Aunt Laura


I have never told this story to anyone but I thought you would want to hear about my Aunt Laura. Her husband died young and she was a widow and came to live with us when I was 15. She was short, maybe just 5 feet tall but with a nice tight little body and short blonde hair and always wore a dress with heels. I guess, like any other teen with raging hormones I would think about her as I jerked off at night. She had a bedroom next to mine on the second floor of our house. Every night when I went to bed I would go in to kiss her goodnight before turning in myself. She would usually be in bed reading a book, sitting up on pillows wearing a low cut silk and lace nightgown. Every night I loved looking down the top of her gown and seeing about 2/3 of her nice round tits just inches away from me. I guess if I had to guess, she must have been a size 34C. As any nephew would, I would lean in to kiss her cheek, but Laura would always turn towards me and meet my lips briefly with hers and run her hand through my hair. Even in her bed at night, she always had a coat of red lipstick on her full lips. It was just lips and not a long kiss but to me it felt so intimate. I used to love saying goodnight to her.

My parents were always downstairs watching their late night TV shows so we were always alone upstairs. It was my senior year in high school and I had turned 18 just recently. This one night she looked up from her book and caught me looking down her nightgown at the wonderful swell of her nice tits. I knew I was caught and expected her to get mad at me but she just smiled and asked me why I was looking down at her breasts. I knew that denying it was not the thing to do, so I told her the truth. I said that I had never seen any woman’s bare breasts up this close and I just couldn’t help myself. She smiled at me and told me to go close her door and come back to her. I did as she asked and when I got close to her she slipped off the thin straps from her shoulders and then she dropped the top of her gown to show me her full tits. I couldn’t take my eyes off them as she took my hands and placed them on her tits. She asked me to play with them and to pinch her nipples as she reached up and pulled my face to hers. With her mouth opened she gave me a deep tongue kiss. We kissed for a very long time and when we broke the kiss she looked straight into my eyes and told me I could ask her to do anything. Something in me changed immediately when she said this. It was one of those moments in life when you notice internal changes and at this moment, I knew I had some un-described power over her. A switch had flipped in me when she said this.

Looking down at her, I told her I wanted her to jerk me off.

Not waiting for her reply, I just pulled out my cock and she looked up at me as her small hand took it and she began to stroke it. Her eyes would drift periodically from my cock to my face and back again as she took hold of it and moved her hand up and down. I loved the look of her hand on me with her red tipped finger nails looking so shiny and sexy to me. My hands mauled her tits and pinched her nipples very hard. I just loved having them in my grip and didn’t care if I was gentle with her or not. Laura was moaning softly as I did this. This entire scene was a first for me but it seemed natural for me to talk to her as she did me. The words just flowed out.

“Does my cock feel good in your hand, Laura?” I asked her.

“Yes, I like your cock,” she told me.

“You like it when I hurt your nipples and tits, don’t you?’ I asked

“Yes, I like it a lot. It feels so good when you hurt them, Paul.”

“You need this don’t you Laura?” Ankara bayan escort I continued to question her as I was getting closer and closer to cumming.

“Yes, yes, yes, whatever you want. Just ask me. Just tell me what you want,” she whined as her breathing was ragged and her voice so needy.

“Jerk my cum out, Laura. You’re such a dirty girl. So dirty for jerking off your nephew. So dirty,” I breathed out as I watched her.

“Oh, yes, I’m so dirty Paul, so very dirty. Your Auntie is a dirty slut.”

It was then that I noticed her hand under the covers as she brought herself off just as I exploded all over her tits and neck and face. Strings of my teenage cum painted her neck and lips and nose while dropping onto her tits as she had an orgasm in front of me. Her face then moved to my cock and I was shocked as I watched her take it into her mouth and suck the remaining cum out of me and lick it clean.

I left her there and went to bed but I knew that I owned her from then on and I could make her do whatever I wanted. I had discovered that my sexy aunt was a slut and I had control over her.

I didn’t take advantage of my new found power over Laura all at once. Each night I would kiss her goodnight, but Laura was now eager for deep soulful kisses. But after some quick tongue play and feeling her firm tits, I pulled back and said goodnight and went to bed. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do more; it was that I wanted to see the need and frustration in her. I knew this would enhance my control over her even though I was just a kid. About one week after the first episode I came in to say goodnight as usual, but closed the door behind me before coming to her as she lay in her bed. She immediately noticed the change in my routine and as I approached her she had a slight smile of anticipation on her face.

“Do you want to ask me something, Paul,” she asked me as she dropped the straps off her shoulders. The material fell from her chest and exposed the big round tits I had mauled just a few days earlier. Her nipples seemed to be getting hard right in front of my eyes.

“Last week when you jerked me off and I shot cum all over you, were you playing with yourself under the covers,” I asked her. She seemed surprised by the question and even a bit embarrassed.

“Yes, I was playing with myself when I did it,” she admitted as her eyes met mine and she bit on her red lips.

“Tell me why,” I demanded as I reached out and played with her hard nipples and felt the weight of her full breasts.

“Well, I….,” her voice trembled as she watched my hands on her tits.

“Look at me when you answer, Laura,” I said, interrupting her response.

She looked back up at my face and I could see the need and lust in her.

“I got so worked up when I held you in my hand and felt your big and hard cock that I needed to cum too. I didn’t think you could tell I was doing it,” she admitted as I pulled and pinched her nipples and watched her gasp.

“Get out of bed and take the nightgown off and show me your body,” I told her.

She pulled the covers back and got out of the bed in front of me and let the silk gown slide down over her slim hips to the ground. She was not wearing panties and was naked in front of her nephew. She was so much shorter than my six foot height as she stood there, that I told her to get a pair of high heels on and then come back to me. She put on a pair of open toed strappy heels and returned to me.

I made her turn slowly and my hands ran all over her breasts and her back and her tight ass before stopping her as she faced me. My hand dropped to her pussy Escort bayan Ankara and I felt the moisture of her aroused cunt.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you, Laura,” I asked as my fingers moved into her moist slit.

“Anything you want. I will do whatever you ask me to do. Ask me anything,” she breathed and trembled in front of her teenaged nephew. One finger entered her and began to move inside her.

“So you’ll be my whore and do whatever I want, is that right,” I said up close to her face as my finger continued to move in her.

“Oh, yes, I am your whore and you can do whatever you want with me. Oh. God, your finger feels so good in me,” she moaned as her hips moved along with my finger. I felt her heat and her sexual need as she rotated her hips on my hand.

“Get up on the bed on your back and open your legs in front of me,” I told her as my finger pulled free and I could see the wetness on my hand.

Laura sat back on the bed and opened her nicely toned thighs. She reclined back and bent her knees so that he black heels were flat on the bed.

“Now show me how you played with yourself last week when you were jerking me off. Show me how you made yourself cum,” I demanded as I moved close to the edge of the bed.

“But,” she began to say.

“Do it whore,” I said raising my voice.

Her small hands dropped between her thighs and she used them both as I watched. Her left hand took two fingers and pushed them into her wet cunt. Then her right hand settled above it and she began to rub her extended clit as her ass moved up off the bed and pumped at her moving hands. I watched intently and I learned what she liked and what excited her and how a woman wanted to be touched.

My hand reached down and pulled my cock out which was already hard and stiff. I was jerking it off in front of her and she lifted her head up to watch me as I stroked it just inches from her cunt. Laura was so turned on and so close to cumming that she was moaning and whining continually as she watched my cock.

I was very turned on by the sight in front of me. Here was this really beautiful and sexy older woman who was fingering her cunt and making herself cum for me. She wanted to be my whore and was prepared to do whatever I asked. This was just too much for me and I began to shoot cum all over her moving hands and cunt and stomach as she was going over the edge and cumming. She was moaning as her body writhed and pumped out its orgasm under her cum coated skin. This was the first time I ever saw a woman reach orgasm and I knew it was something I wanted to see more often.

The scene was so erotic that we both just stayed still after it was over and looked at each other for a long time. Then I wiped my cock on her sheets and zipped up and went to bed.

This began my sexual use of Laura with more and more dominance. It was easy for me to see how much she loved being told what to do to please me in any way I asked. The more I treated her like property, the more she became a total slut for me. Yes, there were very cute and hard-bodied teen girls running around but why did I need to be teased and taunted by them when I had a hot, sexy, fully grown woman in my own home willing to do whatever I told her. She never came onto me but would be available to me whenever I wanted her. I visited her room almost every night. I played with her, dressed her up for me, made her strip in front of me and had her touch herself or me whenever I asked.

One night I came into her room and closed the door. When I closed the door she knew I wanted her. So many other nights I had made her jerk me off or make Bayan escort Ankara her play with herself while I jerked off onto her but tonight I wanted something more. I saw that she was sitting on top of her bed wearing a short night gown and still had her stockings and heels on. I could see the tops of her black nylons and the garter clips that snapped to hold them up. She did not have on any panties. Her well formed legs looked fabulous as they were crossed and hung over the edge of the bed. She was leaning back with her arms behind her as I approached, lifting the hem of her night gown and pushing it back up to her hips.

“Do you want me?” she asked looking at me.

“You look sexy like that. Take the nightgown off,” I told her.

Laura pulled it over her head and then rested back on her arms again with her big tits looking so inviting. I began to pull and pinch her nipples and she closed her eyes as I watched her become more and more excited. I backed up a step and took my clothes off in a pile and came back to her.

“Open your legs,” I said as she moved her sexy legs wide apart and I dropped my hand to her waiting cunt. I slowly ran a finger up and down her moist pussy lips. I teased her clit and heard her moan as I played with her for a long time. She lay back on the bed and pulled her knees back. I slipped one and then two fingers inside her and began to slowly finger her like this as I watched her hips move to meet each deep thrust of my hand.

“Tell me, Laura, how does this feel? Tell me,” I said as she fucked back at my hand.

“Oh, God, Paul, it feels so good. You make me so hot. I love your touch. I love your fingers in me,” she said in a low and heavy voice.

“You look so sexy and dirty, spread wide and moving your hips like that. Now turn around and lay on your back with your head hanging over the edge,” I said withdrawing my fingers from her and watching her position herself with her head dropped over the edge in front of me. I moved forward and my hard cock was at her red lips.

“Suck it, whore,” I told her pushing a bit more so my cock glided into her open mouth as she began to run her lips and tongue all over me. In this position I was able to trust deep into her mouth and feel her throat with my cock head.

“Finger yourself so I can watch you play with your pussy while you suck me,” I said as I marveled at how good her mouth felt. Watching her fingers run into her wetness and rub her clit, she began to hump her hips like she had done to my hand. I stopped thrusting and just stood there and felt her tongue and mouth working their magic on me. We were both moaning as we were approaching our climaxes…..together yet separately. I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer watching my slut aunt’s hot body in front of me and putting on a sex show as she sucked.

“Oh, fuck, oh Laura, I’m going to cum in your mouth. Oh, yes, suck it. Drink me. Now, now, now, oh, God, suck it all down,” I groaned as I exploded in her warm mouth, feeling her suck it and lick it and then swallow as more and more cum fired out of my cock. I saw her hips come off the bed and she held them there as her orgasm rolled through her and her hand flew over her wet cunt. It was an incredible feeling and sight as we both moaned and came. I reached down and held her head between my hands and watched her mouth continue to work feverishly on me. It was almost too much for me but I didn’t want it to end. It felt so amazing.

Finally after she had lowered her hips, I dropped my hands from her head and pulled my spent cock out from between her red lips. I dressed as she crawled back onto the bed and just laid there catching her breath.

“That was good, Laura. You need to do that for me a lot more. You have a very talented mouth,” I said as I opened the door to go back to my room. I could still hear the sound of the TV blaring downstairs as I walked down the hall.

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