At the Party

Female Ejaculation

Emily’s phone buzzed. Jake again. If he wanted to talk to her so badly he should have come to the party instead of staying home and playing video games. Again.

“Shots! Who’s in?” yelled Alex.

Emily ignored the call.

“I am!” she said, bouncing off the couch up to the table.

Alex gave her a smirk while he poured the shots. It should be illegal to look that good while you’re pouring shots. Emily grabbed the shot glass and dumped it down the hatch. She looked Alex in the eye while she did it. She knew she shouldn’t be flirting this much, but whatever. Don’t want your girlfriend flirting with other guys? Then don’t stay at home like a loser to play video games.

“Another round!” said Emily, slamming the shot glass back down on the table.

“Damn, impressive,” said Alex.

Two more shots later and she was in the living room dancing. That was a quick blur. Someone had their hands on her waist. Was it Alex? She pushed her ass back and started grinding.

Another shot and she was in the hallway now. Alex had his hands on her ass. They were illegal bahis kissing. Maybe time to stop. Her phone buzzed again. Jake calling.

“Shit, I can’t do this,” she said. “I have a boyfriend.”

“Not tonight,” said Alex. Grabbing her ass more and pushing his tongue back into her mouth.

Another shot and now she was turning her phone on silent and tossing it on the floor.

“Fuck that loser!” she yelled.

Everyone at the party cheered and one more shot all around.

The next thing Emily knew Alex was dragging her by the hand into one of the back rooms. He pushed her up against the wall. He slid his hand down the front of her pants. He told her to get on her knees.

She did.

She shouldn’t be doing this. Alex unzipped his pants and pulled it out. Of course, it was big. He was too cocky for it not to be.

“Put it in your mouth, slut.”

Emily gasped, but between her legs, she gushed. She put it in her mouth. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. But it’s college and isn’t this what you do in college? Have fun.

She illegal bahis siteleri took his cock in and out of her mouth. As much of it as she could fit. She felt it hit the back of her throat and gagged as she struggled to take more of it. She heard Alex laugh. Then she heard the door open.

“You want to get in on this too bro?” said Alex. He bent down and picked Emily up, then tossed her on to the bed. She didn’t know what was happening.

“Wait-,” was all she managed to get out before Alex had her pants pulled down, pushed her legs back, and stuffed his cock inside her.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled as she felt herself stretch out to take all of him. He was too big. She pushed herself backward on the bed but was already at the edge. Her head fell back, hanging off the edge of the bed.

“Condom-” she started to say, just as she saw a pair of legs in front of her. Then felt hands on her mouth, opening her jaw. Then another cock in her mouth.

Alex thrust himself into her again as his friend pushed his cock into her mouth. She couldn’t go anywhere. canlı bahis siteleri They started fucking her. Two hard cocks pumping in and out of her at each end. She’d never felt so used. She’d never felt so turned on. She couldn’t do this.

Alex picked up the pace.

“Shit, she’s tight,” he said.

“You gonna cum already bro?”

“Fuck. I think so.”

Oh no, thought Emily. Not on birth control. This can’t happen. She struggled and made some muffled noises but her mouth was too full of cock to do anything about it.

Then both of them forced their cocks all the way inside her and erupted.


“Oh shittt”

Emily’s own orgasm crashed through her body as cum poured down her throat and filled her pussy. She moaned. Then she gave in. She reached down with one hand and coaxed Alex’s balls while he came inside her. She did the same with her other hand to his friend. Encouraging them both to cum more.

Finally their cocks stopped pulsing and pumping. They pulled themselves out of her and put their clothes back on. Emily laid on the bed, leaking cum from both ends as she watched Alex and his friend leave the room. In a daze she heard Alex yell above the music:

“Hey who wants next on that slut?”

In the other room Emily’s phone was ringing. Jake again.

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