They were sitting in the movie theater with his arm around her and her snuggled up against his chest. The only other people in the theater were an older couple down in the first row. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and imagined what those lips would taste like and how good they would feel on her pussy. She imagined his, ‘little big bigger than average’ cock ramming her tight virgin pussy and immediately felt herself get wet. She leaned into him more and he pulled her closer. She looked up at him and began kissing his neck. He laughed quietly and she continued to kiss and lick his neck. When she began sucking it and making a hickey he let out a soft moan and put his hand on her leg, which was draped over his. He moved his hand up her leg and began rubbing her clit through her shorts.
She finished her hickey and went back to kissing his neck. She put her hand on his leg and she could feel his swelling bulge in his pants. She put her hand on it and he stopped rubbing for a minute to lean his head back. She unbuckled his pants and continued to jack him off while still licking all around his neck. She could feel his cock getting harder and harder and he said, “Stop it baby I’m gonna cum.” But she got faster and right as his cock tensed and prepared to shoot out his load she swooped her head down and took his cock in her mouth, swallowing it all. When she was done he fixed his pants and leaned in to kiss her. They made out for a few minutes and he began to feel her tits through her thin tank top. She kissed him harder and bit his lip a few times. She leaned back against the wall and put the arm rest up and he got on top of her and they continued to make out. He began to rub her leg and then her clit, through her shorts again. She unbuckled her pants and he pulled them down so that he could fit his hand down there and put a finger in her pussy. He continued to kiss her while finger escort bayan fucking her. She groaned once and he went faster and deeper. He pulled her closer to him so that her legs were around him and put another finger in. Her breathing got faster and as she began to cum he pushed his fingers in as far as they could go and as fast as he could. When was done she pulled his hand out and sucked his fingers clean. She kissed his neck again and whispered into his ear, “I want you to fuck me.” His cock jumped at this and she stood up and he followed her outside through the exit that took them to the back of the movie theater. They walked over to the grassy hill and she pushed him down onto his back and got on top of him and began making out with him, viciously. He stopped after a minute of her grinding on his cock and said, “Wow, you really wanna do this?” She groaned, “Yeah baby I’m so fucking wet and I want you now.” He smiled and whispered, “Good because you’re so hot and I wanna fuck you so bad.” She smiled and he rolled over onto her and began kissing down her neck then she sat up and ripped off his shirt then took off hers. He took off her bra and his eyes widened at her perky tits then he got between her legs and leaned over her and immediately went to work sucking on them. She groaned and wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him into her. He stopped to pull off her shorts. He leaned down over her again to kiss her neck and began rubbing her clit through her underwear. She grinded her hips against his fingers and groaned when he bit her perky nipples. He whispered into his ear, “I wanna lick your pussy.” She nodded and he kissed it through her underwear then ripped them off and stuck his whole face in her pussy. He motor boated her and she let out a little scream of delight at this. Then he bit down on her clit and she moaned, “lick my pussy.” He licked her pussy once then blew on it, “Baby kocaeli escort bayan you taste so good.” He went back to licking it then after a couple minutes he put 2 fingers in her sopping wet pussy. She groaned, “Mmm baby you’re so good at that.” She began to groan louder and louder and he increased his pace of his fingers and his tongue. She whined, “Ooooh baby I’m gonna cum oooh oooh oooh!” But just then he stopped and began kissing the inside of her thighs. Then he blew on her clit and put his tongue in her pussy. He bit her clit once and reached up to pinch her nipples. She whined and he grabbed her legs and pushed then over her head then went back to licking and finger fucking her pussy. He whispered into her pussy, “You taste so good I can’t stop licking your gorgeous pussy.” She whined, “Let me cum baby.” He licked it ferociously for a minute or so and she groaned loudly. He stopped and she immediately sat up and leaned in to kiss him. She got on his lap and he put a finger in her and they continued to make out. Then she got off of him, he stood up and she pulled his rock hard cock out of his pants and immediately dropped to all fours and took his cock in her mouth. It hit the back of her throat and she went to town sucking, licking and deep throating his cock. He groaned, “Fuckkk baby girl you’re so good at that.” She looked up at him and sucked it even harder. He tried to get her to stop, “Stop it baby I’m gonna cum oh god oh god oh goddddd!” He exploded in her mouth for the second time and she swallowed it all. She cleaned him up then he got down on all fours again between her legs and spread her legs apart as far as they could and licked her pussy, even better than before. He put 2 fingers in and finger fucked her harder and faster than before. She groaned his name, “Ohhhh Steven that’s amaaazinng.” She groaned, “Oh god I’m gonna cummm.” She ran her fingers kocaeli escort through his hair and he looked up at her and bit her clit a few times before his finger fucking got faster and the licking got harder. Her breathing got shorter and faster and as she came she put her legs over his shoulders and grabbed his head and held it to her pussy and whined. When she was done he kissed her swollen clit once then positioned his self over her and leaned down to kiss her. He began licking her neck again and as he did so he pushed his cock into her. She let out a whimper but then it started to feel good and she wiggled around trying to get it farther in. He pulled out halfway but then shoved it back in. The impact shocked her but it felt so good at the same time and they soon found their rhythm. She began to cum and as she did so she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her as far as he would go. He came while she was still coming and he collapsed on top of her. When they both finished he pulled out of her and lay down on the ground next to her. She wasn’t ready to quit yet though and she straddled him and sat down onto his cock. She ground her hips forward and back and he groaned loudly. “You like that baby?” She began bouncing up and down on his cock and he reached up to squeeze her tits. She began to get close and collapsed onto his chest while he pushed himself into her. She sat up then he sat up, while his cock was still in her and she starting bouncing up and down on his cock, right in his lap. “You little whore you don’t stop do you?” he groaned. “Oooooh,” she groaned as she kept bouncing up and down. He pulled her hair and she clawed his back and she felt his cock injecting his load into her pussy so she slammed down harder on his cock a few times. By the time he was done she was just beginning to come but he pulled her hair and pushed into her hard enough to make her cum. She ran her fingers through his hair then wrapped her arms around his back and she came, and as she collapsed onto him he whispered into her ear, “I wanna lick your pussy again baby it tastes so good.”

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