Atonement Ch. 05


When Chris came to get Kylie again, she didn’t know how long it had been. Much of his sperm had dried along the edges of the gag, and more had congealed in her mouth. She extremely thirsty and weak, and he spent some time nurturing her in his lap. He removed the gag, working it out of her stiffened jaw, and then held a glass of water to her lips while rolling her tits in his opposite hand. When the glass was done, he carried her to the shower and set the spray before placing her in the tub. He watched her scrub herself clean, making sure that she cleaned her snatch and asshole in preparation for further violation.

When she was done, he carried her back down to the examination table he had used before, strapping her ankles into the stirrups to keep her wide open. He seemed to take a lot of time making her comfortable after that, propping pillows beneath her shoulders and head and massaging the stiffness out of her legs without yet seeking any sexual gratification.

It wasn’t long before Kylie heard voices out in the adjacent hall-one she recognized as her father, but the other she did not know. When they entered the room, she could see the other man was a priest, dressed in his traditional garb and pinning her with a stern gaze.

“What’s going on?” she questioned meekly, knowing already that Chris and her father had impure intentions with her nubile body. But a priest? Would he be using her too?

“We all know what a little whore you are, sweet pea, but we need to know the details.” Her father spoke, his voice soft with affection but also husky with lust. “We’re here for your confessions.”

Kylie’s face flushed with shame, wondering how much of her previous fucks she would even be able to recall. There had been so many in her short life. She certainly didn’t want to talk about them, especially in front of her father. He took a seat beside her, taking her hand in a fatherly manner while Chris gathered supplies on the periphery of the room.

The priest came closer, shifting his robes to enhance the effect of his primed erection, and then gently stroked the hair from Kylie’s brow. “Hello, child. My name is Father Murphy. Do not be afraid, for we are all born of sin, but we can make you pure again.” He ran warm hands down the plane of her torso, massaging eagerly at her milky white breasts before moving on. “Let’s begin with your first sexual encounter. Tell us about it.”

Kylie whimpered softly, looking over at her father in shame, then licked her lips. “I was eighteen.”

“Is that the truth? You were an early bloomer,” Frank contributed, squeezing her hand. “You became a woman at eleven, had full tits by the age of twelve. All the boys always wanted a piece.”

“Yes, daddy. It was after school, in the classroom with Mr. Donovan, my senior English teacher.”

A tear slid down Kylie’s cheek, and Frank bent over to kiss it away. “You always did have a thing for older men,” he marveled. “Is that why you’re wet now, Kylie? Surrounded by three grown men who want your young little body?”

Kylie glanced between the three, each with obvious signs of erections, and then nodded. The priest caught her gaze and attempted to steer her back on target. “Tell us about your first time. Tell us what happened.”

“I was out of dress code,” she started. “My skirt was too short and my top was low cut. He kept me after class to discuss it.”

“How old was he?” asked the priest.

“I dunno, maybe 30,” Kylie answered.

It was at that time that Chris returned to the side opposite that of her father. She could almost sense him before she saw him out of the corner of her eye, and she squirmed in place from the pressured heat between her legs. She met his lustful eyes with fear, especially when she saw the devices he held in his hands. “No need to stop your story, baby. I’m just going to play with your nipples a bit.”

With lustful eagerness, he reached out for one breast, massaging it fervently in his hand and then pinching her nipple to bring it to stiff arousal. Kylie groaned, but then stammered, “M-Mr. Donovan stripped me down and put me on his desk. It must have been hours. He played with my breasts, and then he ate me out and made me suck his dick. When he took my virginity, I bled and it hurt so bad.”

“Did you tell him to stop?” Father Murphy asked, rubbing his cock through his robes.

“No. I didn’t want to,” she confessed, letting her gaze fall.

Frank shifted in place and then pulled down the zipper of his slacks, letting loose his member for his beautiful daughter to see. Grasping it in his hand, he smacked it against her tit and watched it jiggle. “Did Mr. Donovan make you come?”

“Yes,” Kylie admitted softly while her father squeezed her hand lovingly and then guided it to his member so that she could begin to stroke him. She groaned when he squeezed her tit and then propped her chin so she had to look at him. He held her gaze with stern, fatherly love and she felt mesmerized. She didn’t even notice that Ankara escort Chris was between her legs until she felt his fingers on her pussy.

“Look at this, Father Murphy. She’s a wet little whore, just like I told you.” Pinching her labia in his fingers, he spread her lips for view.

The priest smiled softly and ran his hand along Kylie’s inner thigh until she shifted to meet his gaze. He squeezed softly into her flesh while Chris fashioned her with a labia spreader to keep her wetness open for view. “God sure blessed you with a beautiful body, my child. It’s ripe for bearing fruit. That must be why you have such urges. Do you like this attention?”

“Y-Yes, Father.”

“Do you ever masturbate to quell your urges, Kylie?”

“Yes, Father.”

“What’s the most profane thing you’ve ever used fuck yourself?”

Kylie was still stroking her father’s cock and licked her lips while she thought it over. Her hips worked in little circles while Chris played with her clit. “The handle of a garden rake. I fucked myself in the backyard while the neighbor watched through his window.”

“You fucked him, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Father. Many times.”

“And how many men have you fucked? How many men have taken your pretty little pussy?”

“I don’t know. I’ve lost count…”

“I told you she was a dirty whore,” Frank responded before leaning over to kiss his daughter deeply on the lips. She whimpered and groaned but responded favorably in the end.

“It’s a curse,” the comely priest explained. “It’s not her fault, but it’s my duty to make her pure again. We will have to take corrective measures and then she will need to be cleansed with holy cock.”

After the Father made his suggestion, Chris and Frank set into action, unclasping Kylie from the stirrups and flipping her onto her stomach. At the same time, Chris took one of the pillows and propped it beneath her hips to ensure that her ass was on display. It came as a surprise when she protested and started to fight, and the two men had to subdue her. Chris bound her legs together with zipties, strapping her at the thighs and calves. Meanwhile, Frank bound her arms in an outstretched position, one strap at her bicep and the other at her wrists.

“Calm down, honey. It’s time for your redemption,” Frank cooed at her while running his hand down the plane of her back and then the plump globes of her ass. “Push it out. Push your ass out for us to receive your punishment.”

Though she couldn’t see it, Kylie could sense movement behind her. What she didn’t know was that the priest had taken a cane into his hands and was postured behind her. Chris slid his hand down beneath her hips, slipping between her splayed labia to finger her clit. “I want you to come on my hand as Father Murphy delivers you. Show us what a whore you are.”

“Please, don’t. I’m scared. What is he going to do to me?” Her eyes were wide and she did not like being so totally restrained, but none of the men were willing to ease the tension in her bonds.

“Remember how daddy used to spank you when you were little? It will be like that, but more severe.” Frank smiled softly, propping his finger under her chin to meet her eyes. When he saw the fear, he made an adjustment to the table and then penetrated her mouth with his stiff member. That way, her complaints were drowned to mere whines and whimpers, which felt amazing as they reverberated against his cock. “Your actions have forced us to do this to you.”

Chris continued to finger at Kylie’s little pussy, stroking along her labia and flicking intermittently at her clit. Her squeals were enough indication of her pleasure, but Chris still taunted, “Do you like that, huh?”

Kylie groaned, lips spread over the cudgel inside of her mouth while Frank squeezed her breast. “Oh yeah,” he confirmed. “She likes it.” Her eyes still held fear for what was to come and not knowing when. Frank smiled and pumped into her mouth a few times. “You’re going to be just fine.”

Chris latched onto her clit with a violent pinch, and Kylie brayed out from the sudden pain of it. As her neck outstretched, she choked on her father’s cock and, at the same time, the priest laid down the cane across her pronounced buttocks. Another cry sounded out while she clenched her eyes shut, then she tightened her ass protectively and attempted to escape the assault.

“Loosen up. It will hurt more if you fight it.” Chris’s voice was stern but husky from arousal while he twisted her clit cruelly. As she relaxed slowly, he rubbed the bud in tight circles and then slipped two fingers inside of her tight hole. She mewled again until Frank thrust deeply into her throat and pinched her nose to cut off the air that was allowing her to protest. The priest pried her asscheeks apart and then spit onto her tight rosebud. Then, he drew back to unleash a torrent of lashes with the cane again.

Kylie’s face turned red as she was effectively choked off from air, while her ass took the brunt of punishment Ankara escort bayan and her pussy took the brunt of pleasure. When it seemed like she was on the verge of passing out, Frank let go of her nose and she sucked in air deeply and scrabbled on top of the table with tears streaming down her face. Chris’s fingers will still pumping inside of her while she slowly caught her breath, gurgling air around her father’s dick.

“Come right on my fucking hand!” Chris commanded, thrusting his fingers roughly against her g-spot and then grinding his thumb against her clit some more. Kylie’s hips jerked and the priest thwacked her against the ass again, causing her whole body to jolt.

It was all so much to take all at once and tears streamed down Kylie’s face. Frank brushed them away, continuing to pump his huge cock inside of Kyle’s mouth.

“The sooner you come for us, the sooner I’ll stop,” the priest declared. Long red welts already raised upon the delicate skin of Kylie’s buttocks, yet he hit her again anyway.

She had to focus away from that pain to focus on Chris’s fingers inside of her. The fingers curved deeply against her g-spot, making the pressure build. Her hips jerked against his hand, and her father chuckled.

“Show us how you do it,” Chris commanded. “Show us how you come like the slut you are.”

Frank pulled his cock from her mouth and leaned down, lapping up the saliva that had accumulated around Kylie’s lips. Then, he kissed her full on the mouth, snaking his tongue into her mouth while he cradled the back of her head.

“Just a little bit more pain,” the priest suggested. “It makes you pure that way when you repent.” Another sharp blow across her ass made Kylie bray out loud and constrict her body on Chris’s fingers. Frank drove his tongue deeper into her mouth, and finally she came.

“Fuck,” Chris exclaimed, feeling her convulse around his fingers. His opposite hand rubbed along the deep welts on her ass, then he slapped her playfully for a punishment that was a little more intimate than the caning. “Fuck yes, baby.” He continued fingering her, letting her ride out the high and drawing out the orgasm as long as he could.

Once she came down, Chris removed the labia spreaders from her lips and retracted his hand, moving to remove the restraints. Frank kept his cock in Kylie’s mouth, but ran his hands soothingly along her shoulders while the priest looked on and freed his cock from his robes. “That pussy is so wet,” he commented and stroked along the back of her thigh until his hand cupped the globe of her ass.

“It always is,” Chris assured the priest just as he released the binds on Kylie’s hands. “Alright, Frank. Let’s switch things up a bit. I think she’s ready for Father Murphy’s cock.”

The priest unclothed and pumped his cock a few times while the other two men groped the mewling girl into submission. He then walked to the other side of the room where there was a chaise draped in holy cloth. He reclined on top while Frank carried his daughter like a bride and slowly lowered her into the new man’s waiting arms.

Frank took one of her legs and Chris took the other, spreading them apart in an almost ceremonial fashion while the priest rested one palm on her forehead and draped the other across her chest to get her to recline on top of him. She kicked in protest, but the men reacted smoothly by clasping restraints around either of her ankles that mounted her to the chaise.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Frank asked as he met his daughter’s wild and frightened eyes. “You love cock. Why are you fighting?”

“Please, I don’t know him! I don’t want him to fuck me.”

“You’ve fucked strangers before. You don’t need to worry.”

“Your daddy and Chris will be here to make sure you enjoy it,” Father Murphy promised while pulling her head back more so he could lick the shell of her ear. “You just do what you’re told, or it’s back to the caning and we have to start all over again.”

“Please, my pussy is sore,” she begged, though that would have never stopped them before.

“That’s okay, Kylie,” Chris promised with an encouraging smile. “Father Murphy was going to take you up your little asshole first.”

Those words prompted the priest to loosen his hold on Kylie’s shoulders, gliding his hand down her front until he came to her pussy lips. He tested just to see how wet she was and then took hold of his cock to glide it through her folds. “I find that anal sex with whores is the best way to make them pure again,” he explained. Kylie sobbed, but she no longer fought, even while he coated his cock for entry. Her eyes squinted shut when his cockhead bumped against her clit and then he instructed her, “Spread your asscheeks apart.”

With a choking sound, Kylie did as she was asked, feeling the scrutinizing glances of both Chris and her father on her nubile body, waiting for her to make a mistake that would warrant more punishment. The priest’s cock pressed insistently against her tight hole, Escort Ankara and she clenched to try to ward it off. He grunted behind her, pushing past the resistance, which caused her to cry out from the pain.

“You haven’t fucked her ass much, have you?” the priest chuckled, noticing that her instincts were not serving her well when she fought the second thrust too.

“No, but I haven’t had her here all that long,” Chris responded.

“You know, you can keep resisting if you want to,” Father Murphy rasped into her ear. “It feels good for me, but it’s going to hurt you more.”

Kylie whimpered again, the muscles in her thighs coiling, but she attempted to relax when he he drew back. The next thrust went in easier, and it even felt a little good when his pole sank back into her tight cavity.

“You’ll learn, Kylie,” her father spoke lovingly. “You’ll learn to be the right kind of whore. Make your daddy proud.”

A few more thrusts forced her to grunt, the slapping of flesh on flesh and labored breathing also cutting the silence of the room. Soon, Kylie was meeting the priest’s hips, bringing him great pleasure. Once she was fully into it, he barked into her ear, “Repent. Repent for past sins and beg me.”

“I’m-I’m sorry I’ve been such a whore. Plea-please, ahh! Please, Father, make me pure again.”

“Ask God for forgiveness, Kylie. Feel my cock inside of you and ask God to forgive you.”

Kylie could feel the priest’s cock straightening out her rectum and it made her feel full and warm, sick and horny, all at the same time. His next few thrusts were slow so that she had to focus on the texture of his cock straining up against her walls. “Please, God,” she whispered. “Please forgive me for being such a bad girl. I’m sorry.”

“And your father. Beg your father for forgiveness. You’ve brought him so much shame in the past.”

Kylie sobbed again, feeling real shame and remorse for that at least. She had always been a daddy’s girl, but she had also been a whore. “I’m sorry, daddy!”

“Look at me, Kylie,” her father commanded since her eyes were closed. “How am I supposed to believe you’re sorry if you can’t even look me in the eye?”

Kylie’s eyes split open, but she could barely see her father through the sheen of tears. “Daddy, I didn’t know. I didn’t know how much shame I brought you. I’m sorry.”

“I know, baby. You still have to make it right. Take Father Murphy’s cock inside your asshole and keep looking at me.” Frank reached over to delicately circle his thumb along Kylie’s clit, allowing the light to glisten on her slickened folds. His eyes focused down, onto the tight little pucker stretched around the priest’s immense girth.

“Oh, god,” Kylie groaned, taking it all from the hearty thrusts of the priest. Through the haze of lust, she could scarcely determine that the other men were moving, but she could soon feel Chris’s hands on her tits. In time with the metronomic thrusts, his hands squeezed onto the soft pillows of her chest, causing her neck to twist. Her captor could see the strain in her muscles, but also the need within her tight body while she struggled against the man of God. Her backside was so full that she could hardly determine the incursion of another cock while Chris prostrated himself above her. When she felt his cockhead about to breach her, she whimpered.

“You’re hurting me,” Kylie gasped without struggling away. From there, her gasps became sobs, and Chris bore his weight down upon her while spreading her thighs with his hands.

He drew one calf over his shoulder and sank his weight down, filling her to the brink. Once she cried out, he grunted at her, “Shut the fuck up, bitch.”

Kylie groaned deeply at the double invasion, feeling her body filled to the brink in her ass and pussy. Chris met her eyes while she took his cock, and she could feel the priest grunting behind her. He gruffly pistoned into her ass while Chris continued to take her cunt and commanded her, “Look at me.”

Kylie wanted so badly to defy that order but could not, her glistening eyes meeting the severe ones that Chris used to pin her into place. He watched as each thrust sent her tits into a pendulous rhythm and caused her to moan. Between their bodies, he tucked his thumb so he could continue to tweak her little clitoris.

“Look at me,” Chris commanded, just as her gaze started to waver again, and the next time she vocalized her pleasure, he could tell that the tone was deeper and more needful than before. As she took a deep inhale, he slipped two fingers between her lips and wedged them between her teeth.

Her father moved behind her, and while she was focused on the back-and-forth pistoning of cocks in her nether holes, he locked two clamps onto Kylie’s nipples. The swells looked so beautiful, perky but slightly displaced from the weight of the metal contraptions. Her groans grew in volume and continued to deepen, and Frank could tell that she was nearing orgasm. “From now on, you have to beg for it if you want to come, you wanton slut. Then, when you come, you have to express your gratitude.”

When Chris pulled his fingers from her mouth, Kylie wasted almost no time while Frank slapped her titties. “Please…”

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