Asked to Flash (Cont 4)


Asked to Flash (Cont 4)On Friday I was looking forward to the weekend since it had been a long week, the only problem was the boss said we were opening another plant. In the position I was in that meant more work for me. I had known about it but didn’t know it was that close to being opened. I knew what it meant that I would be working a lot more over time for awhile. I decided to get a little bit of a start ahead of time and called the wife at lunch time and told her I would be working a little late and was going to go in on Saturday for a few hours to get ahead of things. She wasn’t real happy but knew I had too do it and said ok. After she had gotten home from work she called to see how long it would be before I would be home. I told her and she asked if on my way home I would stop at the grocery store and pick some things up. I told her yeah and said I would see her when I got home. When I got home and pulled in the driveway our neighbor lady was working in her yard between our garages. I said hi and introduced myself and we stood there talking. She was a bit older and on the heavy side but was nice. I found out her husband worked second shift and they had a f******n year old son. We stood out there talking for a bit and her son came out, she introduced him and told me he was grounded for smoking pot. While we were talking I saw my wife open the garage door from the house and look out to see where I was. She saw us out there and came out to say hi and meet the neighbors. She was wearing a sleeveless sun dress and when she got out to us I saw the neighbors sons eyes get wide. While we stood there talking, danny the neighbors son stood there looking at my wifes tits. As we stood there he started moving around a little and I noticed he moved so he could see in the arm holes of my wifes dress. He really couldn’t see anything but he seemed to enjoy looking anyway. We talked for a bit then we said goodbye and grabbed the stuff out of the car and went in the house.When we got in the house I told the wife about danny and she laughed and said well I hope he enjoyed himself. When we moved in we had noticed a tree house in one of the tree’s between our lots and knew they must have had k**s. We talked a little and I went in and showered and the wife made up some dinner for me. After I ate we sat relaxing for awhile and I went to bed early since I was beat and had to get up early in the morning. In the morning I got up while the wife layed there sleeping and wished I could have stayed there too. About eleven my phone rang and I answered it and it was my wife asking how long before I would be home. I told her probably two or three more hours before I was done. She said ok and I went back to work and after about an hour I was tired of it and decided to let the rest go for now. I took off and headed home and came in and türbanlı antakya escort the wife wasn’t around anywhere. I went in the bedroom to change figuring that she must have gone out with somebody and would be home in a while. I went over to our bedroom window to turn on the fan and noticed some movement in the tree and saw it was the neighbors son peeking around the side of his tree house. I didn’t think anything of it but noticed he was looking over in our backyard. I looked around from our window and couldn’t see anything then change and came out into the living room. I was about to sit down and decided to grab a beer and went in the kitchen. I glanced out the patio door and noticed my wife laying out in her bikini getting some sun. I was about to go out and say hi and noticed she was laying on her stomach with her top untied and was up on her elbows reading a book. I realized why danny was peeking around the tree house looking, the wife was facing toward where he was and he was enjoying the view of her laying there with her tits hanging down. I stood there watching a minute then opened the door and went out to say hi. I sat down on the lounge chair next to her and whispered to her to be careful moving around. She asked why and I told her she was being watched, she asked who and I told her. She smiled at me and said maybe I should give him a treat, I said we were going to be good around the house, she agreed then stopped and said yeah but he’s not going to tell his parents. I still didn’t think she should do anything but she was right.She asked if I would mind if she let him have a look, I wasn’t sure but said you want to let him see don’t you. She got a big grin on her face and said why not it will give him something to dream about when he’s jerking off tonight. I told her she was nuts but said if your going to be careful we don’t need everybody getting a look. The only ones who could really see were on either side, at the back of the yard we had some high bushes you couldn’t see thru. I was about to get up and she asked if I was going to stay out or go inside and watch. I told her I would go inside and she said before you go would you put some lotion on my back. I grabbed the lotion and started rubbing it on her back, When I did she lifted up a bit more but he still really couldn’t see anything other than her tits hanging down on the chair. I finished and gave her a kiss and told her again to be careful then got up and went inside. I watched from inside and with her laying on her stomach she still couldn’t really let him see much. I waited a minute then called her to come in a minute. She held her top in front of her and came in, I said he isn’t really getting to see much and asked if she really wanted to give hi a good look. She said sure and I said türbanlı antakya escort bayan go back out and sit facing him and rub some lotion on your chest and let your top slip out down. She agreed and started to head back out, I stopped her and said wait a second. She stood there holding her top and asked what, I said if your going to do it give him a good show. I knelt down and pulled the crotch of her suit over to the side so her pussy lips were uncovered. She smiled and said you like me getting seen too don’t you. I told her yeah and said now I know how you feel about me getting seen. She laughed and said oh baby your nasty, I told her just as nasty as she was. She stood there smiling at me and said can I really show him something. I told her sure and she said wait here just a minute and went into the bedroom. I stood there waiting and a couple minutes later she came back out.When she came back out she had taken off her bottoms and was wearing one of her mini skirts. I asked what she was going to do and she lifted it up showing me that was all she was wearing and said going to give him a good show. She grabbed her top and held it in front of her again and went back out. She stepped over the chair and straddled it and sat there facing him and grabbed the lotion and poured some on her chest. She started rubbing the lotion around and started doing the side of her tit and let the top slip out of the way leaving one tit uncovered while she did then covered it and did the same to the other side. She did both tits then turned and yelled in to me and said I just want to do my front a little longer then I will come in and finish dressing. I didn’t know what she meant but said ok, when I did she leaned back leaving her top untied and pulled her legs up and put her feet on the sides of the chair and sat there with her legs spread giving him a view of her pussy. I went in the bedroom and looked out to see danny laying along side of the tree house watching her. I came back in the kitchen to watch the wife and she just laid there enjoying knowing he was watching her. She sat there enjoying both him and the sun and took her arms and lifted them over her head and sat there. Her top slid down a bit but most of her tits were still covered. As she layed there enjoying herself the wind blew and I saw her skirt flip up over her stomach. When it did I thought she would flip it back down but instead she just sat there a minute then left her feet where they were and laid her knee’s down. She sat there with her legs wide open and her pussy completely exposed for him. I was about to say something to her and she turned her head towards me and opened one eye and winked at me. A second later she moved one of her arms down and slid it over her tits and pulled her top off. türbanlı escort antakya I was enjoying the show and slid my shorts down and stepped out of them and started stroking my cock. She layed there completely exposed to him for a couple minutes then moved her hand down and started rubbing her pussy.I thought she was just going to tease him a minute but after she started she kept going. She pulled her hand up and sucked on two fingers then put it back down and started going at it again. She pulled her other arm down and started rubbing her nipples. She layed there looking at me stroking my cock and kept playing with herself for us. I knew she should stop but watching her play and knowing he was watching was to exciting and we both kept at it. She started moving her hand in and out and even though I couldn’t see her pussy I knew she had her fingers going in and out like crazy. We kept it up and I was getting close and I don’t know how she knew but before I came she looked at me and said come here. I knew I shouldn’t but I was too horny to worry and opened the screen door and walked out and stood next to her stroking my cock. I was standing there stroking away and she looked up at me and said cum on my face I want that load all over it. It didn’t take long and I started cumming and shot it all over her face. I stood there still stroking my cock and she started moaning and said oh yes im going to cum. She kept fingering her pussy a minute then pulled them out and started rubbing her clit. It only took a minute and she arched her hips and said watch. I looked down at her pussy and she started cumming and squirting like crazy. The more she rubbed the more she squirted till she was exhausted. She sat there a minute and I looked down and she was laying there with her legs quivering still slowly rubbing herself. I moved next to her and held my cock out and stuck it up to her lips. She opened her mouth and started sucking me then reached up with one hand and started playing with my balls. She sat there sucking me a minute then I realized where we were and said we better get in the house before somebody catches us. She quit sucking me and took her fingers and wiped the cum off her face and licked then clean and said yeah I guess so. I turned around and stepped back inside and turned and looked and she was still sitting there tits out and legs wide open. I asked if she was coming and she said yeah just trying to get some strength back. I stepped back out to get her and help her in, we got inside and she said oh shit. I asked her what was wrong and she said my skirt is soak, she started taking it off and stepped out of it. She threw it at me and said here put this in the laundry, I was about to go put it in the laundry and she said oh wait. She stepped back out and grabbed her top and stood there a second facing danny and stretched then turned around and came back in. She came over and kissed me and said did you enjoy that, I told her yeah and said im sure he did too. She said i sure hope he did, I know I sure did. She said I didn’t know he was watching till you told me but I knew we were safe, I talked to his parents when they left and knew they both had to work till three today.

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