Asian Adventures Ch. 07



This is a series about the erotic encounters of an American businessman in various locations in Asia (with a few in other places with Asian women). While there are some similarities to actual events, this is a work of fantasy and fiction. Names have been changed – as always – to protect the innocent. Hope you enjoy!

Asian Erotic Adventures – Chapter 7

** Fine at Forty **

In the fast-paced and high-pressure world of high technology we work with a wide variety of people during the course of a normal day, and I was blessed with some very good working relationships while at this particular employer. In the manufacturing support organization we worked closely with production control, and in that group was a petite Vietnamese woman who went by Tina (although that was not her given name). We worked closely on business issues in support of some very high profile customers, and she was extraordinarily proficient as a Master Planner in the group. She was also extraordinarily attractive, and more often than not wore clothing that highlighted her delightful curves. We flirted on a daily basis; but no more than that before the business climate changed dramatically and the group was disbanded.

Tina and I remained in touch, and I had helped her to get another job working through some of my contacts and making personal recommendations. As a result, she called and offered to make dinner for me at her home on a hillside overlooking the valley. I accepted the invitation, and as the agreed upon date approached I found myself more than a little anxious. The last time I’d seen Tina I was out to lunch my team, sitting outside at a favorite Thai restaurant when she came up behind me and began massaging my shoulders. I had noted the looks on the faces of some of the men at the table when she arrived, and when I turned around I saw a Tina I’d not seen previously. She had let her hair grow, and it really brought out a beauty where before there was ‘cute’. She had slimmed down too, or so it appeared. I was really looking forward to seeing her.

The evening arrived, and I had left the office a little early to prepare myself. I even used a tiny bit of cologne when I normally didn’t, just in case… Tina had mentioned she lived in a ‘nice area’, something about an ex-husband and assorted details I honestly hadn’t paid attention to. As I followed her detailed directions I passed through an area populated by homes that were definitely in the multi-million dollar range. Then, at the end of a cul-du-sac was the address I sought, and a driveway leading down to a multi-level ranch style home with an amazing view. The garage was open, and Tina’s Lexus was inside. Holy crap! I thought as I pulled up and parked outside the garage. I was about to head to the door when Tina came out, waving her arms. I rolled down the window. “Park in the garage!” was all she said, waving happily as she turned around to go back inside. Hmmm…. doesn’t look like she has much on under that silky kimono! I thought, moving the car into the garage. I walked up to the door, noting she’d left it open, gave a little knock and walked inside.

Tina heard the door close and rushed back out to greet me. “Hi Rod, so good to see you.” she said, throwing her arms around me in a nice warm hug. Her body felt fantastic.

“Good to see you too Tina, really good.” I replied, getting a much better look up close. “You look wonderful!” I added.

Tina giggled. “Why thank you kind sir. You look damn good yourself.” she responded, her sparkling eyes scanning me before giving me a wink. “Come on in, relax, can I get you a drink?” she asked, leading me to the back part of the house with her wriggling little bum.

I’d always appreciated her taut little rear, as she most often wore pants to work that were very ‘form-fitting’. This was an entirely different look, her firm cheeks jiggling beneath thin fabric that clung to her form as she moved.

“Enjoy the view!” she said, startling me at first as I’d been staring at her butt. I looked up and was treated to an amazing view of the valley, the lights just beginning to flicker as the sunset approached.

“Wow… this is fantastic Tina.” I said, picking out landmarks that were dozens of miles distant.

Tina came back out from the kitchen with a tray of those amazing Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls. “A little something for your appetite?” she suggested. “I have many kind of beer, wine, or I have hard liquor too if you like?” she offered, setting the tray on a small serving table in between two chairs.

“What kind of beer?” I asked, hoping for some good options.

“I have…. Singha… TsingTao… also Guiness and – I think – Corona” she replied.

“I would love a Singha sweetie.” I told her. The Thai brew was a tad more powerful than the average beer, and had a flavor that complimented Asian cuisine. Tina came back with a tray, two Singha’s, and two frosted beer glasses.

“I will join you.” Tina told me, güvenilir bahis setting the tray down and pouring my beer. “For you sir..” she said respectfully, handing me the perfectly poured beer.

“Oh please… just Rod.” I suggested, watching her sit opposite my position. I enjoyed the glimpse up her firm legs before she demurely crossed them.

“So… Rod, I haven’t seen you for a few months. How are you doing?” she asked, taking one of the rolls, dunking it in the plum sauce, and taking a bite.

“I’ve been good sweetie, thanks for asking.” I replied, following her lead. I took a bite and wondered – for just an instant – if she’d sent out for the rolls.

“I make fresh.” she told me in English that was only slightly ‘broken’. “You like?” she asked.

“Delicious Tina. And really, you shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble.” I scolded her.

“Oh Rod… you do so much for so many, this is least I can do.” Tina laughed. “So… how you like your steak?” she asked. She had mentioned that she would be preparing steak; but I had no idea how she would be preparing it.

“Um… medium rare please.” I replied.

“So… pink in the middle, right?” she asked, suggestively uncrossing her legs as she said it.

“Yes, please.” I stammered, finding it difficult not to glance at what appeared to be lacy white panties.

Tina giggled again. “I marinate the beef for all day in a family secret recipe, then seer on my special grill.” she told me. “I make Viet fry rice and steam vegetable too.” she added. “I hope you like.”

“It sounds fantastic Tina.” I replied. “What can I do to help?” I offered.

“Nothing for you to do Rod. Is all done.” she answered. “Beef and veggie only ten minute, rice is on the stove.” she added. “You hungry?” Tina asked.

“Well… yes actually, I am a bit hungry.” I replied.

“Come and join me, you can watch while I cook.” Tina suggested, jumping up to head to the kitchen.

Not wishing to be rude I followed her, bringing the beers and rolls on their trays. She was adept at doing several things at once, firing up the countertop grill and the steamer. She pulled the steaks and already prepared veggies from the fridge, and almost simultaneously had it all cooking. The rice got stirred, veggies checked, and steaks flipped at exactly the right moment. Although my gaze spent much of the time on her taut tush, I did manage to catch the highlights of her preparations.

Dinner was fantastic. No other word adequately describes the combination of food, setting, and company. We were sitting at the table after consuming a delicious meal when I felt her foot gently rubbing my leg. I glanced across the table to find Tina smiling. “Yes?” I queried, returning her smile.

“Just wondering… what your plans for the rest of the evening.” Tina responded. “We can… have some dessert… later” she said.

“Uh… to be honest sweetie I have no plans.” I replied.

“I would enjoy your company Rod.” Tina told me. “I mean… really enjoy it.” she emphasized.

It was obvious what she was saying, so I ran with it. “Well sweetie I would enjoy yours as well, so why don’t we get comfortable?” I suggested.

Tina stood up and took my hand. “Come with me. I think you like this…” she said, leading me down a short hallway into a huge bathroom with a sunken jacuzzi and a bay window with the same view. “Perhaps you enjoy a nice soak?” she suggested.

“I don’t have any shorts.” I said.

“We don’t need clothes.” Tina replied, dropping the kimono. She was wearing only a pair of flimsy lace thong panties, and she did a quick ‘twirl’ for me. “You like?” she asked, snuggling up to my fully clothed body.

“Uh.. yes… I like very much…” I replied as she tilted her head back. I pressed my lips gently to hers, kissing softly as our collective breathing quickened. Her hands roamed my chest and arms, then began unbuttoning my shirt as we kissed hungrily. With the buttons unfastened she pushed me away and broke the kiss, tugging at the shirt.

“Tina… let’s get some water in that tub, shall we?” I suggested.

“Oh yes… sorry…” she said, bending to turn on the faucet.

Damn, she looks so fine for a forty year old with a daughter in college! I thought, staring at her nearly naked body as I pulled off the rest of my clothes. Hell, she looks hot for a twenty-something with no kids! She really was that hot. By the time the water had reached temperature and she finished getting the tub going I was naked. She turned around and gave me a beautiful smile, walking over to wrap her fingers around my semi-flaccid cock as she pressed her lips to mine again.

We kissed for several minutes as the tub filled, my dick fully alert by that time. Tina pushed me away gently and turned around to turn off the water. As I watched she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the panties and slid them down, bending at the waist to take them over her feet. My cock twitched at the canlı bahis first glimpse of her puffy folds, the wrinkled little brown rosebud just above them.

Tina looked back without standing back up, giggling as she noticed my gaze. “Like what you see Rod?” she asked.

“Yes indeed I do.” I replied, moving up behind her to gently fondle her proferred pussy. “I like it very much…”

“Ooooo… I always thought you notice my little butt…” Tina said, pushing it back against my hand. “Let’s get wet…” she pulled me into the tub, guiding me into a very comfortable lounge style seat surrounded by jets. “There you go…” she said, reaching over my head to tap the control turning on the pump. I gave a nipple a quick lick as it hung in front of my face. “Hey…” Tina giggled, moving away in no particular hurry. “Just relax for a few minute.” she suggested, settling into a seat close to mine. “Damn… I forgot… be right back..” she said, climbing out of the tub and grabbing a terry robe.

I watched her taut form as she disappeared out the door. This evening is getting more interesting by the minute! I thought, closing my eyes to enjoy the bubbling warmth. I didn’t notice when she re-entered the room; but definitely did notice when her fingers drifted along my leg under the water. I opened my eyes to find the lovely lady with a glass of something that looked exotic and a smile that lit up the room. I took the glass from her. “Thank you… um… what is it?” I asked.

Tina clinked her glass to mine. “To good friends.” she said. “It’s something I call an Island Treasure” she replied. “Taste it.”

I took a sip. I couldn’t identify anything specific; but there was definitely a fruity flavor in there. “Mmm… that’s delicious. What’s in it?” I asked.

“You can guess!” Tina laughed, taking a sip for herself.

I sipped again, swirling the vibrant liquid in my mouth. I shook my head. “I have no idea, other than some kind of fruit.” I told her. “Not a clue.”

Tina laughed, her full breasts jiggling enticingly. “Okay… well you’re right about fruit. It has Passion Fruit and Papaya in it, and a sparkling white wine.” she told me. “Is good, right?” she suggested, taking another drink. “I have a pitcher right there.” she added, pointing to the tray sitting next to the tub. “Enjoy.”

We sat in the frothing water, sharing stories of our lives as they’d transpired since we last worked together. The pitcher was half empty when Tina came over to the seat adjacent to mine, her hand dropping between my legs as she rested her head on my shoulder. “You find me attractive Rod?” she asked.

“Oh my gawd yes Tina.” I replied putting my arm around her shoulders. “I guess… I’m just not very… assertive with ladies I’ve worked with… or something.” I chuckled.

Her hand drifted up until her fingers again wrapped around my cock, this time under water. “Ever get underwater BJ?” she asked, giggling.

I chuckled. “Uh… no, I can’t say I have.” I replied.

Tina leaned close and whispered in my ear. “Let’s see how long I hold my breath…” she said, kissing my earlobe, then my neck, then my upper chest. She looked up at me and smiled, giving me a wink. Then she took a deep breath and her face disappeared under the surface.

My hips jerked as I felt the added warmth of her mouth on my cock. I could see the back of her head as she bobbed up and down, sucking the entire time. About thirty seconds passed before her face reappeared, still smiling. “Ohhh wow…” I moaned.

“Is good, right?” she laughed. She took several deep breaths. “I do more.” she giggled, then took another deep breath and again her face disappeared and I felt her lips wrap around my dick. This time I also felt her fingers fondling my balls as she suckled my penis. This time she made it to about forty-five seconds before she surfaced, gasping for air this time. She leaned over to nuzzle my neck as her fingers gently stroked my shaft. “Mmmm…. dessert.” she laughed softly. “You taste good Rod.” she told me, sucking on my neck. “All over.”

“Oh Tina… I think it’s my turn for a taste.” I suggested, manipulating a hand between her silky thighs.

“You like… eat pussy?” she asked. “Just relax, lay back…” she told me, using her hands to ease my head back onto the pillow I didn’t even know was there.

Then she climbed up and straddled my face, her dripping wet folds less than inch from my face. I reached up to cup her cheeks, giving her more support as I reached out with my tongue to lap at the soft folds of her sex. Her juices were flowing in seconds as I slipped my oral digit between her fleshy lips and into her hot cunt. Her hips wriggled, almost too much, as I withdrew the intruder and worked my way up to her clit. She jumped when my lips sucked at her little nubbin, and she nearly fell back into the water giggling. She did pull back a bit, giving my hair a tussle. “You do like to eat pussy…” Tina said, climbing back down. “I give bahis siteleri you more later.” she laughed.

“You are delicious and beautiful!” I told her, taking another sip of my ‘Island Treasure’.

“Oh… you are too kind sir” Tina chuckled. “I think we have some real fun later – more than just a sample.” she suggested, then she said something I’d not heard before. “no limits..”

I looked into her eyes and smiled. “No limits?” I queried.

Tina ran a hand over my chest and down over my belly, stopping just short of my genitals. “All of me… for you.” she whispered. “no limits..” she said it again. Then she reached for the pitcher and split the remainder between our glasses. “We finish… then we go have fun.” she giggled.

“Okay!” I replied. “I’m good with that.” I took a long swallow of the delicious concoction, looking over my delightful hostess only inches away.

“What?” Tina asked, reaching over to give my thigh a squeeze.

“Just admiring a lovely woman.” I responded. “A lovely, intelligent, talented and very sexy woman.” I clarified, resting my hand atop hers.

“That’s just so sweet Rod, thank you.” Tina said, taking a long drink before resting her head on my shoulder. “I’m glad you came over.” she added.

We finished our drinks, then as I was watching her step from the tub she reached back, tugging one cheek aside in an obvious move to expose her rear entry, then she turned around and smiled. “No limits.” she reiterated. Then she walked over and grabbed a plush towel for each of us, handing one to me as I emerged from the tub. We dried ourselves and she took my hand, leading me from the bathroom without a word.

We walked into the bedroom and she pressed a button on the wall, instantly illuminating the space with indirect lighting. Another push and the blinds opened, exposing an entire wall of glass with that same amazing view. “Holy…” I stammered.

“I think it is romantic.” Tina said softly, letting go of my hand to reach for my manhood as she turned around. “Now we can enjoy dessert.” she whispered, pulling my head down until our lips met in a passionate kiss. Without losing that oral contact we fell to the bed and its satin cover, our bodies writhing against each other as we kissed hungrily. I ended up on my back, and Tina gently broke the kiss. “Me first” she giggled, kissing her way down my body, teasing at my nipples first, then my navel, and finally my cock. “Mmmmm…. delicious…” she whispered hoarsely, lapping at my shaft before moving lower to suckle my testicles while her fingers stroked the length of my penis.

“Ohhhhhmmmm…” I let out a soft moan as her lips found my cockhead to gently suck. I’d known this woman going on seven years, and never imagined this. Then those lips slipped down my organ until they were wrapped around the root, all the way down. I could just hear the gurgling as she struggled to stay there, her fingers massaging my balls. “ohhhgawd… Tina…” I moaned, calling her name as she worshipped my cock with her lips, tongue, and fingers. Without a spoken word and without taking her lips from my meat she swung her lithe body around, swinging a leg over my head to straddle my face. Thank you for the perfectly placed light! I thought, gazing at the fleshy lips of her labia and the tiny dark star only inches from my eyes. My hands stroked slowly down her back until I held her ass in them for the second time. “Mmmmphhhh” came my muffled moan as I pulled her pussy down to my mouth and began working at her flower with my tongue. With my mouth on her pussy I could still see her anus, and brought a finger into contact with the little wrinkle, bringing a moan from deep inside her as she took my cock deep again.

Tina didn’t know what to expect; but this was a pleasant outcome. She so much preferred ‘making love’ to ‘fucking’, although the latter would suffice in a pinch. If Rod had just fucked her in the tub and left, she would have been happy. But this was so much better. And if he wants my ass, he can have it. she thought, wriggling her rear back against his teasing digit. “glllgmphhhh..” Tina’s muffled grunt accompanied the motion. “mmMMMmmm” she hummed as the fingertip pressed into her butt a few millimeters. NO LIMITS…

Her pussy gushed a fragrant juice, her loins grinding against my mouth as she wolfed down my stiff member. “OHHHHHHHmmmmmm” I moaned, pushing a finger into the hot wetness of her pussy to gather natural lube. When I teased her little star with the wet finger, her lips went down to my root, her hips pushing back to capture my digit in her tightest opening. I wiggled my finger, gently spreading her anal ring to accept the intruder. Her muffled squeals and wriggling hips told me to proceed, and my index finger disappeared up her snug asshole. My cock twitched in her warm mouth, and I felt her fingers wrap tightly around the base. This woman knows how to make it last… ohhhhyeahhhh… I thought, easing my digit in and out of her mucky rear as my tongue lashed her clit. Then – in the briefest of moments – Tina pulled her body away, turning herself around. I felt the heat of her cunt surrounding my penis, and my eyes fluttered open to see her beautiful face.

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