Auditor Tales Ch. 06


“I am sorry, Francis. I did not know.”

“Don’t mention it. I hop over to those bushes. Please come with me. You have to hold me. Otherwise I would fall.”

“Sure, anything you want.”

I followed Francis to the spot she pointed out. She squatted down, her ass just a few inches above the grass. I held her firmly so she would not fall. While she was doing her business my cock started to rise again. Even now she was so beautiful. Her big tits were falling over her fat belly. I could see that her nipples stood erect. My cock grew bigger and pressed against her lower back. Francis sighed. Whether it was from her relief or my body against her I could not say. We both enjoyed being so tight together.

Francis asked me to put her up again. She was done. We both walked to our spot at the waterside. Francis went into the water to clean her asshole. Just looking at her made me smile. My eyes were glued at her body. What a magnificent lady. I can only repeat myself. She has a nice face, which made her special anyway, but her massive tits, her big ass and the fat thighs made her very, very special.

Francis walked towards me. Her tits were bouncing on her body. What a view.

“Hey handsome, come into the water. It will cool you down, especially that stiff penis of yours.”

I did not even notice that my penis was hard again. To me it felt quite normal. With Francis being around I did not think my penis would be limp at any moment. We swam around the lake for a while. After I towelled her dry and myself we kissed each other.

“You are wonderful Francis. Let’s move on and we have some lunch anywhere we canlı bahis şirketleri can sit together.” I said.

“Fine with me, Martin, but then I want you to fuck me. I need your cock inside my cunt. I want to feel your big cock in my wet pussy.” “No sweat” I replied.

We walked around the woods for another hour and were somehow out of breath when we saw a nice secluded small area. Walking up and down those hills was not something we did every day.

We laid down a plaid and I unpacked the sandwiches and uncorked the wine bottle. After pouring the wine into the small cups we toasted to our health and especially to both of us. We wanted to stay together for the rest of our lives.

We kissed each other gently. I lifted her dress to get her naked. I wanted to feel her body, her tits, her everything. I gently pushed her to the ground. I wanted to see, feel and kiss her all over. Starting from her face I moved my mouth slowly down to her breasts. I sucked her erect nipples. Francis sighed with lust. She put her hand between her own legs, rubbing her clit. My tongue swirled over her massive tits. My hands lifted her tits. So big, so nice. Moving my mouth down over her belly I caressed her tits with my hands. My fingers were squeezing her nipples. Francis sighed even more. Her body was almost shaking. Now I went down to her cunt. I could smell her pussy liquid. This was so arousing. She took her hand away to give my mouth access between her legs. My tongue touched her outer lips. I felt her body shaking. From there I went inside. She was so wet. My tongue went into her love canal. I moved my tongue in and out. canlı kaçak iddaa She started shivering. I knew what that meant but she hold back. I was pleased. I wanted her to get an orgasm first. My tongue massaged her inner lips. My hands were moving to her ass. I lifted her a bit so I had a much better access to her cunt but also to her big ass. A finger went inside her anus, my tongue still in her pussy. Francis started to rub her sensitive tits. After seconds she came. I felt her juices over my mouth. Warm juices were squirting from her pussy onto my face. The smell and taste of her juices were delicious. Another deep sigh and Francis collapsed.

I moved myself up to have a good look at her. Her big tits were hanging alongside her perfect body. The legs were spread wide to give me a perfect look at her hairless cunt. I took my painful cock. I had to come as well. Being so aroused with her body I could not hold it much longer. Just a few strokes and my sperm flew over her body. A few more spurts and I was done. Kneeling down next to her I started to kiss her massive tits. I tasted my own sperm.

I laid myself down over her body. We kissed each other passionately. Finally we came to our senses. Francis looked into my eyes. She could see my feelings for her. “I love you” we both said at the same time.

Francis moved over and spread her legs so her cunt was right above my face. A few drops of her piss came out falling on my face. I opened my mouth to let the drops of piss hit my tongue. More came out from her open cunt. I swallowed the piss passionately. I saw her pee coming out and drinking from the source was something canlı kaçak bahis that made me incredibly happy. She peed very slowly and then she took my penis in her hand. Her tongue licked over my piss slit. I managed to get some piss out. She fiercely licked it up. We both were pissing over and at each other. Very slowly, so we could enjoy all of it. Francis kept peeing into my mouth. I moved my head so the drops could fall over my face. I wanted to get wet with her delicious piss. Finally the last drops fell on my face.

“Piss over my big tits, Martin. I want to get wet with your piss.” Francis moved her body so her huge tits were near my penis, which she had still in her hand. She herself pointed my cock towards her tits. Soon the piss gushed out off my penis. The piss was splattering against her tits and down to my body. Soon we both were soaked in my piss. I had a perfect look at her cunt and ass. I widened her ass cheeks to have a look at her pink hole. I wetted my finger and shoved it into her ass. I felt her muscles contract while moving up and down her hole. Francis started pissing again. Drops of pee fell down on my chest. Her wet tits were lying over my cock. My finger in her ass and Francis sighed deep. The piss still came from her pussy as if it would never end. I didn’t want it to end. I loved the warm feeling of her piss over my body, tasting as much as I could, drinking like a piss addict.

“I can give you much more if you want Martin. I love you so much that anything you would ask me to do, I would do.”

I knew what she meant but I was not sure I was up to that. It had to wait. This weekend was already more than I could imagine.

“I will ask you in time. Let’s get dressed, get our things and walk back to our cabin. We still have a long evening ahead of us.” I said to Francis. “And,” I added, “I owe you a nice fuck.”

To be continued.

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