At Work

Family Love

My name is Bryan I am 18 and this is a true story that happened to me while working maitnince at a department store, The names have been changed to protect those involved.

It was around 7:30AM when I arrived at work, “Dammit” I swore to myself “Late again!”. I ran threw the store towards the back stock room were I punched in and started to gather my supplies to get started cleaning up the store (yes I am a janitor, hell it pays the bills).

As I barged threw the door out to the floor I bumped in to a fellow employee Deana, she was a very soft spoken and shy oriental woman. She was about 5’4 110lbs and she was maybe 30 years of age. She was also the person I dreamed about as I masturbated every night. “Oh…sorry!” I stammered “Its okay” she said in a whisper. As I started to walk away she called after me, “Bryan, I need your help in the stock room with something.” “okay” I replied and followed her into the back watching as he perfect ass swung side to side.

When we reached a small storage area cut off from the rest of the store she stopped and turned towards me “Now Bryan” she said “I know what you think of me” “wh…what do you mean?” I asked nervously. “I know how you are always staring at my ass and how you always try to brush up against my tits every time you walk by me.” She said in a sly tone “Thats not true” I started. “Oh its not?” She bahis siteleri asked. “Okay..okay, I want you Daena, every time I see you I want to mount you like a dog and fuck your brains out!” I yelled. “Well, if thats what you want, I’ll be happy to comply.” She said as to put her lips to mine, I parted her lips and our tongues met. I reached to her chest and cradled one of her perfect firm tits in my hand. As I lifted her shirt up over her head she undid the buttons on my jeans, she slid them down my legs and I steeped out of them. The next thing I knew her face was right at my crotch and I could see my hard prick straining against my underwear.. “Suck it bitch.” I commanded. “I was planning too.” She responded as she pulled my underwear down to my ankles. And she took my hard 7 inch cock into her mouth. I grabbed a handful of her raven black hair as she guided her mouth over every inch of my dick. “Ohhhhh…babe.” I moaned “Thats a good girl”. After about five minutes of her sucking my dick I told her I was going to cum and I shot my load down her throat, she swallowed every drop of my cum and stood up to face me, “your turn big boy.” She whispered.

After she took off her pants I unhooked her bra and her tits bounced free, I took one of her perky nipples into my mouth as she sat back onto a small table. As I sucked on her tit I fingered her cunt threw her panties. canlı bahis “Eat me” she whispered. I lowered my self so I was between her legs and I pulled her panties off to reveal a perfectly shaven pussy. I started by kissing her naval and slowly trailed my mouth down until I reached her wet pussy. I started to part her pussy lips with my tongue. “Oh my god!” she almost screamed as I fucked her cunt with my tongue. Soon I found her clit and I started to lightly bite it and play with it with my tongue. She tasted great, her juices flowed and I licked up every drop as she moaned in ecstasy. Soon enough she had a violent orgasm right in my mouth, I stood up and we kissed I tasted my juices in her mouth and most likely she tasted hers in mine. “Fuck me, Bryan..Fuck me hard!” she whispered into my ear. I did not have to be asked twice, I told her to get on her knees and when she did I lined up my hard prick with her moist cunt and rammed it all the way in. “AHHHHHH!” she moaned “Christ, your so tight bitch” I remarked. Slowly I started to pump in and out of her pussy as she moaned. Her cunt seemed to suck at my dick as I humped her, it was pure heaven. I grabbed onto her hips and started to pump harder and faster, her pussy still gripping my throbbing dick. “Hows that slut?” I gasped. “You are fucking great, drive that cock in deeper!” she screamed. When I felt like it was güvenilir bahis almost my time to come I laid down onto my back and Daena twisted on my cock so she was facing me. She started to move up and down on my penis. Her tits bounced vigorously as she fucked me. “Thats right bitch, fuck….” I yelled. “Oh my fucking god!” she cried. I pulled her down to me and took her right tit into my mouth, I grabbed her waist and pulled her tight against me as I shot my load deep into her pussy with her cumming hard again. I slid out and she started to get up. “No” I said “We are not finished!” “What do you mean?” she asked “get on your knees bitch!” I commanded and she listened. I spread her ass apart and stuck the head of my dick at her puckered asshole. “No” she gasped “I can’t take you there”. “To bad!” I yelled as I shoved my dick all the way up her ass and started hump with no abandon, my dick was still slick with her juices and it slid in and out of her tight ass easily. “AHHHHHH!” she screamed “Stop!…please” I slapped her ass hard and told her to shut up as I rammed her ass harder my balls slapping against her juicy fuck hole. “I’m cumming!” she yelped “So am I!” I yelled as I kept up my insane fucking pace. And soon enough I blew my third load of the day up her perfect ass. I slid my dick out and put it to her lips and she started blowing me again “That was great.” I told her and then I pinched her nipples, “Yes, it was wonderful” She replied. Two weeks later I quit. But Me and Daena still get together when we can for long nights(and mornings) of wild sex. mornings) of wild sex.

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