‘Aunt’ Rose – Part 1

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‘Aunt’ Rose – Part 1In my thirties we used to live next door to Jean and Frank. They were an older couple and great with us and our two offspring. We always referred to them as Aunt Jean and Uncle Frank. We moved away but occasionally kept in touch. A few years later (I was mid-forties by then) Frank sadly passed away and we attended his funeral to show our appreciation and respect for all he had done for us. It was 9 months before I saw Aunt Jean again. I was in the area on business and thought I’d pop in and see her. I’d always fancied her and I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit I had half a thought on fulfilling my fantasy of bedding her. She answered the door and it was obvious she was pleased to see me; she gave a big hug and said … ‘come in Bill, it’s lovely to see you’. On entering the lounge, sitting on an armchair was an elderly lady who looked to be in her late sixties. She was quite a plain lady but not unattractive in her own way. ‘Bill this is my friend Rose … Rose this is Bill who used to live next door’. We acknowledged each other and I parked myself on the sofa. Aunt Jean offered me coffee but I’d only recently had a cup at my business meeting. We chatted for a while and I was hoping Rose would cut out but she showed no sign of leaving. So I eventually said to Aunt Jean I had to get back to the office and stood up to leave. It had started to rain quite heavily and Aunt Jean asked if I had time to drop Rose off at home. ‘She only lives across the other side of the park Bill, would that be okay’? ‘No problem aydın escort Aunt Jean, I’d be delighted to help out’. We didn’t have a chance to chat much in the car as the journey only lasted 5 minutes. ‘Thanks ever so much Bill, I’d have got drenched walking across the park. If you’re not pushed for time, come in for a coffee, there is something I’d like to talk to you about’. Intrigued, I happily accepted her invitation. Rose put the kettle on and turned towards me. She put her arms round me and gave me a hug. ‘Thanks again Bill, you saved my life, you’re a gentleman’. She released me but kept hold of my hands. ‘You’re probably wondering what I want to talk about’. ‘Yes I did wonder Rose’. Still holding my hands she looked straight into my eyes and said … ‘Bill can I give you some advice from someone who knows’? ‘Yes please Rose, I’m always willing to listen to good advice’. ‘You need to be patient with Jean’. I looked at her rather quizzically … ‘How’s that Rose’? ‘Well she’s only been widowed less than a year Bill and it takes time to come to terms with such a big loss. I met Jean through the widows group and I’ve come to know her quite well … if you give her the time and space, I think she will eventually go to bed with you’. My cheeks flushed up like a beetroot. ‘Oops, was it that obvious Rose’? ‘Yes Bill I’m afraid it was and not just to me, Jean’s sussed you out as well. I’m speaking from experience Bill as I lost my husband 2 years ago. It took me a long time before I thought about being with balıkesir escort another man. But time is a great healer and even at my age, lots of women still have urges and desires, especially for younger men’. Feeling rather awkward I said … ‘Gosh Rose I don’t know what to say’. ‘You don’t have to say anything Bill, just nod your head if you’d like to take me to bed’. Sensing that familiar twitch in my loins, I didn’t hesitate and nodded my agreement. Without speaking Rose led me by the hand to her bedroom. At the edge of her bed she wrapped her arms around me again and I instinctively followed suit. Our lips came together and we kissed open mouthed. She tilted her head up and our eyes locked … ‘Oh Bill, it’s been so long … I need it Bill … I need it so much’. ‘Golly Rose you are such a sexy woman … you look and smell wonderful … I want you too’. We kissed again passionately and as our arousal intensified we began frantically undressing each other. We were soon naked; I was now so horny my cock was sticking out like the boom of a sailing ship. ‘Mmmm … oh Bill that looks lovely … just what I need’. Holding her shoulders I gently eased Rose down to a sitting position on the edge of the bed and knelt in front of her. ‘I want to taste you Rose’. ‘Oh Bill yes please … lick your Aunt Rose’s pussy’. Ehmm I thought to myself, that’s a bonus, never say no to a bit of roleplay! She fell back onto the bed, raising and parting her fleshy thighs. ‘Aunt Rose you taste like Nectar, it’s delicious’ I escort bayan whispered as I lapped at her swollen flaps. ‘Oh darling that’s so nice … more please’. I zeroed in on her swollen clit as her juices started to trickle and flow. I firmly licked her button before sucking the engorged nub between my teeth. I nibbled gently and, as she grasped hold of my head, she sighed and moaned. I inserted a digit in her wet sex to lubricate my finger and tentatively stroked her most private recess … she gasped … ‘ooh you naughty boy … that’s your Aunt’s bottom’! Much encouraged I pressed my moist finger against her anal opening. Expecting resistance I was pleasantly surprised when she pushed forward and, with minimal effort, my finger lodged itself in her bottom. I nibbled greedily on her engorged button and worked my finger decisively and rhythmically in her back opening … suddenly Aunt Rose cried out and bucking and moaning she exploded, her juices a sticky torrent, gushing powerfully on my tongue and splashing over my face. ‘Kiss me Bill, I want a taste’ she barked, not so much a request, more an order. I slid up her body, savouring the feel of her mature flesh and clamped my lips on hers. She snogged me passionately before licking all round my mouth and face. ‘Oh wow Bill, I’ve never cum like that before … mmmm and you’re right … it does taste delicious’. ‘Stand up please Bill, it’s my turn’. As I got to my feet I looked at Aunt Rose sprawled on the bed and relished her ageing body; her slightly sagging ample breasts, her plump tummy and portly thighs. Her sex was gaping and soaking wet. She lifted herself up and extended her arms towards me. My rock hard member was inches from her face; my shiny glans bulging and tacky with pre-cum. ‘Oh you beautiful boy … come to your Aunt Rose’. To be continued.

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