Asher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 02


This is part of a four-part series. It should stand by itself, but will make more sense if read in the series. And don’t forget to vote!

“Take advantage of me again, Asher.”

“A gentleman never refuses a lady, and I would love to take complete advantage of you. But might I make one small suggestion first?”


“I was thinking, maybe, butter chicken on a bed of rice, extra pappadums, perhaps some nice champagne – cold of course.”

Lilith recalled her order for her imaginary boyfriend and laughed. “Asher! You ARE taking advantage of me!”

As they lay on the bed together, Asher kissed Lilith’s forehead, eyebrows, nose, cheeks. He slid himself down the bed, kissing between words.

“Not at all (kiss). I (kiss) respect you (kiss) as a (kiss) person.” He kissed her chin, her collarbone. “You are (kiss) a highly (kiss) intelligent woman.” He brushed his lips as lightly as possible over her breasts and nipples. She shivered. “But God (brush) you are (brush) sexy (brush).”

He kissed her chest, her sides, her hip bones. She ran her fingers through his tousled hair, hoping he wouldn’t stop when he got to the sticky mixture of their sweat, love-juices and her virgin blood. She needn’t have worried, as Asher had his own fiendish plans.

He kissed down through her pubic hair, all the while running his nails up her sides and down past her hips. He was rewarded by squirms of pleasure, as her body responded to his teasing touch. He eased her legs open, and was aroused as he watched her sticky labia separate. The complex smell of her and his combined juices delighted his nose. He pushed his tongue against her pussy, then backed off to watch it slip back into place. When he stretched the lips apart, her clitoris peeped out. His tongue brought shudders of pleasure. Lilith moaned contentedly.

A fresher smell of her arousal came out, and Asher could notice a clear sweet fluid already collecting in her delicate folds. Delicious. Lilith started to buck, so he put her feet firmly on his shoulders. This held her legs still, and stretched her thighs. Her dark curls peeped between her smooth lightly tanned legs. Asher stroked her thighs, her buttocks, her hips. Her pussy heaved with delight, its lips swelling and moistening. He prised it open and sucked the nectar from it. Lilith’s moans grew louder. She clutched the sheets.

“I was thinking some naan.”

“What? Naan???” Lilith was suddenly still.

Asher had paused too. “Naan bread. To go with the curry. Lassi to wash it down with. Hungry?”

“Asher you fucking bastard! Fucking finish me off you fucking tease. Get your cock into me and started ramming right now before I tear your fucking hair out. I need you to fuck me senseless, not fucking talk. GET INTO ME! NOW!!!”

Both of them were startled by the sexual fury of her words. Who was this tigress? Who cared! Asher stood at the end of the bed, cock swaying angrily, and roughly pulled her hips to him. Her legs were up his chest and her overcharged senses could feel his chest hair against her calves. She could feel his cock sliding around her hungry cunt, slipping in the juice of her arousal. She caught a glimpse of a crooked smile on Asher’s face and her fury spiked.


Lilith swung her legs each side of his torso and rammed her heels into his back. He twitched in shock, his cock found its target and smoothly slid home. The heat of inside her filled ankara türbanlı escort his mind and shattered his planned teasing. All he could do now was ram into her, slap his balls against her willing lips, slide the length of his shaft deep into her cavern.

Lilith was on fire. Her senses screamed with urgent pleasure. Her heels picked up the rhythm of his thrusts and drove each stroke home from behind. She began clawing at his arms, but he grabbed her wrists and forced them above her head. His arms brushed her breasts and sent electric shocks through her. Stretched full length above her, she snapped her teeth at him, almost grazing a cheek, but he somehow kept clear. She clamped onto his fringe and tugged.

They both could feel his pressure mounting. Sweat dripped into her face and she greedily licked it where she could. Veins stood out on Asher’s body. He looked almost in pain as spasms shook him and his cock gushed forth his semen, filling her. He cried out as if in agony, and Lilith matched his sound.

Then the storm passed. Asher, stretched taut above his lover, opened his eyes. He stared into Lilith’s as he felt her gently caress his straining arms. He collapsed, as gently as he could manage in his wracked state. Lilith felt his breath across her chest, harsh at first but gradually calming down. She stroked his back, peacefully. The man-smell was in his hair now.

“God, Lilith, you’re amazing, love. Fantastic. Scary. You frighten me.”

Lilith was silent, except for a slight humming she made as she cared for her lover. She was content, but puzzled by her own behaviour, and amused Asher should describe her that way. Oddly enough, she wasn’t frightened of herself. True, she could be barely recognise herself as the wild animal – she wasn’t sure she could even remember the details, but it seemed right, somehow. And the way her devouring fury instantly became tenderness: was that odd too? No, it seemed so natural. It was all a stage of her journey that was unexpected, but not a wrong turn. It felt fucking wonderful too.

Asher was puzzled as well. What on earth was going on here? He didn’t think of himself as desperate and frustrated, only a bit dismayed by his romantic failures. He was not in any hurry. He was certainly not “on the prowl.” Now look at him! Bedding his secretary! Puh-leez. But that was a completely wrong interpretation. He knew he respected her, admired her. She respected him. They clicked. The wildness he had just seen, and thrown himself into, just had a strange rightness to it. It didn’t make sense, yet it did.

Bad experiences in the past had made him very cautious. His habit was to idealise and romanticise women, when in fact they often just baffled him. But Lilith had changed all that. Spun his world around with the lightest of touches. He was dizzy but happy. And he had never had sex like this before.

Lilith had never had sex like this before. In fact she’d never had sex before. Never seen a man naked and ready, except on the internet. Never been so ready herself. Never felt that roaring ravenous need to take and be taken, feel the weight and pressure of him against her demanding body. Never felt such contented release afterwards.

This afternoon I was a virgin, she thought. Now, now I’m a maniac. A sex maniac.

“A sex maniac? That’s a bit dramatic. Willing, yes. Passionate. Demanding. But it seems, I dunno, normal almost.” ankara ukraynalı escort Asher was now on his side, by her side, stroking her hair.

Lilith started, unaware she’d been thinking out loud.

“I… yes, normal almost. That’s a crazy thing to say. But it’s right. You care, so much. You care about your work, your music, you care about me. When I saw you there with my shopping, and I’d been so angry with myself about it earlier. I, I just melted. You were there, you were strong. Suddenly I knew I had to have you, had to take all of you. Is that selfish?

“Asher, what are we doing here? I’m a country girl lost in the city. I’m lost in this life. You’re so clever and creative, you belong. What have we done? What the hell have we done? I’m your PA, for fuck’s sake. I shouldn’t be doing this. We shouldn’t be doing this. But it feels so right. You feel so good, just here. But life’s not a Fleetwood Mac song…” Lilith could feel the tears pricking.

Asher held her tight. “Easy girl, easy. Easy,” he murmured. “You haven’t done anything wrong. I haven’t done anything I didn’t want to. I’m an adult, I should know what’s coming, and wear the consequences. This is crazy, as you say. I’ve kept my guard up for years. I’m no sleaze. But you, Lilith, you’ve just sailed in, and it just feels right. You keep me organised, you brighten the place, you make me work better. You, you lift me. I’ve no idea where this will end up. In a way I don’t want to know. But here and now, we are two adults who care. And I have just the thing we need.” Asher scrabbled on the floor and found his phone in his crumpled trousers.

“What? A what-the-hell-is-going-on app?”

“Almost. Siri, Indian take-aways which deliver to this location, please. And Siri, do something about the glass in the kitchen will you.”

Lilith had to laugh. “You are unbearable!” She squeezed him hard.

* * *

“Mmmm, that has helped a lot. I hadn’t noticed how hungry I was. That drink, lassi you call it? That was exactly right. What flavour is it?”

Lilith gazed across the table over the remnants of dinner. Tealight candles winked softly from every shelf and surface. Asher smiled his beautiful smile.

“Rosewater. A perfume for a goddess.”

“Asher, stop that! Let me tell you, I don’t know if “perfume” is the right word, but there are a few “fragrances” in this flat. Does sex smell this much usually?”

“Only the best sex. No, don’t laugh. Sex is a wonderful confusion of all the senses, as well as using most of your brain. Insert sexist joke here. But my understanding is, when everything is right for the lady it’s just the same, if not more so.”

“Well professor, we have no choice but to continue our research. But I have to say, I’m feeling pretty tender between the legs. What were you doing?”

“Nothing but what you were, shall we say, “requesting”. The bruises on my back would take some explaining.”

Lilith only smiled seductively. The memory of their lovemaking was stirring her again, a warm urging conflicting with her soreness.

“Asher, I want to do more. I want to do everything. My friends at school used to talk about it, and I’ve been curious, but now it’s my time.”

“Let’s do it together.”

Lilith stood up, led Asher to the bedroom and sat him on the edge of the bed. He was wearing only his shirt, which she unbuttoned. He gazed at her as she worked. She ulus escort had put her head to one side.

She stepped back, and studied his smooth shoulders, his chest with its light curls above and around the nipples. She ran her hands down his front, to where the darker hairs started. He had the tiniest bit of fluff in his belly button. She ran her hands down his strong thighs and stared into his crotch. Fascinated, she watched his cock grow in size, from hanging, to curved and fleshy, to pink and rampant, bobbing slowly. Tiny veins stood out on his shaft. She thought she could smell her own juices mixed with his sweat.

An idea occurred to her. She hurried off to the bathroom, grabbed a handtowel which she passed under the tap, and returned. She knelt down and gently wiped his thighs and balls. She ringed his cock and wiped down the shaft. When the head appeared from the towel, she bent over and kissed it. Asher sighed.

She took his cock into her mouth. She explored it with her tongue, feeling the edge of its head, dipping into the opening, sucking it. It quivered to her touch. It was alive to her. Running her hand up and down the shaft, she marvelled at the delicate sliding skin encasing the hard shaft. Soft and hard, at once.

Asher’s body started to rock in time to her rubbing. His breathing came heavy. “Ahhhh, fuck, keep going,” he slurred.

Lilith was enjoying it. Giving him this pleasure and feeling the powerful effect she had on him. She tried bobbing up and down like a porn star, but it made her feel slightly dizzy, so she concentrated on the head, sucking and pulling. Asher wasn’t complaining. She caught a slightly salty tang.

“Oh Lilith, don’t stop, but I’m getting close.”

“Come for me, love. I want you to come.”

Asher had slumped back on the bed and was watching her careful work. He felt her tongue in every corner and crevice. He saw a trickle of her spit escape down his shaft and between her fingers. God, her touch was light. With her other hand she cradled his balls, which jumped for joy. He spread his legs and her hand traced between his buttocks. Asher thought he could actually feel sparks coming from his cock into his legs. He moaned.

“Come for me, come in my mouth. Give me your sperm.”

Lilith felt his cock twitching more strongly. His balls rose up. Her fingers felt the channel under the shaft rippling and his come poured into her mouth. Her mouth was full of cock, of semen, of her saliva. She milked the shaft, and more came up.

“AaaaAAAHHHhhh! Oh God! Oh Lilith!” Asher screwed his eyes shut and saw flashes of light.

Lilith let his softening member slip from her mouth. She looked up, and saw that Asher had dribbled slightly from the orgasm. Another idea occurred to her. She rose up and straddled him. She bent down and kissed him. Her lips were closed at first, but slowly opened to the helpless man below her. Asher’s eyes opened wide, as he tasted her spit and his come in her mouth. Her eyes smiled wickedly. His senses reeled.

Lilith swallowed most of it, then let her sticky tongue explore his mouth. Pinned to the bed, Asher had no choice but to follow her lead. They kissed long and deeply.

“Mmmm, I liked that. I could suck you off again, I think.”

“Lilith, if you do it that well each time, I may not survive.”

“I’m just doing what feels right. It felt just right. I was a bit worried you might grab my head like I’ve seen in some movies, but you were a gentleman. Thank you.”

“I can’t say you were a lady! But please do it again, as often as you like. The kiss at the end was a surprise, though.”

“Yes. A surprise to me as well. But good. I’m guessing you’ve never tasted your come before?”

“True, I’m no longer a come-tasting virgin.”

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