Army Brat Ch. 05


Note: sorry that it took me a while but I had to really think about the direction I wanted the story to take. I’ve had so many supporting emails and am so glad that you’ve taken Danny and Ellen into your hearts. Enjoy. All rights reserved.


The next two weeks brought even more joy to both Danny and Ellen. Between the games, school work and activities they really didn’t see much of each other during the weekdays but on the weekends managed to spend hot private moments on the boat.

Janet and Allan also became closer after their commitment of love for each other and things were looking up. One big issue that came up was that Maria was assigned to the same department in the hospital that Janet worked.

It was in the pharmacy, as Janet waited for some medication, that Maria greeted her. “I guess we should at least say hello.”

Janet turned and saw the ex-wife. She moved back a few feet to keep her distance. “Oh…uh..uh…yes…uh hello.”

Maria smiled. “I’ve heard a lot of good things about you from the other doctors and nurses. I’m glad that we will be working together.” She held out her hand.

Janet smiled and took the woman’s hand in hers. After a quick contact she quickly dropped it. “I look forward to working with you.” Another nurse came into the room so Janet signed for the drugs and headed quickly away.

She helped a new patient get situated in one of the rooms and headed to the cafeteria to meet with Allan. When she walked in she saw him sitting and talking with Maria. She stood frozen not sure what to do until he looked up and waved for her to join them.

Janet sat down next to him across the table from Maria. “Hello again.”

Allan noticed most of the others in the cafeteria were looking at them. “I guess everyone knows that I’m dating a nurse and my ex-wife just moved to town.”

Janet took his hand under the table and they remained silent not sure what to talk about.

“Aunt Helen wants us all for dinner on Sunday,” Maria said.

“All of us meaning…” Allan said.

“All,” Maria said again. “You, Janet, Ellen and the cute boy I’ve seen her with at the ball games.”

“He’s my son Danny,” said Janet quickly.

“Your son,” Maria repeated almost choking on her sandwich. She glanced at Allan. “That must be interesting.”

He laughed. “Believe me it has been quite interesting.”

“I’m so happy that Ellen came to see me,” Maria said feeling more relaxed but then she saw the confused look on both of their faces. “Oh god, she didn’t tell you. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Well, she did say that she wanted to speak with you,” Allan said somewhat embarrassed. “How did it go?”

Maria looked at Janet not wanting to get into it in front of her. “Can we uh…you know…discuss this…another time?”

“I can go,” Janet said not wanting to get into a private matter between the two of them. She started to stand but Allan held her hand and her body down.

He turned and looked into Janet’s eyes. “What you say to me can also be said to Janet.” They both turned and looked at Maria.

“That’s fine,” Maria said feeling somewhat jealous. Although they had dated and been married for a number of years they never looked at each other the way Allan and Janet had looked at each other. “Basically, Ellen told me that she doesn’t hate me and only came over to meet Andy.”

“She said she wanted to meet her half-brother,” Allan grinned. But his smile went away when Maria slowly stood up.

“He is her whole brother Allan.”

Allan was too stunned to speak and could only watch as she took her empty tray and glass to the collection area. “What did she just say?”

Janet squeezed his hand. “I think she just said that you are Andy’s daddy.”

“Holy shit,” was the best Dr. Allan Brand could come up with.


One thing did change with Danny and that was that he quickly became the most popular boy in the school. The teachers and other kids all tried to get close to him. This was overwhelming especially to Ellen who wanted all of his time and attention and now had to share it. She walked into the lunch room and stopped when she saw a bunch of young underclass girls flocking around Danny sitting at their favorite table.

“What is your name?” Danny asked the tall skinny blonde girl wearing braces.

“Amy,” the girl giggled. She held out her arm for him to sign his name with permanent ink. Danny took her hand and she quickly sat down next to him. “I’m too weak to stand,” she whispered.

“To Amy from Danny,” he said as he wrote the same on her inner forearm. “How is that?”

“I’ll never wash my arm again,” she said. After she took her pen back she whispered. “Can I write my phone number on your arm?”

Danny was about to laugh when he heard Ellen’s raised voice behind them.

“How about I stick that pen where the sun doesn’t shine?” Ellen glared at the girl.

“OH GOD!” Amy cried as she jumped back and hurried out of the lunch room.

“Jesus Ellen. ankara türbanlı escort You scared the shit out of that girl,” Danny gasped.

She sat next to him and saw others turning around. “How many have propositioned you? Tell me that. How would you like it if guys were giving me their phone numbers?”

Danny could see that she was upset. “Let’s talk about it later.” He leaned over and whispered. “How many times do I have to tell you that I only love you?”

Ellen smiled and moved closer to allow his strong arm to surround and pull her closer. She relaxed and was doing well until Candy Underwood walked up.

“So are you coming to my party tomorrow night or not?”

Danny glanced at Ellen. “I didn’t have a chance to tell you. Candy invited “US” to her party tomorrow night.”

Ellen had been to a few of Candy’s parties in the past and knew that there would be booze and a lot of messing around. “I thought we were going to a movie tomorrow night?”

Danny looked at Candy and noticed that she couldn’t be wearing a bra. “Can we tell you before the end of the last period?”

“Sure,” Candy smiled. “But don’t forget.” She turned and wiggled away.

“But don’t forget,” Ellen repeated as she elbowed him in his side.

“Ouch,” Danny groaned. “You are invited too you know.”

“Yes, but if we go you are not getting out of my eyesight.”


Maria was sitting at the nurse’s station when Janet walked in to check the chart on one of her patients. “So how is Allan taking the news?”

Janet wasn’t happy with the way that Maria had presented the information. “You know you could have done a better job telling him,” she snapped back. “First you lie to him and then hit him with this kind of news in front of the whole cafeteria.”

“I didn’t even want to tell him,” Maria whispered seeing another nurse nearby. “Since Ellen knew I figured he would find out anyway.”

Janet knew she should walk away but couldn’t. “You should have stayed away.” She grabbed the clipboard with the information and walked away.

“I guess coming to dinner on Sunday is out,” Maria sighed.

Allan was sitting in his office when Janet knocked on the open door frame. “Hi…come in.” He could see that she was upset about something. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t think I can work in the same department with her.”

He closed the door and pulled her softness into his. “Tell me what happened.”

Janet hugged him close and told him what had just happened. “And she said it like it was funny.”

“I don’t think she would lie about Andy being my son but maybe I can get her to do a DNA test. I am going to try and talk to her today after work.”

“I don’t want to be part of it.” Janet said.

“I understand and maybe it’s best for us to iron it out the best we can. I’ll call you later and we can discuss it. I love you Janet.”

She moved her head back and looked into his sexy eyes. “Why can’t things be easy?”

“They will calm down,” he said not sure if he believed it or not.


Ellen cooled down that afternoon and was feeling better when she walked by the school office and saw Lisa standing by the counter with a stack of papers in her hand. “Oh great.” She tried to hurry by but the principle Bob Abbott yelled.

“Hey Ellen!”

Ellen turned and walked inside. “Hi Lisa,” she said trying not to show her dislike for the girl.

“Lisa said that she knew both Danny Upton and you. Do you have some time to show her around the school?”


“Yes, I checked your schedule and it looks like you only have a study hall.”

Ellen sighed. “OK, but I only have about 30 minutes.” She leaned against the counter while Lisa finished signing some forms. Lisa put the pen down, turned and smiled. “Let’s go,” Ellen said.

Lisa raced to catch up with Ellen hoping that they could talk and she could apologize. “Ellen please stop for a second.”

Ellen saw the empty lab room and moved inside with Lisa following her. She closed the door and glared. “I’m not sure if I should be alone with you. You might tell Danny that I pushed you down the steps or something.”

“I deserved that,” Lisa said. “What I did was so wrong and I’m so sorry. I’m very happy that Danny and you are together and believe me that I don’t want to interfere.”

Ellen sat her book bag down on the front desk and leaned back against it. “Because Danny still considers you a good friend I’m going to try and get along with you but you burned me once. I’m not going to let it happen again.”

“It won’t,” Lisa smiled. “But right now I do need someone to show me around the school so I don’t look stupid on my first day tomorrow.”

“I can do that,” Ellen said picking up her bag. She was out of the room and down the hall before Lisa could gather her wits. “The gym is down at the end of this hallway.”


Candy looked again over her shoulder as she hurried out to the remote parking lot. ankara ukraynalı escort She saw a car leaving but didn’t see any kids around as she moved behind the large storage building. He was waiting for her by a waste dumpster. “We shouldn’t meet here,” she said.

Todd grinned and pulled her behind the dumpster. Before she could react his lips found hers and his tongue dashed down her throat. She felt his bare right hand move up under her sweater in the back and seconds later felt her bra clasp being undone. “Todd don’t.”

He moved back but not before his two bare hands moved under her arms to cup and caress her wonderful warm bare breasts.

Candy grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands away. As she reached back to reconnect her bra she shook her head. “I told you that I’m not having sex with you.”

“Yeah, I know. You want Danny Upton to fuck you while I take care of Ellen.”

“You make it sound so gross,” she said looking over the dumpster to make sure no one was coming. “They are coming to the party but don’t show up until around 9:00PM. By then maybe I can get Danny and Ellen feeling good.”

Todd grinned and moved back. “I’m not sure if I want to take the chance of Danny kicking my ass again. He knows that kung fu stuff you know.”

“But you get to mess around with Ellen. You agreed last night on the phone.”

“Maybe I’m changing my mind now.” He glanced at her tits again and smiled.

She sighed. “OK, you can touch them if you want.” She reached back and quickly released the bra clasp again. As she peeked over the dumpster again she lifted her sweater and felt the cool air hitting her already hard nipples.

Todd had dreamed about seeing and touching Candy’s nipples for a long time. He lightly brushed over the pink tips and saw her close her eyes. After fondling them for over a minute he took the right nip in his lips and flicked his tongue around and around.

“Ohhh,” she moaned. It had been over two months since she broke up with her past boyfriend so her body was alive and on fire. She imagined it was Danny sucking on her titties and didn’t stop his hands from reaching up under her skirt until they cupped her almost bare buttocks.

Todd saw that her eyes were closed so as he suckled her nipple and squeezed her right butt cheek he reached down and quickly released his hard pink cock. His body moved forward pressing hers against the dumpster as his left hand moved around to the front and pulled her damp panties to the side.

Candy had not planned on going this far with him but his touches and kisses were too much. She felt his body press forward and then his hard cock head jab into her opened and very wet pussy lips. “Todd no…we can’t..OH…OH… you have a rubber?”

Todd had forgotten the condom in his car which was parked far down the street so no one would recognize it. “I’ll put out before I cum.” His hip shifted forward and he found out that she was not a virgin. Todd entered his first warm pussy as his five inch prick slid easily up inside of her. He moved rapidly like he had seen rabbits doing it on TV.


Todd’s eyes rolled back into his head when he felt the first cannon blast explode inside her moist hole. “AHHH!”

“TODD!” She screamed when she felt his hot juices inside of her. “PULL OUT……NOW!” Her small fists pounded on his shoulders until he jerked back releasing his pink hose which was still shooting the spunk shells. His last blast stuck her right thigh as his body fell back onto the sandy dirt below.

“OH GOD!” she cried as she tried to scoop out as much cum from inside of her as possible. “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”

Todd lay on his back with his prick still hard and sticking up as he looked up into her dark bush and pink pussy lips still covered with his cum. Her breasts were still exposed resting under her sweater which was bunched under her arms. “God that was great.”

“Great?” she said ready to cry. “You might have gotten me pregnant. I’ve got to clean up.” She dropped her skirt and pulled her bra and sweater down over her breasts. “You’re a fucking loser Todd.”

He laughed. “Does that mean I’m not invited to your party tomorrow night?”

“You better show up at the party and you better keep Ellen busy,” she stared. As she turned and hurried back to the girl’s locker room she heard him laughing.

“I’m finally a man.”


Allan looked at the clock and noticed it was almost quitting time. He was about to call Maria when he saw her standing in his doorway. “I guess we need to talk.”

Maria had removed her lab coat and was standing in her sexiest dark red dress. She remembered that it was his favorite. “I think we should talk in private and since we can’t go to your house or mine maybe we should go to the boat.”

“Uh..yeah..that would be the most private spot. I’ll meet you there in about thirty minutes.”

He watched her leave and remembered the many times he ulus escort had touched and kissed her nice round ass. He shook that thought out of his mine as he finished reviewing the X-Rays for one of his patients. It was 5:15 when he grabbed his briefcase and headed to his car. When he arrived at the boat he saw Maria sitting on one of the outside seats with her feet propped up on the side. Her dress was so high he saw the pink flesh of her triangle and quickly looked away.

Allan moved next to her. “There’s no one around so we can talk here.”

Maria had seen him glance at her exposed crotch and had also seen him look away. “We had a lot of fun on this boat.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about Andy?” He said not wanting to get into all the sex they had on the boat.

“Our first time was on the pull out bed downstairs,” she smiled as she opened her legs about eight inches. It was enough for the light from the nearby pole to highlight the fact that she had now a shaven and completely bald pussy.

“What do you want Maria? You leave me and tell me that you never loved me and now this? Now you want to fuck me?”

Maria stood and moved next to him. “After I moved and had Andy I hooked up.”

“You hooked up. Thank you for telling me that. You found another guy and fucked him. Great. That makes me feel a whole lot better.”

“Not a guy.”

He looked up and leaned back. “A woman?”

She shook her head. “A married couple.” She moved her hand to his thigh and then over until she found his limp cock. “Remember when you asked me if I wanted to experiment with another person?”

Allan felt himself getting hard and shifted to the side. “Christ. We were young and foolish. It was before Ellen was born.”

“You wanted to see me with another woman Allan. We used to fantasize about another woman kissing me. Kissing my….my pussy.” Again she reached for him but this time found him hard and ready.

She giggled. “They taught me a lot.” She pulled down his zipper and reached inside until she touched the familiar cock. “You can have me anyway you want. You can fuck me in my ass if you want.”

Allan closed his eyes and felt her familiar touches. “We..can’t. I love Janet and..”

“It’s OK,” she whispered. “We can all do it together.” She pulled out his hard rod and stroked him. “You can watch me and her.”

“Ohhh,” he groaned knowing that he should push her away and run from this madness but her fingers and words were so hot. “Don’t.”

“You can watch me kiss her pussy,” Maria whispered.

It was just enough to take him over the edge. “OH GOD!”

It was Maria’s loud laughter than prevented them both from hearing the rapid footsteps of the two people back in the shadows as they ran away from the boat down the boat dock.

Allan quickly came to his senses. “This was a mistake and you are one fucked up woman. Get the fuck off of my boat.”

Maria moved away and fixed her dress. “I know that you want it so the offer is on the table.” She stepped off of the boat and smiled looking at the side. “I’m glad you didn’t remove my name.”

As she walked towards the parking lot she saw the lights come on a car and then saw the car quickly back up and pull away.


Danny looked for Ellen after school and remembered that she had to work on a chemistry project in the lab. As he walked to his car he heard someone crying. After moving towards the rear of the lot he saw Candy sitting in her car with her head on the steering wheel. “Candy. Are you alright?”

Candy heard his voice and looked up. “Not really. A past boyfriend just gave me a hard time.” She pushed open the door and moved outside next to him. “I think I’m OK now.”

Danny didn’t know what to do. “Can I help?”

“I need a hug,” she said moving quickly into his body. She pulled his body into her softness and jabbed her thigh between his legs.

Danny tried to move back but she held on tight. “I uh…we should not be…you know.” Again he tried to move back but when she held onto him again he reached down and pulled her arms away.

“Thanks for the hug,” she grinned while batting her eyelashes his way. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

“You’ll see Ellen and I tomorrow night,” Danny quickly corrected.

“Sure, that’s what I meant,” she smiled.


Janet waited until after supper and after Danny was in the shower before she called Allan. He answered on the second ring.

“So, how did the conversation with Maria go?” She asked.

“Not that well,” he answered not wanting to tell her about how he had allowed his ex-wife to jerk him off. “I think we need to stay away from her as much as possible.”

“What did she say? Did she talk about Andy?”

“Not really. She wanted to talk about the past and all the good times we had together.”

Janet hesitated. “Do you think she wants to get back together with you?”

“No…..uh…not that. She knows we do not love each other but I think she uh…she uh wants to be friends…with both of us.”

“That’s not so bad. I mean for Ellen’s sake and if you want to see your son.”

“You…I mean we do not want to be friends with her. I think that she is still screwed up.”

“Well I guess I’m going to have to work with her so I’ll try to be nice but keep my distance.”

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