Ashley and Megan Ch. 01


*All characters in this fiction are over the age of 18. I as the author do not condone illegal sexual acts of any kind. This series contains stories with strong sexual content. If you have come across this story by accident, not on the Literotica website, and you are not comfortable with fictional erotic writings involving incest, lesbianism, or other possibly taboo topic than I strongly suggest you do not read further. Also I would like any and all feedback. This being my first submission to lit please let me know if you like it.

Part I

June is coming so fast. It seems like I just started high school yesterday and graduation is sprinting up to me. My name is Ashley and I obviously am a high school senior. When I graduate I am heading to college on the other side of the country. I was lucky that I managed to swim really well which led to a full ride, just not near home. I was a little worried at first but I realized it was a good chance for me to grow up…

“Wake up sis time to get ready, we have to leave in an hour.” “Damn it ” I mumbled to myself as my sister Megan yelled at me from the doorway to piss me off.

“Meg turn the shower on for me!” I yelled back in half awake daze but she ignored me as usual

Mom was on vacation with Casey my step dad in Florida. It seems like they are always gone now that Meg finally turned 18 we were both adults so what did they care. Next week was finals so we were going to be studying all week. I put in an all nighter last night and would have slept easily past first period maybe even second if Meg hadn’t yelled. I was the bookworm and Meg wasn’t. She had the boyfriends and all the fun. I didn’t. I stayed at home studying while she had fun with all her boy toys. She was super hot. We both were actually. I am not trying to be shallow but we got lucky I guess. She has shoulder length light brown hair with blond highlights. It matches her natural tanned five foot four inch frame perfectly. The thing that really stands out is her perfect tits. I didn’t think breasts could be that fantastic. I was attracted to her but not in an overtly got to break all the rules kind of way, but I noticed. Her tits were the most pert full sized B cups with the sexiest nipples. Don’t get me wrong her ass is great but those tits made all the girls jealous and all the boys hard. I on the other hand was the opposite. She was swimsuit model curvy and I had a swimmers body. Long and lean. I was about four inches taller than Meg. I had b cups also but on the smaller end. My legs were long and tone. My abs had to be my favorite part of my body. They are the part of my body I am most proud of. A lot of comments have always been made about my ass so I am guessing it is a good one.

Anyway, I had a few boyfriends but we never got far. I often had to resort to masturbating, unlike Meg who seemed to always be fucking. I could usually hear through our thin walls when one of her playthings would come over. I could constantly hear her begging to be fucked harder and saying the Ankara bayan escort raunchiest things that instantly made me want to touch myself. If I wasn’t rubbing my clit to my sister cumming on a cock than I was stroking my pussy to porn. I love porn. I found Megs stash one day when I was 14 and masturbated ever since. I loved masturbating in the shower so I was looking forward to starting my day off cumming hard. I needed it.

I was not as comfortable as Meg was about being naked so I checked the hall like I was crossing the street and ran to the bathroom. I pushed the door open since it was cracked and stepped into the bathroom. I was confused at first but then it dawned on me Meg started the shower all right. Just not for me. Apparently she loved playing in the shower as much as I did. When I opened the curtain she had a hand between her legs working herself. Her eyes were closed as the water ran down her almost almond looking hair cascading down her back between her gorgeous ass. She opened her eyes when the curtain opened. “Damn Ash can I get some privacy?” as she tried to hide what she was doing

“I am so sorry I didn’t mean to… I mean I thought …” I mumbled as I turned away grabbing a towel for and rushing out of the bathroom.

“The bathroom is free.” She said as she leaned into my room, still naked.

“Thanks and hey I’m real sorry about you know catching you or whatever.” Man I felt so stupid

“It’s okay Ash really so you caught me masturbating we all do it. But you need to get ready we will talk later” Meg replied easing the tension

“I know but still I’m sorry.” I quickly got into the shower and felt the knot in my stomach. I had just seen my younger sister fucking herself. Why am I getting so hot thinking about it? I didn’t even realize my right hand positioned it self-right between my legs almost trying to recreate the brief but lasting image of my sister trying to bring herself to orgasm. My head and body positioned it self the exact same way I found my sister but added my own personal touches. I loved playing with my nipple while touching myself. I went at my pussy with one goal in mind…to cum. My tits had enough attention… now to nut. I slid the middle finger of my left hand deep into my snatch while my right hand rubbed my sensitive clit. I could tell by my heavy breathing and the fact that I was not new at touching myself I would be over the edge real soon. As I fingered my cunt and rubbed my clit the image of sister would not go away. I rubbed my swollen clit between my fingers and rode my other hand. “OH GOD, OH GOD UMMMM” I whispered to my self as I came trying to be quiet. I relaxed against the wall to regain my composure. There was my nut for the day and it wouldn’t be my last.

Part II I couldn’t concentrate for shit at school. I came home after swim practice to an empty house and went straight to my room to get changed. I couldn’t stop thinking about Megan. When I saw my sister naked this morning it was so brief but damn I couldn’t Escort bayan Ankara get it out of my mind. I took a quick shower and changed before I went downstairs to get a bite to eat. I threw on a pair of short shorts and a sports bra and went to the kitchen and started making a sandwich when Meg got home.

“Oh hey Meg.” I said obviously still nervous about the incident.

“Alright Ash lets talk. I wanted to do it later but dammit I can tell its freaking you out.” she bossed at me. “I am taking a shower then we are going to talk. This is not bothering me but for some reason it is bothering you.” man she doesn’t hold back I thought. “Gather your thoughts until I get back from my shower and guess what Ash? ” “What?” I replied “I am going to masturbate. Considering I never got to finish.” She said very slow and seductively toying with me and pretending to be hurt. As she walked away I couldn’t tell what she was doing. Was she just playing with my emotions trying to drive me crazy? Was she being funny and trying to just get comfortable again cause she was embarrassed she got caught. I don’t know but I knew it would all work it self out. By the time I finished eating and cleaning up the kitchen Megan came down wearing boy shorts and a small tank top wearing a very relaxed grin on her face.

“Come in here Ash when you get a chance I want to clear this crap up.” Meg asked from the den flicking through the channels.

“There is nothing to clear up Meg.” I said as I walked into the room plopping onto the couch. “I walked in on you and I’m sorry”

“I know but you are acting weird. I don’t know why? I know you play with yourself as much if not more than I do.” She said it so matter of factly I couldn’t deny it. “Am I right?” “Well, yeah I guess” I mumbled slightly embarrassed

“I’m sorry what I cant hear you sis. Did you say something because my sister isn’t bitch? She will say what she wants loud and clear.” She said jokingly easing my much to tense self. “I do it, ” I said back to feign insult

“Do what Ash?” she coaxed” I know I love to masturbate.”

” I also love to masturbate.” I said back to her laughing.

“You see how easy that was? I guess its awkward but we both do it. There is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed of. Shit ash you caught me and you’re more bothered about it than I am “

“I know it’s just that you have all these boys over and I hear you guys. I never thought in a million years you did that. Especially since you were getting laid.” I said “While I was getting laid? Sorry miss prim and proper. I was getting fucked.” Meg shot back” I am a very horny girl. If I cant get a dick in me ill put a finger in me. If I can’t get someone’s tongue eating me out, I will gladly rub one out. I love Cumming. So sue me.

“Hey relax I was just saying” I tried to calm her down. “I get it. I not judging you Meg I’m always horny too. I just can’t find a good guy that I want to screw. I have to resort to porn”

“Okay sis I’m sorry for over Bayan escort Ankara reacting like that. You like porn?” “Yeah Meg I love it. You thought you couldn’t contain yourself; I must have a 14-year-old boy in my past life. ” I said with a snicker

“Shit had I known I would have lent you some of mine. I might have even watched some with ya.” Meg said slyly

” You would watch porn with me? Isn’t that kind of weird? You know being sisters and all” I asked

“I don’t think so. I would watch it right now if you wanted to. It doesn’t bother me at all” she said

“Okay I guess. I’m down if you are.” I said

“Okay sorry but I was already watching one before you got home. ” Meg said as she started the DVD player.

She hit play on the DVD player and it started off right where she left off. I got hot real quick watching that blowjob with my sister. I couldn’t help but notice that we were both half naked and watching porn together. I knew she was horny as hell and I wanted to cum bad. I was ready to make a move when her cell phone rang.

“Hello?” she said snapping back to reality. Snapping me back to reality “Ok cool…yeah def”

“Hey Ash Linda is going to come over in a little bit. I am going to go get ready. Go ahead and finish up down here if you want” She said with a smirk

“Yeah, yeah I get. Is every joke going to be about masturbation?” I said

She hustled up the stairs to her bedroom as I cleaned up downstairs. I followed her up a few minutes later to get ready also since they were coming over my house as well.

“Hey what time-” and I just stopped déjà vu all over again

“What? come on in?” Meg said lying on her bed rubbing her pussy

“um I was wondering what…” I couldn’t get a proper word out

“Look I thought we cleared this up. I’m ready to cum. You are more than welcome to stand there, join in for all I care.” She said putting a finger inside her pussy. “Ohhh god I need this. Ash ” “Oh ok Meg this is kind of weird” I said

“What is so weird Ash? You don’t like watching me fuck myself? I can see your pussy is wet” she said coyly “So what it is still awkward” I couldn’t help but thinking I was just about to make my move downstairs

“Come on sis masturbate with me. Fuck yourself next to your sister” Her hand working her pussy as she breathed slowly and seductively saying this

“God damn I need to fucking cum” I couldn’t control it anymore I straddled my sister and started fucking myself right above her.

“Is this what you want Meg?” I said ferociously rubbing my hard clitty

“Fuck yeah Ashley masturbate for me. I wanna see you cum on your fingers. Oh GOD ASH IM GONNA CUM”

“That’s right Megan. Keep fucking yourself. Look at my fingers slide into my wet tight pussy. Cum for me sis. I’m about cum right along with you.”

“I can feel it ash. OH MY, OH MY OH MY GOD IM CUMMING”

“Me too Megan I can feel it. OHHH!! I yelped as I collapsed on top of my sister.

“Jesus Christ Ashley you are a freak. But that was hot as hell. My orgasm was unreal” Megan said

“You didn’t know your little book worm sister could get off like that did you”

“No I didn’t. Wait until Linda comes over.” she said mischievously

Chpt 2 coming soon

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