Auld Lang Syne

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Auld Lang SyneClub Amethyst advertised that it would be hosting a New Years’ Jam. The radio ad indicated that there would be free champagne for everyone at midnight. And, the coup-de-gras was to be a thousand dollars dropped from the ceiling at 11:58. Mandwell Varner heard as he was leaving work that Friday as a security guard in his blue 2013 Dodge Charger. The 24 year-old inactive Marine had a dark complexion, owned a muscular build, and stood at six-foot-one. With his square jawline and sexy smile, he was used to getting any chick he wanted. He had been back home from the service for seven months and had yet to really go out and have fun. He had just been fucking his girl from high school, Tiffany.A pretty chocolate sissy named, Cherish, driving his black 2015 Honda Accord Coupe caught the message from Club Amethyst as he flipped stations. The five-foot-seven, one-hundred-twenty-five-pound, femboi decided he would attend. The same advertisement was picked up by Patrick Sellers. He was just getting ready to hustle. He pulled out of the parking lot of his apartment complex taking it slow in the cherry red 2012 Chrysler 200 he used to deliver his stash to customer. As he drove, he placed a call. “Hey,” Patrick said when he heard the phone stop ringing.“Hey, sweetie,” replied Lana.“Sup, boo,” the five-ten, slim dude asked.“I’m good. What’s canlı bahis up?”“Amethyst droppin’ a stack at midnight on New Years. Wanna go?”“Sure,” his baby momma expressed.“Aiight. Issa bet, boo!”Patrick hung up with Lana. He made another call before his first delivery.“H,” answered Toodles.“Yo, baby,” shot back the father-of-one. “Club Amethyst is doing a New Years Jam.”“Sounds cool.”“You should come out. I’m takin’ my girl.”The cute Dominican faggot thought for a moment and said, “Sounds good to me!”“Bet,” Patrick grinned. “I gotta run. See you in two nights.”Mandwell made it home to the house he shared with his mom, sister, and her two k**s. He ate a mixing bowl full of cereal and fell asleep promptly thereafter.Cherish was now safely in her apartment and watching ‘The Crown’ on Netflix. He curled up on the couch and sipped on his red wine.Patrick had made two drop-offs as he thought back to last week when he fucked Toodles. The five-foot-nine, big booty, sissy bitch had been wearing a neon pink crotchless bodystocking and silver stilettos. Patrick had sucked on the almost B-cup natural boi-titties. Then he slid his eight-and-a-quarter-inch dick inside the slutty bottom.Toodles had whined, “Fuck my faggot ass, nigga!”“Yeah! I’ fuckin’ yo’ punk, faggit, bitch ass,” huffed Patrick.The sex lasted that entire night. Cum was everywhere bahis siteleri when they finally finished just after 7:00 a.m.Back to the present day, Toodles was wrapping up a phone conversation with his mother.Patrick finished his last delivery and went home. He was so horny that he walked into the bedroom and snatched covers off of Lana. He stuck his manhood inside her pussy.“Damn, nigga,” wailed the woman.“Take this dick,” the d**g dealer ordered.“Yes, baby!”As Patrick pounded her, he dreamt that she was Toodles. He nutted in her and drifted off to sleep.New Years Eve arrived.Cherish dressed in a red halter top, black knee-high boots that had four-inch heels, and a black leather micro mini skirt. He spritzed on a bit of vanilla scented body spray. He then headed out of the door to the club.Toodles stepped out of the shower. He dried off with an oversized, plush pink towel. He moisturized his skin with a citrus-scented lotion. He selected a short, peach, backless dress with cape sleeves. He choose a pair of faux leather, taupe, ankle booties that had a chunky, three-and-a-half-inch heel. He grabbed an ivory clutch bag before exiting his small apartment. Club Amethyst was popping.Cherish walked passed Mandwell, who was dancing with a girl he had known for a while.Mandwell said, “I know you not gonna walk by me without saying helllo.”Cherish bahis şirketleri returned, “Hello.”“So, you just gonna say hello and not dance with me?!? So wrong.”“Okay, I’ll dance with you,” remarked Cherish.As they danced, Patrick spotted Toodles. He motioned for the sissy to go into the restroom.Inside the restroom, Patrick sucked on Toodles’ boi-boobs.Patrick opined, “I wanna fuck you now!”“Yes, daddy,” Toodles purred.“Look at dem boi boobs,” the sexy Negro said.Patrick sucked on the moobs. Then he told Toodles to mount his dick.“Fuck me,” cried Toodles.“Hell yeah, faggit,” howled Patrick.“You like my boipussy?”“Shit yeah, bitch!”Bunches of niggas were pissing and hearing the two go at it. Most were jacking their dicks.Patrick unloaded his nut in Toodles.After the club let out, Mandwell kept talking to Cherish.“I wanna fuck you,” shared Mandwell.“Oh, for real?!?” I’m a boi,” announced Cherish.“It don’t matter. I’m horny! Call me Manny!”“You got a car?”“Hell yeah! I’m gonna pull around in a red Chevy Tahoe.”“Cool! I drive a black Honda Accord.”The two horny folks were ready.They arrived at place Cherish was renting.“Get on your knees, faggit,” Manny commanded.“Mmmm,” moaned Cherish.Manny loved the experience of the sissy tasting his manhood.Cherish was fiending for the dick.Manny stuck it in,“Yeah, nigga! Fuck me,” screamed the sissy.Manny replied, “Yeah, bitch!”“Fuck me, daddy!”“Yeah, faggit! You my bitch!”“Fuck this faggot boipussy!”“Yeah! You tight li’ muthafuckin’ girl.”Manny let all of his manhood out on Cherish.The New Year was looking bright.

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