At the Library


Sitting behind the desk waiting for 15 minutes to pass so she could lock up and go home. It was a dreary rainy night. She had been here alone for the last hour. She didn’t know why the library stayed open so late. While waiting all she could do was think about the video she saw the night before. Two lesbian lovers ravishing one another. She was interested in it because they looked so natural together. She herself had only been with two men in her life. She was 5’4 with long red hair to her waist and big green eyes. For a librarian she didn’t look half bad.

She wore short skirts and low cut tops. Sometimes depending on her mood she would “forget” her panties or bra. This was one of those days. While sitting there thinking of the video, she let her fingers roam up her skirt. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t hear the door chime. She was startled when she heard some one ask if she needed an extra hand or maybe a tongue. She jumped up blushing when she saw a beautiful blond standing before her. She apologized and asked if she could help her. The blond introduced herself as Stormy, and said she was wanting something to keep her busy.

The librarian introduced herself as Starla and asked what the young blond was into. Stormy replied with a faint kiss on Starla’s lips. Startled, she stepped back and blushed again. Stormy told her it would be ok just to go with it and have fun. Starla stood there and let Stormy make a move. Before they knew it they were topless groping one another just like Starla had seen on the video the night before.

Stormy had backed Starla back into the desk. Starla sat on the desk as Stormy opened her legs and began licking her wet slit. Starla had never felt anything so good in her life. Stormy entered a finger into Starla’s snatch and she almost came instantly. She laid back on the desk and Stormy got on top of her. They played with each other and licked each other into submission. Once they were done they got up and got dressed. Starla was amazed at how much she loved being with another woman. They walked outside, and Starla locked up the library. They said their good-byes and how they need to get together again. After exchanging numbers bursa escort they kissed and went their separate ways.

Neither of the girls saw him. He was still watching them as they locked up and went on their way. He always came in the back door. He had been working at the library as a night guard for 5 years. He was young and handsome. He had seen women together before, but never like that. He wondered if their display had been recorded. Yes, he would find out. But then what? What would he do next? He had an idea. But should he really do it? He would do it! He gathered his things signed out a little early. He only had to show up make sure things were running properly and go home. He had no reason to stay any longer. Especially since he couldn’t wait to do something about the boner in his pants. He knew the girls swapped numbers. Or so he thought. He followed behind Starla, being sure not to be seen. He watched as he saw another car pull in shortly after her. Starla got into the other car and they left. He sat waiting, wondering where she went and if she was coming home.

After an hour had passed he decided to go home. Just then the car pulled back up. Starla got home and Stormy pulled up after her. They were going to swap only numbers but decided to exchange much more than that. Starla got in the car with Stormy and they went to the Kinky-R-You? Adult store. Stormy had shown Starla a lot of different things. Double headed dildos, small strap ons, large strap ons, vibrators, and even butt plugs. Starla was new to all of the “kinky” stuff but was very interested. They walked around a bit and happened to sneak into the back room. Stormy inserted a vibrator into Starla’s pussy, making her walk out with it. Stormy paid for the vibrator among other things, and went home.

On the way home Starla had multiple orgasms. Stormy just watched and smiled. Once they got back to Starla’s house, they went inside. Starla was walking funny,and he didn’t miss it. He got out of his car and walked to the house. He could see them through the window. They were stripping. They looked so delicious. He watched as Starla bent over the couch, her ass facing him. He could see the moisture running down her legs. bursa escort bayan Stormy leaned down kissed her ass and removed the vibrator from Starla and began sucking her juices off it.

He didn’t know what to think. He was so hard and all he wanted was to feel their lips on his cock. He knocked on the door, and the girls looked at each other. It was a bit late for company. Neither of them wanted to stop what they were doing. Starla let Stormy suck her nipples while they answered the door. They thought it would be fun to see whoever it was at the door stare and wonder what the hell they walked into. Starla opened the door to see Ryan standing there with a smile on his face. Neither of them missed his boner either. Surprised Starla let him in and asked if something was wrong. He very quickly reassured her that all was well. He just wanted a better show than he had gotten earlier. The girls had no idea what he was talking about. Ryan picked up a video tape and they knew, he caught them on the security tape.

The girls were up for putting on a show. They acted like sex starved Nymphs. Starla began licking Stormy’s dripping wet pussy as Ryan watched with intense heat. He watched as the girls went from one position to the next. Once in the 69 position and he couldn’t take it any more. Starla was under Stormy licking her pussy and smacking her ass. Ryan got up stripped off all his clothes and put his cock in Stormy’s tight pussy. He was in heaven. Starla would lick his balls from time to time while she licked Stormy. Ryan climaxed earlier than he wanted, but that was fine with the girls.

Starla kept licking Stormy until she got every drop of Ryan’s juices from her. Stormy got up and went to the bag of things they purchased earlier. She couldn’t wait to use their new toys. Starla took the two up to her bedroom. Ryan fucked Starla while Stormy Cuffed her to the bed. They took turns licking her pussy and pinching her nipples. Once she was spent from all the oral attentions she was receiving, Ryan entered her tight cunt and pounded away on her. He lasted a little bit longer this time, and he loved the way she felt. Stormy was licking Starla’s bud while Ryan thrusted harder and faster escort bursa into her. When he was about to climax he pulled out and finished on her breasts and face. Stormy then uncuffed Starla and they restrained Ryan. Ryan was all up for being dominated. He couldn’t wait for them to have their way with him.

The girls pulled out the double headed dildo and the vibrators and they rode together into submission. They licked each other and fingered one another until they just couldn’t do anything but sleep. Ryan had the worst torture of his life, he lay there watching and waiting without getting any release from either of them. They got up kissed his cock and he ejaculated everywhere. They gave him his clothes and sent him on his way. Not completely satisfied, yet not completely disappointed, he left and went home. Starla and Stormy lay in bed naked and slept. The phone rang and woke the girls.

Starla looked at the clock, she had been asleep for 4 hours. She wanted to ignore the phone but answered it anyway. It was her boss, Krissy. She didn’t sound very happy. Starla bolted out of bed, startling Stormy. She hung up the phone and got dressed, explaining in the process that she had to get to work. Stormy gave her a ride to the library. Once there, the girls realized it was Sunday. They walked inside to the back of the library and saw Krissy sitting at the desk in her office. Krissy got up and closed her office door. She picked up a video tape and tossed it to them. The girls seemed confused at first. Then as if slapped in the face they both jumped up.

Krissy played the video and Starla knew her job was over. She stood to leave when Krissy stopped her. She looked at both women and told them that she wasn’t upset at what they did, just at having it on video. They apologized and asked what they could do. She told them that she was having a “party” the following Saturday night. They should show up and enjoy themselves. The girls went back to Starla’s and had lots of sex all week. Starla couldn’t believe her luck. Later that week they went to the store to buy new outfits for Krissy’s party. They knew they were to dress sexy, but that is all they were told.

They bought sleek little dresses that showed off their perfect cleavage and their round asses. They wanted to look as good as Krissy probably would. Krissy was a tall brunette with 36 D breasts and nice round hips. The girls couldn’t wait for Saturday.

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