At Grandma’s


A sequel to “En Route”


Grandma Martha Smith welcomed her daughter’s family to her home. It was their eighteenth annual two-day winter visit. Grandma’s big house provided Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Harriet Jones and each of their two children private rooms. After settling in, the five adults – one must consider twenty-two year old Maureen and twenty-year-old Bobby as full-grown adults — the five adults enjoyed a leisurely dinner, watched the evening news on television and discussed plans for the next day’s activities.

In the morning, Mrs. Jones would take the children shopping and sightseeing in the nearby big city. They would return home in time for a supper holiday feast and gift swapping. Mr. Jones would stay home with Grandma and help her with the cooking and by doing some handyman chores. At least, that’s what the children assumed. Harriet knew better.

Having settled on plans for the next day, the five took turns using the one toilet in Grandma’s house and retired to their rooms.

Harriet went to her daughter’s room, asked if she needed anything, kissed her on the forehead, covered her with her blankets, and said goodnight. Harriet then went to her son’s room, asked if he needed anything — including a handjob — kissed him on his penis, covered him with his blankets, kissed him on the forehead, and said goodnight.

The five ate breakfast together before Mrs. Jones and her children started on their shopping/sightseeing trip.

Grandma is a sprightly sixty-two years old brunette-turning-gray. Her college boyfriend knocked her up when she was nineteen, and although he paid child support until Harriet graduated high school, he never cared enough to see Martha and their daughter again. Martha never held a job after Harriet was born. Martha supported herself as an escort.

Thomas Jones earned his living as a handyman. While courting Harriet, he did handyman chores for her mother. Her mother, aka Grandma, supplemented her cash payments to him by providing him with free escort services. Grandma Martha has continued the tradition throughout Tom and Harriet’s twenty-four years of marriage. Harriet is fully aware of her mother’s occupation and how Grandma compensates Tom for his help.

“When was the last time you fucked my daughter,” Grandma asked

“This morning. just before we got up.”

“I don’t suppose you’re ready to cum again?”

“It may take me a while to put a load in you but that would make fucking you more fun.”

At first, Grandma didn’t respond. She merely kissed him lightly on the lips. Then she said, “I have to take Ankara bayan escort a shower. Then we’ll find out how you perform.”

“If you don’t mind, I’ll join you.”

Grandma smiled and said gleefully, “Last one in is an old fart,” and ran off to shower. Tom followed her to the bathroom.

Grandma threw off her bathrobe leaving her completely naked except for her slippers.

Tom admired her slender form, and her shapely, upright tits, the gentle roundness of her belly, her bald pubic mound, her girlish cleft. “You know Grandma, you have beautiful tits for a sixty-two year old woman.”

“How would you know? Do you go around checking out sixty-two year old women for a living?”

“You and your daughter are enough for me to handle.”

“Do you think of me when you fuck my daughter?”

“I always think of you,” Tom lied.

“Then take your clothes off so I can suck your cock.”

Tom took off his bathrobe. Grandma took it from him, folded it, and placed it at his feet. She knelt on the bathrobe, took his flaccid cock into her mouth, and started to lick and suck it. Tom stood in front of her and kept his balance by gently placing his hands on her head as she vigorously serviced him

She stopped momentarily, looked up at him and asked, “Do you want to pee on me while I’m down her? I’ll wash your bathrobe before your wife gets home.”

Tom said nothing. Instead, he wet her hair with his urine, took the bottle of shampoo, poured some on Grandma’s head, and started shampooing it. Grandma used Tom’s penis like a showerhead, rinsed her hair with it, and sprinkling his urine all over herself. When Tom finished peeing, the two adjourned to the shower.

They carefully washed one another with soap paying special attention to ass cracks, and rectums. At one point, Tom stuck two fingers up Grandma’s asshole and a thumb up her vagina and asked, “Do you want to go bowling?”

Grandma laughed and said, “Don’t be fresh.”

When they were through, they toweled each other dry.

Grandma jokingly took Thomas by the penis and led him to the bedroom. They sat on the bed.

“Fuck me, Tom.. Business has been slow this week.”

Tom kissed her on the neck, the lips, and tongued her ear.. All the while, his hands fondled her tits. His hands slid down to explore her pubic area and his fingers went searching for her clit. They awkwardly shifted positions so that they were lying on the bed, head to toe, side by side. His thumbs separated her labia; his fingers twiddled her clit. She made no sound except slurping sounds as she enjoyed his penis in her Escort bayan Ankara mouth. Then she coughed as he unexpectedly emptied his cum down her throat.

When she stopped coughing, she looked at Tom, smiled, and said, “You still had it in you. Now it’s in me.”

Tom smiled proudly.

There was still time before lunch so Tom and Grandma did some of the heavier housecleaning chores and started cooking for the evening’s feast. Grandma did a load of laundry including Tom’s urine soaked bathrobe. Tom then took Grandma to a fast-food restaurant for a light lunch.

When they returned from lunch Grandma said, “It’s time for my afternoon nap. Would you like to join me?”

Tom replied in the positive and the couple retired to Grandma’s bedroom. Tom kicked off his shoes and flopped on the bed.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Grandma called out loudly. “You are not allowed to sleep on my bed with clothes on. Take them off.”

While Tom was on his feet disrobing, Grandma pulled down the blankets exposing silk white sheets. Tom dutifully admired the sheets and climbed onto them. Grandma joined him. Tom quickly dozed off.

Tom awoke to grandma’s gentle touch as she rubbed the underside of his penis with her forefinger.

“Mmm, that’s nice, Grandma.” Despite their intimacy, Tom never adjusted to calling Martha by her proper name or by “Mom.” Since Maureen was born, twenty-two years ago, Tom has consistently called Matha “Grandma.”

“You have to remember, Tom, your mother–in-law is an old pro and still in the escort business.”

“When do you plan to give up your trade?” No one in the family ever referred to Grandma’s “trade” as prostitution.


Grandma now took a firm grip on Tom’s dick and started to pump more vigorously.

“Go easy on my dick, Granny. It’s the only one I have.”

Grandma stopped pumping, shifted her position, and started sucking. Slowly she worked her legs and pussy up to Tom’s head. Tom found himself examining Grandma’s pisshole, and vaginal opening. Then he started licking her clitoris. Grandma groaned, discharged some fluid, and rolled off her paramour.

“You have me all set up to come, Grandma.”

“I’m tired, Tom. Put a quickie up my hole.”

Tom rolled over, used his knees to spread Grandma’s legs, admired her clean-shaven pussy, put his dick in it, and fucked. He dropped a weak load into grandma. It was his third load of the day; or was it his fourth? He had lost count between fucking his wife and his mother-in-law. And, that midnight fuck; was that before or after midnight?

“You rest, Tom, Bayan escort Ankara so that you’ll be ready to fuck my daughter when you go to bed with her tonight. I have a customer coming this evening and I want him to cum. I’m going to nap for an hour before I go downstairs to finish getting supper ready for Harriet and the children.”

Part Two

“Did you have fun with my mother today,” Harriet asked her husband when they settled into bed for the night.

“Yes, I did.”

“How many times did you fuck her?”

” I don’t really know; two or three times.”

“Have you got any juice left for me.”

“I hope so. Your mother is a wild one. It’s too bad she didn’t give you lessons.”

“She did; with laboratory exercises.”

“you mean Grandma sold your pussy to her customers?”

“No, no, no. She broke me in herself.”

“You mean you had sex with your mother?”

“On my twenty-first birthday, she found out I was a virgin. She asked me what I wanted to do about it..”

“What did you tell her?”

“I told her I was afraid to let a boy fuck me ’cause I didn’t want to get pregnant and I asked her if she would fuck me with one of those strap-ons she keeps for lesbian customers.”

“Did she?”

“Oh, yeah. Mom is used to fucking women. She has a lot of lesbian customers. She fucked me twice that night and she fucked me once a week until I met you. You are the only man who has ever, ever, fucked me. Do you know what she said when I started dating you regularly?”

“No, what did she say?”

“She said that it was your responsibility to fuck me and that you should fuck me at least once a week.”

Harriet now stood before the floor to ceiling mirror and undressed. She could see in the mirror that her husband was eyeing her. She watched him get off the bed and walk up behind her. She could tell from the gleam in his eye that she was going to get it up her ass again. Tom liked fucking her ass.

He cupped his hands on her now bare breasts and kissed her on the neck. He tongued her ear. She took his dick in her hand and directed it towards her asshole.

He whispered in her ear, “Bend over the bed.”

Holding his dick in her hand, she led him to the bed. She had to release his dick when she bent over for him.

His initial efforts to penetrate his wife’s rectum were unsuccessful.

“We need a lube,” he said.

“Look in the night table drawer. My mother thinks of everything.”

Sure enough, there was a lubricant in the drawer.

Tom lubricated his own dick. Harriet guided it into her. Tom let out a long sigh when he felt the head of his dick popped pass her sphincter muscle. She moaned on each of his many thrusts. He came weakly inside her.

“I like it better when I can feel your juice pulsing into me,” she said. “Now let’s get a night’s sleep.”

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