Aunt Clair


I had just graduated high school and to get away from the pressure of my Mother trying to get me to decide what college I was going to go to, I took a trip to my Aunt’s house.

My Aunt and I had always been close but hadn’t seen each other in a while after she had moved about 200 miles away. She had been very happy that I wanted to come out and see her, and even teased me with the fact that there were a ton of girls my age for me to chase. I had laughed and told her that there were a ton of girls for me to chase here but she told me that even though that was true, I’d have new ones to try to go after. I told her that she had me there, and I’d be out that weekend to spend a month or maybe two with her.

I arrived at my Aunt’s house that Saturday morning. When she opened the door, the old feelings that I had always had for her came back. I had always had a crush on my Aunt and believed that that was a lot of the reason why we got a long so well, because she new it too.

My Aunt wasn’t the barbi type, she wasn’t drop dead gorgeous or anything but she had a beauty about her that most men found attractive. She stood around 5’3″ tall, and her weight was average for her height. She wasn’t too skinny or too big. She had long brown hair that she always kept in one long thick braid down the middle of her back. Her eyes were her best feature, they were coal black, and had a depth to them that looked like she was staring right into your soul when she looked at you. She had a nice body, her breasts, I guessed, were about a C cup, and she had a nice round butt, that looked awesome in jeans. But what attracted people to her wasn’t her looks, it was her personality. She was a very caring person, always willing to lend a helping hand. She was very sweet and always happy.

I felt her excitement as she invited me in, and I couldn’t help to feel the same enthusiasm as she. We went into the kitchen and after fixing myself a cup of coffee, we sat down and Aunt Clair and I began to talk about what we had been doing since the last time we saw each other.

As I sat listening to Clair, I wondered why she had never married. Surely, there were a lot of men out there that would love to have a woman like her to come home to every night. I decided to ask her when the excitement of my arrival died down a bit.

After a bit of talking my Aunt looked at the clock and pouted.

“What’s the matter Aunt Clair?”

“Well, sweetness I have to go into work for a while today. I really hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.”

“Okay great! I’m going to go get ready. I’ll be back shortly.”

After she came back down she told me that there was food in the fridge if I got hungry and I could go out and look over the town if I got bored. I laughed, “Aunt Clair, I’m a big boy now. I think I can take care of myself.”

“Oh yes. You’re a man now huh?” She said with a deviant smile. “Well my man, I’ll be back in a few hours. Have fun and don’t get into too much trouble!”

I walked her to the door, where she gave me a slight peck on the cheek before heading out.

After she left I decided to explore. Walking from room to room I found Aunt Clair to have a typical normal home. With some pictures on walls and furniture, it was very homely. Also, during my exploration I found that Aunt Clair has a PC in her bedroom. Being that I had nothing else to do I decide to see if she had an ISP of some sort so I could surf my favorite website http://.com/. Upon typing the URL I noticed that it filled the address automatically; now I do realize this is a common feature on Internet Explorer but this should only occur when that PC has accessed this site before. Well either her or someone using her PC has accessed this site before. What if it was her? God, I never thought of Aunt Clair as the type. “Oh well” I say to myself, and proceeded to check the list of new stories. As I am scrolling along I find it’s the typical topics, S I love mother and son stories. Well time to move on to the next incest story, which turns out to be about an aunt and nephew. As I am reading several things are happening, I am getting aroused to the point where it hurts, I am getting that urinating sensation in the head of my cock but what it really is, is a cock that is ready to explode, I’m also finding the author of this story to be very well talented in the art of writing, and there are some things that are very familiar about the characters in this story. The familiarity must mean that I read this authors’ story before, but yet I can’t help and think that it’s something more than that.

Anyway, no need to dwell on it, I figure I should just keep on reading till I reach release, which of course I did.

Later on in the day Aunt Claire comes home and greets me with a hello kiss on the lips and ask what I did for the day.

“Well all I pretty much did was explore the house and surf the web on your PC, I hope you don’t mind”

“Of course not dear, but you said you were using the PC?” with a concern look on her face

“Yeah, I did some surfing, Ankara escort I didn’t download anything to your PC so you if you find any viruses on your computer it wasn’t from me”

“So what did you surf? Porn???”

“Na, of course not Aunty, actually I was surfing some tech pages, like and”

“Yeah sure, come on. Do you really expect me to believe you didn’t check one porn site?” Thinking well she already had on her history, she can’t prove I was there, so I respond by saying “That’s what I am telling you. What, you don’t believe me?”

“Of course honey I a believe you, I just thought all men your age looked at porn” “No need to fight about this, so what do you want to do about dinner?”

I decided to treat my Aunt out for dinner, as a thank you, for letting me stay with her. She protested but it didn’t take long to convince her that she didn’t really want to cook anything.

The dinner was pleasant; we went to a small Italian restaurant, which was nearly deserted since we got there before the dinner rush. Though, my Aunt was great at small talk, I couldn’t help but keep thinking about how she could be the one who was going to . She just didn’t seem the type, but then again, I’d never really seen her with a man for very long and it was probably a way to release the stress of not having sex all the time. After I had decided that, I wondered about the author that I had read on the site today, and just thinking about the story made me horny again. I decided also, while my aunt went on about her job, I’d look up the author to see if I’d read any other stories written by that author.

Monday morning, I awoke finding my Aunt Claire hovering over me. I couldn’t help but think about how sexy she looked even though she was just standing over me while I had been sleeping, which would have probably made anybody else nervous.

Claire smiled, “Honey, I’m about to go to work. You stay out of trouble, you hear?”

“Okay Claire”

Before leaving, she leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek goodbye.

Then she swiftly turns and continues out the door. As she leaves all I can think that it is a good thing Claire didn’t want a hug, otherwise she would have clearly felt my morning hard on, caused by last nights dream.

The dream begins “in my bed, Sunday night, about 12:30am, getting up to go take a piss. As I am passing Claire’s room I notice a dim light coming from her room. With my curiosity getting the best of me I slowly open the door to see the source of the light. Finding Claire engrossed in front of her computer monitor; sitting there, with no other source of light and clearly aroused. Noticing the smell of sex, her purple baby doll outfit (silk shorts and tank top), rubbing of her thighs, nipples protruding through her top, and she is holding her breath. From what I can see I figure she is reading a story on Remembering how I don’t like to be disturbed I decide to depart before my presence is known.” Then that is when I woke up and noticed her standing over me.

After her departure for the day I hop out of bed, drop my shorts and stroll around naked. Feeling the sway of my cock, the softness of my balls, my trimmed pubes, and the air on my ass; it feels so erotic.

Entering the bathroom I begin my normal routine of laying my cock on the sink as I am leaning over it to brush my teeth and shave.

After finishing up I proceed to adjust the shower knobs so it’s steaming hot; thinking, “I just love hot showers when I am really horny.” After stepping into the shower I reach for the soap and begin my normal routine.

About 10 minutes into the shower I begin to think back to the dream. Thoughts drifting to every curve on her body in both the baby doll outfit as well as how she looked this morning. During this time I continue to rub the bar of soap over my body. At some point my rubbing begins to focus on the crack of my ass. The rubbing begins to harden, I begin to moan, and then I drop the soap; but I do not stop, I continue to massage that area with just my finger. With the mixture of being really horny, dazed and well lubed I begin to insert a finger in my ass for the first time in my life. This action seems so natural to me; doing it like I have done this many times before. But I’m a virgin when it comes to my sphincter. I always thought any anal penetration with a man is gay. But I can’t deny it feels really good. As I am thinking all of this I find my entire finger in my ass, but I want more. Looking around, nothing is available I could use to penetrate myself. Desperately trying to find a solution I think back to the porno’s I used to watch, how girls finger their asses with two or more fingers. With that in mind I begin to slide out my finger and then place my middle finger next to it and shove them both in which set me off, “OH GOD….MMMM…SHHHIIITTT OOOOHHHHH FFFFUCCKKKK.” “That was so intense. God now I know what others feel when they do that. There is nothing like it. It hurts but yet it feels so good.”

Moments Ankara escort bayan later I finish up my shower, and proceed to dry myself off, throw on a loose pair of shorts, run downstairs, and fix myself a cup of coffee. Drinking my coffee, glowing I begin to think, “That was really amazing, it truly was. It’s like that time where I fucked 2 girls at once and I had to tell someone. But this is so taboo. It’s one thing to beat my meat, but to fingers in my ass; who’s going to accept that? Aaaah who cares. I mean really, I enjoyed it and that’s what matters. I’m sure others do as well. Other’s, that’s it; that’s how I can get this all out of my system. I’ll write a story and post it to Hell, I’ll even go into details about what Aunt Claire wore this morning, and I’ll be specific that she is my aunt, but of course I’ll change the names. Hmmm…yeah this can work. Oh I can’t wait to get started.” Running upstairs with my coffee, I enter Claire’s room, boot up her PC and access the site. I begin to setup an account and edit the profile. From there I proceed to find a text editor and begin to type my story. Three hours later I’m done. I take the story post it, and now all I can do now is wait. Writing the story of this morning’s event had left me horny. Being in this horny state I remember of that story I read when I first arrived here. Thinking, “that author sure does have a knack for this.” I pursue on my search to find that story again. It wasn’t hard to find since the story I had read was still on the list of new stories. I click on the story and then scroll through it, to the bottom of the page, so that I can take the link to the author’s bio. I begin to read the information that the author has put on there. I quickly scan over the fact that the author’s a female, her age range, and all that. Until I get to the small paragraph of the bio. She tells how she’s a single woman, looking for friends and lovers, and how she is totally infatuated with writing incest stories, especially about her own nephew. Everything there looks pretty good, and then I get to the pic that the woman has posted. It’s not one of her face, but of a nice shot of the woman’s tits. My eyes grow wide, I’d know those tits from miles away, for I’ve admired them many times, and have even seen them bare a couple of times when I knew I’d not get caught. My God, the author of that story was my Aunt!

I didn’t think it was possible but my cock grew stiffer as the realization hit me that my Aunt had been writing stories about me, they had to be about me, I was the only nephew she had. I scanned the stories that she had posted, there was about 11 of them, all having to do with an Aunt and a nephew in different situations. I picked one and began to read it.

The story talked about how the aunt taken her nephew: “….And I walked in to his bedroom to see him laying there in a peaceful sleep. He looked so inviting, so innocent, and my pussy throbbed at the idea of taking him right then and there. I gently moved the covers from his body and found that he was naked. “Good” I thought, “less work on my part.” I climbed into the bed and bent down above his softened cock. I placed his manhood in my mouth and began to gently suck him. I heard him moan and felt his dick begin to waken in my mouth. My pussy was dripping at this point. I felt his hand go to my sopping cunt and begin to rub my clit.

He moaned again, “Oh Linda that feels so good.”

Linda was his girlfriend; he still wasn’t fully awake yet. I lifted my head from his cock, and whispered, “I’m not Linda, Love.”

He jumped, his eyes opened wide, “what are you doing?”

“Tasting your cock.”

“But you’re my aunt, it’s wrong you need to leave!”

I moved, mounting him, rubbing my pussy over his cock, “but it feels good doesn’t it?” He moaned and then shook his head, “you need to leave!”

“Please let me make you cum, let me make you feel good Honey.”

With that, I slipped his cock deep inside my hot, moist box, and began to move, slowly dancing on his cock…”

That was all I read before I began to spew cum all over my hand. After the release I think to myself, “I will never be able to look at her the same again.” But that isn’t the only problem; looking down I noticed my cock wasn’t getting soft.

Thinking “this never happened before,” then saying “man, just my luck, all those times that I was fucking girls, and I came, and wanted to stay hard to keep going, but I couldn’t. Now here I am, moments away with my aunt from being home and I have a hard on that won’t go away. What if I try reading another story, that for sure should bring me to orgasm and then I should get soft.”

Suddenly I hear the door go “BANG!”

“OH SHIT! It’s fucking Aunt Claire. I can’t get a break.”

Struggling to pull my shorts up, following pulling my long shirt down in hopes it covers enough of my cock, I run downstairs finding Claire, as sexy as ever standing there.

“Honey, there was a server problem at work which prevented us from getting anything done, Escort Ankara so they sent us home. But it’s a good thing, being I get to spend more time with my favorite nephew.”

“Favorite, that’s an understatement.” I think to myself

She looked at me with a confused smile on her face, “are you okay Sweetie?”

“Yeah I’m fine why do you ask?”

“You look flushed. Are you sure you’re feeling okay?”

Shit, I could hide my cock well enough, but not my thoughts, “Yeah, Claire I’m fine.”

“Come here, let me check.”

From the look she gave me I knew that I couldn’t protest again, and slowly came towards her. She brought her hand up and leaned against me to feel my forehead, her eyes open wide; she had found what I had tried to hide, and why I was flushed.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I should have guessed, well with a healthy young man such as yourself.”

She still hadn’t moved, she pressed her body against mine, smashing my stiff tool against her stomach. I said nothing but looked her straight in the eye, a brief thought went through my head that I should tell her what I’d read, but I dropped the thought that would be my secret for a while.

I tested the waters, and brought my lips to hers, I knew the only way that I was going to get rid of this hard-on was to fuck her, she returned the kiss, but pulled away quickly. “We can’t do this. I’m your aunt.”

I was enraged, I knew she wanted it, but I respected her for the time being. “Sorry Claire, I got swept up in the moment.” And turn and ran to my room to hide.

Sitting in my room, mentally beating myself up for what I just did, “how could I be so stupid?” But then like many males do, I let my hormones get the best of me. Instead of thinking with my head I was thinking with my dick. I said “fuck it; she wants it and so do I. I am going to get that piece of ass if it’s the last thing I do. Even if it costs us our relationship I am going to fuck her, I’m going to fuck her RIGHT NOW!” Stripping, hell I was practically ripping off my clothes. I figured if I show up down there naked, she couldn’t resist.

Walking down the steps I found Claire, sitting on the chair, weeping into her hands. “She doesn’t even know I’m here” I think to myself. Then I get a devious grin; I slowly walk up to her with my 7inch cock pointing straight ahead. Once I reached my destination, she looked up, but only enough to see the cock. Without a word, she leans forward and engulfs the whole rod into her mouth. Letting out a loud moan I begin to place my right hand the back of her head, and thrust deeper with my hips. Like a pro she takes it all, doesn’t gag or whimper, in fact, she is moaning. The slut, my aunt is moaning. With her moaning, and deep throating, this causes a slight vibration in the back of her throat that just sets me off to an orgasm I have never experienced before. But she didn’t stop, she swallowed the cum whole and kept on sucking, tightening her mouth like it was virgin pussy; addition to that she began to move without my assistance. Her own head, back and forth, harder and harder. God I felt like I was fucking her cunt.

“Mmmmm…oh god yes, that’s it. Aunty you are so naughty, you are such a slut. Fucking bitch can’t get enough. You are mine now. That’s it, suck that cock like it’s your last. You know you want me; you want me in your cunt, in your ass. Just like I read in your stories”

Then all of a sudden she stops; her eyes get wide, staring at me with my cock still in her mouth.

“That’s right, I said stories. I know you are the slut author writing about fucking her nephew. You know what, I wrote a story too. I’ll tell you what. You keep that sucking going like you are, I will do the following for you”

With the cock in her mouth she mumbles “what?”

“What you say, I’ll tell you what. After you swallow my cum, I want you go take a bath, shave your pussy bald if it isn’t already. When you are clean, I want you to come out naked; I’ll be at the front of your computer sitting in the chair. Then I want you to spread your legs facing the PC, then sit down with one of my legs between yours. While you are sitting there, you can read the story I wrote. You like that idea?”

She gives an affirmative nod

“Oh one more thing, while you reading that story, I can do whatever I want to you. Whether it is playing with your ass, tweaking your nipples or just jerking off, you can not object to anything, agreed?”

She nods her head.

After I came, I followed her up the stairs and watched her go into the bathroom to clean up. I went to her room and sat at the computer, bringing up my story. Skimming it, playing with my cock, waiting for her.

Moments later I hear her enter the room, looking at her, holding back a look of pleasurable surprise, I notice how beautiful she is being naked than I had ever imagined. She came over and sat down on me, just like I had instructed and began to read the story. My hands went immediately for her already erect nipples. I heard her moan slightly as I pinched and pulled on them, then dropping one hand to her freshly shaved pussy, I began to run my fingers around it, not touching the spots that would bring her the most pleasure, but moving my fingers over her swollen lips, and the top of her cunt.

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