Asked to Flash Con’t

Asked to Flash Con’tWhen my wife and cindy left the room I just laid there on the bed relaxing. As I laid there I could here my wife and cindy in the living room talking and heard my wife tell cindy I’m sorry about that, It wouldn’t have happened if we could have found his swim suit. With half our things still in boxes all we could find were a pair of my shorts. Cindy said it didn’t bother me at all, but he should have been a little more careful wearing them. My wife asked why and cindy said that everytime he came back up and sat down I could see right up the leg if them. My wife said is that why you sat where you did when we would come back to up. Cindy said im sorry but I just couldn’t help it when I noticed I could see him I just couldn’t help looking. There was a silence for a few minutes then I heard cindy say I hope your not mad at me. My wife spoke up and I heard her say no im not mad I guess if I would have been in your place I probably would have done the same thing. Cindy said good then said can I ask you something. The wife said sure and cindy said do you know how long he is, I heard the wife laugh then say I measured it once and he’s nine inches long. Cindy said wow then asked if she could take all of it. The wife chuckled again and said every inch. I heard the wife ask if cindy would like something to drink and she said yeah and I guess they went into the kitchen since I couldn’t hear them anymore.I just laid back on the bed relaxing and dozed off and woke up when I felt my wife rubbing my cock and telling me too wake up. When I opened my eyes she was sitting there smiling, I asked if she enjoyed me showing off. She leaned down and kissed me and said I would jump you right now but I asked cindy if she would like to stay and have dinner with us. Then said I want to see you show it off to her some more. I looked at her and said you mean when I let it come all the way out for her that wasn’t enough for you. She looked at me a second then said you did that on purpose, I told her yeah and said since you wanted her to see me I thought I would let her see. She said when I turned around and saw you like that I wanted to pull the car over right then. She sat up and looked at my crotch then looked back at me and said what did you think about it. I told her at first I was really nervous since i didn’t want you getting mad but since you wanted me to do it and after sitting out there letting her see I started enjoying it too much and couldn’t help myself and wanted to let her see me. My wife reached out and started rubbing my cock again then leaned down and kissed me and said then it wouldn’t bother you if we go out and do it again at times. I told her no if she wanted me too I would give it a try again since it was kind of fun. She kissed me again and said I have something to tell you later, then said that’s for later but for now come on out so I can watch you show off for cindy some more.My wife got up and started to leave and said don’t be too long in here. When she left I laid there a bit longer then got up and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri went to the bathroom and came out in the kitchen. When I came in they were both sitting at the table talking ad I was a little surprised to see both of them still sitting there in their suits. My wife looked at me and said do you feel better now, I told her yeah and asked how long I had slept. She said well I don’t know how long you were out in the car but once we got you too bed you were in there about an hour. I looked over at cindy and saw here sitting there smiling looking at my crotch, then my wife said I have everything ready why don’t you go out and get the grill started. I went out in the garage to get the charcoal and when I came back in with it the girls had gotten up and went out and were sitting on the deck getting some sun. I went out and got the grill ready and fired up and my wife asked if I would go out to the car and get the cooler out of the trunk and bring it out. I did and when I brought it back out to the deck I saw that there was a chair pulled up so it was in between where they were sitting. My wife asked for a beer and told me to grab one for cindy too. I grabbed them a beer and went to sit down and my wife asked me if I wasn’t going to have one. I told her I didn’t think so since I didn’t need to get like I was earlier. My wife said why not were not were not going anywhere and all you have to do is make it too the bedroom. She was right so I went over and grabbed myself one then came back over and sat down to talk with them. While we sat there talking I noticed both of them kept looking down at my crotch and realized why the chair was set where it was.I had been sitting with my legs closed but since my wife wanted me to do some more showing off I started opening my legs a bit. I sat there talking with them and saw that both of them were sitting there looking. With were the chair had been set I knew they could both see and figured the wife wanted to see how much cindy was getting to see too. I didn’t disappoint them and leaned back in the chair while they were talking and opened my legs wide so they could see everything. I had to keep getting up now and then to take care of the food but everytime I sat back down I made sure they were both getting a good show. When the food was ready we took it and went inside too eat which helped me a lot since I was really starting to feel the drink again. When we were threw I told the girls I would clean things up if they wanted to go back out and take it easy. They both thanked me then got up and went out while I cleaned things up. Afterwards I went back out and sat with them again still giving them a show every chance I got. We sat out there drinking and talking till the sun started going down and cindy said I should try and straighten up a little bit so I can drive home. We got up to come inside and we could tell cindy was feeling no pain along with us and the wife looked at me and said I don’t think she should drive home then said why güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri don’t you just stay the night here there’s plenty of room. Cindy thanked us then said she didn’t have anything to wear to bed and my wife said we can find something for you although it may be a little big on you. Cindy wasn’t sure but the wife kept telling her she didn’t need to be driving in the condition she was in. She finally said ok and my wife took her in the bedroom to find something for her to wear.I kicked back on the couch and was relaxing when I saw cindy carry something and go in the bathroom and a few minutes later my wife came out wearing one of her see threw white baby doll nitegowns and panties. I was shocked when I saw her and said are you really going to wear that. She looked down at herself and said yeah then asked why. I said because you may as well be nude, she laughed and said I could do that too and acted like she was going to take it off. She came over and sat next to me on the couch and said what’s the big deal she knows what women look like. A few minutes later cindy came out of the bathroom and walked into the living room and stopped dead when she saw my wife sitting on the couch in her outfit. She got over it and went over and sat in the chair at the end of the couch. My wife looked at her and said it may be a little big for you but it will work. Cindy said yeah and pulled one of the straps back up on her shoulder and laughed and said it is just a touch big. We sat talking a bit and my wife asked cindy if she had seen a certain movie and cindy hadn’t and my wife got up to put it in the VCR. I was a little shocked since when she got up and put it in she stood bent over facing the VCR giving both cindy and I a perfect view of her ass and pussy. She turned around and said since no one is going anywhere why don’t we break out the good stuff. I couldn’t believe my wife was wearing that outfit but I have to admit with her standing there showing off everything she had she looked hot as hell. My wife asked cindy again if she wanted a good stiff drink and she finally said ok.My wife looked at me and said give me a hand making them then we can relax and watch the movie. We went in the kitchen to make the drinks and my wife started teasing me and asked if I liked her wearing her gown. I whispered to her yeah and started playing with her and said she looked hot as hell. We started making the drinks and she leaned over to me and said when the movie starts lay down on the couch with your head in my lap and make sure your legs are spread open so cindy gets a good show. We made the drinks and brought them back in and sat down to watch the movie. We started it and a little while after it was going I layed down on my wife’s lap with my crotch facing the chair cindy was sitting in. I couldn’t really see her looking that good but if she wanted to im sure she had a perfect view. We didn’t have A/C and after a bit my wife said she was hot and asked cindy if she minded if she pulled her güvenilir bahis şirketleri top off to try and get cooled down a little bit. Cindy said I guess not its your house, my wife sat up and pulled her top off and sat back and said that s better. I couldn’t believe how bold my wife was but was enjoying it too. As we sat there watching the movie my wife would shift around now and then rubbing one of her boobs across the side of my face. I got even with her and moved one hand under my head and up to her crotch and would rub my finger up and down her pussy. The minute I touched her she opened her legs a bit and I could fell that she was just soaked.I turned my head and glanced up at her and saw her sitting there biting her lip trying not to make any noise. Laying there playing with her and her sitting there with her tits out for cindy to see was as much of a turn on as it was for her to ask me to show off to cindy. I shifted on my side a little more and pulled one leg up and could feel the head of my cock hanging out of the shorts touching the couch. I shifted my head a little so I could look down and see cindy a little bit better and noticed everytime she grabbed her glass off the end table she would look night over at us. Playing with my wife and knowing cindy was watching was all it took my cock started growing and I could feel it starting to slide across the couch as it got hard as a rock again. I didn’t do anything and just laid there and let it go. I moved the wifes panties to the side and started working my finger in her a little. She let out a but of a moan and cindy looked over and asked if she was ok. My wife looked over at her and started to say yeah then stopped and said damn he’s gone and done it again. She looked down at me and shook me and I laid there acting like I was passed out again. When I didn’t respond she told cindy since you have seen this much of him already im not worried about it if it doesn’t bother you. Cindy sat there then said it doesn’t bother me if it doesn’t bother you. My wife said not at all and i think it was because she was feeling no pain my wife said knowing you have pretty much seen him all day I think its kind of exciting. Then my wife said would you really like to see him. Cindy didn’t say anything for a minute then finally said I guess. My wife got up and moved down and grabbed my shorts and started pulling them off me. After she got them off she stood there then said do me a favor and don’t ever let him know I showed you. Cindy said my lips are sealed, then said I still can’t believe how big he is and you can take all that. My wife reached down and started running her finger across my cock and said i can’t swallow all of him but i can get it all in me. Cindy said that’s amazing and before i knew it my wife said watch this. I cracked my eyes open a bit and saw my wife taking off her bottoms then watched as she climbed on the couch and started lowering herself onto me. She was facing cindy so she could see how that she could take all of me then when she got me all the way in she said im sorry i don’t know what’s come over me. Cindy said maybe i should go in the other room and leave you two alone. My wife said im sorry again, then said im just so damned horny i can’t help myself. Cindy said that’s ok and got up to go in the other room and even before she left my wife was starting to ride me.

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