At The Bath House


The van pulled to a stop in front of a large brick building with blacked out windows and no signs on it. The driver explained that he would motion us when to enter. He opened the van door and walked to the only door on the front of the building. He removed the security telephone from the door opening and talked to someone on the other side. After a short conversation he hung the phone in its cradle and turned and motioned us to come inside. When we arrived at the door it buzzed and he pulled it open and we stepped inside into a small dark room with another door.

When the outside door closed the lights automatically came on and it was just quiet silence. After a couple seconds the second door opened and two beautiful young Japanese girls dressed in kimonos walked out and bowed to us. “Please follow us” one of the girls said as she pointed inside the second door.

As we entered the long hallway on the inside we had no idea what to expect. We all just followed the two pretty young girls. There were six of us including myself, my buddy Al, Al’s nephew Lou, my nephew Billy, his friend Kyle and our friend Sing.

Sing had suggested this trip to us at Al’s Bar one night while we were trying to figure out how to reward our nephews for winning the basketball championship for their high school team. The trip to the Japanese Bathhouse sounded like fun to us so we agreed to let him set it up for us. So far it had all the suspense of a mystery novel.

The girls opened another door and when we entered we were greeted by several more girls that were dressed in ceremonial geisha dress. One geisha girl took each of us by the hand and led us to a small booth. Once in the booth the girl proceeded to undress her man and carefully folded his clothes and placed them on the shelve and once he was naked she helped him slip into a white bath robe. All this time no words were spoken and only hand signals were used to communicate. Once dressed in his bath robe she took him by the hand and led him out into a large communal bath area.

As I entered the bath area I noticed that all my buddies were there and had received the same treatment as I had. The girls took us to the large bath tub and she removed her clothing and then helped us out of our bath robes and led us into the warm water. The girls then bathed us each and took special care to wash and clean us spending plenty of time on our cocks and balls.

“Can I speak to you?” I asked by beautiful hostess.

“Yes I am Fuk Mei and I am to be your geisha tonight” she replied as she bowed to me.

“You are a very beautiful young woman and I am not sure what I am supposed to do here” I told her “what do you want me to do?”

“My job is to serve your every desire master” Ankara escort she responded “you may do whatever you desire and I am here to serve your desires.”

Fuk Mei continued to wash my cock and it began to harden as she expertly massaged it. When it had grown to its full length she knelt down and began to suck it in her sweet mouth. She was very experienced and she worked on my dick with her lips, tongue and mouth until I thought I was going to cum. She gripped me by the base of my cock and my feelings immediately subsided. My head was spinning and I knew this girl was very good at her craft. She stroked my stiff dick and started to work her magic on it again.

As she sucked my cock I looked around and noticed that all my friends were receiving the same treatment as I was. Everywhere you looked there was a man with a beautiful young girl sucking him off. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves and not a complaint was heard.

I decided that if she was here to serve me that I was going to take control. I reached down and cupped both of Fuk Mei’s gorgeous tits in my hands and I pinched the nipples between my fingers as they grew long and stiff in my hands. She continued to suck on my cock until I picked her up and kissed her on her sweet red lips. Our tongues met and we exchanged a deep passionate kiss before I leaned down and sucked on her stiff hard nipples.

I laid her down on the stone bench and continued my assault on her magnificent breasts. I worked my way down to her navel and ran my tongue into her navel and she responded by running her hands through my hair and moaning loudly. My fingers found their way to her soft hairless mound and I proceeded to explore her young sweet pussy.

As my fingers pinched Fuk Mei’s clit she tensed up and let out a loud groan as her pussy began to leak out juices all over my hand. My fingers were then replaced by my lips and tongue as I sucked and licked on the sweet young pussy before me. My finger found her puckered little asshole and began to massage her back opening as I licked and tongued her snatch. Soon my face was covered with her sweet juices and she was pulling my hair and writhing under me as I worked on her pussy.

I stopped and looked over to see my pal Al doing about the same things to the pretty little girl he had who he later told me was Fukki Yukki. She was not as tall as Fuk Mei but was just as pretty with a slightly smaller build. She seemed to be enjoying Al’s big black cock and I knew that he was making her cum by eating that wonderful little pussy between her legs.

This raised my curiosity and I leaned up and looked around the room. All my friends were engaged in some sort of sex with these gorgeous young women and looked Ankara escort bayan like they were having plenty of fun so I directed my attention back to the wonderful Fuk Mei.

I picked her up and slowly lowered her onto my stiff cock watching it slide into her waiting pussy little by little until I was buried to the hilt in her warm wetness. I just sat there and felt the heat from her sweet pussy as my cock throbbed in her moist hole. Slowly I began to pump my cock in and out of her cunt picking up the pace with each thrust. Soon I was hammering my cock into her as hard as I could and she was grabbing my ass trying to pull me in deeper. I continued to fuck this young woman until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I pulled my cock from her sweet pussy and began to spray her with shot after shot of my hot baby seed. Several shots of cum hit her chest and tits and covered her tight belly and ran down her leg and onto her burning snatch. When I finished she leaned forward and licked the remaining cum from my cock and then looked at me and smiled.

“Would you like more cock Fuk Mei?” I asked her.

“Yes please master” she smiled at me “more cocks please.”

“Al, Lou come over here will you?” I motioned to them “this girl needs some black cock please.”

Al and his nephew Lou came over to Fuk Mei and she grabbed their cocks and started to suck on one and then the other. She worked her magic on them and soon they were ready to burst until Al grabbed her and rolled her over on top of him and started to slip his black monster in her wet pussy. She continued to blow Lou and it was obvious he wouldn’t last much longer so she looked at him and asked him “please fuck my ass.”

Al was on his back with Fuk Mei straddling him as Lou moved around behind her and he stuck his finger in her ass and made her moan as he finger fucked her tight little asshole.

Fukki Yukki came to me and started to massage my cock and was working it back to stiffness as we watched the show before us. Soon she turned around and lowered herself on my cock as I stared at her pretty ass. My cock slid deep into her as we watched the two black men work on Fuk Mei.

Lou finally moved up and slid his cock up against her tight asshole. She relaxed and he slowly slid it into her as she moaned loudly. Together they started to literally fuck the shit out of this poor little girl but I truly believed she loved it as much or more than they did. Soon you could see the juices running from her pussy and down onto Al as she was fucked in both holes.

Fukki Yukki was enjoying my dick as Billy and Kyle walked up to her and she began to suck their dicks. She would take one cock to the balls and then do the same to the other cock. Kyle reached behind Escort Ankara her and started to massage her cute little asshole and I watched as his finger loosened up her tight hole. A couple minutes later he climbed over me and lowered his stiff dick to her asshole.

From my vantage point I had the best view of his young dick sliding into her asshole. I could hear her moan as he bottomed out in her sweet asshole. That only made my dick harder as I pumped it to her slick pussy.

I turned my head and saw our pal Sing with one girl riding his hard dick and another girl squatted over his face feeding her pussy to him like a starving man.

“Son of a bitch life is good” I chuckled as I turned to watch my two black friends fucking Fuk Mei.

We all continued fucking for what seemed like hours but it was probably more like thirty minutes until I heard Al scream that he was cumming and Lou yelled that he was too. Both men pumped their loads of cum deep inside the young Fuk Mei as she screamed out in orgasm and collapsed on top of Al.

That was all Sing could take and he moaned as he unloaded his cum all over the two beautiful girls he had been working on. They took turns sucking his cock until they had completely drained him of all his seed. They then took turns licking the cum from each other until they had cleaned it all up.
I on the other hand felt Kyle start unloading his man juice in Fukki Yukki’s tight asshole and that was all that I could stand. My cum was deposited in the depths of her sweet young pussy until it started to leak out around my cock and dribble onto my balls.

Billy meanwhile was busy shooting blast after blast of his baby seed all over her face and tits. Fukki Yukki was rubbing his cum all over her tits and finally took his cock in her mouth and cleaned it up.

We kind of all just laid back and enjoyed the moment until Al laughed and said ”I don’t know about you all but that’s the most fun I’ve had since my vacation!”

Everyone chuckled and then Fuk Mei told us to get in the bath again and they would be happy to bathe us again. Now how could we pass up an offer like that?

As I laid there looking at Fuk Mei and Fukki Yukki standing there in front of me I could see the cum leaking from both their pussies and asses. It was a quite a sight to see that much cum leaking from two pretty young girls who had given their all to make us happy.

After the girls had taken special care to bathe us they put our robes back on and led us to the dressing area where they took their time to dress us and thank us for spending our time with them. We thanked them and asked if we could come back again and the girls all bowed to us and said they hoped we would return often.

Our young nephews said they would sure try to win another championship if this was how we treated them. Sing just laughed and said that he would be happy to set it up for us anytime.

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