Auctioning His Body For Money – 1


My name is Ann; I am twenty-five years old, and a woman many mothers would warn their sons to stay away from. I am by birth, not choice, a member of the wealthy society. According to some of the older members, I am a wild child simply because I will not settle down and marry as it is expected of me.My philosophy is, why settle for one cock for the rest of your life when there are hundreds from which to choose? As I found out a couple of years ago, others share my philosophy. In fact, some are even married. What no one knows is that I am the founder and president of Boy Toys and Unlimited Cock.We total fifty members strong and range in ages from twenty-one to sixty-five years. We do not hold regular meetings. Whenever a member needs some stranger’s cock or a boy toy they can come to my mansion for fun and games, choosing from a variety of men who allow us to keep their name on file.We had decided to hold an auction and have discreetly been advertising in the back pages of skin magazines but so far, we have only forty-five bodies to auction off. One of our youngest members suggested we advertise on her college campus, so we did. Today I was interviewing a possible candidate for our auction.I was lounging out by the pool, taking in the rays, too lazy to go change before the interview. Just as I was dozing off, I heard the doorbell peal throughout the house. I looked at my watch and realized it was my appointment. Getting up, I slipped on my cover up and tied it loosely, making sure my cleavage was showing.Padding into the living room, I looked through the peephole to make sure who was outside. What I saw on the other side was so hot and sexy looking my pussy juices started to flow. ‘Damn,’ I thought to myself, “that body and cock are going to belong to me no matter how much it costs.’I opened the door and motioned for him to come inside, giving me a great look at one of the assets I love to sexually abuse; kissing, licking, biting, and fucking with my fingers or strap-on and believe me he had one fine ass. I led him outside to a table by the pool.“Would you like something to drink Will?” I asked as I looked him up and down his approximately five-foot-seven-inch frame.He sported a stocky body, had icy blue eyes, short blond hair spiked on top and a wicked ‘come fuck me’ smile.“I don’t drink, Ann,” he replied as he gave my body the same perusal and liked what he saw a lot, especially that I was shorter than he was and would tuck nicely under his arm when he held me close, as he was already fucking me in his mind. My reddish blond ankara travesti hair was in a messy ponytail on top of my head and my green eyes sparkled. The plus I had going for me was I had meat on my bones, more bounce to the ounce.Would you like an ice tea or orange juice?” I asked.“Ice tea will be fine,” he said, trying to get his mind off what he would love to do to me here and now.I walked into the house, making sure he got a good view of my ass. When I came back a few minutes later Will was standing by the edge of the pool. I set my tray on the table and poured two glasses of tea from the pitcher, then sat down.“Will, if you want you can go swimming but can we do the interview first?”“I would love to do that but did not bring any swimming trunks,” Will said as he came back and picked up his glass of tea, taking a sip as he took his seat.“Here swimming suits are optional,” I said casually. “Now, are you a virgin?”At my unexpected question, he began to cough then managed to squeak out, “No, why do you ask?”“Virgin cocks pay more,” I stated matter-of-factly. “Now before I can tell you anything I need to have you sign this non-disclosure form.”Will read over it while I sat back, and drank my tea, fantasizing how his body would feel on top of me, me riding him, backdoor sex, and 69. ‘Damn, I need to be fucked’ I thought to myself as a smile formed on my face.After a few minutes, Will signed the form, shoved it back toward me, and said, “Talk.”Quickly I explained that it was not your typical bachelor auction but instead he would be the winning bidder’s play toy until Sunday afternoon. Then I dropped the bombshell that got most every male’s attention – pay. “Will, you will be compensated with at least five thousand dollars, the minimum starting bid. We will not have more cocks to auction off than we have pussies to fuck so expect to work that weekend.”At the mention of the money, Will’s eyes lit up and he said, “I’m in. What time do I have to be at the auction Friday and where?”“Whoa,” I began, “first there is another part of the interview that you have to pass with the president of this society.” What he did not know was there was no “formal” second interview. I just wanted a tryout fuck before Friday to make sure that I was not wasting my money on a dud.“When do I do the second interview? he asked, “I am ready today, especially after partially seeing your body.”“Then let’s get that cock really hard,” I said as I stood up, untied my robe and let it slide to the deck. Next, I removed my tiny grey bikini top,that travesti ankara barely contained my breasts.  My fingers were pinching and pulling on my nipples as I moved closer. “Is it working…because I am the president and you have to fuck me to a screaming orgasm, so are you up to the task big boy?”Will calmly stood up and moved closer to me. He gently slapped my hands away from my nipples, latching on to one of them with his lips and the other with his fingers. ‘I will show her exactly the way a pair of size 40 C tits should be played with’ thought Will to himself as he sucked and pulled hard on my nipples, earning a low moan from me.Will constantly switched nipples, until I felt like my legs were going to collapse under me and my bikini bottom was soaking wet. He stepped back and quickly shed his clothes, while I stripped out of my bikini bottom. Grabbing the blanket off the chaise lounge, he took it over and spread it in a sunny spot on the grass by the pool deck. Seeing I had not followed him, Will snapped his fingers and pointed to the blanket.When I got to him, Will wrapped his arms around my back, and slowly we lowered our bodies to the blanket kissing gently. Parting my legs, he lightly rubbed my slit with his fingers as his lips pressed hard against mine, his tongue demanding entrance. I sucked his tongue into my mouth, making love to it as he moaned into my mouth. I reached between us and began to tweak his nipples, alternating between them, making them into hard little buds.Tearing his mouth from mine, he began to suck and lick my nipples again while gently stroking my sex slit, one finger slipping inside. Leaving my nipples, he started his trek southward taking time to suck, and nip at my belly button. His tongue licked my outer lips then Will zeroed in on my clit, rubbing and sucking on it until I could feel my juices starting to run. I was so turned on I started to beg him to fuck me and put me out of misery but my pleadings were apparently falling on deaf ears as he continued his administrations on my clit. I began to twitch and moan, my orgasm beginning to build.Stretching out, Will pulled me on my side, his cock near my mouth. I gently licked the head, tonguing the slit, getting the taste of him on my tongue. Sucking on the head, I gently stroked his shaft as I took him inch by inch into my mouth, coating it with my saliva as I pulled out to the head and back to the base. Will sensed I was on the verge of cumming and began to finger fuck me harder until my body tensed, then began to ankara travestiler shake as my juices poured over his face. I took his cock from my mouth stroking it as I howled out in pleasure.Not giving me time to regroup, Will turned back around and began to tongue fuck my mouth, the taste of me still on his tongue, his cock rubbing my swollen pussy lips. I pushed myself against him, trying to get him inside of me but he refused to enter me as he continued to kiss me hard, sucking my lower lip with his mouth. Will then moved back to my tits, biting and pulling at my nipples with his teeth and fingers until I was moaning, my fingers seeking out my clit but he was having none of that. Grabbing my hands, he held them above my head as he ravished my nipples. After a few minutes of pure sexual torture, he moved off and flipped me over.Will started raining kisses down my back, until he got to my ass, which he bit, causing me to squeal in shock as started to lick the crack of my ass, tonguing my little-puckered hole. Taking his hard cock in his hand Will rubbed it up and down the crack, teasing my the little hole, whispering in my ear, “I want to fuck your ass, slide my cock deep inside you,” as he inserted a finger in ass to the last knuckle, finger fucking my ass slowly as raised my ass up . Will dipped his tongue into my wet dripping pussy, setting off a wave of pleasure throughout my inner coreHe licked and sucked until I screamed out as my body was rocked by another orgasm, just as powerful as the first. Continuing to finger fuck my ass, I felt him insert another finger there, and then his cock was buried to the hilt in my pussy. As he fucked both holes, it felt as if I had one giant cock fucking me. With only a thin membrane separating both holes I could feel cock and fingers working together as they fucked me. I could feel Will getting harder inside of my pussy as he increased his thrusts, then suddenly, as I was on the cusp of cumming for the third time, he stopped for a minute, then he began to slowly fuck me again.“Oh damn Will,” I cried, “fuck me hard and deep,” but he continued his slow methodical fucking until I was on the edge once again, pussy juices dripping.Will again stopped, pulled out until just the head of his cock was inside, and without warning, slammed his cock deep, causing me to cry out. Will began to pound my pussy hard, finger fucking my ass just as hard until I screamed as my pussy poured out juices, every nerve In my body firing on all cylinders as the biggest orgasm I had ever had erupted in my pussy, causing fireworks of multi colors to flash before my eyes. I felt Will tense as he screamed, shooting his hot cum deep into my waiting pussy in long spurts that seem to last forever. I collapsed on the blanket, Will on top of me, kissing the back of my neck.

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