April’s Pet


This story is about scat, golden showers and a mature female dominating a young male submissive. If this is not what you wish to read about I am sure that you can find another story more to your liking on this great site.



It was September and April was starting her life over. She had bought a new house in another city after she had found a new job as a history professor at the community college. She had moved at the beginning of summer and she was feeling a lot better. At 42 people would say that she was in her early thirties. At 170 pounds wearing high heels she topped 6 feet. She had decided to train a male to do all her bidding. He would satisfy all her desires.

She had divorced her husband whose main interest in life was watching sport events on television drinking beer and eating junk. She could have cope with that only she caught him in their bed with his secretary. She had walked out of that house only to return to get her personal belongings after her lawyer had taken the cheater to the cleaners.

She was a little bit nervous driving to work. A new group of students who took her class hoping to pick up easy credits. She could be lenient if they put in some reasonable efforts.

She felt good when she walked in the classroom and saw the surprised faces of the students in the front row as she put her bag on the teacher’s desk.

Bernie was rushing through the corridor to get to the history class. He had over slept this morning all that overtime from the past week had caught up with him. At 5’4” 120 pounds he was a small average looking guy. It was his last semester he would graduate in spring. At 18 he was precocious and known as the computer genius. He saw a tall good looking red head starting to close the door and he shouted at her:

“Wait for me. I’m in that class too. Please help a fellow student.”

“OK for this time but when I start my class that door stays close. Go find a seat.” April said appraising him.

“Yes ma’am.” Bernie answered blushing.

“Hello everyone, I am April Adams and I will teach you modern history this semester.” She said introducing herself as she started her class.

April was writing some dates on the blackboard as she was giving her lecture. She was looking at the group randomly. She noticed that her almost too late student was staring at her ass. She was wearing a dark blue knee length skirt and a white shirt, nothing out of the ordinary.

Bernie was starring at her ass, he was mesmerized by it. It was shape like a pear, protruding a little. She had nice looking legs at least from the knee down and her high heels were giving the impression that they were prolonging them.

The period flew by. The ringing of the bell brought him back to earth. It was his only course today and he had planned to get a few books.

“Hey mister.”Bernie heard.

He turned around to face April.

“Would you tell me your name so I won’t have to search for it in my listing?” April asked him.

“Oh! Euh. Yes I’m Bernard Mc Dermott.” He answered shyly.

“Would you know a good computer technician?” April asked him.

“Yes I do! He is the best one on campus.” Bernie answered blushing.

“How can I contact him?” She asked smiling.

“You just did. I am the one. What do you need?” Bernie asked almost hypnotize by her green eyes.

“Well I have bought this new desktop and I would like to be sure that everything is set up correctly. The hardware as well as the software.” April answered him.

“No problem. When would you like me to do it?” Bernie asked her.

“The sooner the better.” April said.

“How about later on this afternoon?” Bernie offered his heart betting faster.

“Here’s my address, she said scribbling on a piece of paper, I’ll be home at 4:30.” April answered giving him the paper.

“How much will this cost me?” She asked him.

“How about fifty bucks and I will guarantee my work for the semester?” Bernie answered still sporting a red complexion.

“OK! I’ll see you at 4:30. Don’t be late.” She said walking away from him but checking his reflection in the door window.

Yeap! He was still admiring her firm ass.

He couldn’t believe his luck being invited to April’s house. It would take him an hour at the most to plug in the hardware and check the installation of the software. He went home to shower and tried calm down.

Bernie had always liked women’s asses but hadn’t had the chance to caress one. Girls didn’t date shy nerds like him.

In his dreams a woman with an ass like April’s would lie down on her bed and demand that he kissed it all over again and again. Lately that dream had evolved to the woman sitting on his face until she was satisfied.

He promised himself that this afternoon he would commit to memory enough images of her to enhance his future dreams.

April had finished her day at two and gone directly home to unplug all of her desktop components and hide the wire for the printer. He would have to come back another illegal bahis day to finish the job. She went about with her chores. It was 4:15 when she poured herself a glass of white wine and started musing:

Bernie was the right size. He had plump lips slender shoulders and nice wavy black hair. His shyness amused her.

The way he was blushing when she spoke to him told her that he desired her but knew she was out of his league. He did look young; she would have to find out his age. She wanted to train an adult male. Was he a virgin? That would be much more amusing if he was.

At 4:30 a very nervous Bernie knocked on April’s front door.

She opened it with a smile.

“Hello Bernard. Right on time. Please come in.” April said.

“Hello Ma’am.” His face turning a bright red as he entered.

“The computer’s in my bedroom. Before you ask.” April said amused by his blushing.

“Oh. Euh! Can we go to your bedroom then?” Bernie answered blushing again.

“Follow me” She said after closing the door behind him.

Bernie was looking at her superb swaying ass trying to engrave a mental picture of it in his brain.

“Here’s the mess that you have to fix.” April said pointing at her computer.

“It is not as bad as it looks. Your computer will be up and running in no time.” Bernie said sitting down in her chair.

“If you say so I believe you. I am not that savvy with machines.” She lied sitting down on her bed and crossing her legs checking his expression.

Bernie had a glimpse of her thighs when she crossed her legs and her skirt had moved up a little. Just looking at her ass had him excited. Her legs had triggered an erection so he concentrated on his work to cool down a bit.

“You look young to be in college. How old are you?” April asked him.

“I’m 18 years old. I will graduate in business administration next spring.” Bernie answered.

“Really? Your folks must be proud?” April replied.

“Well. I am an orphan. I live by myself in a small rented room.” Bernie answered.

“How about your girlfriend?” April asked smiling.

“I wish I had one but girls don’t like nerds like me. The official excuse is that I’m too young for them. What are 2 or 3 years in age difference when you are in college?” Bernie said sadly.

“You never had a girl friend?” April asked showing her surprise.

“Nope not really. I was never in the right age group.” Bernie answered bowing his head.

It all came out; he told her that how much he had hoped to start a relationship with a girl but all they wanted was someone to do their home work and only that. He’d just done a paper for Judith this summer but after giving it to her she’d told him about her boyfriend laughing. He had felt crushed.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to pry into your private life. Would you like a glass of wine?” April asked interrupting his remembrance.

“Yes please.” Bernie answered hoping to calm down his sexual desire.

He wasn’t a drinking man. Usually a big night would mean 2 small glasses of wine or a couple of beers. He was on all four on the floor checking the plugs and noticing that the printer wire was missing when he saw her nylon clad legs behind him.

“I’m back with the wine.” April said lightly brushing a leg on his right hip.

“I have some bad news; you’re missing a wire for your printer. I can bring you one of my spares tomorrow.” Bernie answered sitting down rapidly in the chair trying to hide his erection.

“That would be nice of you. Here’s your glass.” April said putting the glass on the desk and resting her left hand on his right shoulder.

Her touch was like an electrical shock, he felt it through his whole body. He pretended to taste the wine to regain his composure and remembered he’d been so excited he’d skipped breakfast and lunch. He took another sip feeling the warmth go down all the way to his toes.

“So what do you do when you aren’t studying?” April asked.

“I work at the gas station near my place. I need the money for my rent, my food, and my clothes. You know life expenses. I have a scholarship that takes care of my tuition fees as long as my grades are high enough.” Bernie answered draining his glass.

“Then you can have dinner with me tonight and save on food. I’ll get you more wine.” April said taking his glass.

“OK” Bernie answered in a low voice checking the history on the pc.

He would stay for dinner. Maybe it was his lucky day. He was fantasizing that he was kissing her on the lips and that she was responding to him by pressing her body into him. Holding on to him like in the movies.

“Here you go.” She said breaking into his thoughts as she placed his glass in front of him.

He took a sip to calm down; he was starting to feel a light buzz from the alcohol.

“I’m done with the beastie. It should be fine.”He said looking at her legs.

“Thanks sweetie. Let’s go talk in the living room.” April said turning around looking over her shoulder to make sure he was looking at her illegal bahis siteleri ass.

He took another sip and followed her, quickly sitting down on the couch, still trying to hide his erection.

She sat down in a reclining chair and crossed her legs then stared into his eyes when he lifted his head.

“Sweetie, why are you looking at my legs like that? I also noticed when you stared at my ass today.”April asked.

He turned a deep shade of red nearly dropping his almost empty glass of wine. He thought he’d been discreet enough. His lungs felt empty. He was so embarrassed.

“I…I…I…” Was all he managed to stutter.

“That’s all right dear. Breathe in, calm down. I’ll get you more wine.” She said smiling at him.

He was so predictable. His shyness was pushing him in the direction she wanted. A little more wine and he’d be putty in her hands. Yes it was looking good she thought smiling to herself, she’d make a slave out of him yet. He would cater to all her needs. Fulfill all her desires even the darkest ones. All she had to do was to be nice and patient.

He was staring at the floor when she came back to the living room with his wine.

“Here you go sweetie.” April said as she gave him his glass.

He took a large sip and said:

“You are a beautiful woman. You have beautiful legs and I like your ass. That is why I have been looking at you like that.”

Better take the risk of being kicked out in the street right now for a bold remark than holding his peace. His speech was slurry and he felt tipsy. The wine had dampened his inhibitions. It was definitely affecting him he thought. His desires were exacerbated by her body.

“Hmm that’s nice…What are you going to do about it?” She said smiling.

“I…I…don’t know.” He answered his heart racing.

She went to the kitchen and brought back a new bottle of wine. He had drained his glass again. She refilled both glasses and sat down.

“If you were allowed to go down on a woman what would you be willing to do for that privilege?” April asked him looking in his eyes.

The question came out of the blue and he sat there staring at her with his mouth open until he regained his composure.

“Anything she would ask.” Bernie managed to answer.

“Anything? It could be a lot more than you think. Are you sure?” April prompted.

“Oh! Yes I’m sure. I’d do whatever she orders me to do.” He answered.

“OK then, I’d like you to please me with your mouth so kneel down in front of me.”She said pointing to the floor in front of her chair.

He knelt down without falling on his face. He was not use to drinking wine and it was affecting him.

“You can start by kissing my right thigh then move up. Don’t worry dear I’ll be coaching you all the way.” She said.

He was so excited he was going to kiss her or at least part of her, it was more than any other women had let him do. He had problems with his equilibrium but he managed to get in between her legs. He turned his head right and started kissing.

“Stop! I said the right thigh. Start over sweetie.” April said almost laughing at his excited and drunken state.

He was kissing higher and higher until he reached her panties. He could feel the warmth of her sex. Smell her womanhood. It was the first time that he had approached a woman’s sex as close. He had never been this excited before, he wanted the sweet agony to stop and to continue forever at the same time.

“Do the other thigh now sweetie.” April demanded.

He did as he was told. It felt so good, so right to be kissing her legs.

“Sit back on your heels we have to talk.” She said when he reached her crotch again.

He obeyed reluctantly. All the kissing had sobered him up a little but not much.

“That was an excellent start Bernie. But as you haven’t gone down on me before I have to inform you that I sometimes lose control of my bladder when I climax. “April told him as she was getting up.

“I don’t understand.” He said.

“Ah! Sweetie. It means that I pee when I come hard. You said you were willing to do anything for the privilege so I’d like you to keep your mouth open when you make me come. I don’t want a mess on my floor.” She said taking off her skirt and panties.

“I will but I don’t know what to do.” He answered nervously his eyes fixed on her naked sex before him.

“Get back in position between my legs and I’ll coach you all the way.” The older woman turned to sit down on the edge of the chair with her cunt only a few inches from his face.

He was starring at it mesmerized, nearly coming in his pants.

Her juices were already flowing, she couldn’t recall the last time she’d had any sex or who it had been with. She was glad he was so eager to please her; she would train him in cunnilingus first. The way she had always wanted it done. She reminded herself to be patient the rest of the plan would unfold in time.

Minutes went by as the teenager knelt with his face between her thighs. She spoke gently canlı bahis siteleri like a mother talking to her child as she encouraged him to suck here and lick there.

“Make your tongue hard, now soft, yes that’s a good boy…Now in my cunt to lick my crack…Yes that’s it dear nice and soft…Mmm now a little harder for my clitoris.”She said in a soft sing song voice delighted with the way he was responding to her coaxing.

With enough practice he would be her perfect mouth boy.

As for Bernie, he was enjoying himself; she tasted so good now. The first few licks had tasted a little strange until he got used to the flavor, and then when her juices had started flowing he’d struggled to drink them down. He felt her hands behind his head pulling his face into her crotch even tighter as she sought to get his mouth onto her clit.

He heard the sound of blood rushing in his ears as her thighs squeezed his head so tightly he thought he might pass out, that and the muffled sound of her cries of ecstasy filled his world. When she released him he wanted to carry on licking her juices from her vagina but she held him in place and started to pee into his open mouth. A long bitter drink which he did his best to gulp down. She carried on pissing for over a minute, hot relentless piss that threatened to overwhelm him if he didn’t drink it fast enough, when suddenly she stopped.

“You’ve been such a good boy to say it’s your first time using your mouth on a woman, you certainly know how to give a girl a good time. Now swallow your last mouthful and sit on the couch.” She purred.

He forced himself to swallow it down before grabbing his glass of wine and taking a large sip to get rid of the taste in his mouth. He noticed she had put on her skirt yet her underwear was still on the floor.

His bladder signaled to him and he asked;

“Where is the bathroom please.”

“The last door on the right.” April answered smiling amused by his politeness.

He got up and walk to the bathroom swaying. He sat down to pee not wanting to make a mess and the room started spinning. He got on his knees, just in time and threw up in the bowl. April heard him and came over massaging his flank with an upward motion to help his stomach empty its content. She looked in the bowl with distaste and asked:

“Have you eaten today?”

“No. I got up late and skipped breakfast. I was so nervous after your invitation that I also skipped lunch.” Bernie answered.

“I shouldn’t have allowed you to have wine on an empty stomach; you can drink my piss anytime though. She laughed mischievously. Here brush your teeth with this brand new toothbrush.” April said.

“Thank you.” He said red as a beet.

He was so ashamed to have thrown up in front of April and that she’d had to help him like that. What a buffoon! She would never invite him back now and the shame would never leave him. He was sobering up now that his stomach was empty, he began to feel even more embarrassed when he remembered he’d confessed to liking her legs and her ass. He would leave now and drop out of her class tomorrow. He could get his diploma through night school.

She was seated in an easy chair when he walked into the living room to take his leave.

“Thank you Ma’am. I’ll be on my way. You can pay me whenever we see each other on campus.”He said still sporting a deep red complexion.

“Hold it young man. I just ordered a large plain pizza. You aren’t leaving here until you’ve eaten some. Let’s talk I want to know more about you.” She answered standing up and lightly brushing her breast against him.

He was astonished that she was not disgusted by his behavior in the bathroom. So at her invitation he sat down on the couch. He told her about the orphanage, his academic curriculum and the years he had skipped ending with his graduation next spring.

She had started to tell him about her ex husband when the pizza arrived. She spread her legs and showed him her pubis when she got up to answer the door.

He nearly moaned with the strength of his desire.

She noticed his bulging eyes when she got up and refrained from laughing out loud. He was hooked she hoped.

She got the pizza and as she was closing the door she said:

“Bernie, dear. Can you take the pizza? Put it on the kitchen table. I’ll be right back.”

He got up and took the pizza from her and went to the kitchen where he set up the table and waited for her to come back from the bathroom. He heard his stomach growl and realized that he was very hungry. He would restrained himself and slowly eat only two pieces of it.

April pretended to need the bathroom. Once the door was closed she checked on her make-up, applied a little bit of lipstick and sat down on the side of the bath planning her moves for after dinner.

“Oh! You set up the table that’s nice.” April smiled walking into the kitchen.” If you want a soda I have some in the fridge.”

“Thank you. I would like one.” He answered remaining seated.

“Help yourself dear.” April said opening the pizza box and taking a slice.

Bernie went to the fridge and got a ginger ale for himself and asked April:

“Would you like one too?”

“No. I’ll stay with the wine thanks.” She answered.

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