Asian receptionist rented to hotel guests

Asian receptionist rented to hotel guestsOne evening at the hotel where I am working it was a rather boring night shift and I was waiting for guests to arrive late and check in. The hotel is a bit shabby and not particularly nice. It has very old paint on the walls and furniture is sometimes a bit broken. The hotel is in a bad neighbourhood and guests often get their entertainment from the streets. The rooms always are a bit smelly and sometimes you can find condoms tossed in the corner of the room or under the bed. Almost never does female staff work at night, but my senior colleague always tries to get me by putting me on long shifts often also during the night when the tourist sexpats get to the hotel.Often I get nasty and degrading comments thrown at me. Like a white man whispering “you behind the counter…yes you skinny one…come upstairs sucky sucky i give you tip” and comments to my male colleagues about me with me just standing submissively behind the counter while they joke about me.In Asia is often normal that tourists and males treat you a bit abusive and degrading. In my case, I actually get used to it (and sometimes feel a tickle in my neck and stomach when they say such nasty comments…I don’t know exactly why).At about 2.30 a.m. we get a call from a guest and my male colleague takes it. He is laughing and whispering a bit. I hear him saying “yes if you want that slut, I can give…” and “how much? 15 dollars for the night? yes, well ok.” and “No not to her, give to me tomorrow.”After the call he looks at me straight away and says in Chinese: “Yi Ting go upstairs immediately to room 236. The room wasn’t cleaned from last night and it seems that they had a party going on as the bed has stains and condoms haven’t been picked up from the floor. Go there and clean immediately!” And he pushes güvenilir bahis şirketleri me a bit behind my lower back nd I have no choice but to go and to take the elevator upstairs. When I press for the 2nd floor, I realize that my skinny little legs are trembling and I can’t keep my hands still. I have no idea what is in the room and what happens if I don’t listen clearly and what they have in their minds.A bit shy and nervous I knock gently on the door and hear a voice in the room say “the bitch is here” and I hear footsteps towards the door. When the door opens I can see an old white male of about 50 opening the door. He has a bald head and is the typical sexpat we often see at the hotel. His shirt is unbuttoned and I can see sweaty chest hair and a nasty smell comes from the room towards me. He looks at my face and grins…”now get in here and look around shorty” he says in a testosteron loaded voice. I pushed me in my back and I get to the room where I see another old rather obese old man looking at gangbang porn on the internet. He laughs at me and says “you’re late bitch” and stands up while he looks me up from head to toe. The bed is in a huge mess and a urine smell is very present in the room and seems to have been released on the carpet next to the bed. Condoms a little bit stained with blood and semen have been tossed around and are even sticking on a pillow. Another one is on the floor and I can see at least 4 other ones around the room.Without any warning one of the man grabs my hair and tucks it backwards as he stands behind me. “All the good whores are rented this night” he says…”time to get the hotel slag at a discount to make proper use of this room” he laughs. The other guy starts a skype call with one of his friends at home in his country and pushes me in front youwin güvenilir mi of the cam. “Look at this skinny little bitch” he says…”Just 15 dollars to pound her little fuckholes” and he laughs. His friend back home laughs too and says “Take the top of that little bitch…want to see how those tiny titted whores wear bras.” In one rough jerk, my work blouse is ripped open and one button springs off and lands on the floor. My hair is firmly held in the fist of one of the guys, and my blouse is yanked off my upper body and thrown under the desk. My soft cotton white little bra is now fully exposed and the guys start laughing.”Is that all that you have little bitch?” they laugh. “Time to inflate them up by squirting some cum deep inside that little cunt hole of yours.” I can feel hands touching and groping all over my body and I try weakly to push them off a bit. Suddenly my skirt is grabbed with a fist and tucket so hard that it rips a bit at the zipper. My soft white panties with tiny little pink hearts printed on the fabric shows and the men start shouting new degrading comments about how skinny my body is and how pathetic slim waist I have.”Time to get her initiated” one of the men says and he gives me a little slap in the face and pushes me down on my knees. He grabs in his shorts and a major stiff cock appears very near to my face. I am a little bt shocked and intimidated and look at him with big eyes. He grabs the back of my head firmly with one hand and grabs his cock in the other. He presses the tip of his cock on my forehead and starts to draw lines of pre-cum on my forehead, around my eyes, on my lips and all over my cheeks. “Oh yeah…skullfuck that stupid whore” the guy on the cam says. He grabs my head and shoves his huge cock in one massive pulse straight perabet into my little mouth. I gag and choke and gasp for air as tears fill my eyes!!!!!He starts pushing in and out of my mouth deeper and deeper and I can barely breath as my mouth is stretched wide open with his horse like cock. A guy makes pictures with the phone and I can see the guy on the cam jerking off in the back. Deeper and deeper he starts pounding until I gag and long lines of saliva drool down my chin.The guy slaps my face and starts pounding harder and harder. All of a sudden, he grabs my hair and tucks it back hard as I drool again choking and gagging on my abused mouth. When he pulls my head back, his other hand grabs my bra and yanks it off my chest in one motion. He snarls that I am just a small titted Asian bitch…rarely worth the 15 dollar for his amusement. The other guy takes his place in front of me and spits in my face. With his cock, he wipes the spit all around my face and starts pounding his stiffened cock deep in my throat. As my small breasts are all messy with long lines of pre-cum and saliva that keeps drooling out of my mouth, the other guy grabs my tiny little panties with both hands. He pulls them up firmly as my eyes roll back from pain. After that, he starts yanking and pulling until my panties start to tear and he rips them off my little hips.”Look at that pathetic little bald snatch” he laughs. “I am gonna split you in two little whore!” Both guys push me on my back on the floor and he places the tip of his cock at the entrance of my tiny little cunt. He grabs both of my hips and shoves his full size deep in between my tiny and tightly closed cunt lips. “Take this in your little cunt!” he laughs as the other guy is jerking off next to my face. “Oh yeah, moan you little whore…maybe I shoot my load straight into your open mouth slut!”If you want to know more and if I should post the second part of the story, please comment below. Please also add your stories about me in the hotel with anything that you want to happen. Name calling and degrading talk are ok for in the stories!!

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