At the Book Festival Ch. 01



Hi everyone. Guess what? My big fantasy is flashing (Is there any sexy woman who doesn’t at least think about it?). I’m not the prettiest girl in the world, but I’m not bad either-or so everyone tells me. I’m 5’8″ with long red hair framing my round, but cute, almost pug-nosed face. But it’s my body I’m mostly proud of. I’m a few pounds over-weight-but it’s all in the right places. Some people call me pleasingly plump, others say voluptuous. I like the latter designation best because I’ve got really big tits, full, round hips-and a butt that looks like a couple soccer balls bouncing under my skirt when I walk. Okay, maybe not quite that big, but you get the point.

Today was the day of the Book Festival at the University of Arizona campus where they expected a hundred and twenty thousand people or so. A great opportunity for flashing-especially since the paper said it’d be very windy all throughout the day with sudden gusts reaching forty miles an hour.

I dressed for the occasion. Since the weather was to be warm, in addition to windy, I wore a light sun dress, orange/pink to go with my hair. The top part of the dress was form fitting enough to show off my ample curves, clinging to my tits like a second skin and it had wide lapels so I could show off lots of cleavage. To support my ample tits I wore a white bra that showed through under the light fabric of the dress. And it was one of those bras with holes for my nipples to poke through, so when I got turned on people would be able to see my nips tenting, and stretching the material of my dress. And also, which I thought was so naughty, the bra covered enough territory on my tits that with the wide cleavage-exposing lapels people could also see part of my bra.

The dress was just long enough to cover my cunt and ass, while showing off my legs-all of my legs-even when the wind wasn’t blowing. Yet, it fit loose enough along the hem that it would easily lift up when the wind blew. Perfect for me to flash legally in the public. And, of course, underneath, I wore white panties so they’d show through under the dress-even when the wind wasn’t lifting my skirt up.

What a turn on, just thinking about it as I got dressed. As I drove to the festival, I couldn’t help rubbing my legs together.

As I strolled around the university mall, I got a huge thrill out of the way both men and women looked at me. It made my nipples tingle and start to grow erect. And then when a nice big gust of wind came along and lifted my skirt up high . . . wow! It felt so fucking good, the cool wind blowing across my hot crotch-and then catching the looks on people’s faces as they got to see my white panties completely exposed. It wasn’t long before I started getting wet-which only added to my thrills when the wind exposed my secrets.

I also got a huge thrill out of doing my own people watching, all the hot women and college girls going around some of them with less on that I had.

Strolling along the sidewalk my attention was caught by a pair of women sitting on a bench sucking on popsicles. The way they were sucking on, and licking, those popsicles was sexy enough but it was the way they were dressed . . . and the fact that they looked enough alike to be mother and daughter that really got my pussy to churning.

The older woman looked to be about 40, gorgeous of face, and she had a nice rack up top. The younger one looked to be about 19 or 20, just as beautiful with her pert, firm tits making a mockery of her T-shirt mini. To accent their similar facial features, they both had their identical blonde hair done up in double pony tails and were both wearing identical blue T-shirt miniskirts-so short that with the way they were sitting down they were both exposing the entirety of their scrumptious, smooth, thighs-and then some. To my delight, I caught a glimpse of white panty showing on each of them.

And I couldn’t help but wonder if they were flashing addicts like myself.

And oh, did I say the only fantasy I have that’s bigger than flashing is being done by a mother-daughter duo? So the sight of them sitting like that, dressed like that, licking those popsicles with their beautiful, long pink tongues dancing erotically over those cock-shaped popsicles made my pussy really dribble and soak my panties.

I wondered again, if they were flashing addicts like myself.

As if in answer to my thought, as I drew even with them, the younger one lifted one foot up onto the bench just beside her ass thus fully exposing her panty-covered crotch. Knowing I was staring between her legs she looked right at me and licked her popsicle must lewdly.

I had already been turned on by the wind-caused flashing I’d been doing the last hour or so, but when I saw how sexy those two were, and the way the daughter seemed to be deliberately flashing me, my already erect nipples seemed to grow another half-inch and tingled so maddeningly, and my already damp pussy now really Ankara escort gushed.

As luck would have it, just as I was right in front of their bench, a nice, strong gust of wind came along and lifted my skirt to my waist and held it there fluffing in the wind and fully exposing my panties-and exposing what I knew was a very tell-tale wet spot where my cunt was. I made a half-hearted attempt with one hand to pretend to push my skirt down in the back, deliberately leaving my panty-covered crotch exposed. Loving the way this mother-daughter team was looking at me I could feel my panties growing ever wetter right in front of their eyes.

Just then, the mom nudged her daughter and said just loud enough for me to hear: “Honey see the beautiful, sexy woman there? You see what I see?”

The daughter said, “yeah, mommy, she sure looks sexy.” Then both the mom and the daughter look me directly in the eye while licking their popsicles so sexily//almost dirtily. The mom also shifted her legs so she was exposing her damp crotch the same way her daughter was.

And by now, the thought of a mother-daughter tag-team doing me made me so fucking hot I couldn’t believe it. Every inch of my skin tingled like tiny ants were crawling over me and another gush of hot wetness showed through my panty-covered cunt. My nipples ached and seemed to grow yet another half inch as they died to be sucked and licked like that mother/daughter team were doing their popsicles.

No matter how much I enjoyed the view, and enjoyed the way they were looking at me I didn’t want other spectators to get suspicious of my intentions, so in the mood of all good things must end sometime, I turned and with my entire body trembling began to continue my stroll to see what else was out and about today. The gust of wind lasted just long enough to give that sexy mother/daughter duo a good look at my ample ass before dying down and letting my skirt return to its normal position as I walked away.

I saw a crowd of people gathered in front of one of the booths. I joined them, standing at the back, curious to see what was so popular. But I couldn’t resist glancing back at the mom and daughter still sitting on their bench flashing passersby. They both smiled at me sending a blush to my cheeks. Then, when they both discarded their popsicles and got up and began walking towards me, my trembles returned with a vengeance. I felt my knees get week. Almost afraid I’d fall, I turned away and pretended to be looking over the shoulders of all the people in front of me looking at the display of books at the booth.

I sensed the two people, the mom and the daughter, approaching me. My excitement mounted. I could hear the swish of their legs rubbing together as they walked, skin against skin. I felt them close in behind me. I could hear them breathe. And then I felt their breathes on my skin through my thin dress. The mom stood so close behind me I could feel the heat of her body, smell her musky perfume. She pressed her erect nipples, poking through that T-shirt mini of hers, against my back sending shock waves through me.

The daughter snuggled up next to me, pressing her body against mine. Then she whispered hotly to me “my mom and I would like to talk with you for a moment-in private.”

Before my nervous dry mouth could respond, the daughter grabbed me by the hand, and helped turn me around. Then the mom grabbed my other hand and the two of them led me back to the bench they had been sitting on. They sat down on either side of me, so close their hot creamy thighs were touching mine. I should say at this point that the only fantasy I have that is hotter than public flashing, is the dream of being the center of a mother-daughter tag team. That is the ultimate turn-on. And, there I was sitting right between these two very sexy women, mother and daughter, both of them pressing their sexy legs against mine.

Then the daughter said matter of factly, “Mom and I run a website featuring sexy women doing public flashing and the like.”

The mom laid a hand on my thigh and kind of leaned into me, her firm, well-shaped tit pressing against my shoulder, as she said, “we both thought you looked real sexy the way the wind kept blowing your skirt up. We love the wholesome, natural, sexy look you have.” She rubbed her hand on my thigh.

The daughter put her hand on my other thigh, a little higher up and more brazenly than her mom as she said, “and we’d love to take some sexy shots of you if you don’t mind. We’d love to see how these sexy legs of yours would look on the net, wouldn’t we mommy.” She ran her sweet little hand across both of my thighs, then let her hand slip in between for a brief moment to fondle the sensitive flesh of my inner thigh.

“Fucking A, sweetie,” the mom said as she let her hand fondle the inside of my other thigh. Then, with her lips close to my cheek, she whispered, “how about it, honey, you up to some modeling?” her hot sexy breathe rippled Ankara escort bayan over the side of my face.

“S-s-s-sure,” I said with suddenly dry mouth. By this time I was really on fire from all their sexy talk, touches, and flirtations-but also from the fact that they’d just hit on another of my big fantasies, and that is having someone take erotic photos of me to post on the net for all the world to see.

“Wonderful,” the mom said, letting her hand slide a little further up the flesh of my inner thigh, giving it a little squeeze.

“By the way,” the young girl said, sliding her hand further up my inner thigh as if trying to outdo her mom in brashness, “my name is Brittany, and mommy’s name is Elizabeth.”

That word, mommy again coming from the daughter’s sweet sexy lips so close to my ears and in this sexy of a context, sent electric charges through me.

“But you can just call me ‘Beth,'” the mom said. “And, what’s your name, sweetie?”


“Glad to meet you, Marge,” the mom stood up and shook my hand.

“Me too,” the Brittany said reaching her right hand across to shake mine while her left hand remained firmly attached to my inner thigh. As we shook hands she used her middle finger to tease the palm of my hand while looking me in the eye with an impish I want to fuck you look on her face.

“Okay,” Beth said, “let’s take some photos. I’ll do the two of your together first, just sitting like that. Marge, why don’t you put your arm around Brittany for a moment.” She backed up and aimed her mini camera at us.

Brittany continued driving me crazy with her one hand fondling my thigh while her other hand continued to hold mine and her fuck finger teased my palm while her mom took some shots.

“Wonderful,” Beth said, “that looks nice and sexy. Now, Marge why don’t you hike your skirt up a bit more and take your right leg and drape it over my daughter’s left leg so we can see some panty. There that’s it. Beautiful!”

Needless to say, the touch of my fleshy, naked thighs against the sweet, tight young skin of Brittany was nothing less than heaven.

“Now, Brittany, why don’t you and I change places so you can take some shots of me with our new friend.”

“Sure, mom,” Brittany said as she got up and took the camera from her mom.

Beth took her daughter’s place. Without hesitation she put her arm around my shoulder and let her hand casually rest on my tit and draped her leg over mine just like she’d had me do with her daughter before-and the thought of her doing that right in front of her daughter was a nice turn-on. Knowing that young Brittany could see her mommy’s panties. Ummmmm.

“Yeah, mommy,” Brittany said, “that looks so frigging sexy showing off your panties like that.”

As if Brittany’s sexy talk wasn’t enough, I could feel the bottom of her mom’s thigh grow noticeably warmer as it rested against my own bare thigh flesh.

“Now Marge,” Brittany said, “don’t be bashful, go ahead and put your hand on mom’s thigh like I was doing you. There that looks so frigging sexy, with both of you showing some panty.”

As I put my hand on Beth’s thigh enjoying the heat of her skin against the palm of my hand she let the index finger of her hand on my tit extend out to touch my erect nipple through the thin material of my sexy sun dress.

“There, fucking awesome,” Brittany said as she snapped a few more photos. “A couple of MILFs looking so fucking sexy-and one of them my own mom. Hot, hot, hot!”

After that we went around to different places around the campus mall for photo shoots. Some of the shots were me and the daughter, and other shots with me and the mom. We did some of the shots standing, some with one or both of us bending over, some shots sitting.

One of the most daring shots, I thought, was when they had me sit on some steps with Brittany sitting below me, both of us flashing some panty-and then Beth told her daughter to turn around and look up my skirt-“like a horny college girl lusting after an older woman.”

“Yeah, like that,” Beth said encouraging her daughter to look up my skirt while she took a couple more shots.

“‘Now then,” Beth said, putting her camera back in her purse, “why don’t we all go back to our RV and upload these into the computer and see how they came out.”

When I hesitated, not sure if they wanted me to accompany them or not, Brittany grabbed my hand and pulled me up off the steps. “Come on, Marge, we can take some more photos there in our RV-some really sexy ones. Much more daring than the ones we just took.” She gave me a wink.

That got me intrigued, and more turned on than I already was so I agreed right away. With Brittany leading me by hand they took me to the RV lot, then entered one that was in the back, close to the exit.

We reached the door and while Brittany and I stood at the base of the steps holding hands, Beth mounted the steps to Escort Ankara insert the key into the lock. Standing above us like that in her way-too-short of a skirt. Her long, luscious legs were entirely exposed right up to her firm round ass and wet panties-all of it practically right in my face. She bent over a little as she inserted the key into the lock causing T-shirt mini to slide up exposing her self even more. Her ass and wet panties almost pressed into my face. The sexy, musky aroma really titillating all of my senses. I licked my lips as my mouth watered from my desire to dive right in and gobble up her sex.

Snuggling up against me with her left hand on my ass, and her erect nipple rubbing my shoulder, Brittany said, “Doesn’t my mommy look really sexy that way?” She ran her right hand up the back of her mom’s thigh until she reached her panties

“G-g-g-god, yes, gorgeous!” I whimpered.

Brittany gave her mom’s butt a playful squeeze.

Beth let out a little giggle at her daughter’s sexy talk and fondling of her ass. “Now, aren’t we getting playful,” she said as she turned back to smile at us both. Then she pushed the door open and stepped inside.

“After you,” Brittany said, grabbing my ass to help shove me up the stairs.

Knowing that this little hot one was looking up my own skirt as I climbed the stairs the same way we both had been looking at her mom gave me knew thrills.

Entering their home on wheels I was pleasantly shocked to see the walls of the front room covered with photos of sexy women-including some of women making out with each other, fondling, and even getting it on, sucking each other’s tits, eating each other out and all that. And on the kitchen table was a nice collection of sex toys, rabbits and other vibrators of various sizes and shapes. Wow! I thought, this mother-daughter pair are really open with each other about sexuality. Are we going to use those toys in our photo session? The idea of the mother and daughter using those sex toys in front of each other with me involved fired me up more than ever.

Brittany and her mom caught me looking at some of the lesbian action photos and with her hand on my butt again Brittany said, “some of our photo sessions get really carried away.” She giggled seductively.

“S-s-s-so I see. But looks like fun.” I winked at her and playfully wriggled my ass under her hand.

“Butt . . . sure is.” Brittany gave my ass a hard, open palm slap. The clap! sound reverberating throughout the RV was incredibly erotic.

Beth waggled her finger at her daughter as a mock reprimand. “Now let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves.” All three of us giggled.

“A head, yeah I could sure use some head about now,” I said teasingly. “After all the flashing we did at the Book Festival. I’m really horny.”

All three of us laughed-while a knowing look passed between the mother and the daughter.

“Anyway, what I want to do first, “Beth said, smiling seductively at both of us, “now that we have a little privacy, is take some nice camel toe shots of the two of you together. So why don’t you two stand here in the middle of the room.” She grabbed my hand and positioned me where she wanted me, then had her daughter snuggle up next to me.

“That’s good,” Beth went on, “now arms around each other and hike each other’s skirts up so we can see some panty.”

Brittany and I did as she asked with a bit of a giggle. And God was I wet! The warmth of Brittany’s body against mine was driving me crazy, as was the intoxicating aroma of her perfume . . . and the muskiness of her own horniness wafting up and mixing with mine.

“Now let’s get some good camel toe,” Beth said walking right up to me, and while looking me in the eye she reached her hand down to my crotch which was now exposed from the way her daughter had inched my skirt up. Using her index finger she stuffed my damp panties deep into my cunt.

That caused me to take a sharp intake of breath. Go ahead, finger-fuck me, my pussy screamed.

Then, with her finger still pushing my panties up into my cunt and driving me crazy, she looked at her daughter and said, “I think our new friend here really likes this, you oughta feel how wet her panties are.” With that she withdrew her finger from my crotch and held it up to her daughter’s nose.

And as Brittany lewdly sniffed my horniness on her mom’s finger she stuck her own finger in my crotch like her mom had done. “Oh yeah, mommy, she’s really hot and sexy, just like you and me.”

“Okay, so now let’s see how my little sweetie is doing in the camel toe department.” With that Beth stuck her hand on her own daughter’s crotch and fingered her panties up into her slit just as she had done me. And, as she fingered her daughter she looked me in the eye and said, “Yeah, my daughter’s just as hot as you are.”

Oh my God! I thought, quivering all over, my knees so week I could barely stand, a mother fingering her own daughter! And her daughter liking it. And these women were driving me frigging crazy.

“See how hot and wet my little sweetie is?” With that she held her finger up to my nose so I could get a good whiff of her daughter.

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