Aunt Sandi Ch. 10


Aunt Sandi – PART 10

The 45-minute drive between Sandi’s and my parents’ house had become second nature to me as I mindlessly cruised down the freeway. It was the Thursday afternoon before my birthday and I was headed toward home. I needed to get there before my grandparents arrived since it needed to appear as though I was still living at home.

When I turned the corner, I felt a slight rush as I remembered what Mom had said before she left. “I’ll be expecting something in return.” But what?

I parked on the street to leave an open space in the driveway for Grandpa to park. I almost expected the door to open and for Mom to be waiting, but nothing happened. I went through the side gate and around to the locked back door where the dining room was. I fished my keys out and went inside.

I found all the lights out and called out “Hello?!” and got no response. Where was everybody? I knew Dad wasn’t home from work and wouldn’t be for a few hours, but Mom and Bethany should have been there. I walked into the kitchen and took a look at the whiteboard we used for leaving notes to each other. There written on the board was a note in large black letters:

“Gone for last minute groceries, be back soon. Mom”

I headed upstairs and unpacked my clothes into my old dresser and put my bag in the closet. I had even brought a few personal items to make it look like I still lived here and placed them around the room for effect. Hopefully these would get around Grandma’s psychic radar. Mom had already made my bed for me, so that was set. I also took Mom’s panties and placed them into her dresser drawer. I was hoping that I’d be able to get a fresh wet pair during my visit, but nothing guaranteed that the opportunity would come up.

Just like any other time I was home alone, the thought of masturbating popped into my head. Mom’s note said they’d be back soon, but I had no idea when they left. All I knew is that I had about an hour before my grandparents would be getting there, so the worst thing that might happen is Mom would catch me. These days, that was not really a bad thing.

Throwing caution to the wind, I lay on my bed and started stroking my cock. I closed my eyes and let the fantasies run wild. As I began getting close to cumming, I heard a door open. Fuck. In an instant I was 15 again. I quickly pulled up my underwear and pants and almost fell down the stairs on the way down.

I ran out the back door and out to the car to help carry groceries. When Mom saw me, she looked down, giggled at the tent in my pants and said, “Well, I see you made yourself completely at home. Here, grab some bags.”

I gathered up all of the rest of the bags and took them inside to the counter. Bethany was already inside and putting things away.

I said, “Hey beautiful.” She came over and we hugged. Apparently the hug was going on too long because Mom finally said, “Ok, separate. I need the cold stuff in the fridge sometime today please.”

When everything was put away, Mom came up to me and whispered, “We have about 45 minutes. Let’s go upstairs real quick. Be quiet.”

We headed upstairs and instead of going into my room, Mom led us to her room and turned and locked the door. When we passed by Bethany’s room, her door was closed, so hopefully she wouldn’t hear us and get upset.

Mom quickly shed her clothes and I did the same. We climbed up on her bed and began kissing. She broke the kiss and said, “We need to be quick.” I moved between her legs and licked her pussy to get her wet enough for me to penetrate her. I pulled her up to me and slid my hard cock inside her.

It felt incredible. Since I had already masturbated until I had almost cum before, it wasn’t going to take very long. Mom sensed that I was getting close and whispered, “Cum in my mouth.” Just her saying that sent me over the edge. Before I could even pull out and get repositioned, I started squirting my cum. A bit went inside her pussy, some on her chest, and I finally got the rest in her mouth. She sucked all of the remaining juices from my cock. She hadn’t cum so I laid her down and turned myself around on her so that we were in a 69 position with me on top. She continued sucking my softening cock and I buried my face in her soaking-wet pussy. I pulled her legs up and ran my tongue down into her asshole. This made her moan loudly as she sucked me back to a second erection. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and pushed it in and out and then moved higher until I made contact with her clit, which was standing up and sticking out from under its hood.

Mom moaned softly as she sucked my cock, which was now raging hard again. I slowly increased the pressure on her clit and started fingering her asshole and pussy. Her moans continued until her body tensed up and she came. As she tensed up, I did the same and squirted another small load of cum into her mouth.

We suddenly heard the doorbell ring and within a few seconds there was a loud knock at the bedroom door.

Bethany’s Ankara escort voice said, “Mom! They’re here!”

I quickly pulled myself out of Mom’s mouth and rolled to the side as she loudly answered “Go down and let them in honey. I’ll be right there!” With her hands she was frantically motioning me to get up, and she sprang off the bed onto her feet.

Mom whispered, “Shit! Oh God, I need to get cleaned up.” She was covered with sweat and cum and her own juices coated her thighs.

I got my clothes on and she whispered loudly, “Out! Tell them I’m in the bathroom, ok? I’ll be down as soon as I can,” and made shooing motions with her hands. I fumbled with the lock and swung the door open, ran out and slammed the door behind me. I ran downstairs and Grandma was standing in the entryway with Bethany.

“There’s my Danny!” Grandma exclaimed. I ran over and gave her a hug. Grandma kissed me on the cheek and I did the same. I said, “Is Grandpa outside?”

When I stood back, for just an instant Grandma had a strange look on her face before she smiled and said, “Yeah, he’s getting the bags. Wanna go help?”

I said, “Sure. Mom said she’s in the bathroom and will be down in a few minutes.” I started heading outside to help carry. From behind me I heard Grandma saying “So how’s my favorite granddaughter?”

I didn’t hear Bethany’s answer as I was too far away. I hugged Grandpa and he handed me a bag. I carried it inside and put it in the guest room. Mom was downstairs when I came back out to the living room and was hugging Grandma.

“So how was the drive? You guys made record time. I didn’t think you’d be here yet,” Mom said and laughed with just a hint of nervousness.

“Well, we had a packed lunch instead of stopping. You know my back always gives me fits if I ride too long and it really helped cut some time. And, Daddy drove really fast. It feels so good to be standing up finally.” She laughed.

She paused for a second and then said, “Deanna, you look flushed. Are you feeling ok?” Before Mom had a chance to answer, Grandma leaned in and touched her lips to Mom’s forehead.

“You feel warm. Do you feel feverish?”

Mom said, “Oh no, I’m sure it’s nothing. It gets warm upstairs in the afternoon.”

I said to the group, “Anybody up for water?”

Grandpa said, “That sounds good.” Grandma said, “Sure, I just need to use the ladies room and I’ll be right there.”

Grandma headed into the downstairs bathroom while the rest of us headed to the kitchen to get water. Mom hung back and grabbed my shirt and frantically whispered in my ear, “Go wash your face and hands! You smell like sex and if I can smell you so can she.”

I instantly flashed back to the strange look on Grandma’s face and whispered back, “I think she already did. She had the weirdest look when I hugged her.” I could instantly feel my face heating and felt stupid for not thinking about it sooner.

Mom’s expression changed to concern and she just pointed at the stairs and motioned for me to go.

* * *

Dad was the next to get home, followed by Sandi. We had dinner and just as Mom had planned, I was as far away from Sandi as I could get. Bethany and I got to sit on the floor out in the living room while everyone else ate at the dining room table since there weren’t enough chairs. When we were little kids, the living room floor was our favorite place to sit and eat while Mom and Dad had dinner parties going on.

As we ate, Bethany sat close to me and whispered, “You are so busted,” and snickered.

I had a feeling of what she was talking about, but I wanted to make sure. I asked, “What? Why do you say that?”

“Are you kidding? Did you see the look on Grandma’s face when you hugged her? I was standing next to her and even I could smell you. Couldn’t you and Mom wait? God!”

I looked down and said nothing. I knew this was bad, but I couldn’t really do anything about it at the moment, so I asked her, “Are you mad at me again?”

“Oh no Danny,” she said and reached out and held my hand. “I’ve come to terms with having to wait. I know why Mom is doing it. She wants to see if I’ll still do it after all this waiting.”

“That might be part of it. But I think the real reason is you need to be 18 to legally consent as an adult. You know, putting aside the whole incest is illegal thing.” She nodded and I added, “Oh, and thanks for stopping the texting. There’s no telling what Mom might do if she found out about those. You deleted them, right?” I looked at her expectantly.

“As far as you know,” she said mysteriously and smiled. She scooted up right next to me and laid her head on my shoulder. Almost as if on cue, Mom walked in and snapped in a whisper, “Separate!”

“Mom, we’re being good. Unlike you earlier!” Bethany snapped back.

Mom looked hurt and sat down in the chair behind us. “I know. I’m sorry about that. I wasn’t thinking clearly and I thought we had more time.”

“Do you think Grandma Ankara escort bayan knows? I could smell Dan from a mile away.”

“I don’t know what she thinks. Somehow I’m sure she’ll spring it on me as soon as we’re alone. And you should’ve known better,” Mom said and kicked me in the leg. I looked down and said nothing.

Mom leaned forward and kissed Bethany on the top of her head. “Whatever happens, we’ll get through it. I love you, baby girl.” Bethany smiled and Mom returned to the table.

* * *

As bedtime approached, Mom told me that I’d be sleeping in their room on the air mattress. I raised an eyebrow at this and asked whether Dad was ok with that, and she said that he was. I had been looking forward to having sex that night, but with me in their room with Dad there, I thought that it pretty much meant that nothing was going to happen. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t even be able to sneak out and go to my room to be with Sandi.

Grandma was upstairs getting ready to take a shower when she appeared in the doorway of Mom and Dad’s room. I was getting the airbed blown up and putting the bedding on. I saw her looking at me and she asked, “So, you’re sleeping in here with your mother?”

I said, “Yes ma’am. It’s been a long time since I’ve slept on this old thing. We used to use it for camping.”

She came inside the room a few steps and asked, “So Danny, do you have yourself a girlfriend these days?”

“No, not really. There were a lot of pretty girls at school, but I’m pretty shy and…”

She cut me off and said, “Oh, I know all about being shy. Tell me something, because I’m curious.” She took a couple more steps and continued, “Today when you kissed me, I noticed something a little odd about the way you…”

She turned and looked down the hall to make sure no one was there and then came up right next to me and whispered, “…the way you smelled. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.”

Grandma leaned back and looked at me carefully, gauging my reaction. My heart rate increased significantly and I knew my face was turning red. I tried everything not to make any changes in my facial expression.

Grandma said in a very soft voice, “You have to know what I’m talking about, don’t you?”

I didn’t want to say anything. I was completely frozen. I had a feeling that any excuse I came up with would not sound believable.

She smiled and raised her hand and felt my cheek. She said, “I don’t think you could look anymore guilty right now if you tried. Just relax. You’re not in trouble.” She giggled.

She locked eyes with me and as I started to try to speak, she did instead. “And when I got here, it just so happened that your mother was in the bathroom. At the time I dismissed it, but the way you’re acting now makes it pretty clear what was happening right before we got here.”

Even though I was tense and nervous, I couldn’t help but notice that her perfume smelled very similar to Sandi’s.

Then put her hand on my shoulder and rubbed it. She smiled again and said, “It’s alright. There’s no need to hide it from me.”

She stepped in and embraced me. I put my arms around her and hugged her back.

She whispered in my ear, “I can’t believe your mom is ok doing that with you. Well, I can, but I thought she had closed the door on that a long time ago.”

I was almost certain that she had figured everything out and I hadn’t said a single word. Mom and Sandi were right. She was a damn psychic.

“Let’s make a deal. I’m going to tell you my theory and you can confirm or deny. Deal?” she asked.

I felt trapped and defeated. I gave in and just nodded.

Grandma paused for a few seconds and started whispering, “You and your Mom are…”

Just then Mom walked in. She took in the scene and said, “Oh Mom, I thought you’d be in the shower by now. Is there something you need? What’s going on in here?”

Grandma turned to Mom and said, “Oh Deanna. We were just having a little chat which turned into the nicest hug.”

Mom looked at me and saw how red my face was. She said, “Just a chat huh? Looks more like one of your infamous interrogations to me.” To me she asked, “Is this what I think it’s about?” I nodded.

Grandma smiled and said, “You know me too well sweetie. And yes, I was asking Danny here about the particular smell I noticed on him today when he kissed me. And I think you know I’ve figured out what you were up to today when Daddy and I got here early.”

Mom knew that the moment was upon her and she turned and closed the door. She came back and sat on the side of her bed. She sighed deeply and patted the bed and motioned for Grandma to sit beside her, which she did.

I croaked out, “Should I leave?”

Mom said, “No honey, just stay there and don’t talk.” Mom thought a second and stood up and said, “Wait here just a minute. I need to go get something and I’ll be right back.” Grandma nodded and I sat down on the airbed.

When Mom returned, Escort Ankara Sandi was with her and she had her laptop under her arm. Sandi pulled over the chair from Mom’s vanity and Mom sat back on the bed again, laying the laptop down on the nightstand.

Mom started, “Ok, so here we all are. I told Dad to go ahead and shower first. I had a feeling that…”

Grandma interrupted, “Why is your sister here?”

Mom continued, “Just hold on a minute and you’ll know why.” Grandma sighed and nodded. Mom said, “You remember the reunion, right? And how Dan danced with Sandi?”

Grandma nodded again, and Mom asked, “Remember how they danced?”

“Yes, but…” Grandma started.

“Well everything started after Dan danced with Sandi at the reunion. He was a little overwhelmed with the way she allowed him to dance with her. And apparently they said some things to each other that were a little beyond your normal everyday flirting. That led to Dan calling her and then her agreeing to let him come visit her alone.” Grandma glanced at Sandi with wide eyes but just nodded as Mom filled in the puzzle.

Mom continued, “I knew he was smitten and I tried to get him to stop thinking about her, but it didn’t work. So, for a while he kept it a secret but I got it out of him. It’s a long story. There was a big blow-up. After a lot of soul-searching and research I did, I decided that I would allow it to go on.”

Grandma said, “But Deanna when you moved out you said…”

Mom held up her hand and said, “I know what you’re gonna say. I’m getting to that. I had a huge amount of guilt and shame inside of me from when all that happened.”

Grandma nodded.

“Yeah, I was ashamed. And here something like that was happening again, to my son. So I went online and read everything I could find out about incest. I really looked inward like never before and asked why I was ashamed. I eventually realized that the reason I was ashamed was irrational and something I put on myself.”

Mom continued, “So now I was sitting there asking myself the question, what exactly is so wrong about it? Dan was 18, so he could give consent, just like you taught us. Sandi gave her consent too; he didn’t do anything to force her into this. So you have two consenting adults deciding to have a relationship. And since she could never have his child, there was no issue there. Some of the articles I read suggested that incest is a lot more common than most people believe. All of that made me reconsider all the hurtful things I said when I moved out to go to college. I was wrong and you were right, as usual.”

Grandma nodded and said, “I’d like to see some of the things you read for myself. But before that I want to know how you’re involved in this. That was you I smelled on him. Sandi wasn’t even here yet.”

I wondered how Grandma knew this, but at that moment I could never have worked up the courage to say a single word.

Mom breathed in deeply and said, “I’m almost there. Well, after I let go of that burden, I realized that I still loved Sandi, the way I used to, the way I never really stopped but was too ashamed to accept… I just wanted to feel that again. And, somewhere along the way, I finally admitted to myself that I was attracted to Daniel too. I mean, I see him naked all the time and I know I’m not supposed to look at him that way, but I did anyway.”

“So Sandi had come up to hash all this out when it came out that she had real feelings for him. As in she was falling in love with him. And he was too. I talked with James about it and he actually came up with the idea of Dan moving out of the house to live with her since it was silly for them to stay apart at that point.”

Grandma’s eyes went wide and she exclaimed, “Live with her?!” She turned to Sandi and asked, “He lives with you?” Sandi just nodded, and before Grandma could say anything else, Mom continued.

“Ok, so like I said, I still loved Sandi and I wanted to be with her again. And I wanted Dan too, so I basically brought us all together.” Mom sighed and breathed for a moment before continuing the story.

For a change, Grandma was speechless. I noticed that her cheeks were looking a little pink and she shifted her legs around on the bed.

Mom went on, “Well, without getting into the gory details, Dan was with both of us. And he was with me alone once and we all spent some time together this past weekend down at Sandi’s. And he was with me earlier today. As you guessed.”

“I knew that was you,” Grandma said softly.

Grandma turned to Sandi and said, “What would Kurt think of all this?”

It almost seemed like Sandi had prepared herself for this question. She said, “I think he would be happy that I was able to find love again. Even like this, mama. I know he wouldn’t want me to be alone.”

Grandma asked, “And you really love him? Your own nephew?”

Sandi said, “I really do, and I know it’s not normal, and I never expected it to happen. I tried so hard to stop it from happening, but it did anyway.”

Grandma looked at me and said, “Well, I guess you won’t need to pretend anymore sweetie. You probably won’t need that blow-up bed now.” She giggled, and everyone else laughed too.

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