Art Teacher


This story was written at the request of a fan, you know who you are. All the character descriptions and plot are theirs, I simply put it into word the best I could, I hope you enjoy it, and if you would like to leave a message for the fan who’s story this is, I will pass any comments on. Thanks…

Jodie Dwyer walked through the athletics department of the collage on her way to her own class… Art. She had qualified only recently herself and has got the job she craved most Art teacher on her first try.

The problem was although she had memorised most of the layout of the campus this athletics department had just opened and she was finding herself increasingly lost, the corridors seemed to go on forever as she turned a corner all she saw was more halls to walk down.

“Some short cut this is” she said aloud as she continued down the maze that the athletics department was. She had been walking for a while when she passed an open door, not fully open but enough to get her attention. Curiosity got the better of her and she just had to look in to see what was happening. Inside was someone she knew, it was Zack, and he was one of her students.

She liked Zack; he was 18 and a little shy, but as she saw now he had a pretty good body. He was undressing obviously he had been working out since he was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. It was strange but she couldn’t look away from him, her eyes were drawn, like a moth to a flame, to his body.

Zack hadn’t seen her or even realised anyone was watching as he continued to get undressed and ready to shower, slowly his shorts came off and then his boxers.

Jodie’s eyes lit up and widened to the size of saucers, as she was his cock it was long, really long. Half way down his leg and still soft, kind of long. She felt her pussy begin to drip instantly, her panties soaked with her arousal as she watched his cock swing as he walked to the shower block.

“Oh my god” she gasps, her breath catching in her throat as she leans against a nearby wall and thinks about the size of Zack’s cock.

“That is one piece of meat he’s got there,” she said to herself as her mind’s eye looked over the think cock over and over. She couldn’t believe he was so big, she couldn’t believe he was so big and still only soft!

“I have to have that cock in me, just for the feeling alone” she thought about her words, they had just slipped from her mouth with out her conscious brain even getting a look at them first.

In the shower Zack was washing his cock and thinking about his art teacher, Miss Dwyer. Those Volleyball sized, gravity-defying breasts were just so erotic, he would stare at them all during class, as well as every other guy in there but he would always give special attention to them, looking at every little giggle they made, looking for any sign of a nipple showing hard, thinking what it would be like to hold the weight of them in his hands and kiss all around the nipples before burying his face inside her cleavage.

Outside the locker room, Jodie was rubbing her moist panties into her pussy, she was taking a huge risk, this was the athletics department after all and many students of the collage would frequently come in here now it had opened to have a work out but with the thought and sight of that cock in her pussy, she had to obey her body and it was saying rub me hard! In her mind Jodie started to devise a plan of what to do to get that cock alone.

“Tomorrow after class I’ll ask him to stay behind for a talk, all I have to do is get him to agree to do some extra credit work then that cock will be mine” she said with a smile as her pussy burst forth with a torrent of cum filling her panties and making her knee’s go weak.

It was the next day and Jodie was feeling nervous, but at the same time excited. She hadn’t slept much all night; she had spent most of it with her favourite vibrator stuffed in her pussy, the soft humming like music to her ears as she came over and over, her bed wet with the sweat that was sticking her to it as she laid naked and worked her pussy to yet another massive orgasm.

Zack came walking into her classroom and she went weak at the knees, it was a good job she was near her desk because it was only leaning on that, that kept her from falling over.

“Hi Miss” Zack said pleasantly as he walked past the swooning woman, Jodie felt her nipples harden at just his greeting.

“Hi Zack” she finally spoke, her voice catching in her throat as she thought about what the class may thing if they could see her massive breasts, her nipples hard just at the thought of Zack’s cock, her panties filled with juice as she watched him take his seat, the thought of his cock in her mind.

The lesson didn’t go well for Jodie, all the time her mind was on Zack, as were her eyes, they could almost see through his pants to that huge cock that had taken her to at least 7 massive orgasms the night before.

Finally the bell went and everyone got up to leave, Zack had ankara türbanlı escort not been concentrating on the lesson, his mind had been on Miss Dwyer and her beach ball sized breasts, every time she bent over his eyes were drawn to them, watching as her shirt bulged and was that a little sight of an erect nipple he kept seeing?

Zack was just about to leave when he heard Miss Dwyer call him back.

“Zack I need to talk to you a second, could you please stay behind” he stopped and looked nervous, what did she want, well only one-way to find out.

“Yes Miss?” he turned and came back into her classroom closing the door behind him.

Jodie was nervous too, this was it, she had to do it now or never, the thought of that cock spurring her on she began to talk.

“Zack, I have been reviewing your work and I must say you are very close to failing my class” she began, she had planned this all morning, rehearsed the words and his possible responses so she was prepared for anything.

“Failing? But I don’t understand how?” Zack was shocked, ok he was not the best student and his mind was often off on his teacher’s breasts but he shouldn’t be failing!

“I’m sorry Zack but you are, I have reviewed your file and you are well behind what you should be for a pass” That was actually a lie, Zack was well within what he needed to pass but Jodie needed and excuse to get him and this was the best she could do at the time.

“Miss I really need to pass this course, isn’t there anything I could do to make up the marks?” Zack began to worry that he would fail his course and would do anything to make sure that didn’t happen.

“Well Zack, I can think of some extra credit you can get for yourself” Jodie was getting more aroused by the second as she saw Zack’s eyes light up as she spoke “I need someone to model for me tonight” she continued.

“Model for you?” Zack wasn’t sure what she meant but his mind was working overdrive as he stood and looked down at her massive breasts, he thought he could see her nipples were heard but passed it off as a trick of his eyes.

“I need a life model Zack and since this is the only way you can get a passing mark I thought of you first but I need you to volunteer not be asked”

Zack thought of her words. He had secretly lusted after his sexy teachers beach ball breasts since he enrolled at the collage, and was excited about being alone in the same room as the object of his desire. What drew him back was the fact it was a life model she wanted that meant going nude, and he had never done that in front of a girl, he had always been too nervous about the size of his lengthy cock to go all the way and get naked. But he really needed to pass and if this is what it would take that’s what he’d have to do.

For the rest of the day Zack had been thinking about what he had done, he had volunteered to be his teachers life model at her studio tonight, he didn’t have much clue as to what was going to happen but he was nervous non the less.

The time finally came when Zack had to set off to get to Jodie’s studio, he was dressed fully for the trip, but knew that in a short time would be totally naked in front of the woman he had lusted after since he signed up at Collage.

He walked into the studio and was met by Jodie’s sweet voice.

“Hello Zack, glad you came” she said sweetly trying to hide her own nerves too.

“He- hello Miss Dwyer” he stumbled on his words.

“Call me Jodie, Zack, were not in class now” she said with a smile, she knew they had to get on personal terms if she could take this as far as she planned to.

“Ok, Miss… erm I mean Jodie” he gave a nervous smile as he corrected himself, that drew a smile from Jodie too, she could see his nerves on his face and could sympathize she was feeling the same way.

“Right I think we need to start Zack, there is a room just in the back you can err… change in” she said as she walked off to prepare her canvas and paints.

Zack went into the room and took off his clothes, his mind was spinning at it all, and he found that a robe was provided for him to wear, thankful for small mercies he picked it u and slipped the robe on before making his way slowly to the pedestal that was provided for him to stand on while Jodie painted him.

He waited for her to return. When she did thankfully she was wearing a voluminous, shapeless painting smock that covered everything, he breathed a sigh of relief at least in that there was no chance of him seeing those breasts and becoming aroused.

“Zack please get on the pedestal and remove the robe,” Jodie said as she adjusted her stand to a higher level so now the canvas covered her upper body and face fully.

Zack hesitated as he held the robe, this was it, he had no choice but to uncover or fail his course, he chose to uncover. Nervously he unwrapped the tie and let the robe open up, his cock came into view instantly as the red ankara ukraynalı escort silk robe dropped from his shoulders and onto the floor around his ankles.

Jodie looked at his cock as she stepped from the side of her canvas to inspect him, Zack was so embarrassed about his cock he fought not to blush. But Jodie was showing no reaction to it what so ever, outwards that was, under the smock her nipples were hard and erect as rocks and her pussy was wetting her panties at the mere sight of him.

She stepped back behind the canvas and as soon as she was out of Zack’s sight she showed her reaction to his cock. Her knees went weak and her head spun, she almost fainted as she thought about having such a massive cock in her tight pussy, her nipples were so erect on her massive breasts she thought they would be ripped right off, her pussy was so wet she could feel it dripping down out of the gusset and onto her thighs.

Jodie took a deep breath and composed herself, she needed to play this delicately, too much and she would scare him off, too little and he would grow like she wanted him to, she had to be careful not to let her needs get too strong too soon.

Zack was trying everything he could think of to not look at his teacher, if he did he knew that her breasts, her massive beach ball sized, breasts would make his cock grow hard and it was embarrassing enough to be seen with it soft, getting hard was the last thing he wanted.

“Zack could you look this was please?” Jodie asked as she watched him stare at the ceiling.

“Err sure thing” Zack said as he broke his stare at the ceiling and looked at the middle of the canvas.

“I want you to focus on the top left edge of the canvas please Zack” Jodie said as she tapped the very top edge of the canvas with her finger “And don’t take your eyes off it please I need you to keep still for this”

Zack focused on the corner and found his eyes seemed to look by it and to Jodie, god this could get hard to do, he thought. Jodie knew full well that Zack could see past it and to her, that was her whole plan of action and she was ready. Zack watched her move as she began to paint on her canvas, her eyes moving from him to her paints then back to him as she got every detail she could into her work.

Jodie had been painting for about 5 mins when out of the blue she said it was really hot in the room.

“Sorry what?” Zack said as he took his gaze from her for the first time, he had been trying to concentrate on the edge of the canvas but had failed his eyes wandering over her body as she moved the brush over the canvas with expert motion.

“I said it’s hot in here” Jodie repeated as she put down the paintbrush and slipped a hand up to the top button on her smock. Zack watched with bated breath as she undid the top button and the smock dropped open a little. Under it she was wearing a tight jersey, very low cut and showing off a lot of cleavage, it too was buttoned up the front, but now Zack had a lot better view of those breasts as they bounced inside it with every move she made.

“That’s better,” she said as she flicked her hair back and pushed her massive breasts out a little as she starched her back. Her breasts, the cleavage, drew in Zack; his eyes were fixed on it as she swayed her breasts when she began to rub the brush in long strokes over the canvas again.

Jodie knew the power of teasing and taking this slow. Making slow but long strokes she made sure her breasts swayed as Zack looked at them, his mouth a little open. She didn’t do much but smile and make her cleavage sway as she painted Zack, she was going to torture him for a while and build the anticipation.

Jodie waited a few mins longer before she unbuttoned another button of her smock, her breasts becoming a little more exposed, an extra inch of cleavage showing to her eager model.

Zack’s eyes widened as he saw her unbutton another button and a little more cleavage showed, her excuse was it was so hot but he didn’t think so, maybe its because he was naked is all he could think, but he wasn’t complaining about what Jodie was doing.

Little by little Jodie exposed her breasts, her nipples hard and her pussy-dripping wet. Her breasts were hanging out of the almost fully open smock when she looked up and saw Zack was getting a little harder with each button, his cock was not stood slightly so with a smile she undid another button and saw it grow a little more, she had him right where she wanted him now.

Zack couldn’t help what was happening to his cock, just the sight of his teachers’ breasts as they exposed a little more each time made his cock hard. His eyes stayed on her breasts as another button was released and her breasts became almost fully exposed in her jersey. That was it his cock couldn’t take the sight of her massive, gorgeous breasts any longer and his cock defying him began to rise to full attention.

Jodie watched it grow and marvelled ulus escort at the size of his cock, it was about 16 inch! Zack was torn with his feelings, he knew that his cock was hard and that was really embarrassing him, this was his teacher for god sake, but he was also having the thrill of his young life watching Jodie, Miss Dwyer to him, with her smock almost fully open and her breasts only held back by a tight jersey that did no more then make them look bigger to his eyes.

Jodie looked at his stiffening cock and smiled to herself, wafting her hand in an attempt to cool herself, to Zack it made it look like she really was hot but really she had no choice but to do it to keep from fainting at the sight of the massive cock.

“Oh I can’t wear this smock in this heat” Jodie complained as Zack watched her take it off, her breasts bounced inside her jersey as she removed the smock and dropped it on the floor, his cock throbbed as he watched those massive breasts sway and bounce as she moved. Jodie smiled and took a step back from her canvas and towards Zack.

Zack watched as her breasts swung as she walked towards him, his eyes were fixed on the breasts he’d lusted after for so long as Jodie walked to him, his cock throbbing along with each step and subsequent bounce her breasts made.

Once she was within a few feet of his Zack could see her nipples were hard, very hard, and he had the perfect view down her cleavage.

“Zack this is no good… I can’t finish the painting with your co… I mean penis in this state” Jodie almost lost herself as she marvelled at the size of her student/model’s cock.

“What’s wrong?” Zack asked nervously as he again looked at her breasts, straining to be held back by the thin jersey.

“Well it has to be in its original state and that was flaccid,” Jodie said with a slight grin “And I only know one way to get it back to that state!”

Zack looked a little worried by what was to come but that soon turned to shock as his teacher reached out and took his cock in her left hand.

“Err…” Zack didn’t know what to say or do he just froze as Jodie’s hand slowly moved from the head of his cock down to the base, all 16 inches being covered by her soft palm.

“Shhh” Jodie shushed him as she rubbed him up and down again, looking into his eyes the whole time her hand slid up and down the long cock.

Zack was looking right down first into her eyes, then onto her cleavage, Jodie knew what he was looking at and decided it was time to give him a better look. Slowly she let go of his cock and stepped back, grabbing the top of the jersey she pulled it over her head and Zack’s eyes were drawn straight to naked breasts as they bounced from under the jersey and settled on her body again.

“Ohhh My…” Zack was lost for words as he saw the erect nipples on Jodie’s breasts; she had dropped the jersey now and was pushing them together and squeezing the firm flesh of her massive breasts as she smiled to her student and wiggled her upper body to make them sway and jiggle.

Zack’s cock was stood hard and long as Jodie moved towards him again her breasts held firm and nipples pointing straight at him.

“Now Zack we are going to have to get that penis of yours flaccid again, and the best way I know is to have it shoot a big… thick… creamy load of sperm over a set of Big… Hmm Firm… sensitive breasts!” Jodie took a step closer and opened her breasts with ever word about her breasts. She was now within inches of his cock and as he gasped she wrapped her breasts around it.

“Ohh My god!” Zack moaned as he felt those massive breasts enclose around his long cock. Jodie smiled as she held her breasts closed around his cock and slid them up and down the shaft, the head of Zack’s cock all the time sticking out of the top of her cleavage.

Jodie looked up to see her pupils smiling face before leaning her head down and taking the head of his cock into her mouth, her tongue licking off the pre-cum that had accumulated on it and sucking all around as much as she could get into her mouth as her breasts rubbed the shaft, the friction making her sweat and so lubricate his cock more.

Zack looked down to she his teacher a droplet of sweat running down her breasts as her nipples looked almost painfully erect and her mouth worked over the head of his cock. Her tongue licked the underside of the head as she moaned when she felt his hands come down and take hold of her nipples, Zack was right they were painfully erect and his touch made her pussy flood her panties with juice as she worked her breasts up and down his shaft again and again.

“Hmmm” Jodie moaned as she took her breasts from around Zack’s cock and held it with her hand again rubbing it up the bottom half of it as she began to take inch by inch into her mouth until the tip hit her throat and she gagged. Jodie wasn’t put off by this and after sucking and licking the top 3 inches for a short time longer she made another attempt to get more in, this time she relaxed her throat muscles and took the head past the opening and finally into her gullet.

“Ohhh God!” Zack moaned as she felt his teacher take his cock into her throat, there was still plenty left out but her hand was running over that with a tight grip as she felt the veins throb with her touch.

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