Aunt Maggie Ch. 01


Margaret leaned back in her white wooden deck chair and turned her face up to the late morning sun. It was simply a lovely day; lovely enough that she’d only worked for a few hours on her telecommute and now she was ready for a bit of pre-planned self-indulgent “Margaret time.” He’d be here shortly anyhow and then…she’d want to provide him with her full and undivided attention. She looked back at her laptop and thought,

“You’ve done so much today Maggie, you were up at six working away. Its half past ten and you’ve been working hard all week. What’s a little harm if two of the seven deadly sins, sloth and lust camp out in your head and you enjoy the Friday. He’ll be here in a few minutes anyhow? You don’t want to miss that show.. now do you? Besides girl … all is going according to plan!” She slapped a little bit of sun oil on her face and her shapely thirty-five year old form; slathering her firm arms and legs before remembering to get a bit on her feet and her red painted toes.

She waited, and she was correct. In fifteen minutes he arrived and the show was ready to begin at her poolside in the tranquil backyard of her comfortable British home in Weymouth. The “show” happened to be none other than her eighteen-year-old-nephew William, or “Billy.”

He was her older sister Marion’s boy. The flower of his youth had just opened and blossomed a few weeks before (with his eighteenth birthday) and she’d noticed when it had opened. Oh he was always a handsome little fellow and Margaret, or “Auntie Maggie” as she was called by him and his mummy Marion, was always quite fond of him. Incidents of late following that milestone of a birthday had turned that fondness into something a little bit… “more.”

As Billy walked into Maggie’s backyard from the backyard of the house where he and his mummy lived; opening and shutting the gate loudly and armed with an assortment of clattering gardening tools, a few memories of those “incidents” and “happy accidents” came flooding back to Maggie. He shuffled with his heavy load up to his aunt who apparently was lying on her deck chair by the pool, all greased up in her white two piece bathing suit and she seemed to be off in another place entirely although her eyes followed him. He made eye contact with her and spoke;

“Hi Aunt Maggie. I’m here to get started on the work along the pool hedges.”

“Oh,” said Maggie coming back down to this planet, ” th- that’s very good, Billy! Thank you for coming over to do the work. I am so happy you’ll be spending time here while your mummy is traveling… hope you are not upset you had to cancel plans with your friends and stay with your boring old auntie Maggie!”

“Oh… no bother here, I’ll just get started here then. I’ll bring my bag of things over a little later n’ take ’em up to the guest room?”

“Yes,” Maggie said, ” that sounds marvelous Billy, please do. You’ve got a lot to get done I know. I won’t keep you a second longer.” She was happy she was wearing extra dark sunglasses. Her eyes were completely hidden as she followed him with them; watching his lean torso and his tight compact hips moving around the pool and over to the hedge to commence work. She began to remember… and daydream.

Maggie Cory had been born into a bit of money, (as had her sister Marion). There was a trust fund… a sizeable one. It had gone all the way back to the interwar years and had been passed from her great grandfather to her grandfather, then her father and now down to Marion and Maggie; each time getting a bit smaller and following the death of Maggie’s father and mother when she and Marion were in their twenties… it was large enough for them to afford their two houses and provide them with a comfortable monthly flow of money that was to go on until they were both food for the worms or until it was passed to offspring.

The fact that Maggie never had a child meant that the trust would most likely go to her nephew Billy when everyone else was gone. It wasn’t that Maggie hadn’t known love… in fact quite the opposite was true. She and her sister Marion had married into money as well and while Marion was a widow and inherited another lovely chunk of inheritance from her late husband’s estate; Maggie had found a superb lawyer upon discovering her husband Simon had been shagging his secretary rotten and she’d managed to secure an amount of out court settlement that by most accounts would be considered…”significant.” It hadn’t been that she’d been a total victim either…in fact she’d had quite a long list of both male and female lovers find their way into her bed while married to Simon. It might be said that she’d gotten to the lawyers first.

Once single she looked at the sizeable amount of cash her real-estate mogal of an ex-husband had paid out to her and she invested it; not in the market but in her sister’s company. The family business was an off-shoot really of great grand pa-pah’s original Ankara escort company that had provided silk for parachutes both before and during the Second World War. After the war, her grand-daddy had the presence of mind to provide silk to a new and emerging market; that of ladies naughty underthings. The Cory’s became a house-hold name when it came to knickers and naughty unmentionables. With the advent of the sexual revolution and the walls of taboo tumbling down all over the European continent, the family expanded the business to something of a tangent but no less profitable…adult toys!

Besides the trust money, they had regular income as part of their shared ownership in “the company” which big sister Marion ran daily. Maggie, whose education was that of a fashion designer and consultant, continued to provide new and exciting ideas to the company for lingerie and club apparel but unlike her older sister who adored the daily grind… “lil Sis” was happy to simply telecommute four days out of the work week. Besides, in the comfort of her home that she’d bought next to her sister’s house; she had the perfect creative environment.

With her lilies and roses in the back garden by the pool, she’d found significant inspiration for her work; sufficient enough that she’d spearheaded an entire new product line of designs for big Sis’s (that involved knickers and underwear that appeared to be straight out of the 1800’s). The new line of “vintage revival aesthetic clothing” had been taking the Steampunk and Cosplay set by storm. No… money and time to herself really weren’t a problem for her; scratching her “itches” was!

Which brings us readers to the latest “itch to scratch,” of hers standing before her; young Billy. What a handsome itch he was now! She’d watched him grow from a bit of an adolescent fawn; all wobbly legs and big head into something of a robust young fellow with a penchant for sport. On his eighteenth birthday she’d been invited over to her sister’s house for the party. She wouldn’t have missed it for the world, truth be told. There, she noticed Billy as he was speaking to a few of his teenage chums in the kitchen.

The birthday boy had grown into a rather sturdy fellow. The gawky teen was gone; having morphed into a broad shouldered young man with a strong chin and lovely curly brown hair that he was constantly flipping to one side out his hazel eyes like he was some teen heartthrob on a YouTube video, watched over and over by squealing teen girls. Spindly arms had been replaced by rather well defined biceps and veiny forearms that did not escape Maggie’s notice; as did powerful well developed legs that he’d developed from a steady regime of football and beach volleyball. He made an impression on her- that much was true, but at the time she thought…”Well some girl will be quite happy with THAT one,” then she put it out of her head and ignored a little chest flutter she’d felt.

She’d had a conversation with her sister Marion over the phone a few days later that created quite a flutter again; and other things. Apparently late one evening as the two sisters were in bed in their respective houses, Marion phoned Maggie with a few questions she’d had concerning some sketches she’d drawn up. Over the course of the conversation it seems that talk focused less on work and more and more upon bawdy girl talk between two sisters who were letting their hair down.

The discussion turned to men and then to sex and then back to men again; perfectly natural really when you consider the family business that their entire world rotated around and that put both bread on their tables, and money in their swelling bank accounts. There was nothing so out of the ordinary with that… it was just that when the bawdy giggling conversation turned to a certain gentleman with whom Maggie’d had a tryst with and our heroine then described the ex-boyfriends generously proportioned sex organ at length; well… there was a pause and Marion said quite thoughtfully,

“That sounds a bit like Billy.” Well you could have knocked Maggie back over with a bit of goose-down fluff from one of her pillows behind her head!

“Ummm did I hear you right Sis?” Maggie asked (not certain just exactly what she’d heard), “Did you say… like Billy?”

“Well yes,” Marion continued with a giggle, “I had to step into the bath to get something the other day and he was using my shower; y’now… it has the clear glass and the tile you love? Well there he was scrubbing away,” she chuckled, “and there IT was hanging down like a limp beer bottle! He’s hung like a ruddy draft-pony I swear… just like his daddy was!” Marion giggled again. Her laugh made her sound like a bad school-girl who’d been going through her daddy’s medical books and now was recalling a photo of a penis to her sibling for the first time.

“Sis!” Maggie gasped; shocked and tittering at the same time, “what are you doing staring?” She couldn’t Ankara escort bayan believe what she’d heard, “he’s your bloody son!”

“It was just a harmless glance Maggie; nothing more. He’s got a lovely large package down there; just like his daddy had, and I noticed he’s got a bit of a “happy-trail” of brown hair running down to his navel and his pubes…just like my late husband. He’s growing into a man and I couldn’t be happier. Besides, that’s a bit judgmental of you considering…our old game?”

The rest of the conversation was cordial enough and when the two sisters hung up the phone, Maggie switched off the light and lay in the dark; ignoring the fact that her clitty had just throbbed a smidgen or two. She pictured the mental image of her nephew’s cock and she thought about the whole conversation she’d just had. Her clit throbbed again. She couldn’t ignore it any longer. Her knees came apart and she gave herself a nice soothing little girlie-touch on her pink cunny-blossom beneath the comforter. This went on for a minute until she flicked the light back on and reached into the nightstand. Inside was one of the prototype “battery operated boyfriends” produced by the company… a long thick study of the male anatomy in vinyl and plastic.

She switched on the device and flicked off the light. She found the television remote and turned on the wall entertainment center. Surfing down through the channels she found what she’d been looking for. Way down at the end of the dial was a Dutch television station produced absolutely foul rancid porn for the late night perv to wank to, (and for the poor lonely single girl who just couldn’t sleep).

She gave herself a bit of sleeping pill. She brought the buzzing tip of the fake dong to the hooded nub of her clit as the screen flickered before her eyes. She rubbed herself and then remembered her sister’s mention of “the game,” or more appropriately; their game!

Their game began when she was eighteen and Marion was nineteen. Their mummy and daddy were out of town and the housekeeper happened to be downstairs. She’d thought she had the bath all to herself and that the door was locked. She’d been giving herself a bit of “wicked pleasure down there” between her legs in the warm bathwater when her older sister simply barged in to get a hairbrush. Marion had stumbled on the whole sordid activity!

There was a bit of a shriek by Maggie and a giggle by Marion followed by comforting reassurances that, “everything was fine.” Maggie protested that she was just “cleaning herself” down there and that she was most assuredly not wanking or fiddling! Marion put a finger to her little sister’s lips and whispered a calming SHHHHH! Marion’s bathrobe fell to the floor and sister joined sister in the tub for some “helpful mentoring!”

It was in that tub on that first day that Maggie learned the touch of another woman. It was in that same tub that Maggie learned to kiss a pair of lips. It was also there in those soapy depths she learned that the touch of another woman’s fingers upon her sex felt yummy and happy, and that the touch of another woman’s hands upon her breasts felt wicked and thrilling! Lastly, it was there that she learned with her own hands and lips that a woman’s body had a certain carnal fascination for her; what with all its delightful nooks, crannies, furrows, and especially; the smells and tastes!

Yes dear readers, the kiss of another woman’s lips upon hers and the scent of another woman made her head absolutely swim with pleasure; the fact that it was her older sister made it all the more squishier and wonderfully naughty! The taboo nature of it all when combined with the illicit secrecy of the act fueled the healthy libido of this otherwise proper and ladylike girl (much in the same fashion as would petrol poured upon a candle). Thanks to her older sister over time; the little minx Maggie became an absolutely mischievous little vixen and it was during this time as well where she developed her appetites for all things carnal, torrid, and wicked!

Throughout the rest of that summer Marion and Maggie found they had the house more and more to themselves as Mummy and Daddy traveled quite a bit that year. The girls also found all sorts of excuses why then needed a good hot bath. Gwendoline the housekeeper commented that “they must have been the cleanest girls in all of Britain with all the baths they took,” (despite the fact that what they did to one another when the maid was downstairs was absolutely filthy and dirty)! But it wasn’t in just the bath where the two sweet Sapphic siblings committed their naughty mischief…

The two girls that summer did quite a bit of sneaking it seems, (well …sneaking and snogging and poking and licking)! Marion had quite a bit of experience with boys from school, and she was keen to show her sister what a quick study she’d been! The sisters snuck down by the stream in the secluded Escort Ankara shade of the willows, the two snuck behind the old barn up the road, they snuck down to the seclusion of trees near the spot where the river Wey joined Radipole Lake. They of course snuck the short distance from Marion’s covers to Maggie’s in their shared bedroom after they were certain “ole’ Gwen” the maid was asleep and privacy was assured.

Practice makes perfect it seems, and with Mummy and Daddy’s business being what it was… it wasn’t too much of a stretch for Marion to get her hands upon one of the pink little battery operated devices from Mummy’s night-stand down the hall, and then pad-foot like a thief back to the bedroom for more illicit fun with her younger Sis! Yes, they were quite sneaky… quite sneaky indeed; or so they thought. The reality for the two was somewhat different however.

What they didn’t know was that ole’ Gwen (who was fifteen years senior to the young ladies), was twice as sneaky -and far more observant! She’d noticed the girl’s illicit activities shortly after the very beginning. Rather than break-up the mischief…she appreciated it from a discreet distance, and with silence and prudence being her wicked watchwords.

As much as Marion prided herself at stealth and silence, ole’ Gwen actually practiced it! Many were the times that the two girls believed they had the advantage of complete privacy when they were actually under the watchful unblinking eye and flaring nostrils of the lecherous libertine lady! Many were the times that summer after lights out, the two sisters thought they’d enjoyed complete intimacy as they frolicked together with their little battery operated boyfriend below the covers; only to have Gwennie listening from her quarters one floor below, lying in bed; staring at the ceiling wide-mouthed and masturbating in furious appreciation thanks to an old baby monitor she’d hidden in the girl’s room!

So it was only a matter of time before the cat got sick of merely observing the mice at play. On particularly hot August day, the cat pounced after the girls had finished their lunch and had excused themselves for an afternoon walk down by the stream. Gwennie hurried at cleaning the dishes and putting things away, then she grabbed a little travel bag of hers and set off down the path to the stream herself…knowing full-well how far these two comely creatures of habit would progress and when they’d be at supreme disadvantage!

Apparently the two nubile nymphs had set-off down the stone path to a stream away from the house and down in a wooded thicket. Marion had suggested they wade in the stream, (which they did with the hems of their sun dresses pulled up above their knees). This was cool entertainment on this warm August afternoon but soon they grew tired of chasing tadpoles and dragonflies. Maggie suggested they do “the game” and just as they’d done so many times before; they secreted themselves back from the shore between a low stone wall and an overturned row-boat. Knickers came down, summer dresses came up overhead, bums came down on dry leaves, and naked backs reclined against the weatherworn boat’s hull. The two sisters sat, legs wide and overlapping; like a pair of masturbating Spitfires with one wing in front of another -flying “tight-formation.”

The girls now turned heads skyward to bawl and moan as fingers began to dance and strum on clits and cunnies. Hands found their way first to the sex of their owner but soon they wandered and found the slit and nipples of the lovely adjacent masturbator. Once this happened, both Marion and Maggie were lost in the moment; the air now becoming hot and heavy the sounds of fingers rubbing feminine flesh deeply and voices groaning, as if they had delightful little bellyaches!

It was no wonder then that their situational awareness was somewhat lacking; despite their furtive glances left and right the two simply didn’t notice Gwennie as she walked up from behind them after cutting through a field of quiet soft ground with her mysterious bag in hand. She simply stepped through the trees and out of the foliage and like a librarian who’d caught two wayward pupils smoking a cigarette and cleared her throat.


It was that moment of terrifying truth that happens with any illicit activity conducted by naughty young people. This had the potential to be one of those events full of dreadful consequences and stiff retribution. Both girls did earn a good “going-over” in a manner of speaking but not as they anticipated. They rose to their feet and began to immediately babble excuses and made-up stories of what they’d been up to but were immediately cut short.

“SIT DOWN NOW THE BOTH OF YOU!” thundered Gwennie as she stepped from around the side of the upturned boat. The bums of the two terrified girls fell back to the leaves as the housekeeper towered over them; staring with steady unblinking eyes. She began to remove her own blouse, skirt, and knickers. The terror of the two wicked girls evaporated instantly; replaced by stunned shock at the sight of the determined older woman casting off her garments and joining them on the leaves.

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