This is a fictitious account and features graphic descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. If this material is forbidden to you then proceed no further.





I catch the bus the following day and sit in my usual place. When “my boys” appear, Ryan greets me with a cursory “hello”. It is nice that he”s beginning to feel at ease in my company. Archie follows up by offering me a wine gum from a packet he must have just bought.


“Fancy a sweet, mister?” he says. At least he”s playing along by pretending he barely knows me. I wonder what his friends would think if they knew I”d had my tongue in his little bottom barely 24 hours before!


I thank him and take one of the sweets. Harvey chips in impertinently, “Come on, give me one!” Archie takes one from the packet and hands it to Harvey. It is perhaps not the most hygienic method but I daresay he doesn”t trust Harvey by handing him the whole packet.


I see that Harvey has a black eye, obviously a result of the previous day”s playground squabble. “Was it worth it?” I say.


“What, this?” he says, pointing at the bruise. “Not really, I got detention, didn”t I?”


“Well that”s what comes of fighting!” I reproach him in a tongue in cheek manner.


“It was a great scrap, though!” says Ryan.


I imagine the scene, one that plays itself out on school yards up and down the land. Two boys, flailing arms, muttering threats and plenty of swear words. Surrounded on all sides by a gaggle of school kids, jostling, yelling, goading. A teacher eventually grabbing collars and separating the pubescent pugilists.


Harvey might not have enjoyed earning a detention but he wears his bruise like a medal. “I”ll beat the fucker up properly next time!” he declares. To add emphasis, he playfully grabs poor Ryan in a headlock and roughly dishevels the boy”s hair.


“Get off, you bastard!” complains Ryan, struggling to free himself. The tussle is phony but Ryan is left red-faced and out of breath when he eventually extricates himself from the stronger boy”s grip.


“Give us another sweet, Archie,” Harvey demands.


“Only if you say sorry to Ryan,” Archie says, “You nearly strangled him.”


“You can suck my dick!” laughs Harvey, scornfully.


Yes, I think I”d like to have a go at that, I think to myself. Harvey is a brash young lad who needs taming! Archie catches my eye and gives me a look as if to say I know exactly what you”re thinking!


Harvey gets off the bus soon enough and, a few stops later, Ryan follows. I”m left alone with Archie.


“Is he always that excitable?” I ask Archie.


“Yes, I”m afraid so,” the boy answers. “He”s always getting himself in trouble at school.”


“They should bring back the cane,” I joke, “That would sort him out!”


“He”s a good mate, though,” says Archie, “Even when he”s being a bit of a twat!”


“A friend with benefits,” I smile, keeping my voice low so that people further down the bus cannot listen in.


“What does that mean?”


“Haven”t you heard that expression? The “benefits” part is S-E-X!” I whisper, spelling out the word.


“How do you know about me and Harvey doing stuff?” Archie challenges.


“You sort of let the cat out of the bag yesterday, remember?”


“Oh, yeah, I suppose I did.”


“Mind you, you only told me a little bit. I want the full story!”


“Maybe I”ll tell you next time I come to your place.”


“When will that be?”


Archie tells me it must wait until next week. He”s busy most nights with either homework, swimming practice or soccer with his mates. “Definitely, next week, though,” he promises, “I might even be up for a nice F-U-C-K!” he spells out.


* * * * * * * * * *


In the days the follow I have to content myself with other diversions. I have yet to ask Archie whether he has made use of the little dildo I gave him. My thoughts are often drawn to visualizing his use of it. I picture him naked in the shower. He stands under the warm spray, the soapy water trickling down his youthful body. He lifts a leg and steadies himself. Now he runs the dildo down the crack of his buttocks until it finds his puckered orifice. He prods and pokes until the tip of it slides in. He lets out a little gasp feeling the intrusion. Once the initial discomfort has passed he begins to push it deeper, seeing how much he can take.


I also picture him on his bed at night. His parents think he”s asleep but he”s pulled of his nightwear and is sprawled on the top, legs drawn back. The lubed dildo enters him more easily now and he can feel all five inches of it probing his insides. One of his hands grasps the slippery sex-toy and the other jerks his stiff boycock until he spills his sweet nectar.


* * * * * * * * * *


I get quite a surprise on Friday. Archie and his friends board the bus as usual but this time they are joined by a fourth lad. He has a slim build but is not quite as tall as Archie. His hair is dark brown, cut quite short with a boyish fringe. I can see that he has dark eyes, maybe brown. He fits my predilections perfectly at that halfway point between boyhood and adolescence. There must be something in the town”s water supply that results in so many cute and sexy boys!


I listen in to their chatter. It is mostly about the games session they had obviously giresun escort had at school earlier. Harvey, it seems, had scored a goal which the others insisted had been offside. There is a little bickering but it is all in good spirits. Ryan, the chubbier boy, is keeping out of it and tucking in to a bag of salt and vinegar crisps. I imagine that he is less enthusiastic about sport than the others. My mind drifts off as I wonder about the boys in the school”s changing room. There”s probably around 30 of them in various states of undress. They”re all the same age but no doubt in different stages of development. I wonder if the immature, hairless ones are embarrassed as they compare themselves to their more developed peers. I expect there are one or two well-advanced boys, proudly displaying their bigger cocks and neat pubic bushes. I speculate about the showers. Are all boys obliged to have one? Is it one large shower room or individual cubicles? In my youth, we all stood naked together but I expect these days the emphasis is on giving boys their privacy. Not nearly so much fun, in my opinion! I even wonder if there”s a pervy sports teacher keeping an eye on them. He no doubt uses the context of making sure everyone showers to cast a lecherous eye across the abundance of boy flesh before him.


My daydream ends with a bump as Harvey knocks his school bag against me as he rushes to get off the bus. “Sorry, mister!” he apologises.


“That”s okay, Harvey,” I reply. He looks at me briefly as if to say “how does he know my name?” but then the moment”s lost as he clatters down the stairwell and is gone. A few minutes later, Ryan also departs leaving me sitting directly behind Archie and the mystery boy. I don”t have to wait long to learn his identity.


“Hi, how”s things?” Archie asks me, “This is my mate, Gavin.”


“Hi, Gavin,” I reply, earning a friendly smile in response.


“You don”t usually catch this bus, do you?” I ask.


“No, I usually get the 26a,” Gavin explains.


“He”s staying at mine tonight,” Archie chips in.


“Oh, like a sleepover?”


Archie laughs. “A sleepover?” That”s for little kids, ain”t it!”


“Well, he”s sleeping at your house, isn”t he?” I ask, “Doesn”t that make it a sleepover?”


“I”m not sure there”ll be much sleeping!” Archie giggles.


“I”m hope you”ll both be on your best behaviour and not get up to any mischief!” I say, giving Archie a secret wink.


Before long, the bus reaches their stop and they get up to leave. “See you around,” says Gavin.


“I very much hope so!” I say to myself.


My weekend proceeds uneventfully, unlike the two boys who have an interesting time, to say the least!


* * * * * * * * * *


[My narrative takes a pause here whilst I outline the events of Archie and Gavin”s sleepover]


“What”s for tea, mum?” calls Archie from the lounge.


“Spaghetti Bolognese,” calls his mum from the kitchen, “It”ll be ready in half an hour. Can you lay the table, please?”


“Do I have to?” Archie moans, “Can”t we just eat it on our knees?”


“Gavin is our guest, Archie. When we have guests we eat at the table!”


Archie gets up with a huff to do as his mother requests. He”d rather just chill out with Gavin but he knows he won”t win the argument. Gavin is oblivious to the conversation as he has his earphones in place and loud music is ringing in his ears.


“Lucy!” calls Archie”s mother. Lucy is his seven-year-old sister who is playing with her dolls in her bedroom. She comes downstairs clutching her favourite. “You can sit there,” the little girl says, placing the doll on one of the dining chairs, “Next to Gavin.”


“We don”t want a bloody doll at the table,” Archie complains.


“Mummy, Archie just said a bad word!” Lucy calls out to mother who is still in the kitchen.


“Don”t tease your sister, Archie.”


“I”m not,” Archie replies, “She”s just a pain, that”s all!”


Once the meal is finished, Archie and Gavin go outside for a kickabout until his mother calls them in as it is now getting dark. Lucy has gone to bed and the boys watch some soccer on TV together until, at ten o”clock, Archie”s mum suggests it is their bedtime.


The boys go upstairs where they take it in turns to use the bathroom and brush their teeth. They go into Archie”s bedroom. There”s a sign on the door that reads “Keep Out!” Archie”s parents know too well that he”s of an age where he wants his own space and privacy. As long as he keeps his room clean and tidy, they”ve told him, then they will steer clear of his domain. This is an arrangement that suits Archie, especially when he”s strutting about with no clothes on or indulging in the usual teenboy sexual pursuits.


There is an inflatable bed on the floor alongside Archie”s bed. His mother has insisted that Archie uses it, giving up his real bed to his guest. The boys undress down to their underwear. Both of them are wearing briefs, Gavin”s are bright orange and Archie”s have a camouflage pattern in various shades of blue.


“Wanna play FIFA for a bit?” asks Archie, grabbing the Xbox controller from a shelf. His mother has given her permission as long as they don”t stay up too late.


“Yeah, go on then,” Gavin replies.


Archie climbs onto the bed and stretches out, resting his head on the pillow. He shuffles to one side, leaving the space gölbaşı escort for Gavin who joins him, sets up the game and they start. They look so cute in their underpants, their soft boycocks forming little bulges, and neither of them feels awkward in his near-naked state.


Archie had made friends with Gavin when they both moved up to secondary school around a year ago. It wasn”t long before they were both involved in casual sex games, sometimes with other boys but usually by themselves. These liaisons had begun with the usual innocent “you show me yours and I”ll show you mine” activities. The inevitable erections led to comparisons in size and the taking of measurements with a ruler. Their little dicks had been hairless at first but as Archie and then Gavin started to develop their first wispy pubes their games included exploring their pubertal development. Archie was able to find the occasional strand that he would pull taut to all of half an inch, displaying it proudly to his friend. Gavin, on the other hand, had to make do with minute downy fluff although the pubes had thickened and darkened of late.


Archie s thinking about all this right now, as Gavin manipulates the games controller. The thoughts make him horny and his cocklet is stiffening in his tight briefs. It will be easy enough to persuade Gavin to strip completely, he reckons, under the pretext of their regular comparing routine but this time he wants to go further. He wants to have a wank in front of Gavin and entice his friend to join in.


“Can I ask you something, Gav?” he says.


“Yeah,” replies Gavin, still concentrating on the game.


“It”s kind of personal.”


“Yeah,” says Gavin, still only half listening.


“Do you have a wank every day?”


He”s finally got Gavin”s attention. Gavin drops the controller. “What sort of question is that?” he asks.


“Like I said, a personal one,” says Archie.


“What about you?” asks Gavin, “Do you wank every day?”


“Of course I do!” admits Archie.


“Me too!” giggles Gavin, “Sometimes twice.”


“Or three times!”


“My record”s five!” says Gavin, making them laugh out loud.


“So, have you had your wank today?”


“Yeah, I had one this morning. You?”


“Not yet,” says Archie (although he”s fibbing as he had one as he showered before breakfast), “I wouldn”t mind one now though…that”s if you”re okay with that.”


“I might be persuaded to join you!” grins Gavin. Judging by the little throbs of his cocklet as it swells in his underpants he certainly seems willing, much to Archie”s delight.


They each grip onto the waistbands of their briefs. “Three, two, one, go!” announces Archie and they shuffle out of their briefs in an instant. Their cocks spring upright, Archie”s perhaps an inch bigger than his friend”s. For a moment they just check one another out and then they start to masturbate themselves. Archie”s method is to use three fingertips and the thumb, rubbing up and down the full length of his young shaft. Gavin prefers a single finger and thumb method, honing in on little head of his dick.


He looks across at Archie. “Fuck!” he exclaims, “You can skin it right back!”


It is true that Archie is able to retract his foreskin and completely expose the glans. Gavin”s foreskin is tighter and he has yet to succeed in pulling it back completely. Only a portion of his glans is visible as he wanks himself.


“Yeah, look!” says Archie. He halts his masturbation and points his cock a little towards Gavin, tugging the foreskin as far back as will go and coaxing a pearly drop of precum in return.


Archie is turned on by their play. He”s wanted to do this with Gavin for ages but there”s never been a proper opportunity. He hopes that Gavin is also getting a thrill out it. Ironically, Gavin is thinking much the same! He”s long-awaited this extension to their usual innocent sex games and is highly aroused by this progression. In fact, he really wants to touch Archie and finally summons the courage to speak.


“Can I touch it?” he asks.


“Yes,” says Archie, “Let”s do one another for a bit.”


They enjoy feeling one another, rubbing and squeezing gently. Gavin”s never had someone else touching his stiff boycock and finds the sensation quite unlike when he plays with himself.


“You ever done this before?” Gavin asks, “I mean, wanking with another person.”


“Yeah,” admits Archie, “A bit.”


“Nice, ain”t it?”


“You wanna try something else as well?”


“What?” asks Gavin.


“I”ll suck your dick if you suck mine!”


“Okay, but you first.”


Archie almost swoops down on Gavin”s groin, quickly taking the four-incher into his eager mouth. Gavin tenses excitedly. Having another boy hold your dicky is one thing but feeling it in the hot wetness of a boy”s mouth is a whole new level. He gasps as Archie licks, sucks and nibbles, wishing that this could last all night.


After a while, Archie comes up for breath. “Your turn,” he says.


And so Gavin discovers another new pleasure! He sucks on Archie with relish, tasting the saltiness of the precum and making his friend tingle.


They suck and wank themselves and each other, to-and-fro. Archie persuades Gavin to straddle him. Gavin, who göztepe escort can sense it won”t be long before he cums, face-fucks his friend blissfully, his pert buttocks flexing with each thrust.


“Oh, fuck,” he gasps at last, “I”m gonna jizz!”


Archie releases the boy from the wetness of his mouth and jerks the glistening organ rapidly, holding Gavin inches from his face,


Gavin shudders to his boy orgasm. There isn”t much spunk, of course, but Archie makes the most of the clear fluid, dripping it onto his own face and smearing it there with the tip of Gavin”s pulsing cocklet. It is enough to tip Archie over the edge and he ejaculates. Trickles of creamy boycum dribble over his fingers onto his smooth, hairless belly.


Once they”ve tidied themselves up, wiping the sticky evidence using one of Archie”s old t-shirts which he keeps for this purpose, they clamber under the duvet together. “


Can we share the bed?” asks Archie, “Or should I go on the spare one?”


“Stay here with me,” Gavin replies affectionately, “There”s plenty of room for both of us!”


Archie switches off the bedside light and they snuggle together until they drift off to sleep.


* * * * * * * * * *


As the following day is a Saturday, there is no hurry for Gavin to go back home so the two boys spend the day together. It”s a grey, drizzly day so they are confined in the house. After breakfast, they decide to return to Archie”s bedroom to play on the Xbox.


Archie”s mother reminds him that it is his turn to wash up the breakfast things. The chore isn”t too arduous and he suggests that Gavin goes up to the bedroom to set up the game.


“Can we play Dragon Quest?” asks Gavin, who has yet to try out Archie”s new game.


“Yeah, it”s in one of the drawers,” explains Archie, “I”ll be up in five minutes.”


In Archie”s bedroom, Gavin isn”t sure which drawer to look so he starts at the bottom and works his way up. The first drawer is filled with pairs of socks and underpants, all neatly folded and fresh. There”s quite an assortment and for some reason Gavin can”t resist looking through his friend”s underwear. He pulls a pair of briefs (horizontal red-and-white stripes) from the drawer and is astonished when the little dildo that had been lent to Archie tumbles out!


He is still inspecting it, wondering what it is doing in his friend”s bedroom, when Archie appears in the doorway.


“I can explain!” Archie says, looking panicked. “Someone gave it to me for a laugh, that”s all.”


Gavin seems to accept the explanation. Little does he know that the penis-shaped toy is a regular feature of Archie”s bathtimes and bedtimes and that the boy is using it to ready himself for the genuine, man-sized cock he is hopefully going to take up the bum in the near future.


“Do you ever, like, use it on yourself?” Gavin enquires.


“Not really, no,” Archie lies.


Gavin waggles the dildo amusingly. “I bet you do!” he teases, “Right up your arse!”


“You”re only jealous,” retorts Archie.


“Ah, so you tried it then?”




“I dare you to show me!”


“Wait until mum and Lucy have gone out shopping and perhaps I might,” says Archie.


And so, half an hour later, we find Archie on the bed, naked from the waist down and legs akimbo, with Gavin holding the wobbling toy provocatively.


“I”ll need to put some lube on it,” explains Archie, “Pass me one of those sachets.”


Archie tears open a packet and squeezes a copious dollop onto the dildo. He also dribbles some onto his finger which he then smears around his hole.


“That”s horny!” says Gavin, watching as Archie probes at his puckered orifice, “Are you ready for it now?”


“Yeah,” Archie replies, “And I can see you”re ready too!” noticing the bulge in the front of Gavin”s trackpants.


Gavin chuckles and tugs his garments down to his knees. Fondling his boyish erection, he clambers beside Archie, kneeling between the boys legs to observe the proceedings up close. Archie pulls his knees back, places the little dildo at his bumhole and pushes it slowly inside. He”s tried this enough to know what to do and it slides in smoothly.


“Fucking hell!” exclaims Gavin, “It”s gone right inside you!”


“D”you want to slide it in and out?” Archie asks.


“Okay,” says Gavin, taking the fat end of the sex-toy. “Urgg, it”s all slimy!”


“That”s just the lube,” Archie explains, “Go on, do it to me.”


Gavin is fascinated, watching as he slides the dildo in and out of his friend”s bum. “Is it nice?” he asks in an comical, matter-of-fact manner.


“It”s bloody amazing!” gasps Archie. The most amazing part is when the tip of the dildo stimulates something deep within that he can”t explain. All he knows it that it makes him tingle inside and drives on his urge to cum.


The dildo is withdrawn with a sloppy pop, leaving the boys to wank themselves to orgasm. Their ejaculations are almost simultaneous. Archie”s dribbles his offering onto his tummy with a gasp and Gavin”s oozes from the head of his four-inch boycock and drips onto the sheets.


* * * * * * * * * *


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