as the dominant woman eased the sissies lips to the bell-end which now looked so inviting as she was held and wanked. Moore gasped again with acute pleasure as the lips slid obediently over his cock and the pretty sissy began his journey to a caning before the house Madam. Poppy looked up at him with half-closed eyes as she sucked longingly at the cock, immersed in the erotic throws of absolute submission; her mind went back to the camp in the woods as she now gratefully sucked hard on the flange of the inflated glans as Moore moaned helplessly and the smiling maid rubbed her cunt and showed him the cane. Ruth sneered in triumph as the sissy pushed her sweet bottom back hard on the finger and bucked her little cock in the obliging hand.’Mmmmmnnnnn!’ Poppy was in a heavenly submission she could only have dreamed of as her little cock spurted cream for her new Mistress, making her suck harder on Moore’s cock; the enslaved male willingly earned his caning as he grunted in a triple ecstasy; a delicious orgasm courtesy of a sissy, the promise of a caning from a young maid, and watched by the superbly dominant woman he worshipped and who had enslaved him. He jetted his spunk which dribbled down the sissy’s cheeks as he moaned with pleasure.Ruth lay on the bed stroking Poppy’s hair, her cunt moist with arousal in anticipation of the licking it would shortly receive as Moore lay over the end of the bed and duly accepted the thrashing for disobedience to his Mistress; the tears and howls masking the masochistic pleasure he enjoyed at being shown his place by a girl before his owner. Ruth whispered into the mesmerised sissy’s ear and wiped the residual spunk from her lips as she stared at the male’s punishment.’Well done my sweet girl, you shall be allowed that pleasure again over the next few days; I have many men who will enjoy your services while you are with us, I’m so glad you’ve shown that you want to stay.’ Poppy fought to say something in protest, then lapsed into a deep sleep, exhausted.Bruce Miller had driven past the address several times, his stomach churning, before he found the courage to park his car in a nearby street and found himself walking up the drive to the large detached türbanlı burdur escort bayan residence. He rang the bell and a girl in French maid’s outfit opened the door. She lifted her prim face without actually asking him anything and he nervously showed her the card; she gave him a warm smile and took his arm, already seeming to sense his preference was submission.’You’ll come with me to the ante room and we’ll make you comfortable, then you can tell us what you like; there’s no hurry.’ Bruce’s cock erected as he was led through the plush hallway, the first thing that hit him was the scent of femininity which permeated the house; a girl in a flowing white dress and wearing a collar was led on a leash up a broad staircase by an eager looking gentleman; they were passed by a slender woman in a short leather skirt with black pantyhose and boots as she descended, she flexed the crop she was carrying and smiled as she found the new arrival eyeing her. The glance was not unnoticed by the maid, it was apparent which of the two scenarios interested him, but he would be tested in the most exquisite manner just the same.Several gentlemen sat in the luxurious ante room, at one end of which were three doors. As he was shown to a seat an excited looking male was led out from one of the doors by another maid; the domme he had seen descending the stairs entered the ante room, flexing her crop and grinning, the male was handed over by the prim maid and was led away by the dominant. Bruce’s cock bulged and the French maid smiled as she noted his interest.’ I’ll take the card and show it it to Madam Ruth, our proprietor; you sit here and a maid will take you too one of the preference booths in a moment.’ As she strutted off another scantily clad maid appeared with a tray of drinks.’Champagne or whisky sir?’ Bruce took a glass of Scotch and gulped it down, overcome by the surreal situation as the booth doors revealed well dressed males who were led to various women by the service maids; he was glad to note that a number of the women receivers were obviously dominant, his desire was openly shared by many of the clients.He French maid entered a lounge where Madam Ruth was overseeing a group domination of several portly and balding businessmen; three knelt naked with wrists tied, their cocks poking rudely from below swollen bellies and kept that way by teasing dommes with canes. A fourth equally portly male was lashed to an x-frame and was realising the ecstasy of submission in being teased, tortured and broken by a huge dominant woman in black leather; her pleasure equalling his as she thrashed him cruelly while the others waited their turn with dribbling cocks. The maid approached Ruth and showed her the card with a grin.’A new arrival Madam, who is in very reasonable physical shape for his age; I am 100% sure he is submissive. Ruth’s cunt was already nicely moist on sampling the pain and submission of the feeble males who were so pompous and corporately domineering in their daily lives; this was their real status in life, brought to book by women and taught to obey without türbanlı escort burdur question. Ruth’s clitoris tingled excitedly as she tucked the card between her large breasts which were displayed to full feminine glory in the black Basque she wore above a split pencil skirt, and went with the maid to a room behind the preference booths. She pulled a curtain back from a large two-way mirror and viewed the males within who sat with their clothes about their ankles; maids obliged them by hand as they viewed screens which displayed various sexual scenes. The maids expert hands manipulated cocks as they enjoyed the various women and fetishes; they could soon find what excited the males most, there would be no hiding from whatever their true desire was. Booth two was empty; the door opened and a nervous Bruce was walked in. The maid smiled softly as she explained what was to be and helped him undo his lower clothing and perched him on the egde of the padded seat with his legs apart, his cock standing proud. The maid switched the screen on, knelt beside him and took his cock in her soft hand as she deftly worked a remote with the other.She grinned as she stroked his cock softly and felt it swell hard to a full erection as various naked females were displayed to begin his general arousal. She went through a section of bound women which made his cock pulse nicely but was obviously not his true preference; her grin broadened as his cock perked at a picture of a woman being bound by another, so the remote was sent in another direction. Bruce gasped slightly as young women with whips were displayed and his cock pulsed a positive signal to the maid’s hand, it subsided a little as the age of the women decreased so he was treated to more mature domina’s; his cock boned as his eyes were feasted on stern middle-aged women, strict and severe looking headmistress figures had him close to shooting. The maid smiled at the mirror above the screen, sensing an audience, and then gently toyed with Bruce’s bone-hard cock.’Oh you like a nice firm woman of wisdom I see; you can’ t hide it, and why should you? You’ll soon be shown your place here, and you will know much pleasure.’ She laughed softly and let his cock go as it bobbed and perked at the edge, close to orgasm. Ruth stared with a stern smile at the male who was now more than attractive to her; she pulled the card from her cleavage and picked a up a pen which lay on the mirror sill; she wrote across the back ‘In Perpetuity’ and strutted out to enter the ante room. Maid’s curtseyed and madams nodded their heads as she maid a rare entrance to the room; male clients looked longingly at her as she waited for booth two to open. A flushed Bruce emerged with the maid, who was none to surprised to see her employer waiting with a leather leash in her hand. Bruce swallowed hard as she smiled and turned, leaving the room with the maid leading him out after her. His already dribbling cock created a patch of pre-cum in his underwear as he watched the curves of the dominant woman before him, her ample arse bustling in the tight pencil skirt as she swung the leash he would soon wear. She stopped at the foot of the staircase and turned to the maid.’That will be all Maria. I shall take good care of my choice now.’ Bruce’s jaw dropped as the maid smiled wickedly at him and walked off, leaving him with the formidable woman. Her cunt oozed as she slipped the leash over his head.’You’ll come up with me now. You will be dominated to my entire satisfaction.’

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