As You Say Sir, and Yes Mistress


I have found such pleasure in being a Dom. I have also discovered a sweet release in being a Sub. Last night, I was both, at different times. Our friend came over, and as soon as he showed up, I was all about being the Sub. I didn’t even look in his eyes until he told me to. It was twenty minutes before I even saw what he was wearing. I was clothed in exactly what he told me to wear. Black bra and thong, black slinky slacks, a black chemise, and a white button up blouse. I also had my hair up in a clip, completely off my neck, as requested. Oh, did I forget that I was wearing my three and a half inch patent heels? So, now I was about 6’2. I loved the feeling that he was in control. I didn’t speak to him, unless he requested. I even wore makeup that my husband requested. That smoky eye thing. My husband would be there later.

For now, though, it was simply me and Sir. Sir had me undress, slowly, and in the order that he chose. Slacks, button up, and every thing had to be done as sexily as possible. I was shaking from the excitement his orders gave me. Oh.

I was in just my underthings and my heels, when he demanded that I was to undress him. I did so, thrilled that I could finally touch him. One button at a time, pop, pop, pop. I wanted to take them off with my teeth, but I was never given that command. I smoothed one side of his shirt over his shoulder, keeping constant contact with his skin. I never wanted to stop touching his smooth warm skin. Then the other side, reaching around his back to grab the shirt. I tossed it away and spread my fingers over his chest. And then was chastised. I was not told that I could touch his chest. God, it hurt. Couldn’t he understand how much I was trying? He was so seductive, his voice teased me with it’s softness, hiding the hard edge of each command. I dipped my head down, properly sheepish.

Then he gave my next directive. The shoes and socks. Ok, now, this was hard for me. I couldn’t get his shoes off. It took for ever. And then his socks were thick, and were on a personal vendetta to get me! I could sense he was laughing, but no sound escaped his lips. Thank goodness. I think I would have cried, I was so stressed at that point. Then I was told to remove his pants. I started to raise up higher on my knees, instead of sitting back on my heels. He pushed me back down, one hand on my shoulder.

“I never told you to move.”

Damn. I was not having a very obedient night. So, I sat back on my haunches and worked his belt out of the loops. I think that removing a mans belt is one of the sexiest things in the world. For me it far out paces unbuttoning a fly. I went slowly. I undid it from it’s hook, and slid it out inch by inch. Once fully in my hands, I snapped it. A thought flew through my mind.

“Later, when we switch…..” I was so bad.

I dropped the belt and looked up at him. I know how much he liked it when I was looking up at him. He said it was very sexy. He growled a little, deep in his chest.

“Did I say to look at me? No.”

“I am sorry, Sir. I will not do it again Sir. Anything you ask Sir.”

Yes, I am cock whipped. I continued my task, slipping his jeans button loose, and unzipping his fly. Of course I ‘accidentally’ brushed up against his cock as often as possible. I even think I got away with it. I reached around his back, and slid my hands over his ass, pulling his jeans down with me. I kept my hands over his legs, each downward stroke pulling the pants with me. I circled my fingers around at his ankles and lifted each foot to slip the pants free. I tossed them to the ground with his shirt. Finally. All that was left were his boxers. Damn. Why couldn’t he just wear nothing? Hmmm… Then he reached down and wrapped my hair around his hand.

“I want you to make me even harder. But, do not touch skin, though. Fabric only, and no hands.”

“Yes Sir,” I mumbled.

“What was that?”

“Yes Sir.” I repeated it louder this time.


I set to my task at hand. I nuzzled his cock through the cotton, and nearly immediately it bounced up.

“Oh, yes. Very Good. You may use your hands.”

“Oh, thank you Sir.”

I wrapped my fingers around him, and stroked. Yum….I was already anticipating the flavor of him on my tongue. He groaned. He was turning out to be easy tonight.

“Remove my shorts. Now.”

“Oh, yes, Sir.”

I slipped my hands inside the waistband, and around to his ass. I gave it a squeeze, which garnered a growl. I ducked my head, and dragged his shorts down over his thighs, and around his ankles. I tossed them in to the steadily growing pile of discarded clothing. I stroked my fingers back up his calves, swirling here and there. I slid them up towards his inner thigh, and to the jutting prize that awaited me. He grabbed me neck, forcing me to look up at him.

“Suck my cock, and look at me while you do it.”

I mumbled around my mouthful. “Yes sir.”

I dove right in at the word ‘suck’. His hand still lay on my neck, now slack, and stroking the curling hairs at my nape. I took him in to my warm wet mouth all at once, sucking air in through my nose. When my lips hit his balls I was shocked. I had done it. I bursa escort had finally deep throated. As soon as the realization hit me, a gagged a little, and tears came in to my eyes. I withdrew, and nibbled all along the glistening head of him. I licked, flicking my tongue over what I knew was his most sensitive spot. His cock bounced, nearly smacking me in the nose. He was panting, already wanting me. See, there is more power in being a sub than a dom could ever know. We really have the power, knowing that our acquiescence makes them want us even more. He thrust in to my mouth, and I laved him with my tongue.

“I can smell you. You want me, don’t you?”

“Oh, Yes Sir. I want you more than I can say.”

With the hand that had lain on my neck, he pushed my mouth off of him.

“Get up, and lay down on the bed.”

“Yes, Sir.”

My knees were already slightly sore from kneeling. I moved my ass on to the bed and sat, trying to regain my equilibrium. He frowned at me.

“I said, LAY down, not sit.”

“Yes, Sir. Sorry Sir. My knees……” I trailed off, noticing the hunger in his eyes. I scooted back in to the middle of the bed, and lay down. I nestled my head on the pillows at the head of the bed. He dropped one knee on to the bed, and then the next. His warm body draped itself along my right side, and began stroking my body. I moaned, my body had been longing for his touch for so long, and the torture had been exquisite.

“You liked that, did you? Hmmm…. Should I stop?”

“No Sir!,” I nearly shouted as I grabbed his hand and held it to my breast. My nipple was hard, and begging for his mouth. He thankfully obliged, and slid his warm lips over my aching nipple, drawing it deep in his mouth,and rolling it against the roof of his mouth. He took my hand, and guided it down my body. Over my stomach, and down in to the damp curls. He stroked me open, my pearled pussy weeping from his touch. He then guided my fingers down against my clit. He whispered, his breath hot in my ear and across my neck.

“Touch your self. Come for me.”

“Yes sir,” my body shuddered at his command. The only problem was, could I do this? I had hardly ever masturbated, and here now, I supposed to do it on command. First time for everything, I suppose. He watched me, stroking my little nubbin, writhing as I got closer and closer, never quite reaching the peak. I moaned in frustration.

“What is wrong, are you disobeying me? I told you to come. Do it.”

“I can’t Sir. My body……” I trailed off, half afraid of his response. I couldn’t come, not like this. I like tongue, and cock, not my fumbling fingers.

“What, don’t you ever do this?”

“No, Sir. Not Often. I am sorry Sir.”

“Would you like help? My mouth, perhaps? My fingers helping?” At ‘fingers’ he slid his fingers in one at a time, until four were in, and stretching me, making me beg.

“P…p…please, Sir.” Just his fingers in me were getting me there. I was so close, but my own hand couldn’t pick up what ever rhythm I needed. He moved his body around, bringing his face down to my fragrant pussy. He breathed in, savoring the scent of my arousal. Then, he caught me off guard by diving right in. His tongue lapped my swollen clit. I had already been so close, that I had to will my body not to come then and there. He thrust his fingers deep in me, drawing even more moisture down. Oh, God. One of these days he is gonna kill me. I began to buck against his hand, and grinding against his mouth. My whole body was a tight bowstring, and I was going to snap. When I came, it was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. And he didn’t stop.

“Please,” I begged.

“Come again…” he whispered against my thigh. I had no control at this point. None. All out the window. I bucked and thrashed as I came once, twice, and then a third time. Then, at last, he let me fall limp against the bed. I was nearly sobbing, my body was still humming. I cracked open one eye and looked at his cock. Slick with precome, practically dripping.

I sat up, shaking off any remaining lethargy. I looked at him, pleading with my eyes. He nodded, all the permission I needed. I sucked him in as deep as possible, and massaged his balls. My hands couldn’t stay still, flitting from balls, to ass, to stomach, with the occasional landing on his very sensitive nips. I twisted one gently, savoring the jerk of his body that sent his cock down my throat. I twisted one more time as I felt his balls draw up against his body, and his cock go even harder. I drew him in deep and let him out a little faster now, daring him to come. With a shout, he did. Splashing my throat and tongue with his come. I held it in my mouth, savoring the salty tang. When I knew the last drop was out, he looked at me.

“Kiss me. Now.”

I dove up his sweating form, and melted in to his mouth, his juices and mine mixing as we kissed. We stayed that way, exploring each others mouths, for a few minutes, while our bodies regained some of their control. Finally, I slid off of him, and rolled off to one side.

“Sir? May I say something?”

“Yes, go ahead.”

I grinned, looked straight in to his eyes, and said “Your bursa escort bayan turn.” He looked at me, at first stern, but soon gave up the pretense. He smiled, and I swear, my heart skipped a beat, maybe two. He sat up, and leaned back on his heels. I believe that he was one step from clapping his hands like a child, and asking “what’s next?” I needed a short break, so I went down in to the kitchen, his footsteps padding down the stairs behind me. All I was hoping was that no one drove by my house, and looked in the windows. They would sure get an eyeful! He followed me in, and went to where I had left some clean dishes draining on the side board. He plucked up a glass, and handed it to me. Then he went in to my fridge and retrieved my water pitcher. While he was busy pouring, I gathered some supplies. I opened the freezer, and pulled out two ice cube trays. I ran my hands over the top, chilling my skin. I ran my fingers down his spine, making him shiver. He twisted around and grabbed me in a tight hug. His lips trailed down my neck, nibbling and sucking. I threaded my fingers through his thick hair and pulled his mouth to mine. Our tongues dueled until we were both breathless. I broke the embrace with a laugh.

“C’mon. We have much more to do.” He bowed his head, and cocked it slightly to the side. “Yes, Mistress.” Ohh, a girl could get used to that.

“Grab a cupcake.”

“Yes, Mistress.” There was a box sitting on the counter with left overs from a party the other day. While he got the cupcake, I got my ice, and plunked it down into the water glass. I took a deep drink, and icy cold water dripped down the side of my mouth, and out. Down my neck, over one breast, and over my stomach, one lone drop made a path to my still damp pussy. His eyes followed the drop, and his cheeks reddened slightly. I added a few more cubes of ice, and more water to the glass.

“Lets go.”

“Yes Mistress.” I turned and headed for the stairs, his footsteps following close behind. Once we got to my room, I was struck briefly. What the heck was I doing? Could I pull this off? It doesn’t hurt to try. I tapped my lip with a fingertip.

“What am I to do with you?”

“Anything you wish, Mistress.” I set the glass down on a table, and faced him. I stroked my hands down my body, outlining my breasts and hips with my fingers. His eyes followed my movements.

“Did I say you could look at me?” I was getting the hang of this. He dropped his head swiftly, eyes on the floor.

“No Mistress. I am sorry Mistress. Please, punish me.” Hmmm. Ok. I can do this. I told him to lay down, his head at the lower corner of my bed. I grabbed a silky tie from my bureau. I slid it across my fingers, and around one nipple. Very soft. I tied one hand, and then slid the tie under the corner of the bed. I tied the other hand and gave a tug. Nope, he isn’t going anywhere. He turned his head to the side, and looked at me. I kissed his lips, sucking on the bottom lip, and nibbling. I pulled away from him, and settled next to his naked body. I smoothed one hand from the nape of his neck, all the way down to cup his ass. He trembled and lifted his ass, filling my hand again. I pulled my hand away, and brought it down sharply.

“Don’t move.”

“Yes Mistress. I am sorry Mistress.” I spanked him again, watching the flesh already beginning to turn red. What a nice sight.

While we were getting set up, my husband had come home. He hopped in the shower, and by the time I was spanking, he was out. He walked in the bedroom, still slightly damp, with a huge grin on his face.

“What are you smiling at?”

“Nothing, just the beautiful view. Keep it up.” Apparently my husband was a little slow on the uptake. He hadn’t figured out yet that I was running this show. I cracked my hand across my toy’s ass one more time, and stood up. I walked over to my husband and pulled him to me. I wrapped one arm around his neck, and brought his ear to my mouth.

“I am Mistress. Refer to me as such, understand?” His eyes went wide. He and I didn’t really play this too often. He nodded, and dropped his eyes to the floor.

“I understand Mistress. I apologize.” I nodded.

“Fetch my brush.”

“Yes Mistress,” my husband muttered. He stepped over to our bureau and retrieved it. He cracked it against his fingers, and my toy flinched. I took the brush from my husband, and ran the bristle side up and down my toy’s back. He shivered. I stroked the bristles down Pet’s back, loving how he flinched at each swipe.

“Do you like this Pet? Do you want me to continue?”

“Anything you wish, Mistress.” I flipped the brush over, running the concave surface over his smooth ass. He lifted his hips, thrusting against me, trying to continue contact. I lifted the brush away, and brought it down, hard. A resounding THWACK echoed in my room. Nearby, watching, I could see my husband jump in sympathy.

“Do you wish to help? Or perhaps, pleasure me?”

“Anything you wish, Mistress. What do you command?”

“I want you, Now.” I stuck my ass in the air, and he got on to the bed behind me. I raised the brush again, and cracked it across Pet’s reddened ass cheeks. My husband thrust in to escort bursa me just as I was lifting the brush. He pulled out just as I brought it back down. Pet turned his head, and tried to look over his shoulder. His mouth dropped open at the sight of my breasts swinging so close to his hyper sensitive ass. Finally, I knew Pet had enough. If I didn’t stop him, he would have let me spank him all night.

I leaned back in to my husbands arms, his thick cock still thrusting slowly within me. He reached around my body and grabbed one huge breast in his hand. He kneaded my nipple with his agile fingers, rolling it back and forth until it was hard, and tight. Pet was still tied, panting hard from the exquisite pleasure my palm and brush had brought to his eager body.

I slid away from my husband, and reached for my forgotten glass of ice water. Using my warmed fingertips, I plucked out one half melted cube. I slid it over Pet’s cheeks, watching as steam practically flew off his still writhing body. I swooped over his round ass, and in between, rubbing slowly over his tightly puckered bud. I slipped this ice in him, and he shouted out. He strained his bonds, pulling tight under the edge of the bed. His biceps rippled as he fought what I had thought we rather loose. Not any longer. His wiggling had tightened them up, making it impossible to escape. Interesting.

My husbands lips had been trailing over my exposed backside, and straying in to my pussy. His tongue slid up and down my dripping lips, and I moaned. Now was not the time for me to loose control. I looked over my shoulder at him.

“On your knees, here, on the floor.”

“Yes Mistress,” a pout on his lips from being taken from my alluring dampness for more than a minute. I leaned over Pet, my breasts rubbing over his ass, and up his back. I untied his bonds, and pulled his slightly shaking body to me. I spread my legs behind him, on either side. He leaned back against me, and I began kissing his neck. “Oh, thank you Mistress. That was wonderful. Thank you.” I laughed softly.

“Now you are getting a reward for being such a good Pet.” My husband was positioned between Pets aching thighs.

“Suck him,” I commanded, looking directly at my husband. His eyes lit up.

“Yes Mistress.” He slid his fingers up my Pet’s thighs, and wraps one hand around his very hard cock. My husbands lips wrapped around him, and sucked him down deep in to his throat. Pet’s head flung back again, tight against my shoulder. He bit his lip, holding back another moan. I licked his ear, and made a trail to his mouth. I kissed him, letting him take out all of his frustration on me. Pet reached out and fisted one hand in my husbands short dark hair, and forced his mouth faster against his cock.

“Mistress,” Pet panted, “please Mistress, may I suck his cock as well?” What a lovely thought.

“Good idea Pet. Why don’t you two switch places?” Both highly aroused men nodded in acquiescence and began to switch. I couldn’t resist reaching out to each, and grabbing an ass cheek here, and a nipple there. My husband settled himself against me, and spread his thighs. Pet kneeled on the floor, grabbed my husbands ass, and drew him closer. He dove in, taking my husbands thick cock in one long swallow. And swallow he did. He would suck a cock all the way in and then swallow against it, a hell of a parlor trick. My husband dug his fingers in to my thighs as they lay next to his. I was kissing all over the nape of his neck, and leaning forward to kiss his lips, and shoulders. Just watching two incredibly hot men pleasuring each other nearly sent me over the edge. I had enough of watching.

“Stop. Get on the bed, Pet. I want you both in me. And I want you now.” Both men grinned in anticipation. My husband lay down in the middle of the bad, spread eagled. I straddled his hips, and impaled myself on his throbbing cock. My pussy clutched him tightly, sending waves of electricity all the way down to my toes. Pet got behind me, and stroked one finger down my spine. He cupped my ass and spread my cheeks apart, giving him a full view of what I had to offer him. He flicked open the bottle of strawberry-kiwi lube, and drizzled some down my ass crack. A chilly drop found it’s way to my husbands balls. He shuddered. I clenched my thighs around him.

“Stay still. I am going to ride you both.” Pet thrust home, filling my ass with his delicious cock. I undulated back and forth, rubbing my clit against the base of my husbands cock. His balls were getting tight, each thrust getting him closer and closer. Pet’s thrusts picked up pace in rhythm with my husband. I was close too. I reached behind me, and wrapped an arm around Pet’s waist. He wrapped an arm around me, and played with my breast. My husband began playing with the other one. My pussy clenched, as well as my ass, and I came. I think that my coming is what sent both of them over the edge nearly at the same time. My husband put his unoccupied hand on my hip, and pulled me down against him harder. Pet wrapped his other arm around my waist, slamming in to me faster. I looked down at my husband as I felt him come in my dripping pussy. I leaned my head back, and looked at Pet’s face as well. He was biting his lips again, and only let go when he came. He moaned my name low, and filled me to the brim. His teeth bit in to my shoulder, as he came. I chuckled, half to my self. I placed on hand on my husbands stomach, and smiled.

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