Aunt Catherine and Nephew

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Aunt Catherine and NephewCatherine and Joey laid out for about a half hour and then Catherine turned over on her belly asking Joey to spray suntan lotion on her back. She untied her top to get a even tan telling him to behave as he agreed to spray her back.Joey cock was oozing pre cum as he stared at her tight firm ass. Spraying her back, ass, and legs. Moving to the front so he would have a perfect view he poured his whole glass of ice water on her back.Cat screamed from the cold shock coming to a sitting position in a flash. Her top remained on the chaise lounger, exposing her firm pert tits to Joey. Her big nipples hard and sticking out to the fullest. ” Damn you Joey!!!!!” she snapped. “That water is freezing!!””I can tell your nipples are hard!” he replied. Staring at her perfect bare tits.Realizing her top was off she quickly covered her breasts and laid back down. A soft shiver swept her knowing that Joey had seen her breasts. “You are such a pervert!!” she laughed.”I told you I would get even!” he replied. Your boobs are the same size as mom’s but your nipples are much bigger and longer. Your nips are so fucking nice Cat.”” You guys are all the same and I know your mom has not let you see her boobs anyway. Your mind is in overdrive!” she laughed.Joey was glad she was not pissed about him seeing her great tits and thought she enjoyed it as much as he did. He went into the house getting two more waters. Taking them back out to the pool he put them on the table and sat beside his aunt. His cock rock hard looking at her scanty clad body, wanting her so fucking much.Catherine moved up on her elbows sipping her water, knowing she was giving Joey a nice view of her side boob. Seeing him staring at her with a huge bulge in his swim trunks. She wondered if Kate had really let her sun see her naked. When they were younger Kate was the one who loved being naked anytime she could. Had she also see her son’s big, fat cock? Get your mind out of the gutter she thought, discussed at her naughty thoughts.Later she showered in the guest bath and masturbated thinking about Joey’s big young cock. She had not been with a man for six months and she played with her pussy all the time. Again having no idea she was being recorded in the shower. Her and her best friend Jodi were going out to dinner and Joey was going out with his friends.Jodi watched Catherine walk up to the table with lust in her eyes. Jodi was very bisexual and wanted Catherine as much as her husband did. Even time she seen Catherine her pussy was always so wet. As Catherine came up to the table she stood and they greeted and hugged like always. She loved the feeling of her friend’s C cup tits pressed tightly against her little double A tits.Both women were wearing little summer dresses that were very revealing. Catherine was wearing a little red dress with a plunging neckline showing of her jutting cleavage. The hem line stopped at mid thigh showing a lot of tanned leg. Jodi was wearing a white buttoned blouse with the top 4 buttons open, showing the gentle swell of her small pointed tits. Her puffy cone shaped nipples poked out against the thin blouse. The material so thin that you could see the outline of her light brown nipples. He blue jean skirt was also high on her thighs with a center slit that stopped just below her smooth, bare pussy.Sitting down Jodi looking at the center of Catherine’s snow white big tits. “I know I always say this but I am so jealous of you big tits Catherine!! Ohhh I would love to have tits like yours, so sexy!!”” I think you have very pretty tits too Jodi. ” Catherine blushed. “My ex was always talking about your tits!” She laughed. “I have very pretty tits if I was twelve.” Jodi replied laughing with Catherine. “If I had yours I would be playing with them all the time!” The server came and they ordered drinks and their meal. Catherine changed the subject although she did enjoy the compliments on her tits from Jodi. They had been best friend’s since high school and told each other everything. cat knew that Jodi and Marc were swingers and that Jodi was very bi. Every time Jodi would drink she would tell her about one of the sexual adventures. Jodi did not hide her feelings for Catherine, telling her all the time she would love to be with her sexually. What Catherine did not know was that Jodi was in on the plan with Joey to seduce her.They were sitting at a high table and facing the bar and kitchen. Jodi had her legs apart so anyone who looked under the table could see her very wet pussy. She even seen their server Erin looking at her pussy as she came back yalova escort to the table.The two women had dinner and talked about everything. They also had three glasses of wine and Jodi told her best friend about taking on six college guys at there last swingers party. Going into much detail of what it felt like and how she loved being watched by others at the party.Cat was very aroused listening to her best friend talking about sucking six guys and two were black. She pictured the petite dark haired woman being gang banged. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was extremely wet. Jodi was doing more than Cat had even fantasized about. Like many woman she often thought what it would be like with two guys.Jodi reached over and slipped a CD disc in Cats purse. “You have to watch this Catherine it will blow your mine!!”Are you bullshitting me Jodi……….. That is really a disc of you and six guys?’ Shiver after shiver swept Catherine’s body just thinking about it.Jodi flashed a big smile, “And so much more, trust me Catherine you will enjoy it!!”Later they went left together walking to Catherine’s car, Jodi had parked next to her. They hugged goodbye and Jodi kissed Catherine on the lips. Not a long one and no tongue, Catherine was surprised at her reaction to the kiss from another woman. Must be the wine she thought.”Catherine I have had enough wine to make me ask this please do not hate me or get pissed.” Jodi said.”I would never do that.” Catherine replied.”May I please feel your tits!” Jodi asked reaching out and pulling the front of Catherine’s dress open before she could answer. Both women gasped as her tits were exposed. She moaned as she reached out and cupped her best friend’s 34 C cup jutting tits. Gently squeezing the smooth, soft flesh.Catherine was too shocked to speak, a woman had never touched and to her surprise she was enjoying Jodi’s gentle touch. Another woman was fondling her breasts and she liked it. She seen two couples looking at her while Jodi flicked her long fingers over her excited nipples. She didn’t care if they watched she moaned quietly as Jodi’s thumbs and fingers pulled on her thick nipples.Jodi wanted to lick Catherine’s pussy right there but she didn’t want to push her luck and chase her away. Reluctantly she moved her hands and pulled her dress back over her naked tits. “Ohhhhhh… Catherine thank you so much, I’ve wanted to do that since the tenth grade. Quickly kissed her on the lips again just a little longer this time and with a little tongue action.Taken by surprise Catherine kissed her back, parting her lips slightly letting her tongue slip into her mouth. Ending the kiss she looked into Catherine’s eyes and knew she would be thinking about this kiss all night. Let’s go to the beach tomorrow?” she asked.Cat smiled “No, but why don’t you come to Kate’s house, we have the beach and a pool.” Catherine heart was racing and her pussy was dripping wet, her first kiss with another woman excited her.On her way back to Kate’s she could still feel Jodi’s smooth hands touching her breasts and pulling on her hard nipples. Wondering what it would be like making love to another woman. Thinking what it would be like touching Jodi’s little tits and big cone shaped nipples.Back at the house she was the only one there, going to the guest room she slipped off her dress and heels. Putting in the CD Jodi had gave her, stretching out on the bed she moved her hands down sliding her fingers through her silky cunt hair. Gasping as her fingers came into contact with her wet slippery cunt lips. The CD started with Jodi up on a small stage with a group of people surrounding her, except for heels she was naked. Watching Jodi she moved her fingers up and down her sticky slit, moving her hand up to lick and suck her cunt juices. She loved the taste of her own pussy and looked at Jodi’s shaved pussy. She moved one hand up to fondle her tits, pulling and stretching her long thick nipples until she lifted her firm tits up. Wishing it was Jodi who was touching her as she slipped two fingers up her tight little pussy and rubbed her excited clit. She wanted to tease herself for awhile before having a orgasm. Jodi was a beautiful petite woman with a small slender body. Her long black hair was almost always in braids making her look even younger.Hearing all the noise coming from downstairs interrupted her when she was so close to cumming. Knowing it was Joey and friends coming in and it sounded like someone was drunk. Slipping on her little silk robe she hurried downstairs.Two boys were on each side of him holding yozgat escort him up, their eyes widened looking at Catherine. “Damn you are just as hot as Joey said you were. So very nice to meet you, I’m Tony!” The tall blonde boy said looking her up and down.”I’m Bobby.” the dark haired eighteen year old added staring at her cleavage.Catherine had loosely tied her short little robe, knowing and loving the way the college jocks looked at her. Her swollen nipple were sticking out against the thin material.”Pay no attention to the obvious perverts, I’m Megan Joey’s girlfriend.” The tall beautiful blonde said smiling at her. She was wearing a short little T shirt that didn’t cover her tanned, smooth, flat belly. Her pert B cup tits poked against the tight shirt showing her small hard nipples. Her tight little pink skirt barely covered her cute little ass.”So nice to meet all of you!” Catherine replied wondering if Joey was fucking his cute little girlfriend with his huge cock. “So the big guy has had too much to drink?””Oh yes, so sorry to bring him home like this.” Megan said. His friends were actually holding him up and he looked to be passed out.”Follow me and we will taking him up to his room.” Catherine said. She started up the stairs and they waited until she was on the first step before starting up the steps. All three of them looking up her short robe at her ass and pussy.Catherine knew exactly what the guys were doing and she loved it. She didn’t know that Megan was also enjoying the view. She pulled the cover and sheet down all0owing the guts to get a good look at her tits when her robe fell open. Tony and Bobby got him on the bed. Megan slipped his shoes off and told the guys to wait downstairs for her.”He’s really out and we can’t let him sleep in these jeans.” Megan said moving to unbuckle his jeans. “Oops he’s not wearing boxers again!” she said pulling them down exposing his massive cock.Catherine bit her lips to get from gasping seeing his long, fat uncut cock. The huge mushroomed purple head was even bigger than the shaft. Shiver after shiver swept her body looking at her nephews big cock. Even soft it was the biggest cock she ever seen.Megan seen Catherine staring at her boyfriends cock. She didn’t say anything as she raised up, not covering him. “I really have to go Catherine I’m going to be in trouble with my parents. Even though I am in college I have to follow their rules as long a I live there.” She told the older woman glancing at her big hard nipple pushing out against the robe.”I know how that it is’ Cat replied watching her cute tight ass wiggle beneath the short skirt. Knowing she either had a thong on or was not wearing panties at all. They chatted at the door and Catherine hurried upstairs before they were even off the porch. She moaned coming into his room and seeing his huge hard cock sticking straight up. She shivered all over staring at the biggest and youngest cock she had ever seen. ‘So beautiful and so fucking huge’ she thought moving by the bed. What she was doing was so wrong in so many ways, but she couldn’t help herself. her sister’s son had her so excited. She gently shook his arm and called his name getting no response. He is really out she thought telling herself to leave the room. She opened her robe kneeling down on the floor beside him.”Fuck me, fuck me harder!!!! OMG she is so fucking hot!” Megan squealed quietly. She was leaning over the railing on the deck on top of the boat house. Her skirt was pulled up around her waist and Tony was roughly fucking her pussy from the rear. Bobby had his shorts off and was enjoying the view waiting his turn to fuck Megan.All three of them had a nice view of Joey and Catherine in his room. The camera was on the tripod recording Catherine’s every move. The house was right on the water and no one bothered closing their blinds at night. The three of them had recorded Joey’s mom and dad many times. Catherine was breathing heavy and her hand was shaking as she reached out. Moaning as her fingers touched the smooth rubbery head. His massive cock twitching around from her touch. “OMG….OMG!!” she gasped moving her fingers down over the thick heavy veined shaft. Fondling his big balls with the other hand. ” Your cock is so big Joey oh I would love for you to be pounding my pussy.” she whispered moving her fingers back up his monster young cock. Smearing his thick pre cum around gathering it on her fingers. Moving her fingers to her sexy mouth she licked and sucked his delicious juices into her mouth.Joey’s cell phone rang startling her, jumped escort bayan up she grabbed his phone and quickly turned off the ringtone. Her heart was racing as she looked at him. He was still out cold much to her relief. Still she shook his arm again and called his name. She went into her room and picked up her cell phone, muting it coming back into the room. She started taking photos of young, naked nephew. She would have something to show Jodi now. She took photo after photo her pussy juices running down her golden thighs. She didn’t care about anything else right now she wanted to suck his huge cock. She loved sucking cock and missed the feel and taste of having a hard cock in her mouth. She put her phone in her robe pocket and slipped her robe off, hanging it over the back of the chair.”This is so crazy.” she mumbled to herself crawling on the bed between his wide spread legs. Lowering her head until her mouth was right above the dark purple head. Inhaling his musky aroma she flicked out her tongue and licked the sticky pre cum as it oozed from the tip. Swishing it around in her mouth savoring the sweet taste. She swirled her long tongue all over the mushroomed shaped head. Moving down she started licking the thick heavy veined shaft, shiver after shiver swept her trembling body, licking every inch of his long, fat cock. It was all Joey could do not to make a sound, it would all be worth it when he owned her. She would do any kinky thing he wanted then. Her lips and tongue felt so fucking wonderful on his hard throbbing cock. His dream had come true, his beautiful sexy Aunt was licking his big cock. Adding to his excitement was the fact his girlfriend and buddies were watching him. Knowing that Megan was getting her pussy pounded.Catherine moved up slipping her lips over the smooth rubbery head, taking his cock into her mouth. She started eagerly sucking his cock moving her head down taking more of his teen meat into her mouth. She loved the feel and taste of his cock in her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down enjoying the pleasure of sucking cock again. She was on her knees with her cut ass up in the air, she slipped one hand between her thighs, slipping two fingers up her creamy pussy. Finger fucking her slippery pussy, hungrily sucked more and more of his fat cock into her mouth.Catherine’s talented mouth and tongue felt so good on his cock. She was quite the cocksucker he couldn’t help but let out a moan.Catherine stooped her movements looking up at his face to see any movement with his eyes. Figuring he just moaning in his sleep she went back to sucking his slick cock. Gagging as the head hit the back of her throat, fighting back the gag reflex letting his cock slid down her throat. With two fingers moving around in her pussy and her thumb flicking over her aroused clit, she had a huge orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure sweeping her body, his fat cock muffling her moans. She jerked her hips around and around making herself cum again. His big balls mashed against her chin as she finally got all of his cock between her lips. She held it there as long as she could sucking like there was no tomorrow. Finally she raised up catching her breath, her saliva hanging from her lips and covered his fat cock.When she started sucking his cock again Joey mumbled “ohhhhhh….ohhhh Megan.”Catherine jerked her head up letting his cock slid from her mouth, listening to his shallow breathing. Thinking he was still out cold probably dreaming about his cute girlfriend sucking his cock. Reassuring herself that he was still out she went back to sucking his cock. Looking at her reflection in the mirror of her lips stretched to the limit around his penis.Joey could not hold back any longer she was so great with her mouth. My Aunt Catherine my cock whore. He moaned Megan’s name again as his cock erupted, his thick, sticky cum gushing out from his cock. He even jerked his hips upward cramming his cock into her wet, warm mouth.Catherine swallowed quickly, still sucking as his slippery, tasty cum filled her wanting mouth. His cum tasted so good and kept squirting out into her mouth. Some of his thick white cum oozed out the corners of her mouth, sliding down his shaft. Catherine moaned letting his cum slide down her throat, loudly sucking until the last of his cum oozed from the tip. Letting his slippery cock slip from her mouth she licked and sucking up the sticky cum from his cock.She slid off the bed staring at his cock. Even though he had just cum his young cock was still rock hard. Wondering if she could get away with getting on top of him and fucking him. She wanted his huge cock up her pussy, right or wrong she wanted fucked. Picking up her robe she went into her robe to pee. Hanging her robe up she slipped her phone out of the pocket. “Ohh shit!’ she had 3 missed calls from her sister. to be continued

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