Are You Ready?


After much convincing I decided to go out with my friend to a local club. I had been feeling kind of down in the dumps lately. But, my friend had assured me that we would have a great time. So, I scanned my closet trying to figure out what I would wear. Finally, I found just the thing, my black crushed velvet mini-dress. And I had the perfect pair of heels to wear with it.

Before I knew it, it was 9:00 and she was at my door. I gathered my jacket and purse and we were on our way to “The Underground”. I was starting to feel a bit better just at the fact I was getting out for a while. Deep inside I knew that tonight would be a good night, because no matter what we did, we always had fun. Always.

Once we arrived at the club we took a good look around and then headed over to the bar to order a couple of drinks. For a Saturday night it was still a little early but it was already starting to fill up. I noticed this guy standing across the room with a couple of his friends and I couldn’t help but think to myself how nice looking he was. A couple of minutes passed and I glanced over again. He was still there and this time when I turned that way he was looking right at me. He smiled. I thought to myself, “My God, good looks and a great smile too.”

I got distracted by something my friend said and when I looked around the club again I couldn’t seem to notice him anywhere. Just then, the music stopped playing and someone came on-stage to announce the first band. As the members came on-stage I just smiled, for it was the guy I had been admiring. So we grabbed our drinks and started to move a bit closer to the stage. As the music started I became totally captured by this man on stage. He had long beautiful dark hair, a handsome face and the most striking eyes I had ever seen. I thought to myself, “This is going to be a good night.”

The more I watched him move on that stage, the more I wanted to know him. He was in between songs and announcing the other members of the band when he looked down and saw me standing there casino siteleri and smiled again. For the rest of their set he kept looking at me and I grew more and more attracted to him. Just watching him was intoxicating to me.

After they finished we walked back away from the stage a bit. Glancing over my shoulder I noticed him walking towards us. Reaching out he took my hand in his and instantly I felt butterflies in my stomach. I looked up at him and he gave me another one of his terrific smiles. I introduced myself and my friend.

We spent the rest of the night caught up in our own little world. And before we knew it, it was time for the place to close. He told me that he just had to help get his equipment all loaded up and then he would love to be the one to give me a ride home. It only took a second for me to tell him, “I would love for you to take me home.”

He finally finished and came over to me and said, “Are you ready?”

I just nodded with a smile, “Yes.” As we climbed in his truck and shut the doors we looked at each other, both smiling. Then he leaned over and put his hand on the side of my face and kissed me. I looked up at him and felt no need to hold back and play shy. So, I kissed him back and before we knew it things were heating up quite nicely. He slid over on the seat and I climbed onto his lap. Of course, since I was wearing a mini-dress it was now hiked up to my hips. My hands were up around his neck and my fingers through his hair. His hands were roaming quite freely up my thighs and around to my cheeks. I could feel him growing hard underneath me. I thought to myself, “I want him NOW!” So, I climbed off his lap and told him we should get going. Thankfully I didn’t live far from the club at all.

I couldn’t stop touching him. I ran my hand up his thigh. Then I rested it on his stomach just above the top of his pants. I gave him some directions and then leaned over and started kissing his ear. And then I moved my kisses slowly down his neck. I slid my leg up over his. He reached over and slot oyna grabbed my hand and said, “Do you see what you are doing to me?” He had my hand and was rubbing it up and down his pants. I could feel how hard he was getting.

He parked his truck and we made our way to the door. I was fumbling for my keys. He was behind me and pulled my hair aside and was kissing my neck. As soon as he did that I felt shivers go straight down my leg and it turned me on completely. I finally managed to get the door open. Once inside the gloves were off. As I turned to close the door he was behind me again. My hands reached up behind me and slid around his neck while he continued to kiss my neck. His hands were tracing the side of my body and then they came up to cup my breasts. With continuous shivers shooting down my body his hands fell down to my waist. I turned around and reached down and grabbed hold of his hand and walked with him to the couch. He sat down and I climbed on top of him. The kissing continued harder and deeper. He leaned me over and lay me down and he was on top of me now. Our hands were roaming and exploring each other. He told me how he loved the feel of my dress. We both kicked off our shoes and boots. He ran his hands up my thighs and his fingers found the edge of my panties. It felt like the temperature in the room was 110 degrees.

As he slid his fingers inside my panties a quiet moan escaped from my lips. I reached down and undid his pants. Once I got them undone I climbed off of him and pulled them off completely. As I stood before him, he pulled my thong down and I stepped out of it. He could feel how wet I was. And he slid two of his fingers inside of my pussy. SHE felt so tight and he was thinking how he wanted to taste HER. He moved down and with his hand he pulled my dress up higher now exposing my belly. Kissing me lightly across my stomach he probed his fingers deep inside of me. I leaned back on the couch and my hands fell down around his head and he moved down towards my pussy. His tongue quickly found my little canlı casino siteleri button and he began to lick at my pussy lips lightly. Glancing up he watched me as my head tilted back he knew how he was making me feel. Still sliding his fingers in and out of my tightness I wrapped my legs around his neck pulling him in closer. It wasn’t long before I came.

He loved how I tasted and he could have done this to me again and again. And he would. After I came he looked up at me and was trying to figure out what I wanted. No need to wonder. I sat up and pushed him back with a firm hand and kneeled before him. I wanted to bring him the same kind of pleasure that he had just brought me. So, I brought my lips down to meet the head of his cock. I licked him lightly a few times. Enjoying teasing him a bit and then swallowed his cock. I could hear by the sounds made that he was enjoying my mouth wrapped around his shaft. In and out I took all of him. I moved faster and faster while my other hand played with his balls. I could feel him start to tense a bit and I knew that he was getting close. So, I continued sucking him off and suddenly my mouth was flooded with the taste of him.

As I wiped my mouth I climbed on top of him. Teasingly I hovered over his cock, just touching him lightly and then I let him enter me. I arched my back as I was riding him and I could feel him hitting my special spot. Moving up and down on him faster and faster. Suddenly I exclaimed and I could feel myself tighten around him. He had his hands on my hips and pulled me off of him and walked behind me. I leaned up against the back of the couch and he slid his cock inside my hole again. Thrusting in me. I had a good grip on the couch and he had a handful of my hair with one hand. As he pulled me back a bit I could feel him penetrating deeper. With his other hand he reached down and began rubbing my clit. I exclaimed to him, “I want you to fuck me harder!!” So, he did exactly what I asked of him. Harder and harder he fucked me. He stopped holding my hair and rubbing my clit and grabbed hold of my hips and thrust inside of me faster and faster. Suddenly, he lets out a loud moan and I could feel him throbbing inside of my pussy.

I knew this would be an interesting night.

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