At the Barn


This is a re-writing after the very good work of quietoldie as editor. Thank you quietoldie!

My name is Claudia.

Many years ago, I passed the Summer with my boyfriend Andrew at his family barn.

This former barn was an older suburban house with a pond and an orchard and belonged to my boyfriend’s mother then. This meant that Audrey, Andrew’s older sister, visited frequently. She was 31 years old whilst Andrew was 27 at that time. I was 23.

Audrey was divorced from her husband. She looked after their two little babies. She loved the barn and spent a lot of time working in the orchard and sunbathing at the pond. I frequently helped her with the work in the orchard, especially when Andrew was in town helping his mother with the family shop, I would spend the afternoon at the pond sunbathing with her. We spent the time helping the babies taking their first paddle in the pond and playing games with them. It was a very tame occupation I must say, but a few times as the babies were inside the house sleeping, we took some liberties talking about sex.

Like on old friend Audrey asked me questions about my lovemaking with her brother. I answered in detail and she commented with a grin that we were very naughty and her brother always had been. I asked her what made her say this. She told me he masturbated furiously in his teens and was always trying to spy on her. Sometimes she even caught him ogling her in undies or naked. We both smiled at this.

On her side Audrey explained she had no regular sexual relations due to her forced single condition. After her husband left home for another girl, she admitted to having had sex only a few times with a friend, but he was married and they met only once in a while.

One afternoon she suggested we leave our tops off and I agreed. Later the same day we slipped off our bikini bottoms. Nothing particularly sexual was implied. We just chatted about our bodies.

I found her very sexy as she was tall and slender with small boobs. Lactation could have spoiled her look but there was not a stretch mark on her chest. She was completely shaved between her legs with a golden piercing in her belly button. This made her elegant frame seem really exciting and special. On my side I felt I was rather unattractive and Audrey advised me about looking sexier. In a week I had my hair cut shorter, the neckline in my shirts and top went a bit deeper. I also had a tattoo done on my right shoulder and one on my left thigh. She also told me to shave my pubes.

Andrew, my boyfriend, approved. He was very happy about my friendship with her sister and even our sexual relations improved. Sometimes he joined us at the pond. Audrey didn’t change her mind and remained topless even in front of her brother. She also invited me to follow suit and I agreed. All seemed natural and a few times the three of us enjoyed a naked plunge in the water. I must say that being naked in front of my boyfriend and his sister had a special effect on me and I felt Ankara escort both protected and aroused.

One evening the three of us went to the cinema. On the way back Andrew got the idea of a drink in a bar but Audrey suggested we go home for another bit of fun as their mother was in town with the babies. We all agreed enthusiastically.

At home Audrey sat on a single armchair and I sat on a two-seater sofa in front of her whilst Andrew mixed the drinks. Then he filled our glasses and sat close to me on the sofa. He also dimmed the lights and we settled down to enjoy our night.

We were talking quietly when I said I was cold and cuddled up to Andrew’s side with my legs on the sofa asking him to warm me up a bit. I had on a mini dress with strap on spaghetti and he passed his warm hands slowly over my legs and started to lift my skirt up. He played with the hemline of my skirt going slowly up and down every time going more slowly as he pulled it up. At the same time, he caressed my exposed legs and the rest of my body through my dress. I felt a bit like a doll in his hands and that was fine by me. I must add that I had always been very submissive and I was only 20 years old at the time with very limited experience.

We continued talking with Audrey. She also assumed a very relaxed position with her left leg over the arm chair. Her thighs were partially uncovered. The three of us had a nice time with sexual innuendo and short cute comments. Andrew continued caressing my thighs whilst his sister looked on with interest. I moaned a bit, excited by what he was doing. I was feeling pampered and had warmed up.

As we continued chatting the situation became even more thought provoking. My tights were now completely exposed and Audrey’s skirt was raised really high showing a skimpy pair of pink panties. She was relaxed about it and made no one move to cover herself. We felt confident in each other’s company and I was enjoying the atmosphere as we continued chatting quietly into the night.

Then Andrew began caressing the part of my breast that was showing above my summer dress. I was braless with a bit of nipple showing. His hand moved down and he slowly squeezed my boobies. He asked me if I was embarrassed about letting Audrey see him touching my tits. I said no, so he pulled apart my dress exposing a breast and pinched my nipple. This time I tried to stop him but he kissed me tenderly on the neck and I relaxed completely because I enjoyed it so much. He continued to play with my exposed tit


At this point Audrey moved her hand to her belly saying she might masturbate later. Andrew smiled.

“Have you heard, Claudia?” He said, “My sister wants to have a bit of fun later. How about we make a little show for her, honey?”

Waiting for my answer he kissed me deeply.

I looked at him and smiled back shaking my head and whispering “you are naughty.”

I kissed him.

This was a sort of green light.

He lowered the shoulder straps Ankara escort bayan of my dress down beyond my boobs.

I looked at my breasts remaining silent. They were completely uncovered now. It was different from sunbathing topless at the pond but I didn’t make a move as he continued to caress my breasts quietly talking with Audrey.

“Do you like her breasts, sis?” He said.

“Yes, I do. They are very sexy and big for a young girl. I adore their shape,” answered Audrey.

“Look at her nipples, sis. They stand out like pencil erasers,” said my boyfriend.

“Rather they look like little cocks, little erect cocks,” said Audrey, “in a few years you will be a sex goddess, Claudia.” I was flattered and smiled at her.

“Thank you,” I said.

A moment later Andrew took off my dress and my panties. I was totally naked now.

My boyfriend continued to play with my boobs for a while and I felt my nipples getting harder and harder then his hands descended to my belly. I don’t know why but when he asked me to open my legs to give better access, I obeyed exposing my pussy to Audrey’s gaze. She murmured “nice” as Andrew slowly passed his palm onto my vaginal lips and started gently to finger fuck me.

I purred like a cat by the fire.

“Do you want to feel her, Audrey?” asked Andrew, “she is so mellow, you know?”

His sister nodded and after a second (a very long second for me) she added, “Yes I do, Andrew. I’ve wanted to caress her body ever since we sunbathed at the pond. I would like to play with her.”

“Have you heard, Claudia?” said my boyfriend addressing his question to me “My sister would like to play with you. She wants to caress you all over. What do you say about that, do you agree?”

“Yes, I do,” was my answer.

“Join us on the sofa, Audrey,” said my boyfriend.

Suddenly I felt four hands wandering my body caressing my legs and my boobs.

I moaned with pleasure as Audrey started to kiss my neck. In a few moments she kissed me on the lips. The first kiss from a girl for me. It was easy, sweet and tender. We slowly kissed for a while then she moved her soft lips to my nipples and licked them.

I spread my legs in a quiver of excitement as Andrew watched.

“Lick her, it’s the best way to get her hot,” he said to Audrey.

Audrey dropped her head slowly forward to eat my cunt and I was completely open to her.

I remained there without moving, moaning and enjoying the licking.

I breathed deeply as her hands went soft on my body and her tongue made firm circles on my clit.

She continued licking for minutes no harder, no stronger, having me trembling with pleasure. She kept stroking with a finger down from my pubic bone, between my lips, over my clit, between my inner lips, over the opening of my pussy then lowered her mouth again taking all the entrance to my cunt in her mouth and sucking gently.

“O gawd…” I whispered in disbelief as a terrific orgasm shook my body. Escort Ankara It was heaven; my first orgasm with a girl.

“I’m done,” she said, when she calmed down. She looked at me and smiled tenderly then she spoke to Andrew. “You are excited like a fool, boy, fuck her now. I want to watch you two make love.”

His penis rose in front of me. He drew back his foreskin and his cock slipped inside very quickly. His action was strong having me whispering and moaning again until I came with a second great shuddering orgasm. Our night had turned into something unforgettable.

We had a brief rest then we were ready for another go. Audrey asked me to climb on the sofa so she could look at my private parts. I did as she asked and leaning against the edge with my back to her showing her my pussy from behind.

“What a nice honeypot”, she commented caressing my ass-cheeks, “a well-used honeypot. You smell good, baby, pussy, sperm, and a little shit from your ass-hole. Be proud of your beautiful ass.”

“O-o-o-h-h.” I couldn’t mask the little swooshing sound that came out of me when she touched my clit but I immediately pushed forward against her fingers beginning a slow undulation. I just closed my eyes as she licked me for the second time under my guy’s gaze while he stroked his cock slowly. Absorbing the sensation of the moment I thought about a little story that my cousin told me. My cousin described getting licked by another girl at college as her boyfriend watched them. I was sexually inexperienced then and her tale surprised me a little but now I was being even naughtier as the girl was older than me and she was my boyfriend’s sister. This time Audrey’s licking lasted a bit longer. She grabbed me tight holding me by my hips kissing my ass cheeks and licking my pussy from behind with her hard tongue like a fucking action.

At this point I wanted to be fucked again by Andrew so I took his cock in my hand and stroked it. But then something happened that left me astounded. Audrey, who was now licking my pussy kneeling on her knees, suddenly took her brother’s cock in her mouth swirling her tongue around it and gently slapping it.

He positioned himself behind me and grabbed me by the hips as Audrey pulled his cock towards my pussy opening and he pushed his hard rod into my dripping snatch. It slid in like a hot knife through butter. We fucked under Audrey’s gaze until I started to moan and came.

It was time to sleep and we went to bed; three in a bed, by the way.

Of course, we had other threesomes. Andrew fucked me in front of Audrey and she made her magic with her tongue bringing me to a higher point of ecstasy. I reciprocated kissing her all over and eating her swollen cunt. A few times I also watched Andrew having his way with Audrey. He fucked her in a natural way like a real couple. They had me swear nobody must know what happened and that was all.

Then Andrew and I split up. He got a job a good distance away and I never saw him again, but I am aware he got married and had a family. I also married, got a good job and became a mom. Sometimes I see Audrey around the area where I live. She still lives in our town and never married again. She is always very friendly when we meet.

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