Art Modelling for a Friend


I first met my friend Pete at a job I had back in high school. He was nearly 10 years older than me but we had got on well from our first meeting. In many ways he was my complete opposite physically. Where I was short, pale and skinny, he was tall, tanned and toned. And where I was small and hairless, I suspected he was not.

Pete is an openly gay man and as far as he knew I was a skinny little straight guy with no interest in men. Of course that never stopped him shamelessly flirting with me. For almost as long as I had known him he always cracked jokes about trying to sleep with me or ‘turn me’.

I never really minded his advances; actually I’d always kind of liked it. Even before I truly discovered that side of myself, I had enjoyed teasing him, tempting him but never giving in. I took a strange kind of pleasure in knowing how much he wanted me and how much my repeated denial must have frustrated him.

After leaving the job we always kept in touch and tried to make a point of catching up regularly. One night Pete and I were catching up over a few drinks. I was between jobs at that time so I was glad that Pete had picked somewhere cheap and dingy to meet. After a few hours and many drinks bought by Pete, he started telling me about his most recent hobby. For as long as I had known him he had been an incredible artist. Mostly sticking to pencil drawings, he had an innate talent for capturing minute details with startling accuracy. Pete told me that lately he had been attending a life drawing group here at this very bar.

“It’s really nice and casual,” he told me. “Just a group of about 10 people who get together once a fortnight to practice their drawings. We get a different model in each time so it gives us a nice range of body types to draw. They close off the back room of the bar so it’s nice and private, but you can still grab a few drinks between poses.”

“Where do you find the models?” I asked.

“All over the place really,” Pete explained. “We advertise in local papers and forums. Some of the group even gets their friends to come along. Considering that it pays $300 for the two hour session there’s usually someone who’s happy to put their name down.”

“$300 for two hours?” I stammered. Given how poorly my current job search was going this sounded pretty appealing.

“Well yeh, people don’t just strip off in a room full of strangers for nothing,” Pete replied with a smirk.

“Oh, that kind of modeling,” I replied, feeling kind of stupid that I hadn’t picked up on that already.

“Thinking about signing up are you?” Pete laughed, still smirking.

“No, I don’t think so,” I said laughing off his offer, “as much as I’m sure you’d like to see that, I don’t think I’ll be joining you for your class.”

“Hear me out,” replied Pete, holding up his hand to silence me, “it’s really easy work. You pretty much sit on a chair, strike a few poses and let a couple of people scribble away. $300 for sitting on a chair for a couple of hours isn’t such a bad deal. It’s all very tasteful and discrete, and no one’s going to recognise you from a drawing.”

I sat there silently. I was suddenly aware that my pulse had picked up and my mouth was dry. Fleeting images of myself standing naked in a room full of faceless strangers raced through my head. I shuffled in my seat and cleared my throat, trying to mask my excitement. Pete seemed to take my silence as his cue to go on.

“The next session is supposed to be on Wednesday and we still haven’t got a model confirmed,” Pete went on. “I think you should consider it, you’d be doing me and the group a massive favour. Darren is the guy who runs the classes, I’m sure I could convince him to up the fee to $500 for the short notice.”

My eyes widened slightly at the mention of the additional payment. I’d hoped that Pete might not have noticed, but he grinned back at me, looking like a shark that was zeroing in on its prey.

“Have a think about it,” Pete said, his eyes fixed on mine. “We’ve got until tomorrow to find a model before we need to call off the class. If no one comes forward by then I’ll let you know.”

“Fine,” I replied with a shrug.

Pete got up and walked over to the bar order another round. I was glad he offered as my legs felt weak and I thought he might notice me trembling slightly. I was determined not to give away my excitement to him. I knew deep down that I was probably going to give in and agree to be his model, but I wanted it to look reluctant. After all these years of Pete coming onto me, I wanted him to feel like he’d finally broken me down, like he had won.

We stayed for a while longer but I could barely focus on anything that was being said. Eventually we called it a night and parted ways, but not before Pete reminded me to think over his offer. It was clear he wasn’t going to give up easily, and it became much clearer by the time I arrived home. I had barely set foot through my front door when I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. The message canlı bahis was from Pete.

I’ve just spoken to Darren about the class and he said that he’s calling it off since we haven’t found a model.

I felt a strange mix of relief and disappointment at the message. It was short lived however as a second message from Pete came up on the screen.

I’m going to message him now and tell him that you will do it.

My momentary relief was instantly replaced with a rush of fear and excitement. In all the time that I had known Pete he had never come on this strong. I couldn’t believe he had just volunteered my body for an art class. His message didn’t seem to be asking permission, it felt like he was telling me what was going to happen and he just wanted me to acknowledge it. I couldn’t believe he had just volunteered my body to a group of strangers like this.

With trembling fingers I typed out my two-letter reply.



Wednesday came around much faster than I would have liked, and before I knew it I found myself back at that seedy bar sitting across from Pete. I was clearly shaking with nerves and looked at least three shades paler than my normal self. Pete on the other hand was the picture of calm. He sat across from me nursing his drink grinning back at me.

The class was scheduled to begin at 10pm and Pete had suggested we arrive early to settle in and have a drink. Seeing how obviously nervous I was and perhaps fearing I would back out at the last minute, he had been busy over the last couple of hours plying me with drinks. After three vodka-sodas on an almost empty stomach I was definitely feeling a little more relaxed.

For the most part I wasn’t nervous about the modeling, or being in a room full of strangers, I had more or less been down that road before. What had me shaking in my seat was the idea of being naked in front of Pete. He was still firmly under the impression that I was a straight male, and in spite of this he had spent the majority of our friendship trying to get my clothes off. Now as we sat here he was minutes away from having his wish fulfilled. It excited and terrified me when I tried to imagine his reaction.

I was introduced to Darren, the event organiser at the bar. He was an older guy in his mid-forties with greying dark hair. He stood about a head taller than me and was broad shouldered and muscular. He looked like he could have been a wrestler of football player back in his prime. After a rough handshake Darren explained that they were just setting up the back room and would be ready to begin in about ten minutes. I knocked back my drink and quickly ordered another.

By the time Darren returned I was feeling the full affect of the four drinks I had just raced my way through. When I stood from my chair I felt myself swaying slightly and took a moment to steady myself. I gave a nervous smile to Pete who returned it with a wide grin. Darren led me through the door to the back room and closed it behind us.

The room was about the size of a small restaurant. Darren explained that they used it for a number of different events, but tonight it was set up especially for the class. The windows were blacked out with curtains and a large space had been cleared in the centre. At one end of the room was a small podium, about two feet off the floor. Facing the podium in a wide semi-circle were about 10 easels and chairs all set up to give a clear view.

Darren beckoned to the far end of the room behind the easels. “There’s a small changing room through there. I’ve left a robe out for you, just leave all of your clothes in there and I’ll let you know when we’re ready for you.” Without another word he turned and walked from the room.

Changing room was a rather grandiose term for the room. Closing the door behind me I found myself in a dingy little room that was probably once a bathroom. Filthy tiling lined the floor and walls and a single dim light bulb hung from a cord from the ceiling. On one side of the room was a grimy full-length mirror and on the other sat a pile of cardboard boxes with a small bathrobe draped over them.

I began to undress myself, my fingers shaking and fumbling over zippers and buttons. One by one I dumped my clothes onto the pile of boxes until I was left standing in only my underwear. Turning to face the grimy mirror I took a moment to let the image sink in. There I was, pale, skinny and smooth, standing nearly naked in a filthy back room. My cheeks were slightly flushed from the mix of alcohol and nerves and I could see my legs trembling.

With shaking hands I quickly pulled down my underwear and stepped out of them. My heart was racing as I took in my reflection. My little cock stood limp atop my smooth shaved balls, my pale skin illuminating my nakedness. I was startled back to reality by a sharp knock on the door and I dove towards the bathrobe wrapping it around my body loosely only a second before Darren swung the door open. He gave me a smile tinged with bahis siteleri the hint of a sneer as he beaconed me back into the room.

The room that had been empty only moments ago was now host to about a dozen guests. I don’t know what I had been expecting, but as I scanned the room I was hit with the realisation that everyone there was male. They were all staring at me with appraising eyes, casting looks up and down my body from my face to my bare feet. I locked eyes with Pete who was sitting closest to the podium, grinning from ear to ear as he watched me make my way across the room.

There was dead silence as I crossed the room, the soft thudding of my bare feet ringing in my ears and the loose tie on the bathrobe threatening to slip at any second. Darren placed a firm hand on my back as he guided me to the far end. Once we reached the podium he turned to address the room.

“Most of you know the drill, but we have a couple of new comers tonight,” his deep voice broke the tense silence. “We’re going to start off with some simple poses and then move to something a little more advanced. Each pose will last for 20 minutes and we will have a short break halfway through.” He turned to address me, “Nick, for the first pose I’d like you sitting down, knees raised with your hands resting on top of them.”

My heart was now racing so fast that a lump had formed in my throat and I couldn’t reply, instead I just meekly nodded and took a step towards the podium. Before I even had a chance to decide what to do with my robe I felt Darren’s rough hand on the back of my neck. It slid down to the hemline of the robe and in one smooth motion he grabbed and pulled. The loose tie on my waist offered no resistance as the robe was swiftly pulled from my body. I almost tripped on the step up to the podium and as I regained my balance the shock of what happened suddenly hit me. I was now standing stark naked in a room full of strange men. I stood there stunned for a moment, my arms dangling limp at my sides. I locked eyes again with Pete who was now staring intently at me with a stunned look on his face. I watched as his eyes traced their way up my body, stopping to stare directly at my little cock and balls. Then he looked up at me and his stupefied expression was immediately replaced with a sneering look of lust.

Easing my way down slowly on trembling legs, I assumed the position that Darren had given me. I thought I heard a couple of stifled sniggers when I filched slightly as my butt cheeks came into contact with the cold floor of the podium. Sitting up straight I opened my legs and rested my hands on top of my raised knees as instructed. My shaved cock and balls were now directly exposed to the group in front of me. I could only imagine how badly I was blushing as I felt the blood rush to my face. As I scanned the room I was met with numerous smirking faces as the artists stared down at my little dick hanging limply between my open legs.

Darren instructed the class to pick up their pencils and begin. The next 20 minutes passed quickly as I went into a daze, the soft scribbling of pencils the only sound in the room. After what seemed like only a few moments Darren called for everyone to stop as we moved to a new pose. Asking me to step off the podium, he carried over a pile of pillows and set them up in the middle. He then instructed me to sit down on them with my legs parted and my elbows behind me to support my weight. I felt immediately exposed and defenseless as soon as I got into position. With my arms behind me and my feet on the floor, my cock was thrust pathetically into the air, barely even large enough to fall to the side. I also found it extremely hard to get into a comfortable position and every little movement caused my little dick to noticeably wiggle.

The only benefit of being in this position was that it was almost impossible to keep my head up, so I could no longer see the sneering faces of the group encircling me. The next 20 minutes passed much more slowly as I felt the discomfort of my position settle in. Each time I shifted slightly I could feel my cock give a little wiggle and I would hear an accompanying snicker from at least one member of the group. In spite of the mounting pain I found myself relaxing slightly, no longer trembling with nerves but now starting to tremble with excitement. Bent over backwards I was thrusting my cock straight in the direction of Pete who was seated less than six feet away soaking in every detail.

Just when I thought that my arms were about to buckle under the pain, Darren finally called a break. As he helped me up from the podium the rest of the room began standing and making their way to the door.

“We’re just going to take a drinks break,” he explained to me. “We’ll get something for you, just have a seat and relax in the meantime.” With that he turned and left the room.

I looked around the podium for the bathrobe before noticing that it was now hanging on the far side of the room, just past the open door bahis şirketleri leading to the bar. Before I could contemplate making a quick dash past the door Pete cut me off. He stood grinning down at me, clearly enjoying the power shift. For so long now I had tease and toyed with him, always ultimately rebuffing his advances, but now I stood before him, trembling and naked while he leered at my body. I felt the sudden urge to cover myself with my hands but forced myself to resist.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” he asked with a smirk.

“Easy for you to say,” I replied with my best attempt at confidence.

“Well I hope you didn’t struggle too much,” Pete replied, “The next round tends to be a little more involved.”

Before I could ask him what he meant by that, the group began filing their way back into the room. My heart sunk in my chest as I realised they had been joined by one extra person. The bartender who had been serving us earlier that night had followed the group in whilst carrying a tray of drinks. From my best guess she couldn’t have been much older than 18 and probably hadn’t been working here for too long. As she looked over to where Pete and I were standing her eyebrows shot up and she choked back a laugh. With her eyes lingering for a moment on my limp cock she strode over to hand out the drinks. As she turned to leave she cast one last glance at my crotch with a demeaning half smile on her face.

Blushing furiously, I turned my attention back to Pete who was still talking. He was saying something about the next round of poses but I couldn’t focus with my mind racing as it was. The door to the bar was still open and whatever drink I had just been given was a lot stronger than what I had been drinking before. The ten-minute drink break slowly turned into half an hour as more drinks were brought into the room tray by tray. I could tell that everyone in the room was starting to get a little tipsy although I myself was well past that point. Every time I tried to break away to retrieve my robe another member of the group would suddenly appear and introduce themselves. By the time Darren called everyone back to their seats I guessed we had been mingling and drinking for close to an hour.

I swayed slightly as Darren lead me back to the podium. Whilst before he had led me with a hand on my back, he now firmly gripped my ass as we walked across the room. The pillows were still piled in the centre and he guided me down so that I was once again leaning back on the heap. As I sat down I noticed that there was now a small mirror propped up in front of the podium so that I could now see my reflection.

“We’ve run overtime so we’ve only got time for one last pose,” he said addressing the group. “Given that fact, I’ve asked everyone to vote and we have a clear winner.” Turning to me he said, “This one is a little more difficult so I’m going to help you. Lie back and lift up your legs.”

He moved around behind me and sat down cross-legged. As I leant back my head came to a rest in his lap, my neck pushed forward so that I was still facing the group. Unsure of where Darren was going with this I lifted my legs up, knees pressed together and brought them up to my chest. Darren reached forward and with one hand sliding under each of my thighs he pulled them apart. I let out a gasp of shock as my knees were pulled roughly apart, thrusting my crotch towards the group. I could barely move an inch under Darren’s vice like grip as he contorted my body into an almost pretzel like shape.

Darren leant forward and whispered into my ear so that only I could hear, “It’s time we give these boys a good show. Why don’t you reach down and spread those cheeks of yours?”

Although it clearly wasn’t a question, I felt strangely compelled to comply. My mind felt foggy and drunk, and a fresh wave of arousal was coursing through my body. Sliding my hands down to either side of my ass cheeks, I gently gripped each one and pulled back. I watched in the mirror as my cheeks parted offering the slightest glimpse of my puckered asshole.

“You can do better than that,” Darren said, slightly louder this time, “open yourself up.”

My heart was racing as I adjusted my grip. Holding tighter as Darren let me slide a little down the pile of cushions, I pulled back as far as I could. The view in the mirror in front of me was obscene. With my heavy eyelids and blushing face I was spread completely open for the whole room. My tight little asshole was so spread that it was in danger of opening as I desperately tried to clench it against the pull of my hands.

Pete was just staring at me wide-eyed. Coming to his senses he picked up a pencil and started to sketch, but he was barely glimpsing at the canvas as he took in the sight in front of him. Against all of my willpower, I felt myself starting to get hard. My little cock twitched as it slowly stiffened and pointed further up towards my face. An intense wave of humiliation washed over me as my prick reached its full hardness and stood straight out like a little arrow pointing up my chest. Pete was biting his bottom lip as his hand moved blindly across the paper in front of him, never breaking eye contact with my body.

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