Aqua Fun Bath Gel


Aqua Fun Bath Gel

Do you enjoy sex in your bath? Does the water and soap sting your nose and eyes? Then you need to use new Aqua Fun Bath Gel and Sexual Lubricant.

Behind the lovely female announcer we can see a young couple in a large tub with soapsuds piled high. The boy playfully takes the girls head and pushes it down into his submerged lap where presumably his erect cock is waiting. She is under for a few seconds and surfaces with a squeal of pain.

“Oh Mathew, this soap stings my eyes,” she cries. “Can’t you do something?”

He looks to the camera and says, “Tina, I have just the thing!” He climbs dripping from the tub with his dick pointing unbendingly straight ahead. He runs – cock bouncing – out of the room.

“Let the water out of the tub and refill it with fresh, sweetheart,” he calls over his shoulder.

Tina drained the tub and stood soaking wet and naked while clear, clean, hot water filled the love-tub back up to its brim. The young man reentered the room with a blue plastic bottle and poured a silver stream of thick liquid into the torrent of water that was filling the bath. The water dis not bubble up but does get very very smooth.

The girl bends, presenting her cute naked bottom to the camera, and puts her hand in the water. “Oh,” she coos, “this water feels just like silk!” She was totally unembarrassed that countless people had a close up view of her fuzzy labia’s and her peaking clitoris. This was a great view coupled with her well-proportioned bottom and her long legs that were absolutely flawless. As she swirled her hand in the water, she clenched bahis siteleri and unclenched her pussy. There was not a living man in the world that saw this footage that did not get an erection instantly!

Mathew turned off the water and put his hand on Tina’s’ ass. He ran a finger down the crack toward her anus but she pulled away and stepped into the tub. She immediately slipped on her butt and went underwater. She surfaced with a grin and gasped, “This water is very very slippery and I can barely sit up without swimming in place!”

Matt reached over and placed his hands on her head and playfully pushed her underwater again. Her hands flailed wildly and she struggled to get some traction to lift her head back above the surface. He easily held her underwater and turned to face the camera – his erect penis was clearly visible – and said, “She likes underwater games and this terror/dominance game is our favorite.”

He lets her up and she gasped for air. He let her catch her breath – she nodded – and pushed her head underwater again. She quit struggling and he pushed her deeper to the bottom of the tub.

He says, “She can hold her breath for over 2 minutes if she has to and sometimes I make it so she HAS to.”

He pulled her up and she smiled a big silly smile. She said, “Please don’t drown me, Mr. Kidnapper – I am very frightened – I will do anything to please you!”

The young man pushed her underwater again and said, “Mr. Kidnapper is a little game of ours that involves me holding her underwater for several minutes and she pleading to appease me with sex.”

Matt said, canlı bahis siteleri “We started doing this two years ago when we met at a swimming camp. We met at the pool in the night. All of the other swimmers went to bed at nine at night so we would have the locker room, showers, bathtubs, and the pool to ourselves.”

Under the water you could clearly make out the struggling girl.

“We made up this Mr. Kidnapper game on a Friday night at the camp when the moon was full. It progressed from the sauna to the showers and then into one of the bathtubs. Later we tried it out in the shallow end of the pool.” Tina kicked her feet high and water splashed onto the floor.

“We made up a safety signal and then added silk cords and weights and moved to the deep end several nights later. The diving board was our “plank” that the victim was forced to walk. Tina was a good sport and looked great standing naked on the plank with her hands and feet tied. We never got caught by the other swimmers but we came very close several times.”

Tina was on her back and Matt was holding her on the bottom with a tight grip on her hair. She kicked her legs and grabbed his hand but the most fun was watching her wide eyes and mouth opening and closing in mock fear.

“Well it is coming up on 2 minutes and she is giving me the secret safety signal that she needs to breathe.” He still had only one hand in the tub wrapped in her long hair because the other hand is busy stroking his penis.

He pulled her up and even as she gasped for air, she still managed to clamp her mouth on his quivering dick. Tina pulled canlı bahis him close and he buries his dick deeper into her throat.

He gingerly stepped into the tub but she never let up on his stiff cock. His feet went out from under him and they both crashed underwater with a huge splash. They thrashed around under the surface occasionally lifted a boy face or girl face just long enough to grab a quick breath. An occasional giggle or squeal was heard before the open mouth went underwater again.

The announcer explained that Aqua Fun Gel let you realize all of your wildest dreams – and cleaned all of your naughty bits at the same time. Aqua Fun Gel is sold in fine sex shops everywhere and on the Internet.

As the commercial closes, you can see Tina’s legs are high in the air on either side of the young man’s body. Just the top of Matt’s back breaks the surface as they thrash and churn in the slick tub. Visible in the clear water is the wavering face of the beautiful girl as she struggles to hold her breath and climax at the same time. This looks like classic missionary sex – if the missionaries were from the lost city of Atlantis.

Matt raised his head above the surface and exclaims, “Take this you naughty girl – I am going to fucking drown-fuck you!”

He reared up and closed his eyes and went, “OH MY GOD! …” and slid underwater on top of her again. Tina’s feet were now pointing toes rigidly at the ceiling and her air was pouring out of her mouth and up to the surface of the tub. Tina was struggling to get out from under him and she was drowning!

“Well that’s it, the kids are having fun … but come to think of it, we have not seen Tina get air for a quite a while. I know she will be ok. She can hold her breath for a VERY long time!”

“Fuck your troubles away with Aqua Fun Gel”, said the announcer.

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